Questions Asked on
February 3, 2008

  1. Organic Chem

    In the most stable conformation of trans-1-isopropyl-3-methylcyclohexane, what positions do the methyl and isopropyl groups occupy? a) methyl group-axial, isopropyl group-equatorial b) methyl group-equatorial, isopropyl group-equatorial c) methyl

    asked by Dawn
  2. Chemistry

    In the formation of acid rain, sulfur dioxide reacts with oxygen and water in the air to form sulfuric acid. Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction. 2 SO2 + 1 O2 + 2 H2O --> 2 H2SO4 If 5.45 g SO2 react with excess oxygen and water, how many

    asked by ChaCha
  3. Chemistry

    One in a series of reactions that inflate air bags in automobiles is the decomposition of sodium azide (NaN3). 2 NaN3(s) 2 Na(s) + 3 N2(g) Determine the mass of N2 produced if 279.8 g NaN3 is decomposed. What would be the grams?

    asked by ChaCha
  4. Biology

    What are the similarities and differences between fermentation and cellular respiration besides the use of glycolysis?

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Chemistry

    Number and arrangement of the electron pairs around: a. C in CCl4 b. S in H2S c. Al in AlH3 d. Ga in GaCl3

    asked by X
  6. Chemistry

    The standard solution were prepared by transferring exactly 1.00 mL, 2.00 mL, 3.00 mL, 4.00 ml, and 5.00 ml, respectively, of stock solution to clean 100 ml vol flads, diluting to the mark with FeCl3 solution, and then filling the aoorioruatekt kabeked

    asked by Anonymous
  7. music

    What are the notes of a scale called?

    asked by Kayla
  8. math

    find the constant term of the expansion of (3x²+(1/x))^8 I don't know where to start =\

    asked by Liz
  9. chemistry

    This is my third time to ask this and no one has answered. Please help. An enzyme-catalyzed reaction is carried out in a 50-mL solution containing 0.1 M TRIS buffer. The pH of the reaction mixture at the start was 8.0. As a result of the reaction, 0.002

    asked by alan
  10. Chemistry

    A stock solution was prepared by dissolving exactly 0.4000 g of pure ASA (180.16g/mol) in 10.00 mL of NaOH and heating the solution to a gentle boil. After cooling to room temperature, the solution was poured into a 250 ml volumetric flask and diluted to

    asked by Anonymous
  11. trig

    Determine the height of a tree which casts a shadow of 13.7m when the sun is at an angle of 28 degrees.

    asked by Liz
  12. Math

    Three lighthouses on three nearby islands flash their lights every evening. On one island, the light flashes every 45 seconds. The lighthouse on the second island flashes every 2 minutes. The third lighthouse flahses a light every 1 and 1/4 minutes.

    asked by Kenny
  13. Chemistry

    Number and arrangement of the electron pairs around: a. C in CCl4 b. S in H2S c. Al in AlH3 d. Ga in GaCl3

    asked by X
  14. Chemistry

    The density of gold is 19.3 g/cc (g/ml). If a gold rod has a diameter of 4.20cm and 8.0 cm long. What is the mass? I just need to know if I did this right... r= 2.1 3.14 x 2.1^2 x 8.0 = 110.835g 19.3 g/cc x 110.835g = 2139.12 g/ml m = 2139.12

    asked by j
  15. American History

    In what ways do you the progressive beliefs of using experts played a role in shaping Roosevelt¡¯s reforms? I don't really get what it means by the question, can anyone please explain it to me and give me some hints? THANKS A LOT!

    asked by Rena
  16. Organic Chem

    Which of the following alkenes do not show cis-trans isomerism? I) 2-methyl-2-hexene II) 1-chloro-1-butene III) 1-methylcyclohexene IV) 2-methyl-3-hexene a) I, II b) III, IV c) II, III, IV d) I, III

    asked by Dawn
  17. Chemistry

    Classify each of the following by the type of solid if forms: a. LiCl b. BaCl2 c. BCl3 d. CCl4 e. NCl3

    asked by Lauren
  18. Algebra

    (sqrt3+5 sqrt6)(sqrt3-5 sqrt6) DRWLS-Just take the difference of the squares of the two terms, sqrt 3 and 5 sqrt6. Then you will have the answer. It will be a negative integer. 3sqrt is 9 6sq rt is 36 I add 5 to one and subtract 5 from the other? 50 and

    asked by Micah
  19. chem

    how do you know which halide salts confirms a presence of F- ions, Cl- ions, Br- ions, and I- ions?

    asked by Amanda
  20. COM 135

    What are some important characteristics of effective written communication? How do these qualities help in communicating information to a receiver? Explain your answer. Identify the four main types of audiences. o Provide examples of the characteristics of

    asked by Dawn
  21. chemistry

    I have already posted this and never got a response, please help. here is my data from lab: Buffer1: HPO4- weight 3.412g; original pH Buffer 2: HEPES wt: 1.090g original pH 10.08 buffer1: pH of 0.1M: 7.5; pH of 0.01: 7.72; pH of 0.001M: 7.87 buffer2: PH of

    asked by student
  22. proofread

    Hi, can someone proofread this for me. I'll appreciate it. Thanks in advance. The practicum site I selected is an elementary school. I will be assisting a first grade teacher during the semester. I will be helping her with her students and with other

    asked by Bizzy
  23. C

    Classify each of the following by the type of solid if forms: a. LiCl b. BaCl2 c. BCl3 d. CCl4 e. NCl3

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Chemistry

    can the energy originally stored in gasoline be traced to rotating wheels?

    asked by Jonny
  25. Chemistry

    Describe the formation of hydrogen bonds in a hydrogen peroxide, H2O2. Represent possible hydrogen bonding structures in hydrogen peroxide by using structural formulas and the conventional notation for a hydrogen bond.

    asked by Lauren
  26. AED 200

    Read the following scenario: You are a second-grade teacher at Happy Valley Elementary School. You are teaching language arts and social studies. Your classroom of 21 students consists of 7 white students, 5 Latino students, 4 African American students, 3

    asked by Dawn
  27. Algebra II

    The problem states: Saturn is approximately 1.4x 10 to the 9th power kilometers from the Sun. If light travels at approx. 3.0 x 10 to the 5th power kilometers per second, how long does it take light from the Sun to reach Saturn? Express your answer in

    asked by Lucy
  28. economics

    Find the CPI for each year(2005 is he base year;and take 2005 as the fixed basket of goods for each year): 2005 price of apple is $1 for 100 quantity produced. Banana $2 for 50 quantity produced. 2006 price of apple is $2 for 150 quantity produced. Banana

    asked by Carla
  29. Chemistry

    Which of the following do you expect to be molecular solids? A. sodium hydroxide NaOH B. Solid Ethane C2H6 C. Nickel, Ni D. Solid Silane SiH4

    asked by Lauren
  30. Government

    Name four broad categories of the Social Security Program and explain the purpose of each category.

    asked by Rachel
  31. Chemistry

    On the basis of the description given classify each of the following solids as molecular, metallic, ionic, or covalent network. Explain why? A. a lustrous, yellow solid that conducts electricity B. a hard, black solid melting at 2350 degrees C to give a

    asked by Lauren
  32. math

    Find the coefficient of x³ in the expansion of (2x+5)^6

    asked by Liz
  33. Geometry

    how do you make a sketch of the earth, moon, and sun during a solar eclipse so that your sketch contains similar triangles?

    asked by Ariel
  34. us history

    What is the "Hawley-Smoot Tariff"?

    asked by samantha
  35. Algebra

    Multiplying sq rts sqrt18a^7b times sqrt27a^8b^6 Jake 1214- 18 = 9 * 2 then sqrt 18 = 3sqrt2 sqrt a^7 = a^3 * sqrt a 27 = 9 * 3 then sqrt 27 = 3 sqrt3 sqrt a^8 = a^4 sqrt b^6 = b^3 Now just multiply the like-terms together. 3sqrt6 and sqrt2a^4?

    asked by Marysvoice
  36. geography

    how could i explain ethnic cleansing?

    asked by christina
  37. Algebra

    Lisa had a box of apples. She gave 1/3 of them to henry and 1/4 of the remainder to ale. If there were still 30 apples left, how many did she have at the start?

    asked by Bobby
  38. History

    I have a few questions on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? 1) What was the total profit of one slave trade trip? 2) What was the total cost of expenses for one slave trade trip? 3) Investors made 110%. 110% of what?

    asked by Alicia
  39. Math

    A can with 40 marbles in it weighted 135 grams. The same can with 20 marbles weighed 75 grams. How much is the weight of the can? Explain your answer.

    asked by Valeria
  40. English/Language Arts

    In Tom Godwin's Cold Equations (short story), what writing style does he use?

    asked by Aaron
  41. physics

    In a television picture tube, electrons are accelerated by an electric field having a value of 1*10^5 N/C. Find the force on an electron. so i know i use E=F/q to find the force but i need the q to get it how do i do that??

    asked by kailey
  42. physics 2

    a metallic object is given a positive charge by induction, does the mass change (increase, decrease, same)? what if given a negative charge instead? I think protons has more mass so mass increases and the opposite is true for electrons. Am I right?

    asked by jerry
  43. Algebra

    LCM of 3(t-2) and 6(t-2) IS the LCM 18(t-2)

    asked by Noah
  44. Chemistry

    How much volume in liters will 100.0 g of oxygen occupy at 100 degrees celcius and 100 atm pressure?

    asked by Tammy
  45. Physics

    "A rocket with mass 1200kg reaches a speed of 300m/s when an explosion breaks it up into two parts with equal mass, and their speeds have a 25m/s difference. What are the speeds and how much energy is released?" Show all work. Thanks!

    asked by Michael
  46. chemistry

    The total pressure in a flask containing air and ethanol at 257C is 878 mm Hg. The pressure of the air in the flask at 257C is 762 mm Hg. If the flask is immersed in a water bath at 400C , the total pressure is 980 mm Hg. The vapor pressure of ethanol at

    asked by betty
  47. spanish help

    Leticia No se si estoy (1) si tengo (2) Primero tengo frio y luego tengo calor. Mi temeratura es de 104; tengo una (3) y tengo (4) Casi no puedo respirar. Manolo Estoy muy (5) por ti. Debes ir al hospital. Leticia No me gustan los hospitales! Siempre estoy

    asked by sam
  48. Math

    Use Pascal's triangle to expand (a+b)^6 and hence find the binomial expansion of: (x-3)^6

    asked by Liz
  49. writting.

    i have to do a reasearch project and i chose it on acting and i have been searching everywhere to find out what is the most fun thing for the actors to do when, before, and or after there are acting or when done????

    asked by tanny
  50. Social Civics

    Think anyone at there can help me?! ^_^; Today unions (A) have generally experienced a tremendous increase in membership (B) have not succeeded in organizing any white-collar workers (C) are divided into two large organizations, the A.F.L. and the C.I.O.

    asked by Winter
  51. Algebra II

    The problem is 5x to the 3rd times (7x)squared. I multiplied (7x)(7x) first and got x squared + 14x + 49. Then I multiplied each of those by 5x to the 3rd and came up with an answer of: 5x to the 5th + 70x to the 4th + 245x to the 3rd. Did I get this one

    asked by Lucy
  52. human resources

    "Is OB Mod a form of manipulation? And if it is, is it unethical for managers to manipulate the behavior of employees?"

    asked by jesny
  53. spanish

    can anyone help with spanish

    asked by sam
  54. algebra

    Write a generalization for all whole number that cannot be written as the difference of 2 squares. (I want to see steps and answer for this)

    asked by Dante
  55. sports

    in a sports development officer I am asked to provide a list of sports and resources needed to provide a range of sports in my local community how do I go about this please help.

    asked by Elizabeth
  56. chemistry

    which harmful gas is formed when coal and oils containing sulphur impurities are burned?

    asked by kamana
  57. chemistry

    I asked this before, but got no response. A) If you make up a solution of 250 mL of 0.1 M TRIS in the acid form, what will be the pH? B) If you add 2 mL of 1 M NaOH to the solution in part A, what will be the pH? Thanks.

    asked by student
  58. accounting

    I am having a difficult time figuring out the formula to compute net present value off of cash flows.

    asked by Ann
  59. Physics

    A rocket moving at 2000 m/s with a mass of 2000 kg releases gas at 500 m/s perpendicular to the direction of the rocket. The rocket moves at 18 degrees opposite of the direction that the gas was released. What is the mass of the gas released?

    asked by Michael
  60. chemistry

    can someone explain electrolysis of water using a hoffman apartatus to me?

    asked by emily
  61. Chemistry

    Snow forms in the upper atmosphere in a cold aid mass that is supersatuated with water vapor. When the snow later falls through a lower, warm air mass, rain forms. When atomic weight is 63.5 amu. Calculate the edge length of the unit cell.

    asked by Lauren
  62. us history

    i'm supposed to find a candidate from this election that is similar to t. roosevelt b/c of similarities in domestic and foreign policies. i've searched all the candidates policies but i can't seem to find one that fits roosevelt's. any suggestions?

    asked by anna
  63. Organic Chem

    I need help, please, with the following question: Match the following groups sccording to their priority (lowest group = 4 & highest group =1) Matching Pairs: Priority rank options: -CH2CH3 3,4,2,1 -CH2NH2 3,4,2,1 -CH2Br 3,4,2,1 -CH2OH 3,4,2,1

    asked by Dawn
  64. algebra

    I asked this question earlier and wasn't sure what the answer was. Find all numbers for which the rational expression is undefined? 3/9w+7 Can someone help me figure this out? Is the answer 0?

    asked by Noah
  65. algebra

    How do you write the 3rd root of 88 in simplest form?

    asked by Michelle
  66. Algebra

    multiplying sq rts sqrt18a^7b times sqrt27a^8b^6 I think I need to collect like terms such as the a's and b's. My big problem is order of operations. Every problem I do looks so different.

    asked by Marysvoice
  67. science

    How can you measure the amount of a gas?

    asked by confused student
  68. science/health

    i need to make a 3D model of an organ in the digestive system besides the esophagus. I cant use play-doh or styrofoam. What other things can I use?

    asked by Jessica
  69. Algebra

    Find all numbers for which the rational expression is undefined? 3/9w+7 Can someone help me figure this out?

    asked by Noah
  70. Algebra

    Solve. x/x+3 - 3/x-3 = x^2+9/x^2-9 Answer: x = 0?

    asked by Bretagne
  71. Algebra

    How do you find quadratic equations if you are only gven the solution?

    asked by Marysvoice
  72. Government

    The most extensive series of laws protecting labor were passed: A: by the federal government during the New Deal under Franklin D. Roosevelt B: by state legislatures before the Civil War C: by the federal government in recent years under John !@#$%^&ennedy

    asked by Rachel
  73. math

    I have to write an essay about lines of best fit, how is it used in real life example?

    asked by Taylor
  74. chem

    a radioactive fission product of nuclear explosions and sccidents is often iodine 131 which becomes distributed in the atmosphere. this falls upon the ground and is absorbed by plants. explain how this radiation could eventually beome concentrated in the

    asked by Amanda
  75. English Composition

    Hi, can someone proofread this and let me know what my weaknesses are on my thoughts or sentence structure. Based on the article I read I believe that the bases of wars are a result of people’s lack of understanding, appreciation, and respect for other

    asked by Bizzy
  76. College Calculus

    Write a trial solution for the method of indetermined coefficients: y''+9y' = xe^(-x)cos(pi*x) ....I have no idea.

    asked by Jayme
  77. Physical Science

    The radius of a certain planet is 6.04x10^7 meters, and its mass is 5.19x10^26 kg. Find the density of this planet. (The volume of a sphere is given by (4/3)(pie)(r^3). Answer in units of grams/cm^3

    asked by Christina
  78. writing

    whats the most fun thing about acting?

    asked by tanny
  79. Critical Thinking

    What kind of fallacy is this? "If it weren't for the president's evvironmental policy, we wouldn't be dealing with these environmental catastrophes."

    asked by Tammy
  80. math

    FIND the integer of N=abcd....yz let M=zabcd....y if M=3N what was N? please help me figure it out!

    asked by MTTT*
  81. st hilda's

    where he and when he was born?

    asked by stephanie
  82. Algebra

    Simplify by removing factors of one. x^2-4/2-x would the answer be x + 2/ -1

    asked by Noah
  83. social studies

    I need to know the five most productive agricultural/industrial/energy producing regions of the US.

    asked by Christian
  84. physics

    for a free throw in basketball,find an equation for the final angle to go into the hoop in terms of y and x to the hoop and the initial angle. I can't seem to get an equation with only those variables. I always get stuck with others like time and velocity.

    asked by Mischa
  85. English: Rhythm/Scansion

    / u / u / u u / u u Marvell's garden that place of solitude u / / u / u / is not where I'd choose to live / u u / / u yet is the fixed sundial u / u / that turns me round u / u / unwillingly u u / / is a hot glade u / u / u u as closer, closer I come to /

    asked by *
  86. calc

    how big must n be so that the absolute value of the error in using the trapezoid rule is less than .00001? for the integral (square root of (1+x^4)) where a=0 and b=1

    asked by sarah
  87. spanish

    The first sentence was Manolo Leticia, que tienas? Te sientes mal?

    asked by sam
  88. math

    Solve (x - 3)(x – 4)/(x – 5)(x – 6)^2 >or= 0 any help?

    asked by devon
  89. Grammar

    which sentence is correct? " affair took place between her and dr. white" " affair took place between she and dr. white"

    asked by Student
  90. Chemistry

    What is the total moles of ions in 500 mL of 0.120 M Ca(NO3)2? how would i calculate this? thanks.

    asked by Sean
  91. computer

    Please read the following instructions (related project code) carefully: You'll be expected to observe good programming standards. • Project code must follow C++ syntax • Data used in each project must be retrieve and saved in Text Files • Your

    asked by Muhammad Naeem


    asked by matty
  93. pre algebra

    how to solve 5x+8=7x?????!!!

    asked by bob
  94. investing

    1. What does calculating the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) tell you about a company's financial strategy including the level of risk involved in the business? 2. How could the company use WACC calculations in determining future investment?

    asked by JM
  95. psychology

    how can motivation affect behavior? what are some examples?

    asked by lily
  96. Algebra II

    How do I work the following problem? I cannot find an example in my book that shows how to divide when there are two variables on top. 4-2i/7+3i Thanks for your help today.

    asked by Lucy
  97. spanish

    I have a few diff questions: 1. Georgia _____________) esta enojada or teine tos)porque tiene varicela y no puede ir a la fiesta de Anita I put in the blank tiene tos

    asked by sam
  98. spanish help

    fill in the blanks with the body parts being described? Tienes diez en las manos y diez en los pies. La usas para llevar aretes. debes peinarlo todos los dias. I am sorry you are not well I hope you feel better you have been a big help to me - thnaks sam

    asked by sam
  99. Editing

    Gordimer chooses to emphasise more so the physical, as opposed to emotional, invasion of the Immortality Act. Could someone please edit that sentence? It bothers me because it sounds awkward, especially the "physical, as opposed to emotional, invasion"

    asked by Student
  100. spanish

    i hope you feel better. i have 3 more to do in the following situations write sentences to explain how you feel. 1. tienas una temperatura de 103 my answer tener fiebre 2. tu amigo te dijo que no puede ir al concierto contigo ??? 3. tu mejor amiga se va

    asked by sam
  101. health

    is soda good for you, like 10 cans of coke per day

    asked by tom
  102. geography

    What is some Italian cultures?

    asked by Amanda
  103. Math

    What is the Answer to this problem; A U A'

    asked by Wayne
  104. english

    how long does it take to remember everything your susposed to do when your acting?

    asked by tanny
  105. materials technology

    where can i find instructions on how 2 design/make a rubber-band operated car?

    asked by Krystal