Questions Asked on
January 30, 2008

  1. science

    In a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases at the same temperature, which molecules move faster? Why?

    asked by Ashton
  2. math

    Express 39% as a decimal.

    asked by gina
  3. Physics

    Two charges (+4C and -3C)are separated by .00002m. What is the electrostatic force and its direction? Using Coulomb's law, I arrived at 2.696 x 10^20 J. Would the direction be said to be "towards the positive charge"? Is this correct? Thanks

    asked by Riley
  4. grammar..subjects and predicates

    Subjects and Predicates: Copy each sentence. Draw a line between the complete subject and the complete predicate. Underline the simple subject once and underline the simple predicate twice. 1. Edgar Allan Poe lived a double life in many ways. CS:Edgar

    asked by Anonymous
  5. statistics

    How do I sketch distributions? I think I'm doing it wrong. Is there an option my friends stats-calc(her calcultor is very tempremental, so i don't know if it'll work) I can utiilzie that'll sketch things for me? thanks. -Sketch a normal distribution with

    asked by Gloria
  6. Hum

    What is the nature of god for Hinduism?

    asked by RENE'
  7. Chemistry

    Write the equilibrium expression, and calculate Kp for the reaction under the conditions described: 2NaHCO3 (s) -->

    asked by Avery
  8. math

    One number is 12 more than another. The sum of the smaller number and twice the larger number is 39. Find the larger number.

    asked by carly

    Please do not post personal information anywhere on the Internet -- not your name, your email address, where you live, where you go to school, or anything. It's just not a smart or safe thing to do online. Be safe out there. =)

    asked by Writeacher
  10. Physics

    A paralle plate air capacitor has a capacitance of 500.0 pF and a charge of magnitude 0.200 uC on each plate. The plates are 0.6 mm apart. (a) What is the potenetial difference between the plates? (b) What is the area of each plate? (c) What is the

    asked by J
  11. trigonometry

    The formula log(w) = -2.866 + 2.722log(h) estimates the "average" weight w in pounds of a girl h inches tall. To the nearest tenth of a pound, estimate the "average" weight of a girl who is 47 inches tall.

    asked by anonymous
  12. statistics

    sample- a recent study reports that older adults who got regular physical exercise experienced fewer symptoms of depression, even when tested 2 years late. regular excersize scores= 1,3,4,3,5,2,3,4 no regular excersize scores=5,4,6,3,5,7,6,6 a)calculate

    asked by Byron
  13. social studies

    describe the effects of this convergence on the level of connectivity between places?

    asked by pooh
  14. spelling

    I need the answer to this analogy broom : sweep :: brush : the word has to begin with scr, spr, str or thr

    asked by Brandon
  15. accounting

    Andy Wright, D.D.S., opened a dental practice on January 1, 2008. During the first month of operations the following transactions occurred. Performed services for patients who had dental plan insurance. At January 31, $875 of such services was earned but

    asked by Ben
  16. Economics

    How does increasing or decreasing the quantity of capital goods produced this period affect next period's production possibilities curve and why? The only thing I can think of is that if more products are produced this period, less can be produced next

    asked by Britt
  17. english

    I can't put this sentence together and have it sound right. Any suggestions? Women have contributed much to American culture of great value. or Women have contributed much of great value to American culture. HELP!

    asked by dede
  18. physics

    An electron and a proton are initially very far apart (effectively an infinite distance apart). They are then brought together to form a hydrogen atom, in which the electron orbits the proton at an average distance of 5.11 10-11m. What is EPEfinal -

    asked by rick
  19. physics

    A car battery has a rating of 200 ampere·hours (A·h). This rating is one indication of the total charge that the battery can provide to a circuit before failing. What is the total charge (in coulombs) that this battery can provide? Determine the maximum

    asked by rick

    if insulin has 6 cysteines, how many millimoles of IAA would be consumed in a blocking reaction containing 10 mmol of reduced insulin? mass of cysteine - 121 g/mol.

    asked by emi
  21. physics

    Suppose that you are able to decompose water into hydrogen gas and oxygen ga and that ou can capture all of these gases that are produced. knowing that the mass of an oxygen atom is 8 times that of a hydrogen atom, describe how you could determine which of

    asked by Brittney Price
  22. French

    Can anyone explain la concordance des temps when your first verbs are passe compose, imparfait and plus-que-parfait?

    asked by Alex
  23. Chemistry

    Write the equilibrium expression, and calculate Kp for the reaction under the conditions described: 2NaHCO3 (s) -->

    asked by Avery
  24. Economics

    How does increasing or decreasing the quantity of capital goods produced this period affect next period's production possibilities curve and why? The only thing I can think of is that if more products are produced this period, less can be produced next

    asked by Britt
  25. AP US History

    Between New Nationlism and New Freedom which is the most realistic response to industrialization? Why?

    asked by Amanda
  26. factoring

    Question: 30x^3 + 18x^2 - 5x - 3 My Answer: 6x^2(5x+3)(-5x-3) Is that right. If not can you please correct my answer and tell me what to do! Thanks :)

    asked by Miley
  27. Genetics

    Hi can anyone help me answer these questions? I think I may have the right answer but not too sure, just want to make sure. And also could you please show how to draw these as I'm not sure my drawing is not done correctly. Thankyou! Using the forked-line

    asked by GenMan
  28. Black History

    Who was linda brown? and what happened during her case called Brown vs. board of education

    asked by Lauryn
  29. factor

    can someone please explain to me how to factor by grouping!

    asked by Miley
  30. Physics

    (a) If you use two quarters 2.00 mm apart to make a parallel plate capacitor, what is its capacitance? Measure the necessary quantities. (b) If you connect your capacitor in part (a) across 12 V potential difference, how much excess charge will flow onto

    asked by J
  31. Chemistry

    how do Al and Cl ionically bond with each other? I think its AlCl3 am i right?

    asked by Anna-Marie
  32. algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  33. French

    When using verbes de perception ou de sensation like regarder, ecouter, etc. How do we conjugate them? I know that the other verb should be in l'infinitif. Do we just write it (regarder etc) in present?

    asked by Alex
  34. chemistry

    I am enrolled in analytical chemistry after a 4 year break from any chemistry. I was recently given a problem set and I need some help on the following: A 0.899g sample containing epsom salt, MgSO4 & 7 H2O, and other non-hydrated materials was dehydrated

    asked by Kenneth
  35. Physics

    Find the instantaneous velocity of a mass on a spring oscillating on a horizontal frictionless surface at the instant when its displacement is half of its maximum displacement x=(x_max/2). Assume the max velocity of that mass during each oscillation is

    asked by Andrea
  36. algebra 1

    graph the system of linear inequalities x+y-2 please solve asap

    asked by shay
  37. Math

    Can i please get your help on fractions and i am in the 7 th grade

    asked by Derricka

    I'm in the same class as Catie, and we're working on the same lab; however, i chose a different approach. here's what i have below, your help is much appreciated. so i have X= g AgNO3 0.953-x = Ba(NO3)2 therefore .953-X-NO3=? so far I caluclated the % of

    asked by Jake
  39. math

    I always thought I understood significant figures...until I attempted to tutor someone. Some of the rules seem counterintuitive. For instance... 10.070 why is it 5 sig fig's? the "0" on the right is useless. without it the # holds the same value. 20 Why is

    asked by Charles
  40. Physics

    A mass m=.5kg on a spring with a spring constant. It is displaced by the distance x_max =20cm (.2m) from equilibrium on a frictionless horizontal surface. At the time t=0s the mass is released and it begins to oscillate. Assume that T=3.14s. Find the

    asked by Andrea
  41. CALC

    I was given a decreasing concave down graph of the integral F(x) from 0-8. i have to say whether the following are greater then, less then,equal to, or unable to determine each other 1. T (greater then) M 2. T (greater then) R 3. M (less then) S 4. S ?

    asked by sarah
  42. physics

    What is the purpose of a layer or copper or aluminum on the bottom of stainless steel cookware? All objects continuously emit radiant energy. Why then doesn't the temperature of all objects continuously decrease? All objects continuously absorb energy from

    asked by Emily
  43. Physic

    What determines whether an object is a net emitter or a net absorber of radiant energy? Wood is a better insulator than glass. Yet fiberglass is commonly used as an insulator in wooden buildings. Explain.

    asked by Paige
  44. science

    What charge exists on a test charge that experiences a force of 2.2 10-8 N at a point where the electric field intensity is 1.0 10-4 N/C? what formula do i use??

    asked by natasha
  45. scientist

    how do suttan's observations about chromosome number support the chromosome theory of inheritance?

    asked by Jazel
  46. Database Management

    your projects should contain the following: 1. write a prosa text for a domain of your own (maximum 1 A4 sheet of paper) 2. model this text in form of an EER diagram or UML class diagram 3. create a SQL script for building all tables and constraints to

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Biochem

    Assuming that the value of the equilibrium constant for the aldolase reaction Keq=6.43*10^-5 at pH=7 a.) What will be the equilibrium concentration of dihydroxyacetone phosphate (DHAP) if 1 mM of fructose-1,6-biphosphate is added to a buffered solution

    asked by Obert
  48. science

    The electric field in the atmosphere is about 140 N/C, downward. (b) Find the electric force on a proton with charge +1.6 10-19 C. formula please??

    asked by natasha
  49. physics

    When a hot object is placed in contact with a cooler object, the hot object warms the cooler one. Can you say it loses as much temperature as the cooler one gains? Defend your answer.

    asked by HELP!
  50. calculus

    if dy/dx= (1+lnx)y and if y=1 when x=1, then y=

    asked by an
  51. algebra

    What is the common denominator? 3 2 - + - 1 a-1 ------- 4 3 - - - 1 a+1

    asked by bb
  52. english

    Do I capitalize French fries as in ...I served french fires on china plates to the ladies.

    asked by dede


    asked by SHANICE PILGRIM
  54. physics

    You can comfortably hold your fingers close beside a candle flame, but not very close above the flame. Why? In a still room, smoke from a candle will sometimes rise only so far, not reaching the ceiling. Explain why.

    asked by HELP!
  55. Science

    How does heat affect the three states of matter ?

    asked by Damien
  56. english

    Would I write... While driving east, the forest became denser. or As I drove east, the forest became denser. Also, do I capitalize East?

    asked by dede
  57. math

    evaluate the following expression if x = –4.28, and y = –4.68. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.x – 5y

    asked by amy
  58. science

    Turn an incandescent lamp on and off quickly while you are standing near it. You feel its thermal energy but find when you touch the bulb that it is not hot. why you felt thermal energy from it.

    asked by Ashton
  59. Graphs

    The Frivoli can produce either 30 pounds of spaghetti and no meatballs or 50 pounds of meatballs and no spaghetti or any combination in between. The Frivoli can produce 40 pounds of spaghetti and no meatballs or 30 pounds of meatballs and no spaghetti.

    asked by Britt
  60. Analogy/Spelling

    Analogy: Glue:sticks as Thorns: 7 words that start with scr, spr, str, thr

    asked by Edie
  61. math

    A rectangle has sides of 4x – 4 and 8x + 10. Find the expression that represents its perimeter

    asked by Kara
  62. science

    The thermal energy of volcanoes and natural hot springs comes from trace amounts of radioactive minerals in common rock in the Earth's interior. Why isn't the same kind of rock at the Earth's surface warm to the touch?

    asked by Ashton
  63. hum

    what are some practices of Hinduism?

    asked by RENE'
  64. math

    can someone check my work? divid t^11/ t^3 is the answer t^3r2

    asked by j.j
  65. Spelling/Analogy

    Analogy: brother is to mother AS fly is to _____________ 4 letter word that starts with either scr, spr, str, or thr. I think it is spry? Do you think correct?

    asked by Edie
  66. music

    Can you please post all the music theory intervals? It is for Rudiments 1 and 2 please. Like perfect 5th and augmented 6th. Thanks

    asked by Melody
  67. science

    Why does the temperature of boiling water remain the same as long as the heating and boiling continue?

    asked by science
  68. English

    What is the difference between a noun and a verb isn`t it the same?

    asked by LeAnn
  69. science

    compare and contrast bauxite aluinium

    asked by araceli
  70. math

    if i had to divide the numerater and denominator then multiply 18 over 35 times 14 over 45 how would you do it ?

    asked by tabitha
  71. physics

    A car battery has a rating of 200 ampere·hours (A·h). This rating is one indication of the total charge that the battery can provide to a circuit before failing.

    asked by rick
  72. math

    i this the right answer to this problem 1+(-7)+6+(-10)= 8+6+(-10)= 14+(-10)= =24 Answer 24

    asked by kavon
  73. math

    Find two consecutive integers such that the sum of 3 times the first integer and 7 times second integer is 97.

    asked by kavon
  74. math

    An 800 g solution of acid and water contains 128 g of acid. What percent of the solution is acid?

    asked by Brenda
  75. math

    A electronics store wants to order at least 3 times as many DVD players as VHS players. Write an inequality expressing this relationship.

    asked by Brenda
  76. Math

    I need help with making a formula..? This is what I put.. "The 100th Triangular Number is 5,050. I found this by adding 100 to the value of the 99th Triangular Number. The 99th Triangular Number is 4,950. The formula I used to find it is..." Help?

    asked by Bob
  77. ap english

    how does the pythagorean theorem reflect modern math apperciation or show how does this reflect greek classical ideas

    asked by synester
  78. thermochem

    WHen talking about phase transitions, in a graph of Temperature vs. Heat Capacity, does the PT occur at when the graph has a gradient of 0 or somewhere else?

    asked by Supaman
  79. english

    Prometheus was a romantic or gothic story?

    asked by anonymous
  80. physics

    A toaster uses a Nichrome heating wire. When the toaster is turned on at 20°C, the initial current is 1.50 A. A few seconds later, the toaster warms up and the current has a value of 1.22 A. The average temperature coefficient of resistivity for Nichrome

    asked by rick
  81. french

    C'est or Il est?? ____est japonais. ____est etudiante. ____est un personne calme et sociable. I don't know when to use which...can anybody explain? thanks. Similar question...a or est? Elle ____ un ami sympathique.

    asked by Eric
  82. grammar..adjective and adverbs..PleaseRespondASAP

    Write the adjectives and adverbs in the following sentences. Indicate whether each is an adjective or an adverb, and identify the word or words it modifies. You do not need to include articles. 1. If you seriously plan to climb Mt. Everest, you should hire

    asked by Anonymous
  83. lesson planning

    how to make a good lesson plan for elementary students??? can you give me some sites???

    asked by klar maesen
  84. Math

    Northern Maywood voted 60% to 40% in favor of a water project. Southern Maywood voted 90% to 10% against the prject. The project passed 55% to 45%. If 5900 people voted, how many were from Southern Maywood.

    asked by Stanya
  85. LI

    Can some please show me sample essays from previous test and how they analyzed it.

    asked by lou
  86. Economics

    Member since: December 21, 2006 Total points: 154 (Level 1) * Best answer 75% * 4 answers Member Since: December 21, 2006 Total Points: 154 (Level 1) Points earned this week: -3 Your Open Question Show me another » Project Help!!!? Hi, I am doing a

    asked by Sarah
  87. math

    Find the slope and y-intercept. x=-9

    asked by gavin
  88. English IIII

    I need to obtain litary criticisms for William's "A Streetcar Named Desire"

    asked by Linda
  89. math

    A line passing through (–6, –5) and (–1, y) is perpendicular to a line with slope -5/13 . Find the value of y

    asked by j.j
  90. CALC

    Let f(x) be the function e^sin(x/10). If you wanted to estimate the area under the curve for this function from 3 to 5, how many intervals would you need to use to be sure that your upper and lower bounds differered by no more than .01?

    asked by anonymous
  91. religions of the world

    how modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous people. are indigenous religions still practiced today

    asked by cynthia
  92. calculus -- PLEASE HELP!

    Suppose you are trying to evaluate the intergral 2x^3dx and you make the substitution u=x^2. The substitution takes one area and converts it to a different one-in this case a trapezoid with vertical sides. Denote by R the region under the first curve from

    asked by anonymous
  93. COM 135

    three forms of technical writing used in the corporate environment.Then I need to explain why each form of communication is important.

    asked by Dawn
  94. Chemistry

    Why must one add water first and then add the acid rather than add the acid first and then water?

    asked by defa
  95. Com 135

    How can diversity be an asset to the curriculum of the classroom?

    asked by Dawn
  96. literature

    when are the follwing lines spoken?

    asked by brit
  97. physics

    The average power dissipated in a stereo speaker is 54 W. Assuming that the speaker can be treated as a 4.0- resistance, find the peak value of the ac voltage applied to the speaker.

    asked by rick
  98. Chemistry

    calculate the final concentration if 4.0 L of 1.5 M NaCl and 2.0 L of 3.0M NaCl are mixed. I am confused about how to calculate the final concentration. We are currently working on solutions. I think first I need to divide the amount of the solution by the

    asked by Lori
  99. AED 200

    I need hrlp finding this info. and the state I am in is Florida. certification/licensure requirements for the state you would like to teach in.

    asked by Dawn
  100. English

    What are some images Robert Browning is trying to make us see in "A Woman's Lat Word" and "Rabbi Ben Ezra"? Is there a site where I can read an analysis of these two poems?

    asked by Jake
  101. Math

    If u do ur math hmwk 90% of the 180 days of schoool, how many days do you do ur math hmwk?

    asked by brittany
  102. mathematics

    Mri.Williams bought a plot of land for $4o,oo. The value of the land was appreciated by 7% each year. Calculate the value of the land after a period of two years.

    asked by gisselle
  103. Math

    I need to make a formula showing that I added 100 to the 99th Triangular Number.. Anyone know how I can do that?

    asked by Bob
  104. Grammar

    “Well,” Alex smiled into the phone. “I just realized that it was near three and that I wouldn’t get enough sleep and might forget to call you." Because 'Alex smiled into the phone' is description instead of attribution, should there be a period

    asked by Natalie
  105. math

    Rename percent as fractions and fractions as percents. 1/10 40% 66 2/3% 8/4 125% 2/25

    asked by brittany
  106. English

    linking, transitive, and intransitives verbs? would the sentence "the old woman's house smelled like a ginat litter box." be linking

    asked by C

    I can't figure out how to factor this. I know you use the technique Factor by Grouping. But can someone explain to me how to factor this problem by using factor by grouping technique. Problem: 30x^3 + 18x^2 - 5x - 3. Thanks so much:) Miley

    asked by Miley
  108. calc

    I was given a decreasing concave down graph of the integral F(x) from 0-8. i have to say whether the following are greater then, less then,equal to, or unable to determine each other 1. T (greater then) M 2. T (greater then) R 3. M (less then) S 4. S ?

    asked by sarah