Questions Asked on
January 28, 2008

  1. physics

    A point charge Q= 4.60 uC is held fixed at the origin. A second point charge q=1.20 uC with mass of 2.80 * 10^-4 is placed on the x-axis 0.250 m away from the origin. (b) The second point charge is released from rest. What is its speed withn its distance

    asked by J
  2. Chemistry :)

    Question: C25H52(s) + 38O2(g)----> 25CO2(g) + 26H2O How many liters of carbon dioxide are made when 23.4 grams of paraffin (C25H52)burns? I got 13,000 for my answer. Is that right?? Thanks:)

    asked by Miley
  3. physics

    A parallel plate capacitor having plates 6.0 cm apart is connected across the terminals of a 12.0 V battery. (a) Being as quantitative as you can, describe the location and shape of the equipotential surface that is at a potential of +6.0 V relative to the

    asked by J
  4. math

    If stacy jogs every 3rd day and swims every 4th day what day of the week will she end up on

    asked by tyler
  5. physics

    A neutral conductor completely encloses a hole inside of it. You observe the outer surface of this conductor carries a charge of -12 uC. (a) Can you conclude that there is a charge inside the hole? If so, what is the charge? (b) How much charge is on the

    asked by J
  6. Physics

    A charge of 28.0 nC is placed in a uniform electric field that is directed verticall upward and that has a magnitude of 4.00*10^4 N/C. What work is done by the electric force when the charge moves (a)0.450 m to the right (b) 0.670 m upward (c) 2.60 m at an

    asked by Harper
  7. math

    region bounded by the parabolas y=x^2 and y=6x-(x^2) is rotated about the x-axis so that a vertical line segment cut off by the curves generates a ring. find the value of x for which we obtain the ring of largest area

    asked by ML
  8. chemistry

    An aspirin tablet weighing 0.502 g has been analyzed and contains 68.2 % ASA (180.16 g/mol) by mass. A student dissolved the tablet in hot NaOH and the cooled solution was diluted with DI water to the mark in a 250 mL volumetric flask. Exactly 3.00 mL of

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Math

    In Simplifying 7 to the 11th power and 7 to the 9th power, Alexis decides to use her calculator to find 7 to the 11th power and 7 to the 9th power indiviually before dividing. Show how Alexis could use the laws of exponents to arrive at the answer more

    asked by Anonymous
  10. HELP PLEASE!!!

    I need information on "Judaism" that covers all these topics!!! 1. Relationship with God/Torah 2. History of Key Sacred Texts 3. Ten Commandments 4. Jerusalem 5. The Nation of Israel 6. Different Sects of Judaism 7. The Holocaust 8. & 9. Sacred Practices

    asked by Anonymous Chaney
  11. Maths

    1)A two-figure number is written down at random. Find the probability that a)the number is greater than 44 b)the number is less than 100 2)A letter is picked at random from the english alphabet. Find the probability that a)the letter is a vowel (my

    asked by Anonymous
  12. chemistry AP

    give a scientific explanation for the following observations. Use equations or diagrams if they are relevant. A. it takes longer to cook an egg until it is hard-boiled in Denver (altitude 1 mile above sea level) than it does in NYC (near sea level).

    asked by ivy
  13. World History

    who was the former chancellor of Germany that had correctly predicted not only the coming of the first World War, but also that it would begin in Eastern Europe? Archduke Francis Ferdinand

    asked by Larry
  14. History

    Was the Marshall Plan part of The United States policy of containment? Did the Marshall Plan affect the Cold War?

    asked by Christian
  15. oratorical piece

    can somebody give me a good oratorical piece???...thanks a lot...

    asked by klar maesen
  16. math

    a 2 cakes are divided into 10 equal pieces. what is the probability that there is no ring in the fist slice or second slice? HOw do i get started???

    asked by Mackenzie
  17. chemistry

    calcualte the molar mass of this compund carbon disulfide

    asked by spanola
  18. American History

    1. Which of the following explains why the study of slavery is difficult for historians? a. Slaves left few firsthand accounts because they were forbidden to read and write. b. Most slaves could read, but the majority of slaves could not write. c.

    asked by CM
  19. AP physics

    a small ball of mass .85 kg is attached to one end of a 1 m long massless rod, and the other end of the rod is hung from a pivot. When the resulting pendulum is 25 degrees from the vertical, what is the magnitude of the torque about the pivot?

    asked by ed
  20. math

    Show that the given proportions are equivalent. a+c / b+d = a-c / d-b and a / b = c / d

    asked by Anna-Marie
  21. Math

    1) Write the correct function rule that describes the relationship shown in the table below. X f(x) 1 -1 2 3 4 5

    asked by Anonymous
  22. chem AP

    Give a scientific explanation for the following observations. Use equations or diagrams if they are relevant. A. burning coal containing a significant amount of sulfur leads to "acid rain". B. Perspiring is a mechanism for cooling the body. C. At room

    asked by ivy
  23. Algebra II

    1. If y varies directly as x, and y=30 when x=4, find the constant of proportionality. 2. If y varies inversely as x, and y=2 when x=10, find x when y=4. 3. If a varies jointly as b and c, and a=-10, when b=12 and c=2, find a when b=8 and c=1/2.

    asked by JaneLee
  24. Physics

    Okay. How do I go about answering this question? And what is it really asking? A watermelon has a mass of 118 kg. It is on a platform 5 m above the ground. When taken off the platform, it is allowed to slide down a ramp. How high above the ground is the

    asked by Cassidy
  25. World History

    What was Yamamoto's objective at pearl harbor? How did Japan try to win support from other Asian countries?

    asked by Monte'
  26. biology

    How does the pressure reading of water vapor differ from that of a gas like oxygen or nitrogen? is it because its fractional while oxygen and nitrogen is functional?

    asked by student
  27. English- Macbeth

    Hi I am having some trouble with the following questions on Macbeth in ACT 2 1. what are Banquo's concerns about the witches prophecy? and what is Macbeths response 2. what does Macbeth seew hen Banquo and Fleance leave and what does he say about it?

    asked by JackS
  28. American History

    1. Andrew Jackson exerted the power of the presidency by a. allowing South Carolina to secede from the Union. b. depositing federal funds in the National Bank. c. refusing to be bound by Supreme Court decisions. d. vetoing the Force Act of 1833. 2. The

    asked by CM
  29. American History

    1. All of the following played a major role in causing the depression of 1837 except a. pet and wildcat banks. b. land speculators. c. Van Buren's 1840 reelection. d. the Specie Circular order. 2. Which of the following was not one of the three convictions

    asked by CM
  30. math

    2 cakes are divided into 10 = pieces! there is a ring in one of the 10 slices in each cake. what is the probability that there is no ring in the first slice that you take in both cakes?

    asked by Mackenzie

    My chem class just finished a lab in which the objective was to find the percentage of silver and barium in a nitrate salt mixture by precipitating the chromates, separating out the precipitate from the solvent and spectator ions via filtration, and

    asked by Catie
  32. english

    in to kill a mocking bird who leaves their shoes at the school??? who does scout escort home?? whoes education does atticus help finance and who urges scout to stand up out of respect for atticus???

    asked by charlie
  33. physics

    a pulley with rotational inertia of 1.5 times 10 ^-3 kg times m^2 about its axle and a radius of 15 cm is acted on by a force applied tangentially at its rim. The force magnitude varies in time as F=.5t + .3 t^2, where F is in newtons and t in seconds. The

    asked by matt
  34. Data managment math

    3:A basketball game in a league between the sharks and the jets was scheduled for thursday night. Only four players from the sharks showed up and so the jets, who had six players won by default, so the evening would not be spoiled ,the players arrieved

    asked by Samir
  35. Data managment math

    5: In the best-of -five hockey series , the probability of winning the next game increases for each team by 0.1 if the previous game was won. If the teams ,the Ironmen and the Mustangs ,are in such a series and at the start of the series are evenly

    asked by Samir
  36. intergers

    sonia has $235 in her savinings account she withdrawls $45 dollars, there is now a $190 left in her accont right?

    asked by Julie
  37. math

    y = ax + b, if the slope of the line is 1, what is the acute angle between the line and the x-axis?

    asked by jerry
  38. Data managment math

    4: the odds againsts winning in craps are 507 to 493. what is the expected return on a 20.00 wager?

    asked by Samir
  39. world history

    what was the name of the concept which spread this desire for increased militarism and was characterized by the phrade "survival of the fittest"-- evolution being applied to society? Social Darwinism

    asked by Larry
  40. physics conversions check my answers

    can you check my answers. 1. What is the corresponding barometric pressure values in mmHg if the barometric pressure is reported as: 29.7 inHg. = 754.38mmHg 31.8 inHg. = 807.72mmHg 26.4 inHg. = 670.56mmHg 22.1 inHg. = 561.34mmHg 34.8 inHg. = 883.92mmHg 2.

    asked by james
  41. calculus

    x^2-x^2y=y^2-1 find all points on the curve where x=2. Show there is a horizontal tangent to the curve at one of the points.

    asked by anonymous
  42. algebra


    asked by mohammed
  43. physics(gas laws)

    last of the homework packet questions hopefully! These questions are the ones I had the most trouble on. I have a feeling I didn't do them correctly. :( 3. Given 325 ml of saturated gas at 760 mmHg and 25°C, what would be its volume if dry at the same

    asked by abby
  44. world history

    what ineffective world court was set up by world leaders who served as delegates to the First Universal Peace Conference which was held in the Netherlands in 1899? Hague Tribunal

    asked by Larry
  45. Data managment math

    2:Hoyda has 15 percent of the car market. If a random sample of 20 auto mobiles is conducted what is the probabilitity that (a) exactly one of the car was made by hoyda (b) atleast two of the car were made by hoyda.

    asked by Samir
  46. social studies

    what were the official and unofficial purpose of the Alien&Sedition Acts?

    asked by Dante
  47. physics conversions

    can you check my answers. 1. What is the corresponding barometric pressure values in mmHg if the barometric pressure is reported as: 29.7 inHg. = 754.38mmHg 31.8 inHg. = 807.72mmHg 26.4 inHg. = 670.56mmHg 22.1 inHg. = 561.34mmHg 34.8 inHg. = 883.92mmHg 2.

    asked by james
  48. science

    What happends when the semi major axis is longer?

    asked by ALEXANDRA
  49. grammar

    ok so my English teacher is making us write a story & here is the prompt. "imagine you are a travel agent try to persuade a family of four to buy a trip". that is like so easy but the catch is, we have to write it in 3rd person. im totally confused there.

    asked by Kalena
  50. English

    Hi, i need to write a very formal essay and was wondering if you can give me some pointers about essay writing.

    asked by Faye
  51. APphysics

    During the launch from a board, a divers angulad speed about her center of mass changes from zero to 5.4 rad/s in 450 ms. Her rotational inertia about her center of mass is 12 kg times m^2. During launch, what was the magnitude of her average angular

    asked by ed
  52. English- Jane Eyre

    We have to complete a study guide for English class but for some reason I can't find any of the answers, can anyone help? Chapter 5: According to the girl Jane meets, why is Lowood called an institution? How has Miss Scatcherd punished the girl Jane has

    asked by sammy
  53. Data managment math

    6: Find the number of ways in which at least one piece of fruit could be chosen from a basket containing 4 apples, 5 banana ,2 canta loupes, and 3 pears?

    asked by Samir
  54. short story

    I apologize I meant to say short story not essay! Its suppose to be a short story that is descriptive, it has subtext, twist, and dialogue

    asked by Kim
  55. social studies

    where were the first political parties formed?

    asked by Dante
  56. Algebra

    SImplify: (x - 9/x) / (1 + x/3) and (m^-1 + n^-1) / (m^-3 + n^-3) I have no idea what to do

    asked by Matt
  57. Science

    What happens when a compound iddolves in water? What does it mean if a compound has a solubility of 20g in 100g of water at 15 degree Celcius? Why are acids present in food are sage to eat? Explain what would happen if you mixed vingegar with a solution of

    asked by Wenny
  58. English

    What is the difference between OUGHT & SHOULD? What does each word represent? What are the moral and social implications of each word? What are some societal examples of each word?

    asked by Dana
  59. Math

    The lowest temperature ever recorded in the state of Oregon was -54 degrees F (in Seneca, on February 10, 1993). The state's record high temperature ocurred in Pendleton on August 10, 1898, when it reached 119 degrees F. What is the historical temperature

    asked by Greatdanelola
  60. Math

    how would you go about this question? a 12 inch by 14inch rectangular cake is divided into 2 inch squares. if your piece is chosen at random what is the probability that my piece is chosen from the outside edge?

    asked by Mackenzie
  61. algebra

    i need help using subtraction while combining like terms, can you explain how its done?

    asked by bob
  62. Algebra

    Solve the equation w=Cr^-2 The weight of an object follows this equation. Where C is a constant, and r is the distance that the object is from the center of the earth. There are too many variables for me to know where to begin. Can someone get me started?

    asked by Marysvoice
  63. Math

    The following scores were recorded on a 100-point examination: 95,75,76,86,96,71,68,81,95,76,69,82,93,88,94 Find the mean and median final examination scores.

    asked by greatdanelola
  64. chem

    In the formation of sulfur hexaflouride, does the reaction at constant pressure or volume proceed more spontaneously? I've done the calcs to show that at constant volume, it is slightly more spontaneous, but I can't seem to find a good reason why... it

    asked by xX_Supaman_Xx
  65. Science-Chemistry

    Wirte the half equation for the reduction of acetic acid. I Know that a colourless odourless gas is formed in the process but I can't seem to find an appropriate product to accompany it. Pleasae help.

    asked by Ben
  66. solving for x

    solve for x: ln(5-2x)=-3 e^[ln(5-2x))=e^-3 5-2x={1/(e^3)}----> Is this part right? Then I solve for x, right?

    asked by apoorva
  67. public services

    what would a fitness test be for a non uniform public service be. eg life guard

    asked by Elizabeth
  68. african history

    why are Africans became a slaves??? who are the colonizers of their country???

    asked by klar maesen
  69. social studies

    how did sedition differed from treason?

    asked by Dante
  70. Immigration

    Where did French immigrants to america go in the late 1800s

    asked by Amanda
  71. Math

    -9 to the second power - (-6) to the second power

    asked by Greatdanelola
  72. physics(please help)

    there's a bowl and inside it there's a stick that's the same distance as the radius. There's also "mu" on both sides of the stick. how would you calculate "mu" so it won't slip. using up=down right=left and clockwise=counter clockwise. The answer should be

    asked by jackie*
  73. MAth

    I do i figure out the answer to a geometry probability question?

    asked by Mackenzie
  74. Social Studies

    I need some ideas on describing When did the Boston Tea Party happen other than the date for a project.

    asked by Dt
  75. Math

    Can someone explain to me how to do capacity

    asked by Tina
  76. bilology

    What do algae, kelp, and seaweeds have in common? How are they different?

    asked by Diana
  77. math!!

    Find the value of x. x / x+5 = x-4 / x the book says the answer is 20, but im not getting that. I crossed multiplied and got x^2=(x+5)(x+4) and then multiplied that out x^2 = x^2 + 9x+ 20 and then 9x=20.. what am I doing wrong?

    asked by Anna-Marie
  78. Algebra

    w=Cr^-2 Suppose that an object is 100 pounds when it is at sea level. Find the value of C that makes the equation true. (Sea level is 3,963 miles from the center of the earth.)

    asked by Marysvoice
  79. 7th grade geometry

    pr/ac = ?/cb pr=6,ac=?, cb=15

    asked by traci
  80. Algebra II

    How can you tell if a table of values(t-table) represents a direct variation?

    asked by JaneLee
  81. Math

    Find the first and third quartiles of the following set of numbers. 13,4,12,16,8,14,8,3,10,8

    asked by greatdanelola
  82. algebra

    Please help simplify (5-2x)^2

    asked by silverfox
  83. world history

    what were the two "lost provinces" located on the border of France and Germany that the Germans had gained possession of as a result of their 1871 victory in the Franco-Prussian War? Alsace and Lorraine

    asked by Larry
  84. Data managment math

    7: The basket ball team has total 14 players : 3-1st year player,5-2nd year player and 6-3rd year player (a) in how many ways can the coach choose a starting line up(5 players) with at least one 1 st player. (b) in how many ways can he set up a starting

    asked by Samir
  85. world history

    what battle between the French and the Germans lasted eleven months between February and December 1916, resulting in more than a half million casualties on both sides? French

    asked by Gracie
  86. Chemistry

    I can't figure out how to set up this problem. Can anyone help me? Question: What volume of O2 (at STP) is used to react wiht 15.0 g of iron? Answer: 4.52 L Thanks :)

    asked by Miley
  87. business

    What are the benefits associated with quality awards!? please could someone help me! cheers!

    asked by vince
  88. Contemporary History

    i have to write two papers, one about the causes and the other about the effects of world war II. how can i structure them so that i score well?

    asked by Catie
  89. Biology

    For each of the four major classes of organic compounds, identify the subunits. Describe the general process by which all of these subunits are joined together to form larger molecules.

    asked by Laura
  90. pets

    are chinesse dwarf hamsters rare??????

    asked by sammy
  91. Math

    If the hypotenuse of a chord on a circle is 8 and it is an isosceles triangle with a 90 degree angle, what is the arc subtended by the angle?

    asked by Alex
  92. math

    we are trying to figure out a 7th grade math problem. 7/3X=2/3 We can't figure this out...can someone help!

    asked by coleen
  93. science/biology

    How do cells get nourishment and water?

    asked by izzy
  94. math

    wow. i can't believe i forget this from last year. 5x^2 - 11x - 36 = 0 theres some kind of box trick or somethin to factor that but i forget!

    asked by Anna-Marie
  95. social studies

    does any1 know the answer to this question??: what substance was used to stuff the nostrils for mummification????

    asked by stefanie
  96. world history

    what was capotal of the Ausro-Hungarian province of Bosnia? Vienna

    asked by Larry
  97. Math intergers

    a rolloercoater begins at 90 feet abouve ground level.then it desends 105 feet, find the height of the coaster after the first descent

    asked by Julie
  98. Science

    why is the moon important?

    asked by Anonymous Chaney
  99. calculus

    Hello. I need help finding the open intervals of this equation: f(x)=3x^2-12 I already took the derivative of it by using the derivative test and I got 2,-2 as critical numbers

    asked by Mandy
  100. calculus

    Hello. I need help finding the open intervals of this equation: f(x)=3x^2-12 I already took the derivative of it by using the derivative test and I got 2,-2 as critical numbers

    asked by Mandy
  101. biology

    what makes a Cappilary cell good at its job

    asked by -----------------------------------
  102. Math

    (-3)to the third power - (-8)(-2)

    asked by Greatdanelola
  103. Psychology

    I have to do a paper and am looking for some links for the following question:) Explain what role psychology has played in understanding and managing these health problems: cancer, cornorary heart disease, and headaches I only have to choose two.

    asked by Michelle
  104. Math

    What was the percent increase in population from 1950 to 2000 in Europe? 1950= 392,000,000 2000= 510,000,000

    asked by greatdanelola
  105. College Compisition

    Need ideas on how to encorperate how a seashell reminds me of myself

    asked by Ashley M
  106. lit( essay)

    Please read my discriptive essay, and make any changes! My face is burning from the particles of the gravel penetrating through my skin. As I squirm through my thin cardboard box trying to find my body, I can only hear the churning of my stomach. I try to

    asked by Kim
  107. RE


    asked by Anonymous
  108. english

    1) When Congress passed the Federal ReserveAct of 1913, it gave the Federal Reserve Board afree hand in steering the economy. (2) The President, while charged with appointing the chair and board members, has no direct role to play in the Board’s policy

    asked by mary
  109. Math

    Place each of the following sets in ascending order. 3/7, -6/7, 1/7, -1/2, 2/7

    asked by Greatdanelola
  110. biology

    why is DNA semi-conservative? does it have something to do with two new strands are formed using the two molecules from the original DNA

    asked by sam
  111. Geometry


    asked by Sara
  112. grammar

    i am writing a 10 page essay on college and pro football. can anyone help?

    asked by preston
  113. Law

    In a court case can you introduce a psychological evaluation which is signed by a psychologist, if the psychologist is not present in the court room?

    asked by Susie
  114. history

    who are the democrat candidates from 2003

    asked by eric
  115. math

    okay, I nead too no wat 3 4/5x1/4= and 1 1/3 x 3 6/7 =. I don't no hou too figur it owt.

    asked by freak show
  116. Science

    why is the moon important?

    asked by Anonymous Chaney
  117. Math

    (-6) to the second power - 4 to the second power

    asked by Greatdanelola
  118. pre calc

    solve each inequality: (x-4)(x-2)^2(x-3)^2 < 0

    asked by Kate
  119. math

    what is probability

    asked by liz
  120. year 7 music

    explain ternary form what have played/sound in this structure thanks for your help!

    asked by mikey
  121. math

    7/8 * 4/5

    asked by randy
  122. college math

    how to do set notation, for example

    asked by sophia
  123. history

    who are the republican from 2000

    asked by eric