Questions Asked on
January 23, 2008

  1. Chemistry

    Which two solutions, when mixed together, will undergo a double replacement reaction and form a white, solid substance? 1. NaCl(aq) and LiNO3(aq) 2. KCl(aq) and AgNO3(aq) 3. KCl(aq) and LiCL(aq) 4. NaNO3(aq) and AgNO3(aq) I know the answers 2 but I have no

    asked by TJ
  2. Microeconomics

    Suppose that flying a 200-seat plane across country costs the airline $100,000. Thus, the average cost of each sear is $500. A plane is about to take off with 10 empty seats. Astandby passenger is waiting at the gate willing to pay $300 for a seat. Should

    asked by Jamie
  3. Microeconomics

    Late in the semester, a friend tells you, "I was going to drop my psychology course so I could concentrate on my other courses, but I had already put so much time into the course that I decided not to drop it" What do you think of your friend's reasoning?

    asked by Jamie
  4. algebra

    kyle's credit bill is $360. kyle sends a check to the credit card company for $70, charges another $109 in merchandise, and then pays off another $231 of the bill. how much does kyle owe the company?

    asked by Cynthia

    I need to interview 2 people but im a lonely loser so can any of you guys fill out this survey for me??? (don't make it sound toooo crazy im ur a freaking football playing astronaut lol) kthxbye 1. When did you know or when did you decide on the type of

    asked by Sonny Hinh
  6. Microeconomics

    Suppose Dell is currently selling 250,000 laptops per month. A mgr at Dell argues, "The last 10,000 laptops we producted increased our revenue by $8.5 million. However, because we are making a substantial total profit of $25 million from producting 250,000

    asked by Jamie
  7. science

    1. How do you know when something is gas? 2. What is gas made of? [I think it's molecules and atoms?] 3. How do you know when something is matter? [I believe that when something has a mass and volume..its matter. Is that correct? 4. Is gas matter? [This

    asked by Jeanine
  8. Math

    When completing the square: 5x^2 + 10x - 20 5 ( x^2 + 2x) -20 = 0 5 ( x + 1)^2 -15 = 0 Did I do that right? If so I have another question. When it's in this form, -15 is the y-coordinate of the vertex and 2 the x coordinate of the vertex? If so isnt the x

    asked by Lena
  9. algebra

    The deepest point of the Gulf of Mexico lies approximately 12,400 feet below sea level. What is the integer that best expresses the given number?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. literature

    if someone has time could you provide me with examples of What literature is consider to be part of the United States current literary canon and why do you think so? I have further questions to answer in regards to literature i just can't think of any or

    asked by jasmine33
  11. MATH


    asked by ANITA
  12. science

    what is a constant and control in a experiment

    asked by jasmine
  13. chemistry

    1. Pouring liquid nitrogen onto a balloon decreases the volume of the balloon dramatically. Afterward, the balloon reinflates. Use the kinetic theory to explain teis sequence of events. Temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196 degrees C.

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Algebra

    How is doing operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) with rational expressions similar to or different from doing operations with fractions?

    asked by Noah
  15. statistics

    A group of applicants for a position consists of 8 people who are qualified and 7 whoa are not. If we select two people at random to be interviewed (obviously without replacement), find the probability that we get: a. two qualified people b. one qualified

    asked by stats-help
  16. trig

    if sin2x=3sin2y, prove that: 2tan(x-y)=tan(x+y)

    asked by aayush
  17. science- I need help!

    1. How do you know when something is gas? 2. What is gas made of? [I think it's molecules and atoms?] 3. How do you know when something is matter? [I believe that when something has a mass and volume..its matter. Is that correct? 4. Is gas matter? [This

    asked by Jeanine
  18. More grammar

    It's me again! We're working on infinitives today, and I want to make sure I'm doing this right. Can someone check my answers for me? Thanks! "Identify the infinitive in each of the following sentences. Then identify the use of the infinitive by writing

    asked by Emily
  19. AP CHEM

    help please. i don't even know where to start An empty glass container has a mass of 658.572 g. It has a mass of 659.452 g after it has been filled with nitrogen gas at a pressure of 790. torr and a temperature of 15?C. When the container is evacuated and

    asked by Nikki


    asked by Nicki
  21. calc

    how to do the integral of (ln(x))/(x^2)

    asked by sarah
  22. science

    During the month of November, it rained on 12 of the 30 days. It also snowed on 3 days. On what percent did it rain? On what percent of days did it snow?

    asked by shawn
  23. English

    In the story Tom Sawyer, why does Tom live with his Aunt Polly? i am not sure but is it because that her mom died since it says that it was Aunt Polly dead sister's boy...but where is the dad?

    asked by Wenny
  24. Biochemistry

    Susie is instructed to prepare 400mL of a 0.3M acetate buffer of pH=4.44, and she is given sodium acetate trihydrate and glacial acetate acid (99% by weight, density=1.05 g/mL0. Susie can't figure out what to do! How should she prepare this buffer? Acetic

    asked by brittany
  25. social health

    what is social health and i need to know right now.

    asked by alec
  26. Biology

    In females the first meiotic cell division produces______cells. One of the cell is _____ than the other and is called the ______. The Polar body stays attached to the _______. The larger cell is called the _______amd ot ,atires omtp tje _______. The second

    asked by Carol
  27. Microecon

    If you are given this function: P=1000-40Q where P=price and Q=sales..... How do you get the price elasticity of demand at a price that is $500? At what price, if any is the price elasticity of demand equal to one?

    asked by Dave
  28. Georgia Studies/Social studies

    I had a 57 question home work assignment and i need help with these last 4: 1. Which of Georgias cities was the least important in the early 1800s a.atlanta b.athens c. Madison d. Monroe 2.Qith which chirch was Bishop Richard Allen associated with in early

    asked by Preston
  29. English

    Grapes of Wrath chapter 16 What does the "raggerly old man" say about California?

    asked by Pini
  30. English

    Grapes of Wrath please if able to answer in "well developed" paragraph -What causes the mass migration of dispossed small farmers to California? -Describe the Joad family vehicle and how it was set up for the trip to california. -Compare the migrant camp

    asked by Pini
  31. Geometry

    A mailing tube is 25" long with a diameter of 4". What is the volume of a similar tube that has a diameter 50% larger than the original tube? So, the new tubes diameter would be 6. So to figure the volume do i take 3.14 *36 or??

    asked by Tyler
  32. Economics

    A buyer is usually not willing to spend a lot of time and energy researching the market when: c. savings to be made are small or d. prices vary but quality is still the same I read the text but I couldn't really find this exactly, both answers seem like

    asked by Chels
  33. statistics

    7. In a certain survey, 30% of those questioned are given an incentive to complete the survey. Of those !@#$%^&ceive incentives, 80% completed the survey. Of those who do not receive incentives, 25% completed the survey. a. Find the probability of getting

    asked by stats-help
  34. Biology

    1. Meiosis occurs during the production of gametes_______ within the sex organs. It is a type of division that reduces the chromosome number from the _____ number to the _______ number. 2.The _______pairs of chromosomes are called________. During meiosis

    asked by Roderick
  35. math 3rd grade

    1. At what Celsius temperature does water boil. 2. How many days are in the month of August.

    asked by LaNoria
  36. C++ Programming

    Can any1 please fix this c++ source problem /*Circle Are program Calculates the area of a circle using the formula A=pi * r * r Sonny Hinh, 1/23/08 #include int main() { cout

    asked by sonnytsn
  37. Biology

    Can someone explain allopatric speciation and sympatric speciation. I know that allopatric speciation is because of geographic isolation. I don't understand sympatric speciaiton, though.

    asked by Alex
  38. Algebra

    -9+3w/11 divided by 25w-75/121 Do I need a Common denominator? Would it be 121 as 11x11 is 121? Do I then multiply the numeratos- -9+3w by 11 or do I do the addition of -9+3w for-12w?

    asked by Marysvoice
  39. science

    i need help on my science project i have a science fair on march somethin please give me any ideas possible u know plz thanks. (0.o)

    asked by jonah
  40. English

    Grapes of Wrath chapter 14-15 -Theres gonna come sompin outta this, gonna change the whole country." comment

    asked by Pini
  41. Algebra

    Divide and simplify The problem looks too easy to be simple 6/s divided by 24/s Is it just 4s? or Do I invert and get 6/24 or 1/4? Do I leave the s in there?

    asked by Marysvoice
  42. Algebra

    How to solve by substitution: 4x - 12y=5 -x + 3y = -1

    asked by Carl
  43. science

    I'm studying minerals..I understand that if molten rock cools slowly undergound, then large mineral cystals start forming. AND if that rock cools quickly at the surface, small cystals form. My ? is ..sometimes rock has both large and small mineral crystals

    asked by Kira
  44. English

    Grapes of Wrath chapter 13 based on the diologue between the Joads and the Wilsons, how do displaced families get along on the road?

    asked by Pini
  45. Algebra 2 - Direct Variation

    I already did this problem but i decided to check my self since my answer wasn't withthe status quo of the rest of the answers i checked twice and got the same answer. But will someone double check me. The designers fo the Parthenon, a Greek Temple

    asked by Alan
  46. Medical

    It was discovered that a medical assistant discussed the medical condition of a high-profile individual in public. This resulted in the condition becoming publicized information. What were the influential factors in this situation for the medical

    asked by JB
  47. math

    How much would it cost to pour a concrete slab for a patio 14 feet by 16 feet and 6" thick if cost is $80 per cubic yard. I know 27cubic feet equals 1 cubic yard, so do I take 14*16 *27 or??

    asked by Tyler
  48. Microeconomics

    A corporation began construction on a new site 2 years ago. At that time mgrs predicted the new plant would generate over $5 million in sales, however, now a more conservative estimate shows that the new plant will only generate an additional $3 million in

    asked by Jamie
  49. MATH

    what 3D shape as 20 congruent equilateral triangles as faces

    asked by CHELSEY
  50. Science/ Experiment

    Directions: You are a medical researcher who has just "discovered" a new treatment for AIDS. Now you need to design an experiment to test its effectiveness. Using the follwoing questions as guidelines, plan your experiment. 1) What groups will you have in

    asked by Jenny
  51. Term Paper help

    Hey guys. I'm wondering if you can help me with my Term Paper, if you can help me outline it. My term paper is about Marijuana. Basically an expository. There is no other instructions.

    asked by Chris
  52. need help

    I have an assignment that is due sunday here it is Find a current or past court trial (via Internet or television) where an investigator or officer is called to testify. Evaluate the officer’s role and if he/she follows the guidelines on pp. 129-34 of

    asked by RAY
  53. Biology

    When synapsis occurs a process called ______ ccues.

    asked by Carol
  54. "England, My England" the poem

    When was the poem "England, My England" by Henley composed? I searched but I can't find a specific year.

    asked by Camron
  55. math

    Lucinda divides 1 quart of juice equally among 3 of her friends. What part of a quart does each friend get?

    asked by ayanna
  56. science

    Wrap up the meeting with a brief summary of your main points and providing some energy for conserving energy with a memorable slogan, statement, or song, for example.

    asked by candy
  57. Ap Chemistry

    2-propanol has a delta Hvp of 701 J/g and a vapor pressure of 31.6 mmHg at 20.0 degrees C. Estimate the normal boiling point of this alcohol in degrees C. i used the clasius-clayperon equation and this is what i have so far. ln (31.6 mmHg/760 mmHg)= (-701

    asked by John
  58. economics

    I know this might be basic.....but I am still not sure about subject of elasticity? How do I know the effect, if no price or quantity demanded is given? Assuming that the price elasticity of demand for automobiles in the United States is 1.2 and that the

    asked by Jami
  59. statistics

    at a bank, account balances are nomrally distribued with a mean of $637.52 and standard deviation of $623.16. What is the probability that a simple randon same of 400 accounts has mean that exceeds $1650.00? show me steps and calculations i urgently need

    asked by son
  60. spanish SRA MCGUINN

    These are the answers - i need to do the questions 1. Si, nosotros miramos el mapa de la cuidad de San Pablo 2. Si, Mama, tu dejaste los pasaportes aqui en la mesa. Estamos listos!

    asked by sam
  61. Algebra

    Solve by substitution: 4x-12y =5 -x + 3y = -1

    asked by Carl
  62. Algebra

    1280v^9y^5/ 100v^4y3 Simplify by removing the factor of 1. 128v^5y^2/10vy ?

    asked by Marysvoice
  63. Algebra

    How do I solve the following by substitution: 5x -2y =-5 y - 5x = 3 8x - 4y = 16 y = 2x - 4 4x -12y =5 -x + 3y = -1

    asked by Carl
  64. spanish

    How to ask where someone is going in spanish?

    asked by Gabbrielle
  65. algebra

    Solve by substitution: 8x - 4y =16 y=2x -4

    asked by Carl
  66. math

    yea it sais, three times one number added to another number is 18. twice the first number minus the other number is twelve. find the numbers

    asked by Ricky
  67. English

    Please help me in writing a persuasive essay on the following topc 'It takes discipline to win'

    asked by Gopal
  68. literaturein

    In "A Pair of Silk Stockings," the silk stockings are a symbol of?

    asked by blaine
  69. spanish SRA MCGUINN

    thanks so much I have 2 more si, nosotros miramos el mapa de la cuidad de San Pablo Si, Mama, tu dejaste los pasaportes aqui en la mesa. Estamos listos!

    asked by sam
  70. literature

    How is edgar allen poe one of the writers in literature to be a part of todays literary canon and why?

    asked by jessica33
  71. Math

    How would you find the zeroes for this? x^2+3x-9

    asked by Lena
  72. algebra

    can some one help me with 2 problems thanks. y=1/2x+1,y=-3x+8, and y=1/2x+2, y=-x+5. show the work maybe i can figure it out some how.

    asked by dillon
  73. Algebra

    How to solve by substitution: 8x - 4y = 16 y = 2x - 4

    asked by Carl
  74. Ap Chemistry

    at 25 degrees Cliquid A has a vapor pressure of 100.0 torr, while liquid B has a vapor pressure of 200.0 torr. The heat of vaporization of liquid A is 32.0 kJ/mol and that of liquid b is 18.0 kJ/mol. At what celsius temperature will A and B have the same

    asked by John
  75. Math Finals - URGENT - Transformations

    when you have "y = 1/2sin2x". . . Does the equation have a vertical compression by a factor of 1/2? And does the equation have a horizontal compression by a factor of 2?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Biochemistry

    How do you find the pH of a 0.2M HCL?

    asked by Amy
  77. biology

    how would I define "infection vs colonization"? Infection is the growth of a parasitic organism within the body colonization is to establish a colony in or on are those 2 definitions okay?

    asked by abby
  78. spanish SRA MCGUINN

    are these correct Que hiciste ayer? my answer YO huhica moas tarea Adonde fuiste el sabado pasado? My answer Estaba en las peliculas Estuduante para tu clase de espanol anteayer? My answer Estudie para la clase espanola ayer -- is it espanola or espanol?

    asked by sam
  79. Medical office procedures

    Describe three situations where the actions of a medical assistant were influenced by laws and regulations related to the release of personal and medical information of a patient. We are also to use resources available to you including your personal

    asked by Jessica Blumberg
  80. Microeconomics

    Two years ago a large corp. gegan construction on a new site. At that time, mgrs thought that production from that plant would generate over $25 million in sales. However, a more conservative and realistic estimate suggests that the new plant will only

    asked by Jamie
  81. Biology

    1. When synapsis occurs a process called_____________occurs. 2. There are______definite phases of meiosis_______and meiosis.

    asked by Roderick
  82. Algebra

    Solve by addition or substitution; 10x + 2y = 7 y= -5 + 3

    asked by Carl
  83. Economics

    I just do not understand, how is the market price and quantity of international trade arrived.

    asked by Sue
  84. Biology

    There are _____ definite phases of meiosis_____ and meiosis_______.

    asked by Carol
  85. Science

    This is a question I need to answer scientifically. "You are holding your late night cup of hot chocolate, explain why after a while it cools down and why your hands become hot..." Can I have some scientific help please??? xxx

    asked by anonymous
  86. social studies

    what is the definition for Spin-doctor?

    asked by Abdullah
  87. geography

    hi im doing a economic project we have to pick a product and make a flow chart on it but im haveing trouble because i don't know what raw material makes plastic.

    asked by arshbir
  88. Philosophy

    How do two or three Eastern Philosophies compare?

    asked by greatdanelola
  89. English

    -Grapes of Wrath chapter 14-15 what is the relationship between Farm owners and Migrant workers ? -"Grandpa didn't die tonight, he died the minute he left the land" coment. -"there's gonna come sompin outta this ,gonna change the whole country." COMMENT

    asked by Pini
  90. Math

    1) A helium balloon is rising according to the function H(t) = -7x^2 + 5x - 11 where h(t) is the height in meters after t seconds. Determine the average rates of increase of height from t=7 to t=23 seconds. I tried h(23) - h(7) ------------ 23-7 = * in

    asked by Dana
  91. English

    It is about the story of Tom Sawyer. the question is "how did Tom get out of being switched? Is the answer that he tricked her by telling her to turn around???... what is a hooky and obleeged in the first chapter of Tom Sawyer?

    asked by Wenny
  92. chemistry

    You need to make 350mls of a 70% ethanol solution of EtOH from a 95% solution. How would you do this?

    asked by Kim
  93. physical

    name five benefits to health through physical trainning

    asked by tina
  94. Algebra

    Solve s+ 7/s =-8 the solutions are_,_ Could it be -1 and 7?

    asked by Marysvoice
  95. chemistry

    How do I solve this question using dimensional analysis? An auto engine has a displacement of 1.6 liters. What is it in cubic cent. and in cubic in.? What is dimensional analysis and how to I convert liters into cubic cent. and cubic in.?

    asked by Amber
  96. AP CHEM

    The density of iron at 25 C is 7.871 g/cm^3 what is the volume of one mole of solid iron at 25 C? i understand that volume = m/d but how would i go about solving this?

    asked by Matt
  97. algebra

    Solve by substitution; 4x-12y=5 -x+3y

    asked by Carl
  98. people

    Who was King Tut and why is he famous?

    asked by PL
  99. math

    Solve this system of inequalities graphically 3-y1, y

    asked by sarah
  100. biology

    Should a horse and donkey be considered the same species? Why or Why not?

    asked by Ashley
  101. algebra

    y=1/2x+1, and y=-3x+8 thanks

    asked by dillon
  102. Biology

    Before meiosis, replication takes place. Therefore each chromosome is made of two_______. During meiosis I synapsis takes place. Synapsis takes places. Synapsis occurs when homologous chromosomes________and line up side by side which results in the forming

    asked by Roderick
  103. life chemistry and the life of cells

    Units of actin and myosin are arranged end to end in order to

    asked by casey
  104. gov

    What influence might and inconveniet truth have on a public opinion?

    asked by 565
  105. Sci

    What are the four factors that produce changes in population size?

    asked by Anonymous Chaney
  106. Geometry/Math

    Does anyone know how to find the Five-Number summary of a set of numbers? These are the numbers. 7,7,5,4,1,9,8,8,8,5,2

    asked by greatdanelola
  107. world history

    what is the significance of the fall of the roman empire?

    asked by Trey
  108. math

    Can a line segment have 2 mid points?

    asked by Ashley
  109. physical education

    what exercise is done to strenghten the gastronemuis? is it toe raies?

    asked by andrew
  110. Physics

    My class is making sailboats out of styrofoam. Basically we are given a block of styrofoam, some plastic bags/wooden dowels for the sails, and a little piece of metal for the keel that is either extremely light or a little heavier, whichever we want. When

    asked by Lindsay
  111. social studies

    What is the name of a group of officials who make rules or laws?

    asked by Chelsea
  112. Geometry/Math

    Does anyone know how to find a range of a number? These are the numbers I have to find the range of. 7,7,5,4,1,9,8,8,8,5,2 Please help!!

    asked by greatdanelola
  113. English

    How can I have a nice order of ideas in my paragraph so it doesn't ramble all over the place?

    asked by Karthik
  114. AP chem

    is there anyway that i could also get help with the chemistry problem that eric posted?

    asked by Lin
  115. Science

    During Active and Passive transport is ATP required?

    asked by joe
  116. Math

    44+44/4s=55 whats another way using 5/4s to equal 55

    asked by Chris