Questions Asked on
January 22, 2008

  1. Data managment math

    1:A train is to consist of three flatcars, five tankers, six boxcars, an engine and a caboose.In how many ways can the train be made ?

    asked by Samir
  2. Statistics

    Suppose the correlation between SAT Verbal scores and Math scores is 0.57 and that these scores are normally distributed. If a student's Verbals core places her at the 90th percentile, at what percentile would you predict her Math score to be/

    asked by Courtney
  3. Classical ideals / Classical Music

    I just need one idea. Is there anything about the classical period in Rome and Greece (5th-4th Centuries BCE) that could apply to the Classical period in Music (1750-1830)?

    asked by Amy
  4. math

    A small firm produces AM and AM/FM car radios. The AM radios take 15 hours to produce, and the AM/FM radios take 20 hours. The number of production hours is limited to 300 hours per week. The plant’s capacity is limited to a total of 18 radios per week,

    asked by amy
  5. finance

    John Roberts has $42,180.53 in a brokerage account, and he plans to contribute an additional $5,000 to the account at the end of every year. The brokerage account has an expected annual return of 12 percent. If John’s goal is to accumulate $250,000 in

    asked by tippy
  6. need diagram of an ear

    Does anybody know where I can find a very simple diagram of an ear (outer, middle, and inner)? Our physics teacher introduced the "ear" to us just today and we're going to be tested on it tomorrow.

    asked by Emily
  7. English vocabulary

    what is the definition for alacrity, condescend, and diligent? The choices are: to talk down to, enthusiasm/speed, and thorough/meticulous.

    asked by Trissy
  8. subject areas now display relevant questions

    All of the subject areas now display relevant questions from the forum. Here are some great examples: Spanish: Algebra: Biology:

    asked by Leo
  9. Calculus III

    Derivative of Inverse Trigonometric Functions f(x) = sin(arccos(4x)) What is f'(x)?

    asked by Sean
  10. accounting

    ER Medical Supplies had sales of 2,000 units at $160 per unit last year. The marketing manager projects a 25 percent increase in univolume this year with a 10 percent price increase. Returned merchandise will represent 5 percent of total sales. What is

    asked by tammie
  11. Math

    1) A helium balloon is rising according to the function H(t) = -7x^2 + 5x - 11 where h(t) is the height in meters after t seconds. Determine the average rates of increase of height from t=7 to t=23 seconds. I tried h(23) - h(7) ------------ 23-7 = * in

    asked by Dana
  12. Spanish for Alicia and/or Vicky

    Be sure you see all 3 of your posts: 1. 2. 3. NOTE: Please decide if you prefer Alicia or Vicky. It's confusing

    asked by SraJMcGin
  13. geometry

    how do i find the degree of a right angle, split into two different angles. ex. if m

    asked by lizzie
  14. English Lit

    How to interpret the poem, Lady of Shallot by Tennyson??

    asked by Julia
  15. question please help

    I've tried to answer this question, but I don't know if its right. Identify cultural influences on foods eaten in the province of P.E.I. Potatoes raised in PEI show the influence of the Irish who settled in the region. ..thats all I got but I need more

    asked by Amanda
  16. Calculus III

    Derivative of Inverse Trigonometric Functions f(x) = cos(arcsin(2x)) What is f'(x)?

    asked by Sean
  17. Algebra 2 Linear Programming

    I think this is an easy question but i just wanted make sure i have the right answer Could you check my work Some students make and sell jewelry in their spare time. Every week they have an avaiable 10,000 beads of various colors and sizes. They only have

    asked by Chauncey
  18. math

    The length of a rectangle is 2 inches more than twice its width. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 34 inches, find the dimensions of the rectangle

    asked by amy
  19. Calculus

    Twins, Pierre and Francesca were each given 100 dollars on their 15th bday. they immediately put ther money into their individual money boxes. Each week throughout the next year they added a portion of their weekly pocket money. Puerre added 10 each week.

    asked by Daisy
  20. Algebra

    Calulations for the following: -2x-3=2 Book states answer as -5/2. This does not seem to be correct answer. x/10 + 1.7=-3.5 Book states answer as -52. This also does not seem to be the correct answer

    asked by G
  21. math

    Solve this system 4x-12y=5 ,-x+3y=-1 by substitution

    asked by james
  22. italiano

    come cambiare la scuola

    asked by lili
  23. math

    What is a perfect square?

    asked by Brianna
  24. Financial Management for HHS

    What are the most important issues for a human service agency to address? What issue is least important? Explain In the reading material I have it says the most important issues for a human service agency to address are direct and indirect costs,

    asked by Jess
  25. calc

    is the integral of xln(x)dx= x^2/4(4ln(x)-4-2ln(x)+3)+C?

    asked by sarah
  26. Algebra

    Twenty-five percent of your budget will be used to rent business space and pay for utilities. Write an algebraic expression that indicates how much money will be spent on business space and utilities. 2nd question. .25($118,250.00) correct answer?

    asked by Mckenzie
  27. biology, plz help!

    A girl crossed a pure short, black haired animal with a pure long, brown haired individual (cross A). The F1 consisted of 10 individuals who had all the same phenotypes. She interbred this F1 generation (cross B) and counted the offspring, which consisted

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Algebra

    1280v^9y^5/ 100v^4y3 Simplify by removing the factor of 1. Do I look forthe commom multiple or no? Do I factor out again and then cancel off?

    asked by Marysvoice
  29. economics

    What happens to price and quantity when Increase in Supply and No change in Demand? How do I solve this?

    asked by AL
  30. math

    In a town election the winning candidate had 220 more votes that the loser. If 810 votes were cst in all, how many votes did each candidate receive?

    asked by pat
  31. english

    Can you provide me with examples of a nonprejudicial rhetorical and a prejudicial rhetorical?

    asked by Milisa
  32. US History

    Do you think that the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine fundamentally altered the nature of the doctrine and the intentions of its origianl authors (Monroe and JQ Adams)? If so explain how. If not, explain how the doctrine and the corollary are

    asked by Amanda
  33. Calculus

    Find the coefficient of the x^2 term in the expansion of (3x - (2/x^2))^8

    asked by Daisy
  34. math(algebra)

    Find a function to represent the set of all points equidistant from the point(-2,3) and the line y=7.

    asked by Dante
  35. spelling

    there's a problem on my worksheet and it gose like this "to add the er suffix to words ending in a stressed sylable with one vowel and one consonant,___________________________." I've got that but then it asks for an example that's ware i'm stuck.

    asked by madi
  36. algebra

    How would you graph y= -1 and x=3

    asked by angie
  37. 3rd grade math

    Name the months with exactly 31 days.

    asked by LaNoria
  38. Math

    How can 7 trees be planted so that there are 6 rows of trees in a straight line with each row having 3 trees?

    asked by Allysson
  39. Algebra

    Simplify by removing the factor of 1 y^2-7y+6/ y^2+8y-9 I need to LCD? y^2 Then I divide the denominator into the numerator? Then I simplify?

    asked by Marysvoice
  40. Algebra

    -2x-3=2 -2x-3_3=2+3 -2x=5 x=-5/2 Shouldn't there be another step? Why is the answer -5/2 and not -2.5?

    asked by G
  41. Antiderivatives

    I can't figure this one out, the antiderivative of x^-1. I thought it would be c, but the derivative of c is zero.

    asked by Raj
  42. math

    there's a question that I don't understand and the direction says that 'solve problems as combination integer problems.remember to rewrite all double sign problems as combination problems before solving' and here's a question 50- -61+ - 170 =

    asked by allie
  43. Algebra

    Please help me evaluate (1/6)^3(1/6)^3

    asked by FrustratedDad
  44. math

    Solve this system 8x-4y=16 , y=2x-4 by substitution

    asked by taliyah
  45. Algebra

    please help me simplify (8(x^3y^4)2)-2

    asked by FrustratedDad
  46. math

    Solve this system 10x+2y=7,y=-5x+3 by addition or substitution. If a unique solution does not exist state if the system is dependent or inconsistent.

    asked by james b
  47. Math

    Question 1: You have recently found a location for your bakery and have begun implementing the first phases of your business plan. Your budget consists of an $80,000 loan from your family and a $38,250 small business loan. These loans must be repaid in

    asked by Mckenzie
  48. Sci

    Information that describes environmental benefits and challenges of urbanization. Include descriptions of two award winners, and how they overcame one of the challenge.s

    asked by Anonymous Chaney
  49. English

    I need help quick, I need to write a speech with anecdotes and it needs to make the audience laugh. the title is How Not To Write A Speech or 30 Reasons Not To Do A Speech So what could I use for this?

    asked by Anthony
  50. math

    What's 9/10 of 10/7? I don't know how to divide 10/7. I know 10/7 = 1 3/10, but I cant divide it.

    asked by Ariana
  51. geometry

    there is a problem on my paper in which there is a right angle forming a triangle. the right angle is to the right end of the triangle. at the vertex at the end of the left side, those two lines go on to make two more angles. how do i figure out the degree

    asked by lizzie
  52. Translate into Spanish

    ...using the imperfect passive tense about the things I enjoyed when I was younger. Mark any accent or other marks. I was holding onto my piggybank. I collected a lot of money. I was at my backyard in my house. I played with stuffed animals. My sister and

    asked by vicky
  53. Math

    What are the positive integers between 1 and 100 that are only divisible by three numbers: one, the number itself and a prime number?

    asked by Kayla
  54. spanish

    How did the indegenous mix with the Europeans to develop the culture in Venezuela? The websites I found didn't really help me.

    asked by aj
  55. Spanish

    Translate ...using the imperfect passive tense about the things I enjoyed when I was younger. Mark any accent or other marks. I was holding onto my piggybank. I collected a lot of money. I was at my backyard in my house. I played with stuffed animals. My

    asked by vicky
  56. algebra 2


    asked by supreme
  57. chem

    1. Why can't you have 3 electrons in one orbital? 2. Why does Indium break the left to right trend for ionization energy?

    asked by Jared
  58. Spanish

    How do you say 'petted' and 'holding onto my piggybank' in Spanish? I have never learned those words before, but in my project I will need to use them.

    asked by Alicia
  59. Spanish

    I need to write sentences but i'm stuck on some words that I have not yet learn. Please fill me in. How do you say "petted" (in imperfect passive tense on things I used to do when I was younger) and "holding onto"?

    asked by Alicia
  60. 3rd math

    Laura and her brother planted bean seeds. When Laura plant was 25 cm tall, her brother plant was 32 cm tall. How much taller was her brother plant?

    asked by LaNoria
  61. math

    Solve this system 5x-2y=-5,y-5x=3 by substitution

    asked by amy
  62. biology

    A girl crossed a pure short, black haired animal with a pure long, brown haired individual (cross A). The F1 consisted of 10 individuals who had all the same phenotypes. She interbred this F1 generation (cross B) and counted the offspring, which consisted

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Social Studies

    why is oil so important to the countries of the arabian peninsula?

    asked by Robin
  64. english

    what is a good grammar important out the college /

    asked by cody
  65. math

    tanya could not belive that she was on the phone this week a total of 15 hours!last week,she was on the phone for only three 3/8 of an hour less!how many hours was tanya on the phone last week?

    asked by terrence
  66. math... help plz (not hard)

    Why is it that everything to the ZERO power equals one? ex: 5^0= 1 234325346^0= 1

    asked by Usher
  67. US History

    Where can i find info on the Portsmouth conference?

    asked by Amanda
  68. biology

    i'm doing a project on orbital rules and i don't remember how to get the atomic mass and the atomic number. i know wher P comes from but i don't know how to get N

    asked by Casey
  69. advanced function

    Find an equation with the given form in each case below y=sin through(pie/2, 0)

    asked by JACK
  70. Sci

    Information that describes environmental benefits and challenges of urbanization. Include descriptions of two award winners, and how they overcame one of the challenge.

    asked by Anonymous Chaney
  71. Science

    What Do Peaple Invent?

    asked by Kendra
  72. science

    what is the 3 laws of motion? & what is the law of universal gravitation plz answer thx in advance

    asked by sammy
  73. math (very easy )

    do you know why anything to the zero power is one???? thanks in advance

    asked by sammy
  74. Chemistry

    What are some paramagnetic inner transition metals?

    asked by Billy G
  75. medical discourse

    i have tomorrow a discusion about medical i have to ask some questions about that.what can i ask my friends?f.e.did they have any bad experiences whit their doctors?any suggestions?

    asked by ray
  76. social science

    How would agricultural advanced technology affect supply, demand, price, quantity demanded, and quantity supplied in the global market?

    asked by sue
  77. math

    what is a radical in math terms.

    asked by taylor
  78. DeRidder High


    asked by Nikki
  79. math

    solve 2x lnx + x = 0

    asked by janet
  80. math (extra credit)!

    my teacher asked me why a number to the zero power is equal to 1. could you please explain why a number to the zero power equals 1?

    asked by sammy
  81. Hum

    How do contemporary Buddhist practices reflect the foundations of the religion?

    asked by RENE'
  82. math

    Solve this system of linear equations by graphing 2x-y=4 , 2x-y=6

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Math

    How can I explain how I figured out the 99th Triangular Number? I'd appreciate it if it is as simple as possible.

    asked by Bob
  84. Algebra


    asked by Sam
  85. Science

    How does the ozone effect the wind patterns

    asked by Ellen
  86. Science/Biology

    A woman once had a beautiful rubber tree, but when her sister saw her watering it, she laughed and asked why she was watering an artificial plant. So she stopped watering the plant, and in a few months it died. Explain, using at least five characteristics

    asked by Laura
  87. SCIENCE NEED BY TOMORROW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    does the color of water effect its evaporation?

    asked by vahnna
  88. algebra

    does anyone know how to plot ponts with coordinates? If so, could you explain how to plot (3,-5) on a graph?

    asked by angie
  89. Basic Math

    Im so confused with these questions: which of the following numbers are composite? 0,1,15,19,23,31,49,55,59,87,91,97,103,105 A. 1,23,31,59,91 B. 15,49,55,87,91,105 c. 0,1,19,23,31,105

    asked by Michelle
  90. algebra

    write an equation of a line passing through a point (2,10) and (0,10)

    asked by angie
  91. Biology

    I know this is a difficult question, and its an answer that is not likely on google, but I'm just wondering what a T-bar ribbon is, in terms of synapses and biology (not the type of sandal). The answer doesn't have to be detailed, I just simply would like

    asked by Student
  92. Math

    There are four light switches in the room. They can be in either of two positions - on or off. How many possible ways can the four switches be arranged? What if there were eight switches?

    asked by Karly
  93. 3rd math

    at what Celsius temperature does water freeze?

    asked by LaNoria
  94. science

    what are the parts of a sunflower ...i need the picture with the big words

    asked by kayla
  95. algebra

    How would you translate the product of 39% and some number?

    asked by Anonymous
  96. ecology

    what are the parts of a sunflower i need the pic with the big words

    asked by kayla
  97. Algebra

    X/10+1.7=-3.5 X/10+1.7-1.7=-3.5-1.7 X/10=-5.20 X/10 . 10/1= 5.20 . 10 Why is the answer -52?

    asked by G
  98. science

    what would happen if cytokinesis occured without mitosis???

    asked by c
  99. spanish SRA MCGUINN

    Sally is asking her childen wha tthey have done to get ready for thei rtrip to Brazil. Write the questions Sally asked based on her children's responses. 1.____________________________________ Si, ya compre los boletos para toda la familia

    asked by sam
  100. Math

    isn't 3 added to 5, 5 + 3? i know it doesn't matter, but when it sais to multiply the first number, i must know wether it's 3 or 5.

    asked by Ricky
  101. Earth Science

    Which one of the following landforms would be created by outwash? 1) Moraines 2) Eskers 3) Drumlins 4) Erractics I have read all I can, but can not get this one. I am sure it is not #4 - Erractics.

    asked by Maya