Questions Asked on
January 20, 2008

  1. physics (sorry about all of these!)

    A satellite moves in a stable circular orbit with speed Vo at a distance R from the center of a planet. For this satellite to move in a stable circular orbit a distance 2R from the center of the planet, the speed of the satellite must be?? I said that

    asked by Hannah
  2. physics

    Two blocks are pushed along a horizontal frictionless surface by a force of 20 newtons to the right. The force acts on the 3 kg block, which in turn pushes the 2kg block sitting next to it. The force that the 2-kilogram block exerts on the 3-kilogram block

    asked by Hannah
  3. physics

    The radius of the Earth is approximately 6000 km. The acceleration of an astronaut in a perfectly circular orbit 300 km above the Earth would be most nearly. For this question I simply guessed. I knew "a" was 9.8 on the surface, and my answers were 0,

    asked by Hannah
  4. pre calc

    suppose you have 102m of fencing to make two side by side rectangles, making one large rectangle when put together. What is the maxium area that you can enclose?

    asked by Kate
  5. physics

    A 10-kilogram body is constrained to move along the x-axis. The potential energy U of the body in joules is given as a function of its position x in meters by: U(x) = 6x^2 - 4x + 3 The force on the particle at x=3 meters is? Here was my thinking.... U=-W.

    asked by Hannah
  6. physics

    A particle moves in a circle in such a way that the x- and y-coordinates of its motion are given in meters as functions of time t in seconds by: x=5cos(3t) y=5sin(3t) What is the period of revolution of the particle? Here's what my train of thought was...

    asked by Hannah
  7. physics

    How close must two electrons be if the electric force between them is equal to the weight of either at the earth's surface?

    asked by Niraj
  8. chem

    An FM radio station broadcasts at 97.4 MHz. Calculate the wavelength of the corresponding radio waves.

    asked by sarah
  9. chem

    A photon of ultraviolet (UV) light possesses enough energy to mutate a strand of human DNA. What is the energy of a single UV photon having a wavelength of 24 nm? What is the energy of a mole of UV photons having a wavelength of 24 nm?

    asked by sarah

    A glass vessel has a mass of 53.8718 g when evacuated (no air). When filled with a liquid of density 1.319 g mL-1 it has a mass of 255.7390 g and when filled with an unknown gas at 752.3 torr and 16.12°C it has a mass of 54.2483 g. What is the molar mass

    asked by Matt
  11. physics

    a freezer in a refrigerator takes 2 hrs to comvert 2.15kg of water initially at 21.5 degrees celsius to just frozen ice. calculate the rate at which the reezer absorbs heat.

    asked by audrey
  12. literary

    what is a parallel episode? what is an example of one?

    asked by st
  13. History

    Hey, I have to write an essay tommorow on the high and low points of George Washington and John Adams? I have a ton of other homework and don't have time to think. PLEASE don't write the essay just give me the main points.

    asked by kinz
  14. Chemistry, help!

    how do you calculate this: Calculate the mass of copper needed to displace 5.0g of silver from silver nitrate solution. (Relative Atomic Masses: Ag=108, Cu=63.5) Eqn=Cu+2AgNO3->Cu(NO3)2+2Ag How do you write a half equation? Complete the half equation to

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Algebra

    Please help I don't have any clue on how to solve this problem!!! Please help! Suppose you are tossing an apple up to a friend on a third story balcony. After t seconds, the height of the apple in feet is given by h = -16t^2 + 38.4t + .96. Your friend

    asked by Bretagne
  16. Government

    Which of the following has the force of law although it does not become a law a.a joint resolution b. a bill c. a concurrent resolution A

    asked by jere
  17. information

    I have a project to do and can not find a site to watch a trial here is the assignment I have to do all i need is a site where I can watch a trial any suggestions please Find a current or past court trial (via Internet or television) where an investigator

    asked by RAY
  18. Math, please help

    1)Determine the equation of the polynomial function of degree 3, with zeros -2, -1, and 4. The graph of this function passes through (5, -84). I have no idea how to do this one. 2) When 4x^4 - a5x^2 + px + 6 is divided by 2x+1, the remainder is 2.

    asked by Alex
  19. English

    I have to write a 750-1000 word essay on Pride and Prejudice. The question is,'By the end of chapter one of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, what have we learned about Mr. And Mrs. Bennet individually, and about their marital relationship ?' I have written

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Algebra

    1.In this problem, we will analyze the profit found for sales of decorative tiles. A demand equation (sometimes called a demand curve) shows how much money people would pay for a product depending on how much of that product is available on the open

    asked by Noah
  21. Government

    Which is a joint committee a. a select committee b. a confrence committe c. a standing committee B

    asked by jere
  22. physics

    an immersion heat can supply heat at a rate of 5.2 x 10 to the power of 2 joules per second. calculate the time that it wil take to completly evaporate 1.25 x 10 to the power of minus 1 kg water initially at a temperature of 21 degrees celsius

    asked by audrey
  23. Physics

    A,B,C,D are four charges placed at each corner of a square, with A= -6.00 mC , B=6.00 mC, C=-6.00 mC and D=6.00 mC.ALso AB=BC=CD=DA=0.100 m.Determine the magnitude and direction of force on each charge.

    asked by Niraj
  24. Math

    Use distributive property to write each expression as an equivalent expression then evaluate each one 1.3(4+5) 2.(2+8)6 3.4(9-6) 4.8(6-3) 5.5(200-50) 6.20(3+6) 7.(20-5)8 8.50(8+2) 9.15(1,000-200) 10.3(2,000+400) 11.12(1,000+10) 12.7(1,000-50) Any help

    asked by Julie
  25. Religions of the World

    I need some help. for my finial project which is due in 6 weeks I am to pick a religion and write about it as well as find a person from that religion and conduct an online or in person interview with. In this interview I am to ask questions such as What

    asked by Trish
  26. Algebra

    The cost, in millions of dollars, to remove x% of pollution in a lake modeled by C=6,000/200-2x What is the cost to remove 75% of the pollutant? 90% 99% For what value is theis equation undefined?

    asked by Micah
  27. time periods

    can someone help me connect thesetogether. Napoleon/Romanticism Industrial Revoluiton Nationalism Imperliasm WWI Russian Revolution/Communist Russsia WWII The Cold war I need to show some connections between the events

    asked by kelly
  28. art appreciation

    3 pages Details: Discuss the importance of Roman construction, using the Phase Resources, as well as your text, finding examples of Roman engineering. The Romans took the arch, a rarely employed technique, and used it in buildings and bridges all over the

    asked by Nathan
  29. fitness

    what would a fitness test be for a non uniform public service be??? thank you

    asked by Elizabeth
  30. for SraJMcGin (french)

    Last time you said you would give me a list of countries. It would be great if you can list list the feminine countries and masculine and countries, the major cities in each country, also if you can, could you also list the languages spoken in those

    asked by Eric
  31. math -- Calc

    1. A car travels 20 mi/hr for 2 hours and then 30 mi/hr for 3 hours. a) For 0

    asked by Veronica
  32. Algebra

    Can someone help me set up an equation for the problem? A customer wants to make a teepee in his backyard for his children. He plans to use lengths of PVC plumbing pipe for the supports on the teepee, and he wants the teepee to be 12 feet across and 8 feet

    asked by Kim
  33. physics

    A 5.0 MULTIPLIED BY 10 TO THE POWER OF 2g aluminium block is heated to 350 degrees celcius. determine the number of kilograms of ice at 0 degrees celcius that the aluminium block will melt as it cools.

    asked by audrey
  34. History

    Political and social outcomes of the end of the Vietnam War - does anyone have any web sites for me to look at?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Government

    A continuing resolution a.prepares for the next years budget c.allows federal agenciesn to function without new appropriations initiated in ine house of congress and carried into te other for approval A

    asked by jere

    How many universities can you apply to in America? and the UK? and Canada? Thanks -Jess

    asked by Jess
  37. Biology

    Probability how can you make all these numbers make sense I am really having brain loss someone please help!!!!

    asked by VAleri
  38. algebra

    so how do you figure out the equation n/3 + 8 = 3/2 (n-1) + 1/6 i believe you have to multiply by the common denominator (12 in this case?) but i still am not getting to an answer.

    asked by Adrien
  39. math-geometry

    1. A rhombus has a perimeter of 96, and the length of one of its diagonals is 32. The area of the circle inscribed in the rhombus can be expressed as k*pi/w where k and w are relatively prime positive integers. Find the value of k + w. 2. The base and

    asked by jujube
  40. Science

    Directions: You are a medical researcher who has just "discovered" a new treatment for AIDS. Now you need to design an experiment to test its effectiveness. Using the follwoing questions as guidelines, plan your experiment. 1) What groups will you have in

    asked by Jenny
  41. History

    What is the connection with student unrest and the Vietnam War?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. government

    when the president determines congress's agenda, he or she is carrying out the role of a. chief diplomat b. chief legislature c. commander in chief b

    asked by jere
  43. French

    How would I translate the sentence "it was good that the water was not cold?" into French? Would I need to use the subjunctive? Merci

    asked by Jon
  44. Government

    What determines the rules for each states primary? a.the democratic party d.state law a

    asked by jere
  45. Government

    The votes of the electorate are caled the b. direct vote c.popular vote d.primary vote C

    asked by jere
  46. Government

    The most powerful leader in the house is the a. speaker of the house c. majority whip d. president pro tempore A

    asked by jere
  47. for bobpursley please check

    ok So The American Association of Labor legislation did what then n

    asked by Michalea
  48. medical reimbursement methodologies

    I need to know if you are low income and categorically needy you meet requirements for what insurance plan thanks for the help

    asked by Michalea
  49. economics

    What are the shifts and price elasticity of supply and demand of American Auto Industry.

    asked by Lilli
  50. medical reimbursement methodologies

    PLease check my answer thanks One option for providing your employee with health care coverage for work-related injuries is (this is in a state where you own a company where funds are not mandated for employee healh insurance) 1 self insurance coverage 2

    asked by Michalea
  51. Chemistry

    For the following crystals, explain how their melting points are related to the bonding forces and the crystal structure. Copper,Cu Water,H2O Sodium chloride,NaCl Diamond,C

    asked by Nancy
  52. math

    An appliance dealer marks up refrigerators 20% (based on cost). If the cost of one model is $500, what should its selling price be?

    asked by tenisha
  53. social science

    What were the causes of the Southeast Asia financial crisis of 1997 and what was the impact on U.S. economy?

    asked by Sam
  54. English, plz help

    By the end of chapter one of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, what have we learned about Mr. And Mrs. Bennet individually, and about their marital relationship? I posted a question earlier about this. What I need help with is how I can round the essay off. Any

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Algebra

    1.In 2002, Home Depot’s sales amounted to $58,200,000,000. In 2006, its sales were $90,800,000,000. a.Write Home Depot’s 2002 sales and 2006 sales in scientific notation. 2002: 5.82 x 10^10 2006: 9.08 x 10^10 You can find the percent of growth in Home

    asked by Kim
  56. caluclus homework help

    (1) A toy truck travels at a rate of 0.5t ft/sec after t seconds of travel (so after 6 seconds the truck is traveling 3 ft/sec). a) Graph the speed of the truck vs. time for 0

    asked by Leslie
  57. Economics

    What is the difference between NNP(national net product) and GNP (Gross national product)?? For me it seems the same!!!

    asked by Angel
  58. math

    for equation y=2x^2+12x-10, determine the vertex, axis of symmetry, and horizontal and vertical shifts

    asked by bill j.
  59. government

    if the offices of both president and vice president become vacant, who becomes president a. speaker of the house b. secretary of state c. secretary of defense c

    asked by jere
  60. Government

    The chairmen of congressional commitees are chosen by a. the vote of comittee members c. the vote of majority party A

    asked by jere
  61. Civics

    Suppose a minority govt. wanted to pass a bill but all opposition parties oppose it, what would happen?

    asked by Lena
  62. Government

    What is the public debt? a. borrowed money b.the amount the government spends that exceeds its income d. the total amount of money owed by the federal Government D

    asked by jere
  63. Government

    Today the Largest area of federal spending is for a.entitlements b. intrest on the public debt A

    asked by jere
  64. please check my answer med reimbursement

    Please recheck my answer thanks The Americian Associaton of Labor Legislationimplemented fee schedules True or False I said True

    asked by Michalea
  65. ss

    what type of fallacy 12. That's gotta be a great line of clothes. Have you seen the prices and the people endorsing it? 8. Michael Jordan wore that brand, so those must to be the best basketball shoes. (FALSE ANALOGY) 5. All right-thinking people will

    asked by dc
  66. sorry here is my answer

    I think it's Self insurance coverage

    asked by Michalea
  67. diet

    what are the typical nutritional and energy values of the 8 main food groups

    asked by Elizabeth
  68. Accounting

    I just wanted to get some clarification on analyzing a balance sheet. a)Accounts payable and accrued liabilities at the beginning of 2004 Values: As at (April 23, 2004) - 7,466 or As at (April 25, 2003) - 12,461 Which value is considered the beginning of

    asked by Harold
  69. Science

    What is the chemical formula for rust, salt and air?

    asked by Laura
  70. science

    how does the speed of sound change for mediums of diofferent elasticities, densities, and tempertures

    asked by nelson sieera
  71. critical thinking

    what is an example of a nonjudicial rhetoric device?

    asked by neasha
  72. Metrology

    What is considerd appropriate care and maintenance precautions for a surface plate?

    asked by keeley
  73. English

    By the end of chapter one of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, what have we learned about Mr. And Mrs. Bennet individually, and about their marital relationship? THank you so much to all who have helped me before, cud some1 please check this conclusion and tell

    asked by Anonymous
  74. math

    what is 192837 -928378

    asked by Berlin