Questions Asked on
January 18, 2008

  1. Pre-Calculus

    A rectangular garden with an area of 250 square meters is to be located next to a building and fenced on three sides, with the building acting as a fence on the fourth side. Let x be the length of the side parallel to the building. 1. Find T(x), the total

    asked by Courtney
  2. Data Management

    For PLANETS, find the number of : 4-letter words which must include a L and A For MAMMALS, find the munber of: a) 7-letter words b) 7-letter word beggining with MA c) 4-letter words i) all letters different ii) 2 letters same,2 different iii) 2 pairs same

    asked by Lisa
  3. Geometry

    Can the Isosceles Triangle Theorem be written as a biconditional? If yes, rewrite it as one, if no, explain why not.

    asked by Tasha
  4. government

    which of these statements about the california lieutenant governor is false a. the lieutenant governor is the president of the senate b. the lieutenenant governor is elected separately from the governor c. the lieutenant governor has never been from a

    asked by jere
  5. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of copper needed to displace 5.0g of silver from silver nitrate solution. Cu+2AgNO3->Cu(NO3)2+2Ag (Relative atomic masses:Ag=108,Cu=63.5) I got it to be 3.175g needed.

    asked by Anonymous
  6. physics

    A 1.5-kg object moves up the y-axis at a constant speed. When it reaches the origin, the forces F1 = 5.0 N at 37 degrees. above the +xaxis, F2 N in the +X direction, F3 = 3.5 N at 45 degrees below the -X axis, and the F4 = 1.5 N in the - y direction are

    asked by Will
  7. government

    the governor of california has all of the following powers except a. the pocket veto b. the power to pardon convicted criminals c. the chief command of the california national guard a

    asked by jere
  8. Chemistry

    At a particular temperature a 2.0 liter flask contains 2.0 mol of H2S, 0.40 mol of H2, and 0.80 mol of S2. Calculate the equilibrium constant for the reaction: 2H2(g) + S2(g) 2H2S(g)

    asked by Sue
  9. Honors Geometry

    I'm stuck on these 2 problems. My Geometry teacher won't help me. What is the inverse of the Isosceles Triangle Theorem (ITT)? What is the contrapositive of the Isosceles Triangle Theorem (ITT)?

    asked by Jeffrey
  10. government

    the prime minister of britain is a. popularly elected b. the leader of the majority party in the house of commons c. appointed by the president b

    asked by jere
  11. math

    Find the least squares approximation of x over the interval [0,1] by a polynomial of the form a + b*e^x --------------------------------------------------------- The polynomial produces an output space with two linearly independent basis vectors: u1 = 1,

    asked by mathstudent
  12. calculus

    Consider the given function. f(x) = 3 sin(6x) text(, ) 0

    asked by Justin
  13. Art Appreciation

    3 pages Details: Discuss the importance of Roman construction, using the Phase Resources, as well as your text, finding examples of Roman engineering. The Romans took the arch, a rarely employed technique, and used it in buildings and bridges all over the

    asked by Nathan Bickerstaff
  14. equation

    n represent the number of games lost, write an equation for: a) A team won three times as many games as it lost. It played a total of 52 years. b) A team won 20 games more than it lost. It played a total of 84 games. c) A team won 15 games less than twice

    asked by jen
  15. Government

    in a criminal trail in california, the verdict is decided by

    asked by Roman
  16. Chemistry

    A student prepared a 0.10 M solutino of acetic acid, CH3COOH. Acetic acid has a Ka of 1.75 x 10^-5. What are the hydronium ion concentration and the pH of the solution?

    asked by Sue
  17. government

    in a criminal trial in california, the verdict is decided by a. a petit jury b. the board of supervisors c. a three-judge panel a

    asked by jere
  18. government

    the merging of small private farms into large government-owned enterprises is called a. collectivization b. privatization c. industrialization c

    asked by jere
  19. Algebra

    Jake has a 3 foot long peice of wood that he wants to make into a triangular frame. He cuts a peice off of the board that is 1 foot 5 inches long. From the remaining board he cuts off another peice that is 7 inches long. He now has 3 peices of wood. Will

    asked by Caroline
  20. english

    why is music the unversial langugage

    asked by sandra
  21. Govnerment

    a lobbyest encourages parents to write letters to their representatives in congressin support of an education bill. this is an example of

    asked by Roman
  22. Calculus

    Use the Midpoint Rule with the given value of n to approximate the integral. Round the answer to four decimal places. int_2^10 2 sqrt(x^2+5)dx text(, ) n=4

    asked by Justin
  23. calculus

    Consider the given function. f(x) = 3 sin(6x) text(, ) 0

    asked by Justin
  24. Data management

    from the digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 find the number of a) 4-digit numbers with repetition of digits b) 4-digit numbers without repetition of digits c) the number of odd 4-digit numbers with no repetition of digits d) the number of even 4-digit numbers with

    asked by Lisa
  25. Data management

    from a group of 6 men and 7 women going on a trip, find the number of a) ways of selecting a female tour guide, a female cook and a driver of either sex b) ways of selecting a commitee of 5 people with 4 or more men

    asked by Lisa
  26. English..HELP PLEASE

    how are the stories, The Great Rat Hunt by Laurence Yep and Flying by Reeve Lindbergh similar and different?

    asked by Howy
  27. Navigation

    Thanks Damon for your help yesterday. I see now there are close similarities between the 2 formulas I sighted yesterday. I worked my problem with both formulas and received identical answers of 958.27 NM. This distance is a mile or so more than your

    asked by mike
  28. Math

    Barney goes to the bank with 1000 - $1 bills and 10 paper bags. His instructions to the teller are to place the bills in the bags in such a way that when he returns later, he can request any amount of money from $1 to $1000 and the teller must be able to

    asked by Tyler
  29. Geology

    What is the chemical make up of the sand at Dockweiler Beach, California and Napoopoo beach, Hawaii?

    asked by Debbie
  30. lifestyle

    what are the lifestyle factors that are important to gereral well being.

    asked by Elizabeth
  31. Algebra

    Each of my sons has as many brothers as sisters, but each of my daughters has only half as many sisters as brothers. How many children do i have?

    asked by Bobby
  32. government

    the california state constitution can be amended if a. a majority of state senators passes the amendment b. the california supreme court orders an amendment c. two-thirds of both houses of the legislature approve the amendment, and a majority of california

    asked by jere
  33. government

    in a capitalist economy, the laws of supply and demand determine a. taxes b. social services c. prices c

    asked by jere
  34. government

    people within a dictatorship wh reject democratice reforms are a. solidarity b. hardliners c. hacienda b

    asked by jere
  35. fudal system

    did they like fudal system

    asked by ben
  36. algebra 2

    for the equations y=x and y=|x|....i need help on give one similarity and one difference for the equations and graphs

    asked by logan
  37. algebra

    what is the prime factorization of 132

    asked by jameshia
  38. Sci

    Explain how limbless salamanders evolved according to Darwin's theory of natural selection?

    asked by Anonymous Chaney
  39. Physical Science

    Hello, I need some help with the folling question... I would say B OR C though I am not sure. Thank You. In a Practical Machine , the power output is _____ the power input . A. Smaller than B.Larger than C.Equal Too D.Multiplied By

    asked by Mandi
  40. Government

    intrest groups are often criticized for

    asked by Roman
  41. Government

    The american Bankers association is an example of?

    asked by Roman
  42. teaching as a professional career

    list 3-5 factors that define teaching as a professional career. please help!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  43. science

    In what solution is the solute a liquid and the solvent is a solid?

    asked by Lisa
  44. Government

    a political action commitee's purpose is to this does involve PROPOGANDA RIGHT?

    asked by Roman
  45. Government

    The california state constitution can be ammended if

    asked by Roman
  46. Calculus

    Use the Midpoint Rule with the given value of n to approximate the integral. Round the answer to four decimal places. int_2^10 2 sqrt(x^2+5)dx text(, ) n=4

    asked by Justin
  47. Data Management

    chantel has 10 different CD's. In how many different orders could she place them if she: selects 5, but her only amy winehouse cd must be first and only alicia keys cd second

    asked by Lisa
  48. economic

    economic help on negative externalities in automotive industry

    asked by Anonymous
  49. government

    the cief executive officer of every state is the a. manager b. governor c. president b

    asked by jere
  50. government

    supreme court justices in california are a. appointed for life by the government b. appointed for only one term c. appointed, then re-elected in uncontested elections a

    asked by jere
  51. data management

    when flipping a two-sided coin, what is the probability ryan flips: find the odds in favour of 5 tails out of 5 rolls

    asked by Lisa
  52. government

    which is a factor of production a. land b. capital c. all of the above c

    asked by jere
  53. government

    capitalism is also called a a. command economy b. welfare state c. free enterprise system a

    asked by jere
  54. government

    placing businesss under governmenttal control is called a. central planning b. nationalization c. privatization c

    asked by jere
  55. government

    what kind of tax rates do socialist economies generally have a. high b. moderate c. nonexistent c

    asked by jere
  56. government

    which of the following is normally not a feature of a communist government a. it rulas as a dictatorship b. it establishes colonies all around the world c. it controls the means of production b

    asked by jere
  57. government

    one example of a failed state is a. great britain b. nigeria c. somalia c

    asked by jere
  58. government

    the political party that held power in mexico for much of the 20th century is the a. pri b. nafta c. ccp

    asked by jere
  59. Legal and Ethical Issues in HHS

    I have to write a paper about a current or proposed law that impacts the delivery of human serivces. Can someone give me some input on what I should write about?

    asked by Jess
  60. Math

    Write an equation of the line with the given x- and y-intercepts. x-intercept:8 y-intercept:4 Is 8x+4y+=32 the answer

    asked by Keishia
  61. s.s.t

    what is globalisation?

    asked by navin
  62. public policy analysis

    discuss the relationship between public policy and public administration

    asked by priscilla
  63. sci

    What is a good solgan for tabasco hot sauce?

    asked by Anonymous Chaney
  64. english

    pliz help. is this sentence gramatically correct. i am looking forward to getting to know you.

    asked by lucy
  65. English

    In the statement "The Chess Club will meet at 7:00 pm. Is chess club capitalized?

    asked by Breanna
  66. latin

    How do you translate this sentence? Manus autem iuvenum, qui statuam sacram movere iussi erant, timebat ne dea irata esset. I translated it as "But the hand of the young men, who had been ordered to move the sacred statue,..." Is that right so far and how

    asked by Anonymous
  67. french

    When I want to say "In Canada,..." do i say En Canada or Au Canada. Canada is a masculin country, do i use au?

    asked by Eric
  68. Police Officer

    Can some one please explain tome why Police Officer should not assume? For example when a police Office is told of a dispute between two parties why should they not assume what they are hearing is not the truth. The only reason I could figure out is based

    asked by RAY
  69. Health

    These can be used to make breakfast pizza, or a cheese sandwich.What is it?

    asked by M
  70. calculus

    derivatives. f(x)=(1/-7x^12) f'(2)=? f'(-1)=?

    asked by mike
  71. Health

    You'll get calcium from this dairy product that includes enzymes. What is it?

    asked by M
  72. science project

    why does using salt chill drinks so fast?

    asked by jamie
  73. Physical Science

    Hello, I wanted to know If I came to the coreect answer. Thank You If a gas has a gage pressure of 156 kpa, its absolute pressure is approximately? My answer: 56kpa (156kpa-100kpa=56kpa)

    asked by Mandi