Questions Asked on
January 16, 2008

  1. PHYSICS!!

    Comet Halley returns every 74 years. Find the average distance of the comet from the sun. How do i do this??

    asked by Nic
  2. phyical science.

    The type of fossil fuel that forms only from the remains of plants

    asked by Jordan
  3. social studies

    Independence Declared 1. How did the leaders of Texas declare independence from Mexico? 2. How did the Texans set up their new country? 3. Circle what happended first at the Convention of 1836. A : The singing of the constitution or B : The acceptance of

    asked by Linda D
  4. biochemistry

    please explain how to get these answers (answers provided): 1. If this cell were a muscle cell (myocyte), how many molecules of actin could it hold? (Assume the cell is spherical and no other cellular components are present; actin molecules are spherical,

    asked by stew
  5. government

    after president james garfield's assassination, the government began reforms in a. the number of cabinet departments b. the civil service system c. the constitution d. the executive branch b

    asked by jere
  6. chemistry

    benzoic acid: covalent magnesium chloride: ionic petrolatum: covalent potassium iodide: ionic sodium sulfate: ionic sucrose: covalent

    asked by JayJay
  7. physics

    an elecrton is placed in a uniform electric field of 232 n/c charge. if the electron is at rest at the origin of t=0 and the field is in the positive direction, what are the x and y coordinates of the electron at t=2.3 ns

    asked by michelle
  8. Chemistry

    A eudiometer contains 65.0 ml sample of gas collected by the diplacement of water. The water levels inside and outside the eudiometer are the same. The atmospheric pressure is 92.5 kPa and the temperture is 23 degrees. What volume will the dry gas occupy

    asked by Lauren
  9. Geometry

    I've been working forever to figure out this problem! If two flagpoles are 10m and 70m tall and are 100m apart, find the height of the point where a line from the top of the first to the bottom of the second intersects a line from the bottom of the first

    asked by Spencer
  10. government

    when the president recognizes a nation, he usually a. sends the nationa diplomatic representative b. declares the nation persona non grata c. declares war on the nation d. registers strong disapproval of the nation's government a.

    asked by jere
  11. english

    write a invitation letter to your friend to invite him to your birthday. class 3rd

    asked by shiv
  12. Grammar exercise check

    Can somebody check my answers on this exercise? I'm horrible at this and I want to make sure if I'm doing it right. --------------------------------------- "Identify the gerunds or gerund phrases in the following sentences. Then, tell how each is used: as

    asked by Emily
  13. MATH


    asked by SYNESTER

    Importance of simile, metaphor, idioms, and tone in literature.

    asked by kelly
  15. science

    what makes water in the mountain go slow or fast

    asked by wendy
  16. american government

    what does Calvin Coolidge's famous quote "The business of America is business" actually mean?

    asked by brittany
  17. literature

    What is Sojourner Truth's attitude toward the Bible?

    asked by bob
  18. pronunciation help please

    hi, i just need to know how to pronounce the last name of Sean Covey, author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens." Why, you may ask? well, i am giving a presentation on the book tomorrow and need to know how to pronounce "Covey" correctly so as

    asked by anonymous
  19. Physics

    An archer shoots an arrow that leaves the bow at an angle of 42 degrees above the horizontal. The arrow hits a target located 135 m away and 23 m above the height from which the arrow was shot. Given that the mass of the arrow is .125 kg and that it

    asked by Lindsay
  20. government

    civil servants may not a. vote b. belong to a political party c. be promoted d. run in their party's elections d.

    asked by jere
  21. Physics

    My midterm is tomorrow and I have a couple questions that I need to study. Ive tried and tried and cannot figure these out. 1) A ball is dropped from a roof and takes 3.0s to reach the ground. Calculate the elevation of the roof above the ground in meters.

    asked by Mike
  22. English

    Can anyone summarize the story "Roughing It" because i don't get the story

    asked by Shannon
  23. Science - please please help

    1. Explain why conduction, convection, and advection cannot occur in space. ^is it cause there is no gravity in space? 2. Does warm water rise or fall in cold water? Explain why this happens. 3. Explain why rocks and soil are poor heat sinks. Thanks in

    asked by Kim
  24. english

    Hello - I am not sure you can help me ...I have to write an essay which I did for an english class which I already did, but I was wondering if you know of any free websites that can proof read my work? Just thought I would ask :)

    asked by christy
  25. government

    the president used to have the line item veto power for which types of bills a. any bills b. bills passed by a congressional override of a veto c. spending and tax bills d. military bills d

    asked by jere
  26. chemistry

    I need help getting this started. I made it through organic and this one stumps me, go figure :) How many grams fo NaCl are needed to make 100mL of a 0.10M solution?

    asked by AMY
  27. physics

    A 14.5 kg ring has 3 ropes attached to it. One rope is being pulled due North with a force of 340 N. Another rope is being pulled 68 degrees South of West with a force of 450 N. How hard and in what direction must the third rope be pulled in order to cause

    asked by courtney
  28. Physics

    An archer shoots an arrow that leaves the bow at an angle of 42 degrees above the horizontal. The arrow hits a target located 135 m away and 23 m above the height from which the arrow was shot. Given that the mass of the arrow is .125 kg and that it

    asked by Lindsay
  29. Math

    I'm not understanding this. How do you solve (^2 meaning squared) (2x^2 - 7x -8)-(8x^2 + 4x +9) ... by combining like terms. ahhh! help!

    asked by Ashley
  30. physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upwards with an initial velocity of 20.96 m/s. Neglecting air resistance, how long is the ball in the air? What is the greatest height reached by the ball? this problem seems easy enough but I can't seem to get the answer. How

    asked by courtney
  31. math

    A trigonmetric polynomial of order n is t(x) = c0 + c1 * cos x + c2 * cos 2x + ... + cn * cos nx + d1 * sin x + d2 * sin 2x + ... + dn * sin nx The output vector space of such a function has the vector basis: { 1, cos x, cos 2x, ..., cos nx, sin x, sin 2x,

    asked by mathstudent
  32. Social Studies

    Were the ancient social classes of china affected by a poor or rich economy?

    asked by Maricella
  33. algebra

    3x-5y=25 find the x and y intercepts.

    asked by Roderick
  34. Math

    -5x - 8y = (-3,0) Is this ordered pair a solution

    asked by Ricky
  35. lit

    whats the difference between figurative language and figure of speech? I have been look online for a while please tell me !! thank you

    asked by lawerence
  36. Math... Sort of

    How much would 10 cents be worth in 1906? (Like relative to how much it would be worth now)

    asked by Nathalie
  37. algebra

    1. y = -1 find the intercepts for the graph. 2. x = -1 find the intercepts for the graph.

    asked by Roderick
  38. Chemistry

    What are the symbols of the family of elements that have seven electrons in their outermost energy level?

    asked by M
  39. physical science

    1000000 uL = ?L

    asked by jim
  40. finance

    If there a two bonds issued and each pay $100.annual interest plus $1000. at maturity, Bond L has maturity of 15yrs.; Bond S maturity of 1 yr., what will be the value of each bond when the interest rate is 5%, 8% and12%? Assuming only one payment left to

    asked by brenda
  41. government

    the length of time that a president can commit american forces to combat without the approval of congress is a. 48 hours b. 30 days c. 60 days d. 6 months uhm, not quite sure on this one...b

    asked by jere
  42. government

    a staff agency a. supports other workers b. runs programs c. regulates businesses d. does business-like work c

    asked by jere
  43. math

    ok so I know this may sound really dumb but I have a question about simple translations/ scale changes. Ok so lets say I have a problem that says shrink X but a factor of 2. So now I have to do graph, rule, and sentance but this is where I get confused: I

    asked by ty
  44. Physical science

    Unwanted radioactive products formed during nuclear reactions are called?

    asked by Jordan
  45. Physical science

    Unwanted electricity produced by falling water is called...?

    asked by Jordan
  46. Geometry

    how do you find the slope when given an equation ?

    asked by katie
  47. Algebra 2 Functions

    Use these functions: f(x)=3x-2 g(x)=2 h(x)=4x 1. What is f(g(x))? 2. What is g(18)? 3. Find h(5).

    asked by Amy
  48. Navigation

    Solution to yesterdays problem I think! I am just beginning to study navigation & on top of that do not have a clue about how things should be expressed mathematically and on top of that have difficulty typing formulas on the computer - they are obviously

    asked by mike
  49. government

    what is the ordinance power of the president a. the power to send u.s. troops into combat b. the power to issue executive orders c. the power to make treaties d. the power to pardon a person who has committed a federal crime d.

    asked by jere
  50. government

    the "nerve center" of the executive office of the lpresident is the a. office of management and budget b. office of national drug control policy c. white house office d. council of economic advisers c

    asked by jere
  51. government

    the job of the national security council is to a. advise the president about foreign trade b. prepare the federal budget c. supervise the civil service d. advise the president about the nation's safety a or d. but ill go with...a

    asked by jere
  52. Spelling

    I have tried so many ways to do these questions, but I cannot figure it out. Word Bank crunch thoughtful batch theater cloth harsh birch scratch whittle switch 1. My aunt likes to ____________ small figures from the trees branches. 2. The _____________

    asked by Anonymous
  53. government

    the office of management and budget helps in the budget process by a. providing congress with financial information b. keeping the government runnin if congress fails to pass appropriations c. helping the president produce the budget d. creating a budget

    asked by jere
  54. Chem Midterm Review

    Ok, so I've been really busy with midterms and my chemistry one is tomorrow. Now, I never intended to let so much time slip by before i started studying, but it happened. It's one of my most important exams. Do I still have a chance of passing? If so, how

    asked by Matt
  55. science

    is bigger always more

    asked by katie
  56. U.S. History

    The business of america is busisness does this mean that the american government should stay out of business? Help

    asked by Jessica
  57. Basic maths

    This is very basic, but is annoying me intensely. I am trying to rearrange s=t((u+v)/2) to make t the subject. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by Lawrence
  58. positive thinking

    what exactly does it mean to "think win-win"?

    asked by anonymous
  59. science

    desciibe how solar wind can affect the earth

    asked by brittany mabry
  60. Algebra

    What is the differance between a discrete graph and a continuous graph? Thanks so much!

    asked by Ellen
  61. MATH

    HOW DO YOU GRAPH Y < -3/2 + 8 Y > - 1/3 + 10/3

    asked by SYNESTER
  62. math

    how to solve xto the third=22400

    asked by hailey
  63. Chemistry

    Does it take longer to make macaroni and cheese in Denver or in Poquoson(a small town just below sea level)? Explain your reasoning. I said Denver, because of the higher atomspheric presure. Is this right?

    asked by Amanda
  64. Physics

    A crate weighing 800 N is pulled 5.0 m across a floor at constant velocity. The coefficient of friction between the surfaces is 0.30. How much work (in J) is done on the crate ?

    asked by JAmes
  65. Social Studies

    How does the geographic location influences the social classes of ancient china?

    asked by Maricella
  66. Algebra 2

    1. What is the slope of the line perpendicular to y-6=-2x-4? 2. Simplify 8 ^1/3. In case that doesn't make sense the problem is simplify 8 to the 1/3 exponent. 3. Solve -5

    asked by Christian
  67. Chemistry

    Phase diagrams- Explain how the density of the solid and liquid phase would compare.

    asked by Lauren
  68. HUM 130

    i need to find info. that compares and contrast Buddhism to Judaism.

    asked by dawn
  69. algebra

    1. 6x+2y=8 2. y=-2 3. x=5 4. 4x-3y=11 Tell whether the line is vertical, horizontal, or either.

    asked by Roderick
  70. Religion

    Does the LDS church discriminate against sexuality, race or nonnuclear families?

    asked by Will
  71. religion

    What are two important Rituals of the LDS faith?

    asked by Will
  72. Algebra II

    When the range of the function is f(x) = 3x-5 when the domain is {-3, 0, 4}????

    asked by Taylor
  73. Chemistry

    What would the osmotic pressure be for an aqueous solution that contained the following, .4 M NaCl, .3 M glucose and .2 M CaCl2? Assume temp is 25 C.

    asked by Anonymous
  74. accounting

    what accounts would be impacted by a $30,000 cash payment to a $125,000 loan (assuming there is no interest on the loan)?

    asked by Tricia
  75. criminology

    what are the three major kinds of crime statistics used by criminologists? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each measure of crime? What kinds of questions about crime does each measure address most usefully?

    asked by joshua
  76. government

    the custom that gives the senate some control over the president's power to appoint officials is called a. the removal power b. commutation c. persona non grata d. senatorial courtesy d.

    asked by jere
  77. government

    the presidential power of commutatin allows the president to a. appoint officials b. shorten a person's prison sentence c. use th armed forces to keep the peace d. veto bills d.

    asked by jere
  78. government

    the president's clemency powers apply only to a. criminal cases b. military cases c. impeachments d. federal cases a.

    asked by jere
  79. government

    the federal bureaucracy is a. all the agencies, people, and procedures through which the federal government operates b. hierarchical in structure c. headed by the president d. all of the above d

    asked by jere
  80. government

    units of cabinet rank are called a. agencies b. departments c. commissions d. administrations c

    asked by jere
  81. math

    Is the answer to this problem undefined? [(11 - 6)รท 7] -7

    asked by Anonymous
  82. social studies

    the first capital of Va?

    asked by calvin
  83. government

    which is the title of the head of the justice department a. secretary b. chief justice c. attorney general d. chief bureaucrat d

    asked by jere
  84. government

    independent regulatory commissions a. supervise federal workers b. have some legislative-like and judicial like powers c. serve federal workers d. may resemble businesses a

    asked by jere


    asked by FAITH
  86. sci 275

    provide at least three freshwater and three ocean water resources challenges

    asked by anaya
  87. S.S.

    I don't know why but i cant find the natural resources of China anywhere! All it says is gas pollution? i even went to wikipedia and the same thing! plz help me.

    asked by Logan
  88. chemistry

    One more that should be easy but im stuck. What is the molarity of a 15% by weight solution of HCL (Density = 1.18g/ml)?

    asked by AMY
  89. government

    another term for appropriations is a. deficit spending b. spending bills c. progressive taxes d. entitlements c

    asked by jere
  90. government

    after world war II the united states a. moved form an international role to an isolationist role b. moved from secutity alliances to political alliances c. moved from an isolationist role to an international role d. formed the league of nations d

    asked by jere
  91. history

    can someone help me identify all the clashes of the countries during the cold war?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Ethics

    I am trying to find information on the criticism that Immanuel Kant had for previous ethical theories. Any suggestions...I've found a few places online but I don't understand the language.

    asked by Bonnie
  93. Data management

    Jeeves is a butler with 6 bathrooms. He's too busy to clean every bathroom everyday. Instead he randomly chooses a bathroom everyday and cleans it. 1) what is the probability that after 30 days, exactly 1 bathroom has never been cleaned? 2) FUZZY THE CAT

    asked by Lisa
  94. Science

    What protective gas is in the stratosphere???????????

    asked by Alexis Benhart
  95. Science

    Why does the sunset appear to move?

    asked by Alex
  96. Physical science

    Devices that use semiconducters to produce electricity from solar energy are called?

    asked by Jordan
  97. physical science

    elecricity produced by falling water is called....?

    asked by Jordan
  98. physical science

    the efficientsy of most power plants is______%?

    asked by Jordan
  99. math

    how do i reduce

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Chemisty

    Write the symbols of the family of elements that have seven electrons in their outermost energy level.

    asked by M
  101. science

    why is phase not a good way to classify matter?

    asked by jennifer
  102. advice

    anyone have some advice for taking midterms?

    asked by anonymous
  103. social studies

    americans agreed they wanted to be free of wat?

    asked by me
  104. english

    how can i link the book "The Reader" by Bernhard Sclink to "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold? it seems like they have nothingggg in common...

    asked by bella
  105. Math

    What is 5/7 of 1/5?

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Science

    Why do we name rivers?

    asked by Roland
  107. english/witchcraft/Puritans punishment HELP

    Why was public humiliation felt to be more severe than imprisonment in the Puritan community? ANY HELp WOULD BE GREAT! THANK YOU

    asked by bobby
  108. what does this word mean?


    asked by anonymous
  109. hum- 130

    what is the popular meaing of the word Chakras?

    asked by RENE'
  110. Geometry.HELP! i have finals tomorow!

    how do you find the slope when given an equation? like y=blahbalah

    asked by jasmine