Questions Asked on
January 14, 2008

  1. science

    an animal without a backbone is called a? an animal with a backbone is called a?

    asked by tyler
  2. physics

    a cue stick strikes a stationary pool ball, exerting an average forece of 50 N over a time of 7 milliseconds. If the ball has mass .1kg, what speed does it have just after impact?

    asked by Kristen
  3. Algebra

    suppose you invest $1500 in equipment to put pictures on t-shirts. you buy each t-shirt for $3. after you have placed the picture on a shirt, you sell it for $20. how many t-shirts must you sell to break even? dealing w/- subst. and elimin.

    asked by Amber
  4. government

    all treaties must be approved by a two thirds vote of a. the senate b. the house c. both houses of congress d. the supreme court a.

    asked by jere
  5. Science

    In terms of electrons, how is a covalent bond different from an ionic bond? and ... Explain how attractions between molecules could cause water to have a higher boiling point than carbon dioxide? another question is why when scandium reacts with iodine,

    asked by Trissy
  6. Algebra

    on a canoe trip, Rita paddled upstream (against the current) at an average speed of 2 mi/hr relative to the riverbank. on the return trip downstream (with the current), her average speed was 3 mi/hr. find rita's paddling speed in still water and the speed

    asked by Amber
  7. government

    on the average which group of people occupy the majority of seats in congress a. african americans b. white, middle aged men c. women d. asian americans b, although i wish it was c :)

    asked by jere
  8. Math

    Letters that fit the rule: A, E, F, H, I, K, L, M, N Letters that do not fit the rule: B, C, D, G, J, O, P What is the rule?

    asked by Katie
  9. government

    which of the following is true of the house of representatives a. it currently has 100 members b. the total number of seats in the house is fixed by the constitution c. the number of terms a representative may serve is fixed by the constitution d. every

    asked by jere
  10. governmnent

    the framers of the constitution favored bicameralism because a. two houses could block the acts of a single president b. it allowed for fair and equal representation of he states at the national level c. great britain had only one house of parliament d.

    asked by jere
  11. english

    Which word correctly completes this sentence? The twins and I had only two dollars _______ us. (among, between) the rule is to use the word between for 2, but do twins count as 1 or 2?

    asked by case
  12. King Arthur

    What lessons does the legend of King Arthur teach us? Are there any modern day lessons that we can still learn from?

    asked by Katie
  13. government

    why did the framers include the necessary and proper clause in the constitution a. to empower congress to pass laws needed to carry out the expressed powers b. to limit congressional powers to those expressly stated in the constitution c. to define the

    asked by jere
  14. government

    which of the following is an example of the investigatory powers of congress? a. accepting a treaty made by the president b. the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations c. the power to lay and collect taxes d. gathering information useful in making

    asked by jere
  15. english

    what is the correct usage of the words " in" and "into"? Let's go ________ the lobby to wait for them. (in, into)

    asked by case
  16. Biology

    Without the invention of the microscope, would the cell theory have been possible? I don't think it would have been possible because through technology, the microscope, cells were visible. Without the microscope how could scientists have seen cells or

    asked by Noah
  17. Algebra

    Your teacher is giving you a test worth 100 points containing 40 questions. There are 2-point and 4-point questions on the test. How many of each type are there. dealing w/-subst. and elimin.

    asked by Amber
  18. Physics

    How many degrees are between the melting point of ice and the boiling point of water on the Kelvin scale?

    asked by Shannon
  19. government

    all the following expressed powers belong to congress EXCEPT a. the power to declare war b. the power to tax imports c. the power to naturalize citizens d. the power to raise an army d.

    asked by jere
  20. Algebra

    Your cable television company offers two plans: basic service with one movie channel for $35 or basic with two movie channels for $45. What is the charge for basic cable and for a movie channel? dealing- subs. and elimin.

    asked by Amber
  21. Chemistry

    Answer check: Define a catalyst and explain a catalyst's role in a chemical reaction. A catalyst is a substance that speeds a chemical reaction without being permanently changed itself. It works by providing a convenient surface for the reaction to occur.

    asked by Lauren
  22. Algebra

    A chemist needs to mix a solution containing 30% insecticide with a solution containg 50% insecticide to make 200L of a solution that 42% insecticide. How much of each solution should she use? dealing with- graphing, subst., and elimin.

    asked by Amber
  23. calculus

    Assuming that: Definite Integral of e^(-x^2) dx over [0,infinity] = sqrt(pi)/2 Solve for Definite Integral of e^(-ax^2) dx over [-infinity,infinity] I don't know how to approach the new "a" term. I can't use u-substitution, integration by parts, partial

    asked by mathstudent
  24. government

    the number of senate seats held by each state is a. set by the census bureau b. based on state populations c. the same as the number of house seats d. fixed by the constitution c.

    asked by jere
  25. government

    senators are elected to serve a. two-year terms b. three-year terms c. four- year terms d. six-year terms a

    asked by jere
  26. Health

    Which of the following is a possible physical consequence of fasting? a. loss of lean body tissues b. lasting weight loss c. hypertrophy d. All of the above I know that both A & B are correct, but I can't find anything to confirm that hypertrophy has

    asked by Jen
  27. Algebra

    An airplane traveled 1092 miles with a tailwind, turned around and returned 1092 miles against the same wind to its starting point. The trip with the wind took 6hrs and the return flight against the wind took 8hrs. Find the speed of the plane and the wind.

    asked by Amber
  28. computer software

    i need to submit math homework on my computer they said to use math software program if we have one i do not any ideas what i can do thanks I have microsoft office ect

    asked by jameasen
  29. SraJMcGin

    bonjour comment traduirez-vous en français "finger discount"??

    asked by mk-tintin
  30. grammar

    Is the abbreviation Pkwy. a proper noun? How about Mt.? It seems like mount would be a common noun since it is not with a proper noun, but it is capitalized.

    asked by Nicholas
  31. environmental science

    If you were an environmental researcher and were given funding to assist with one environmental issue, which of the following topics would you choose to spend your funds on?

    asked by jane
  32. math

    How do you find the area of something?

    asked by Robert
  33. physics hey damon one more please! =]

    Consider a spaceship located on the Earth-Moon center line (i.e. a line that intersects the centers of both bodies) such that, at that point, the tugs on the spaceship from each celestial body exactly cancel, leaving the craft literally weightless. Take

    asked by Jon
  34. speed-distance-time

    Please help me with this problem. Two cars started from the same point and traveled on a straight course in opposite directions for exactly 2 hours, at which time they were 208 miles apart. If one car traveled, on average, 8 miles per hour faster than the

    asked by jen
  35. Vocabulary

    what would be a good sentence for erroneous???

    asked by Gabby
  36. english

    What is the rule for the use of the words "that" and "which"? The player ______ pinch hit for the pitcher struck out. (that, which)

    asked by case
  37. Psychology

    Are dreams psychoanalytical, physical, metaphysical, or psychological? How do most people view dreams and nightmares?

    asked by Christian
  38. government

    why does the constitution guarantee that the courts may not prosecute members of congress for what they say in the house or senate in relation to congressional business? a. members never criticize one another b. freedom of speech is a vital part of

    asked by jere
  39. Algebra

    Make this into a trinomial square and solve for x. 4.6x=54-x^2

    asked by Bobby
  40. government

    all the following are implied powers of congress EXCEPT the power to a. set maximum work hours b. restrict arms sales c. fund education programs d. censor radio and TV oprograms c.

    asked by jere
  41. the remainder theorem - Please Help!!

    i'm really not sure how to do this question. (3x+2k)^3+(4x-7)^2 has a remainder of 33 when divided by x-3. find k. i tried to expand the expression, but i don't get a polynomial, so how do i apply the remainder theorem? i would really appreciate it if

    asked by hayley
  42. Business Math

    Can someone please check over my answers? I'm not sure about them, especially part c. A small boat can be bought for $3,000 cash or on the installment plan by paying $300 down and $108 a month for 30 months. a) What is the installment price of the boat?

    asked by Tracy
  43. Business Math

    Terry has an 18-month installment loan for $1,700 at 12% annual interest. Interest is compunded using the Rule of 78. Terry decides to pay back the loan at the end of the first month. 1. What is the total finance charge on the loan? The answer is $306, but

    asked by Tracy
  44. algebra

    I have trouble solving quadratic inequalities. I don't understand when you use (or) and when you just put it all together. Ex. -2x^2+3x+6 greater than or equal to 2. How do I know which it is?

    asked by nicole
  45. English Need Help!!!

    I Cant Find pitures on Old French Balls (old style dreses) i looked everywere and i can't find one and a pitcure of the auther Guy De Maupassant it would relly help. Thanks.

    asked by Mike
  46. chem!

    How does the crystallization process occur??

    asked by Amanda
  47. Weather

    With regard to temperatures, what do Phoenix, AZ and Tulsa, OK have in common?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Can you proofread this also, please! Please!

    Having an alcoholic parent was the crisis in our family. My father began drinking when he was young in social gatherings. Once he married my mother he began to drink more often. My father and mother did not have good communication skills during their

    asked by bizzy
  49. Science

    How two neutral objects may become positively and negatively charges? How is atomic mass established? Which atoms will form covalent bonds and which atoms will form ionic bonds?

    asked by Trissy
  50. Geography

    Geography is an important social science. Describe the validity with regard to basic geography, the Americans, in Europe and Russia.

    asked by Nancy
  51. Accounting

    What should be the general entries for a revenue which was earned in 2007 but not received till January 2008. Please tell me entries for both year 2007 and 2008. I mean, what entry should I make at the end of 2007 for the income I earned but not received,

    asked by Eric
  52. maths

    T has points (2,1)(3,-2)(1,-1) E1 has a scale factor of 3 and its Centre of Enlargement is (0,0). E2 has a scale factor of 0.5 and its centre of enlargement is (0,0). I know how to do those, my question is how do you do E2E1 with a scale factor of 1.5 and

    asked by Anonymous
  53. English

    I would like to see what other modifications (what should I include, remove, make more presentable, recommend a particular font style, etc) I need to make on my resume per your opinions. Any help is greatly appreciated. I removed my personal information

    asked by Manny
  54. sociology

    Can someone explain to me the differences between formal organizational structure in business and the flexible organizational structure. If you can give me an example please or a web site

    asked by RAY
  55. Physics

    During World War 2, there were some cases where the crew fell out of burning aircraft without a parachute and survived the fall. Assume that the crew member reached a constant terminal speed of 128.3 km/hr prior to hitting a stack of loose hay. If the crew

    asked by Lindsay
  56. maths

    T has points (2,1)(3,-2)(1,-1) E1 has a scale factor of 3 and its Centre of Enlargement is (0,0). E2 has a scale factor of 0.5 and its centre of enlargement is (0,0). I know how to do those, my question is how do you do E2E1 with a scale factor of 1.5 and

    asked by Anonymous
  57. project

    need sites on Christa McAuliffe, please

    asked by anonymous
  58. evaluating

    how do you evaluate (3/4)*-3

    asked by Dany
  59. government

    who has the power to propose constitutional amendments a. the president b. the supreme court c. congress d. state courts c.

    asked by jere
  60. AP World History

    I am writing a DBQ. Is it bad to state which document that I am getting my information from? ex. ...(doc 3)

    asked by Taylor
  61. Algebra

    Please explaine how i would do this problem.... 8 1/9 - 1 6/7 = ?????

    asked by Ashley
  62. science I REALLY NEED HELP

    Say a submaine has an area of 4.5m X 2.3m and it is 304.8m below sea level. And that the density of the seawater is 113.4 kg/m2 what is the pressure exerted on the submaine by the water above it?

    asked by Robert
  63. physics

    an air plane takes a circuitous route. the journey is split into 4 sections. d1= 6000km (30.0 n of e) d2= 5600km (NW) d3= 4500km (35.0 S of W) d4= 7000km (12.0 W of S) - Find the resultant displacement of the air plane what do i do, and what is the coreect

    asked by hi
  64. english/latin

    What is 'chiasmus'?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math

    How do you solve this by linear combinations? 4x+3y=-8 3x-3y=15

    asked by Chris
  66. re: English

    Please read the post I have posted today afternoon regarding my resume work.

    asked by Manny to ANYONE
  67. math

    if I have 1 dime, two nickels and 4 pennies and I have to use tally lines to show the amount of coins, do I use 7 tally lines or break each coin down into their own tally lines?

    asked by joan
  68. Math

    what are irrational numbers?

    asked by Jason
  69. Psychology

    I had to do a learning project in Psych. For my project I taught myself to make my bed every day using operant conditioning. If I made my bed within 5 mintues of waking up, my mom would give me 5 dollars. I know this is positive reinforcement. However, I

    asked by Lindsay
  70. math

    identify the value of m in each equation. Then match each equation with it's graph.

    asked by matt
  71. English

    What did Arthur Miller, the author of The Crucible, have to do with communism and the red scare?

    asked by Cassie
  72. can someone proofread this ASAP! Please!

    In a marriage, I believe that a husband should show emotional concerns to his wife. For instance, husbands should feel free to express the love they have for their wives. In today’s society according to Charles Colson, most men are still uncomfortable

    asked by bizzy


    asked by KRYSTAL
  74. US History

    What was the slave trade like in the 1820s to 1860s? Thanks for helping!

    asked by Cassie
  75. math

    finding the area of a submaine if it is 4.5m * 2.3m

    asked by Robert
  76. Accounting

    What should be the general entries for a revenue which was earned in 2007 but not received till January 2008. Please tell me entries for both year 2007 and 2008. I mean, what entry should I make at the end of 2007 for the income I earned but not received,

    asked by Eric
  77. math

    Jimmy is travelinig at a speed of 135 mi/hr. what is his speed in feet per second?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Chemistry

    Does adding chromium and sulfuric acid together make a reaction? What about aluminum bromide and magnesium?

    asked by Cierra
  79. Algebra

    Which point is a solution of the system? Y=x-9 X+2y=3

    asked by William
  80. 6th grade

    Riddle: Touch Me Touch me and cry. Arrest me and die. Break me and pine. Heal me with time.

    asked by Linnae
  81. Algebra 2

    I have two words I need to know the definition of that are not in my book: disjunction and conjunction. Does anyone know the definitions?

    asked by Christian
  82. Algebra

    ok this is really confusing me 1. Leo held a garade sale. He priced all the items at a dim or a quarter. His sales totaled $23.95 for 139 coins. How many dimes and quarters did he have?

    asked by Amber
  83. Science

    How do cells recycle molecules after apoptosis? Which molecules do they recycle and why?

    asked by Michelle
  84. science

    explain an abstract

    asked by xavier
  85. HUM 130

    How are newer religions different from older ones? How are they similar?

    asked by dawn
  86. History Paper

    Why did segregation Start?

    asked by Brooke
  87. Algebra 1

    How do you find a common denominator when subtracting whole numbers and fractions?

    asked by Ashley
  88. Alaska Studies

    Where could i find some information on the diffrent reigons in Alaska?

    asked by Ashley
  89. english

    what is the correct use of the two words "from" and "than"? My answer to the last problem is different ______ yours? (from, than)

    asked by case
  90. math

    a. y= 4x b. y= 2x c. y= 1 half x

    asked by matt
  91. English-citing sources

    I am writing an essay and I have to cite my sources but I don't know how. Can anyone help?

    asked by Katie
  92. Algebra 2

    The absolute value of 4-x>14. Is this a disjunction or a conjuction?I know I already asked this question but I don't kow how to tell if this is an and problem or if it is an or problem.

    asked by Christian
  93. english

    What is the use of the words "as" and " like" The prisoner returned to jail that night ______ he said he would. (as, like)

    asked by case
  94. math

    I havent been in school for 30 years can someone please help. we are having trouble with subtracting fractions like: 8 1/9 - 1 6/7 = ? Any help would help...thanks

    asked by Ashley's Dad
  95. Science

    Why certain elements bond well while others do not? Which of the three sub-atomic particles(electrons, protons, and neutrons) determines most of the properties of an element and why? How the atom of one element is different from the atom of another

    asked by Shannon
  96. algebra

    how do you perform this?? log x + log(x+3) = 1

    asked by logarithms
  97. french

    Could anyone please proofread this essay for me?? J’avais decide de faire mon dans une université parce que je pensais que ce serait utile pour moi. J’ai fait mon stage dans une université, c’etait chouette mais toujours la même chose. J’y ai

    asked by becci
  98. Algebra

    Can someone help me solve this system by substitution? y=x-5 y=2x

    asked by Michael
  99. English II

    What is a Chronological Novel ?

    asked by *Mar-G; <3
  100. HUM 130

    What effect do you think religious pluralism and the interfaith movement will have on the future of organized religion? Explain your answer.

    asked by dawn
  101. Science

    if the submaine has an area of 4.5m X 2.3m and is 304.8m below sea level. what is the pressure exerted on the submaine by the water above it? And that the density of the seawater is 113.4 kg/m2

    asked by Tena
  102. government

    under the constitution, congress has the sole power to a. act as the commander in chief b. meet with foreign leaders c. declare war d. none of the above b or d. i think b

    asked by jere
  103. MATH

    I am trying to help my son with fractions. Is 3/14 greater than or less than the number one?

    asked by RADIENA
  104. speech class

    He is an actor, director, and a musician. He tried to be a rock star, only to see his band split. He moved into acting, only to be disappointed that he was getting attention because of his looks. Defying his idol image, he did small roles in films slowly

    asked by apoorva
  105. Math - Functions

    I know the following equation is definitely NOT EVEN, BUT I DO NOT KNOW WHY IT'S NOT ODD!. . . PLEASE. . .EXPLAIN THOROUGHLY!. . . y = 2(x - 1)^2 + 3 f(-x) = 2(-x - 1)^2 + 3 f(-x) does not equal f(x), therefore, not even. . . -f(x) = -[2(x + 1)^2 + 3]

    asked by Anonymous
  106. math

    how do you factor the polynomial 3x^4-4x^3+4x^2-4x+1? i got (x-1)(3x-1)(3x^2+3) but the answer is (x-1)(3x-1)(x+i)(x-i)

    asked by william
  107. mathematicas

    how do you write the matrix: 1 2 -1 | 3 7 -1 0 | 2 3 2 1 | -1 in row echelon form?

    asked by mac
  108. Pre-Algebra

    The problem is 6 + -x/2 = 14 My answer is x = 16. The "correct" answer is -16 but I don't understand this solution.

    asked by Ryan
  109. Math

    solve for x: 1/x-1 + x/x+2 = 2

    asked by Mcfluffin
  110. math

    what do you know about the sign of a negative integer raised to an odd power and even power

    asked by t.williams
  111. English

    In explanatory writing what are spatial words. (vs. time order words)?

    asked by Cate