Questions Asked on
January 9, 2008

  1. Calculus

    related rates: a ladder, 12 feet long, is leaning against a wall. if the foot of the ladder slides away from the wall along level ground,what is the rate of change of the top of the ladder with respect to the distance of the foot of the ladder from the

    asked by JJ
  2. Math

    please help how would i find the unit rate of $112 in 8 Hrs

    asked by randy
  3. Spanish

    I need help conjugating the verb Pasar into prsent tense, imperfect tense, preterite, -ing, tu affirmative command, Ud. affirmative command, Uds. affirmative command, future, and conditional tense. I also need to conjugate Tener into present tense. I am

    asked by Christian
  4. Psychology

    What is the most current research going on in developmental psychology?Who is the primary person or people behind the research?

    asked by Ashley
  5. sport and recreation

    hi my question is What is the diffrence between uniform and non uniform public services. thank you

    asked by Elizabeth
  6. Chemistry

    A sample of KHC2O4 weighing 0.5839 g is dissolved in 25 mL of water and an endpoint is reached when 31.99 mL of KOH has been added. Calculate the molarity of the KOH solution. KHC2O4(aq) + KOH(aq) ¨ K2C2O4(aq) + H2O(l) because the coefficents are all

    asked by Andrew
  7. Chemistry

    Can someone check my answers for me thank you. This is my 3rd time posting this one up...maybe its just not going through bc I don't see it on the current ?s. 4NH3 + 7O2 --> 4NO2 + 6H2O 1)How many grams of oxygen are necessary to produce 4.50 moles of NO2?

    asked by Mike
  8. history

    how does the attack on pearl harbor a conflict and compromise?

    asked by Carla
  9. Fourth Grade Geometry

    Could someone tell me what the definitions of translation, reflection and rotation mean?

    asked by Tremaine
  10. Spanish conjugating

    How do you conjugate -ar and -er verbs in spanish?

    asked by Christian
  11. Grammar

    My question is on transitive/intransitive verbs. Here is an example sentence: The entire pack of dogs barked at the moon. I know the verb is 'barked'. Would it be transitive and the receiver be 'moon'? Also, does anyone have any tips on how to distinguish

    asked by Marysel
  12. Algebra 2

    What happens to the signs in an inequality when you multiply or divide on both sides by a negative?

    asked by Brad
  13. Grade 12 Math-Urgent!

    Bacteria have a doubling time of roughly 10 hours. A normal bacteria starting population would be approximately 10,000 bacteria per ml of fluid...I am not sure if I have done these questions correctly and would like some confirmation before I hand this in

    asked by Math genius! Urgent!
  14. math

    the square root of 121 is X

    asked by tracy
  15. science

    what type of of reproduction produces an offspring that is not identical to either parent, but shows characteristics of both parents?

    asked by sara
  16. math

    How to simplify : 9 to negative 2 X to negative 1 Y to zero and X I hope you understand

    asked by mickey
  17. English

    Hi i am doing a project on international cuisine's and the country i chose was China. But i can't seem to find clear specific information on their food traditions, culture and history.

    asked by Faye
  18. English Expressions

    1. She did her part, and the native speaker did her part. They were cooperative and did their parts properly. 2. Teachers should make students say, act out and work together in class. 3. The quality of a teacher's voice is important in teaching. If she

    asked by John
  19. math

    can someone tell me if this is an irrational or rational number -155.233333333

    asked by andy
  20. trigonometry

    Please solve this equation. As you write down the steps, please give me a description on what you did. y^3 - 16y^1/2 + 64 = 0

    asked by Hellga

    Consider a spaceship located on the Earth-Moon center line (i.e. a line that intersects the centers of both bodies) such that, at that point, the tugs on the spaceship from each celestial body exactly cancel, leaving the craft literally weightless. Take

    asked by Courtney hey damon can i get the quadratic on this
  22. math

    Antonio said, "To solve 506-288, I can think of 5 hundreds as 50 tens." How might this help him subtract?

    asked by Emma
  23. histroy

    I do not understand this paragraph about the fifth step to WWII..what is this paragraph saying...can someone summarize? "At first Peking and then Shanghai fell to the Japanese, the Chinese government appealed to the League of Nations. Sanctions would work

    asked by peter
  24. MATH; linear equation?

    radius; another word for the bone that connects the elbow and wrist. don't get this confused with the radius of a circle, this has NOTHING to do with that... A woman with an arm radius of 22 centimets long should be about 160 centimeters tall. A woman with

    asked by amazinggg
  25. chemistry

    did i do this correctly? Instructions: For the following reactions, identify the precipitate and write its balancet net ionic equation: H2SO4+BaCl2->HCl+BaSO4 answer: 2SO4+Ba->Ba(SO4)2

    asked by jasmine
  26. science

    can someone tell me how to draw a gene

    asked by mikey
  27. math - 8th grade

    use the numbers one to nine, each one only once. now multiply a two digit number by a three digit number and get a four digit answer using each of the digits, 1-9 each only once. 12 x 345 = 6789 of course that isn't a true statement though.

    asked by taylor2008
  28. Science

    Dwayne builds a model boat sets it in the water.He points a pocket fan at the sail.Predict what will happen to the boat when Dwayne turns on the pcket fan.Use Newton's tird law to explain your prediction.

    asked by Latonie

    is -.06006000600006 a rational or irrational number

    asked by andy
  30. geomotry

    the quadrilateral named in parts a through d are parallelograms formed on the diagram at the right.give the coordinates for the fourth vertex.then calculate the slopes of the sides to show that the oppisite sides are parallel. how do you do that

    asked by bre
  31. Logarithms

    How do I solve this using logs? I am having a total math meltdown tonight! 10=2^10/n Thanks again!

    asked by Math genius! Urgent!
  32. Math

    What shape's top view is a circle and side view is a triangle?

    asked by Cathy
  33. For DrBob222

    I'm not surprised the answer was wrong. Chemical reactions are by mols and not by grams; therefore, 1 mol of each reactant produces 1 mol of each product but a mol is not a gram. SO, convert 0.5839 g KHC2O4 to mols, convert mols KHC2O4 to mols KOH (that's

    asked by Andrew
  34. math

    If on monday, January, 1968 is the first day of the year. Which are the other 3 years which have the same day as monday for their first months irst day?

    asked by javeria
  35. Trig.

    Please solve this equation. As you write down the steps, please give me a description on what you did. y^3 - 16y^3/2 + 64 = 0

    asked by Hellga
  36. algebra 2

    ok in this problem t^3-t^2+16t-16t don't the 16's cancel eachother out because they equal to zero?

    asked by gq
  37. English

    at birth i was green but i was dressed in a thousand colors i have caused many deaths and imprisoned many men,

    asked by Bill
  38. Compisiton of Functions

    Let f(x) = x + 4 and h(x) = 4x - 1 Find a function "g" such that "g compose of f equals to h" g(f(x) = h g(f) = h g(x + 4) = 4x - 1 g = (4x - 1) / (x + 4) But my answer is wrong, how do I retrieve the right answer? By the way, the right answer is "g(x) =

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Physics - corrections

    I'm not sure if these are correct. Can anyone correct these for me? - Calculate the frequency and period of a bee that beats its wings 3000 times in 30s. f = 3000/30 = 100Hz T = 1/100 = 0.01 s. - An acoustic guitar contains a sound box that increases the

    asked by Alex
  40. Social Studies

    How did geography affect life and the life and the economy in the Southern Colonies?

    asked by ass
  41. science

    How do limiting factors regulate the growth of populations?

    asked by tommy
  42. English Expressions

    5. There was a white board, which seemed to be better than a blackboard in terms of health and convenience. 6. The native speaker threw a pack of sentence cards to each group so they started to do the group activity. 7. The use of power point was

    asked by John
  43. Home Economics

    Hi i am doing a project on international cuisine's and the country i chose was China. But i can't seem to find clear specific information on their food traditions, culture and history.

    asked by Faye
  44. HUM 130

    Describe the ways each individual was/is worshipped . Explain how their messages are being carried out in the world today.

    asked by dawn
  45. algebra II

    A formula for the volume of a sphere is V=4/3 pie r^2. If the radius is 6c^2d^3, what is the volume of the sphere? a. 288 pie c^6d^9 b. 288 pie c^5d^6 c. 8 pie c^2d^9 d. 216 pie c^6d^9 If you could explain this to me.thanks and how do you find x int of a

    asked by jack
  46. Geography

    outline one or more ways in which the climate of the Cool Temperate Western Maritime area, such as the UK, is influenced by its global position. please will somebody help, im finding this one quite hard! thanks

    asked by sam
  47. french

    Where can i find the pronounciation of the french sounds, such as "on", "en", "au", "in"....etc. Is there a site that provides this?

    asked by Eric
  48. health care services

    as digital technology continues to influence Health Care and Human Service in the future, what does this mean for those who work and will work in these fields? What will workers in these fields have to do to prepare themselves for this environment? Will

    asked by Anonymous
  49. history

    im doing a social studies fair and my topic is pearl harbor i need to know how this topic involes conflict and compromise? thanks =]

    asked by Carla
  50. math

    How do you convert 59,943,370 to a percentage?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Personal Finance

    Donna and Sherman Terrel are preparing a budget for 2003. Donna is a systems analyst with an airplane manufacturer, and Sherman is working on a master's degree in educational psychology. The Terrels do not have any children or other dependents. Donna

    asked by Vision 17
  52. math

    Use a substitution method to solve the linear system 2a=8 a+b=2

    asked by Tila
  53. history

    why did japan attack pearl harbor what was their purpose? thanks so much =]

    asked by seirra
  54. Spelling

    I'm doing opposites and can't figure out this one Not include, but e _ _ _ _ e? Also Not colorful, but c _ l _ _ _ e _ _ ?

    asked by Will
  55. Algebra

    Can you explain slope (y=mx+b) i am having difficulty grasping the concept?

    asked by Jack
  56. HUM 130

    Compare what impact the death of jesus and mohammed had on his respective religion

    asked by dawn
  57. anatomy

    How many bones in the human body have marrow??

    asked by Blair
  58. social

    what is the name of the publication of the American automobile assocation?

    asked by j
  59. Science

    A fish is homozygous dominant for bug eyes and his mate is heterozygous. show the possible offspring. i have BB BB Bb and Bb for the possible offspring, but how do I express this phenotypic ratio? would 4:0 correct?

    asked by Jake
  60. Prealgebra

    What is this class like? How much hmk do i get? Should i take it?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Science

    PART A Look at t diagram below. Karl swings a 600-g bat toward the ball. Chris swings a 750-g bat toward the ball. mass of bat: mass of bat: 600 g 750g velocity of wings: velocity of swing: 20 m/sec 12 m/sec Karl Chris Use the data to compare the momentum

    asked by Latonie
  62. Lafyette

    What was Francis Marions Horse named

    asked by Maria
  63. math

    Please explain the steps on to solve this equation. x^-6 - 8x^-3 + 16 = 0 k^-4/3 - 10k^-2/3 + 21 = 0

    asked by Hellga
  64. science

    the portion of your bodys weight which is bone is about? your heart and lungs are protected by your? sunlight aids the body in producing what?

    asked by christina
  65. algebra 2

    how do i do 5p^2+80p+320...i need to factor it and i don't get it at all..explain plz :)

    asked by gq
  66. two-dimensional design

    an implied line is one that

    asked by tfffany
  67. Franny

    I need to write a poem in french. I was looking for examples of french poems that rhyme but I can't find any. Can you please help me find some rhyming french poems? Thanks in advance

    asked by French
  68. Calculus, series

    I cannot figure this out! What is the series (the Pattern) of this sequence? {1,5,1,5,1,5,1,5.......}

    asked by Candace
  69. Science

    Differentiate environmental conservation and preservation efforts

    asked by RENE'
  70. history

    what does" Hitler began a violent propaganda campaign by press, radio, and platform against alleged misdeeds of the Austrian government" mean? why was Hitler using propaganda for in this context? was he try to expose a bad Austrian government?

    asked by kelly
  71. algebra 2..again

    2y^3-10y^2+12y...need to factor again..i got to the second step... 2y(y^2-5y+6)...think that's right but i don't get how to factor that plz..

    asked by gq
  72. science

    what household foods/products are acids/alkali

    asked by poppy
  73. geography

    what are some tips to studie for a geography bee

    asked by bre
  74. Maths

    share £100 between Ralf and Hugh ina ratio of 3:2

    asked by Gillian
  75. geography

    how do you studie for a geography bee

    asked by anamyous
  76. History

    what was the link between the break with rome and the gunpowder plot?

    asked by Rodney Jones
  77. Language arts

    I'm in a spelling bee! Tell meany study tips within an hourofmy post!

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by Anonymous
  79. human anatomy

    what is the cellular level of the digestive system

    asked by christina
  80. silent way

    what activities can i do with a silent way method of communication arts???

    asked by klar maesen
  81. english

    its not a homework ? but i was reading my literature book and i came accrose this.... "letter to president roosevelt" by albert enstine and i read it , but i have no clue what he is talkin about and i wanted to no what was his main point of the letter????

    asked by Anonymous
  82. science

    can someone tell me a website to go to to look for pictures of genes

    asked by andy
  83. Genetics

    what is the chance of a woman having five female children in a row?

    asked by Matthew