Questions Asked on
January 6, 2008

  1. calculus

    find the value of m so that the line y = mx divides the region enclosed by y = 2x-x^2 and the x-axis into two regions with equal area i know that the area enclosed by y=2x-x^2 is 4/3 so half of that would be 2/3 however, i have no idea how to find the

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Chemistry

    At STP 4 liters of O2 contains the same total number of molecules as 4 L of CO2? is that right? OR 8 L of HE, 1 L of NH3

    asked by John
  3. algebra

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 80x. The base is 7 times the height. In terms of x, what are the dimensions of the rectangle. What is the area? Thanks..

    asked by Jen
  4. Chemistry

    can anyone explain how does the balanced chemical equation show the law of conservation of mass?

    asked by John
  5. US History

    What were the three most signigicant consequences of the industrialization of the American economy after the Civil War? Explain your choices. I am having trouble coming up with three consequences. I need some ideas. Thanks

    asked by Amanda
  6. physics

    a fan on a floating barge blows air at high speed toward the right. a)will the barge move? if so, what direction? explain. B) a sail is now put up on the barge so that the fan blows air towards the sail. will the barge move. if so, what direction? explain.

    asked by dude
  7. math

    your cellular phone plan costs $11 per month plus $.12 per minute of phone want to pay no more then $20 per month.What are the most number of minutes (m) that you can allow for phone calls each month?

    asked by jasmine
  8. math

    3 sqrt(x) = 6 g(x) = 2x/3

    asked by mike
  9. english

    what are some examples of courage in the novel night by elie wiesel and the film life is beautiful originally in italian, the examples in night are more needed! ty

    asked by buddy
  10. Angles...

    How do i express angles in a radian measure as multiples of pi. For example, suppose i have an angle of 30 degrees, and a angle of -270 degrees. How would I express them in a radian measure as a multiple of pi?. Thanks.

    asked by Matt
  11. Science

    Will somebody please tell me the following formulas: Nitrogen Water (H20) and carbon?? Thanks

    asked by Ginny
  12. math

    If p,r, and s are three different prime numbers greater than 2 and n = p*r*s, how many positive factors, including 1 and n, does n have?

    asked by kelly
  13. ap biology

    Even though I know what random selection, directional selection, stabilizing selection, disruptive selection and sexual selection are I can not understant what does Starlings producing five eggs in each clutch has to do with it. In my final I got this

    asked by claudia
  14. chimistry

    in chimistry what is aq

    asked by katie
  15. chemistry

    in chemistry what is aq

    asked by katie
  16. English

    What is the importance of Dawn in the novel Dawn by Elie Wiesel? For a project theres a question- Describe the similarities and differences between Elisha and John Dawson's wait for dawn. I didn't catch it because I thought it was the morning what they

    asked by Jennifer
  17. math

    recall that the acceleartion due to earth's gravity is 32 ft/sec^2. from ground level, a projectile is fired straight upward with velocity 90 feet per second. a. what is its velocity after 3 seconds b. when does it hit the ground c. when it hits the

    asked by kaley
  18. calculus

    let x^2 + 4xy + y^2 + 3 = 0 are there any points on the curve where the tangent is horizontal or vertical? justify your answer.

    asked by julie
  19. Algebra 2

    The problem simply is this: Evaluate: 12 5 -2 -3 0 1 -5 4 2 These figures are in matrix form. I don't understand what it is I am supposed to be evaluating.

    asked by Lucy
  20. Chemistry

    Can someone help me balance this i tried and didn't succeeded. Fe2O3 + CO --> Fe + CO2

    asked by John
  21. English

    Hi, I am doing a independent novel study on "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry" By Mildred D. Taylor. But I am not sure how the title has anything to do with the book because i can't seem to make a connection between the two. Could you help me?

    asked by Faye
  22. Government

    Does anybody have any ideas as to where i can finde info about the Democrats and Republicans in the late 1800s, other that wikipedia?

    asked by Christie
  23. calculus

    calculate the indefinite integral 2sec^2x dx (cosx)/(sin^3x) dx calculate the definite integral interval pi/4, pi/12 csc2xcot2x dx

    asked by anonymous
  24. Algebra

    how do you solve linear combinations?

    asked by Mandy
  25. english

    What is the adverb in - On certain nights, I see stars everywhere. and The orbit of Uranus once puzzled astronomers.

    asked by Malik
  26. calculus

    given y = 4x-3 find the minimum value of xy. find the rate of change of xy with respect to x. find the rate of change of xy with respect to y.

    asked by julie
  27. Science

    Which continent is now part of Eurasia but, according to theory, was originally a separate continent that moved northward into its present position?

    asked by Gail
  28. Science

    Why isn't the fit perfect if the continents were once part of Pangaea?

    asked by Holly
  29. art history

    which alphabet goes to which meaning? faux surface _ eclecticism _ concrete construction _ verism _ vesuvius _ aqueduct _ pantheon _ equestrian portrait _ a. dome for all gods b. honest way of making art c. 1st style wall painting d. 4th style wall

    asked by mike
  30. Science

    If the continents were drawn on a Mercator map, would your chances of finding a fit have been improved? Explain.

    asked by Kelly
  31. HELP!

    Scientists throrize that the continents are still drifting apart. What will be the eventual position of North America with respect to Eurasia?

    asked by Haley
  32. omg!

    If the continents were once connected, what might be similar about the coastlines where they were connected?

    asked by Jess
  33. world history

    who wrote the decleration of independence and who influinced?

    asked by katie
  34. Science

    Aluminum foil is lying on the sidewalk in the sun for approx 1 hr. Put an ice cube from a drink and put it on the foil.... Which direction wll the heat energy flow from?

    asked by Kel
  35. Social Studes

    What events led to the founding of New York and New Jersey?

    asked by Jasmine
  36. algebra

    hi... i need help finding 2 equations that i would use for this elimination process.... this is what they gave me: * the sum of the digits i a two-digit is 14. If the 2 digits are reversed, the new number is 18 less than the original number. Find the

    asked by ana
  37. Pigskin Geography

    What is the most arid and wettest cities in the U.S. (Football)?

    asked by Jason
  38. algebra..urgent...

    hi... i need help finding 2 equations that i would use for this elimination process.... this is what they gave me: * the sum of the digits i a two-digit is 14. If the 2 digits are reversed, the new number is 18 less than the original number. Find the

    asked by ana
  39. MATH

    i really need help on this question!! I need to solve it using a system of two equations, the question says that an automobile radiator contains 16L of antifreeze and water. this mixture is 30%antifreeze. how much of this mixture should be drained and

    asked by Laura
  40. science

    I have to come up with a question that i can turn in to a experiment need help please

    asked by jacob
  41. math

    The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 14. If the numbers are reversed, the new number is 18 less than the original number. Find the original number. I know Ana asked this question, but i don't understand how to get the equations.

    asked by Astrid
  42. algebra

    the teacher accendentally reversed the digits if a test scored and shorted a student 36 points. SHe told the students that the sum of tha digits was 14. what was the actual score on the test? i need two equations

    asked by Trixie
  43. calculus

    Integrate: dx/(2x^2 + 4x + 7)

    asked by mathstudent
  44. math

    mrs.wheelbarrow weasel is less than 100 years old.her year of birth is divisible by 23 and 17, as well as by one other prime number less than 30.when was mrs.wheelbarrow weasel born?if she was still alive,how old would she be this year?(2007)

    asked by jazz
  45. quick french Q

    is this sentence grammatically correct: "nous avons parlé beaucoup de français?"

    asked by jon
  46. math

    Hi! I am trying to solve an order of operation question would you please check my answer... 36+9/3*5 I soved it to equal 51 9/3=3 3*5=15 36+15=51 Thanks for your help!!

    asked by Ashley
  47. metric conversion

    43.3mm= ______dm how do you solve this equation?

    asked by Keegan
  48. Algebra II

    Use two ordered pairs to write a prediction equation. Then using your prediction equation to predict the number of comic books sold when the price is $4.50. The table is as follows: Price-$2.00 # sold was 16 -$2.50 13 -$2.75 12 -$3.00 10 -$3.50 7 I used

    asked by Lucy
  49. Coterminal Angles

    I need help with this.. it's for my midterm review. My midterm is next week. I would appreciate the help. Determine two coterminal angles (one positive and one negative) for each angle. The answer must be in degrees. a) 36 degrees b) -120 degrees c) 300

    asked by Joe
  50. Intro to Chemistry

    A substance X has the density of 0.359 g/mL at room temperature. What is the volume in mL of 25.0 g of the substance? Show calculation. -------------------------------------- I tried to cross multiply but I dunno...I'm getting some pretty crazy numbers.

    asked by chrisalis
  51. Biology

    Can anyone help me with the differences and similarities between cellular respiration and fermentation? I know one similarity is that both use the process of glycolysis. And NAD+ is recycled through both processes. Can anyone help me with some more?

    asked by Sam
  52. biology

    okay im totally lost here, the question i need to answer is explain why codons can't consist of two bases instead of three for each amino acid. im so!

    asked by Kaitlyn
  53. english

    what was the biggest suprise or dissapointment in the book wings by julie gonzalez?

    asked by teresa
  54. Trigonometric Functions

    Determine the Value of all six trigonometric functions of theta when given? I need help. This is for my midterm review, if anyone is willing to help, I'd appreciate it. a) sin theta= 3/5 and theta is in quadrant 1. b) tan theta= -2 and theta is in quadrant

    asked by Mike
  55. Science

    Will somebody please tell me the nitrogen,H20, and carbon formulas???? Thanks!

    asked by Ginny
  56. Chem


    asked by Courtney
  57. science

    I am having trouble with my homework it tells me to write the diffrent forms of energy to a firecracker and a H-bomb.

    asked by Tony
  58. Algebra II

    A furniture company displays bedroom sets which require 21 square meters of space and living room sets which require 42 square meters of space. The company,which has 546 square meters of available space, wants to display at least 6 bedroom sets and at

    asked by Lucy