Questions Asked on
December 30, 2007

  1. government

    an interest group is a private organization that forms to a. support elections at the local level b. promote the interests of its members c. nominate candidates for public office d. measure public opinion b

    asked by jere
  2. Biology. Any help is greatly appreciated :)

    Corn seeds are placed in two pots labeled A and B. Both pots receive 50g of the same soil, they receive the same amount of light and water each day. A chemical called colchicines is mixed with soil of plant B. Plants are allowed to germinate (grow). Slides

    asked by Angelaa
  3. Biology

    In what part of mitosis does the nuclear membrane disappear? My book says that in prometaphase, "the nuclear membrane fragments", but when I looked online to verify this, I found some sources that said that nuclear membrane disappears in prophase, and some

    asked by Jessie
  4. science

    Hi. I am reading up on the Kyoto Protocol for a project and I am a little confused on the meaning of this paragraph. If someone could help explain it to me, that would be great!: Dispossession and prostitution loom for Costa Rica's rural women and children

    asked by Ginger
  5. L.ARTS

    nouns ending in ful for their _____ by adding s. I can not seem to find this answer.

    asked by BOBBY
  6. HUM 130

    compare and contrast the lives of Jesus and Mohammed in relation to each respective religion. 1. Trace the lives of Jesus and Mohammed historically. 2. Compare what impact the death of each person had on his respective religion. 3. Describe the ways each

    asked by dawn
  7. Earth science

    a fault is observed in a road cut, but there is no obvious rock units to correlate on either side of the fault to determine relative movement. How might you determine or even infer whether the hanging wall has moved up or down relative to the footwall

    asked by mark
  8. HUM 130

    What are some historical figures and events in Islam? Christianity some historical figures and events? I can not find these. Please help.

    asked by dawn
  9. government

    which of the following is not part of the mass media? a. newspapers b. books c. the internet d. music cds b or c. since it doesnt say what type of books, ill go with d.

    asked by jere
  10. government

    the public agenda refers to a. the goal of a mandate b. the political stance of an opinion leader c. the public issues people think and talk about d. the objectives of an interest group uhm, im thinking a

    asked by jere
  11. chemistry

    I have a problem that states: Find the pressure of a sample of carbon tetrachloride, CCl4 if 1.00 mol occupies 35.0L at 77.0 degress C (slightly above its normal boiling point). Assume that CCl4 obeys (a) the ideal gas law; (b) the van der Waals equation.

    asked by Alicia
  12. Grade 3 math

    Never thought I would have a problem with Gr. 3 math - lol - but it goes like this. Write the addition or subtraction fact you will use to calculate each answer. Then add or subtract. 70 50 120 160 +30 +60 -30 -80 My question is what would the fact be???

    asked by rebecca
  13. science

    1. If an immature egg cell had 20 chromosomes, the mature egg would have (???) chromosomes A) 5 B) 10 C) 20 D) 40 I think it's D, but I'm honestly, not sure. 2. Assume a cell has 1500 mitochondria. How many will it have after telophase? A) 1500 B) 750 C)

    asked by Tyne