Questions Asked on
December 27, 2007

  1. government

    which of the following steps in scientific polling comes FIRST? a. tabulating the data b. constructing the sample c. preparing valid questions d. defining the universe c

    asked by jere
  2. government

    the best example of the use of random sampling to determine who will be elected as your school president would involve a. asking each student in your class whom he or she would vote for b. asking one student in each classroom whom he or she would vote for

    asked by jere
  3. government

    which fact disqualifies a person from representing utah in the senate a. the candidate was born in guatemala b. the candidate is 43 years old c. the candidate lives in utah but works in idaho d. the candidate has been a citizen for 8 years wow, really

    asked by jere
  4. government

    all of the following are examples of groups that promote causes EXCEPT a. american civil liberties union b. american legion c. national rifle association d. sierra club i have NO clue. my guess would be... d

    asked by jere
  5. government

    all of the following are propaganda techniques EXCEPT a. presenting only one side of an issue b. using glittering generalities c. supporting a government policy change d. the bandwagon approach. im almost positive its c.

    asked by jere
  6. math

    the crowd that heard the president speak was estimated to eb 10000 people. the acyual crowd could be 750 people more or less than this. What are the possible values for the actual crowd size? Write and solve a compund inequality that rpresent it and graph

    asked by robert
  7. government

    factors contributing to the failure of minor parties to win much support in the united states include a. the electoral system b. the number of independent voters c. the loose structure of political parties d. the pluralistic society of the united states a

    asked by jere
  8. government

    since 1968 the government has been dominated by a. the democrats b. neither major party c. the republicans d. minor parties c

    asked by jere
  9. government

    a labor union is an organization of workers who a. hold exactly the same political beliefs b. represent the interests of the business community c. work in the same job or industry d. work on farms. i think its b

    asked by jere
  10. government

    the lawmaking function of congress is central to democracy because a. it enables elected representatives to do the daily work of government b. legislative powers are necessary to check the power of the president c. it frees members of congress from the

    asked by maria
  11. government

    which statement about the senate is true? a. it ahs two members from each state b. its members are chosen by state legislatures c. each member represents one congressional district d. seats are apportioned among the states according to their populations d,

    asked by jere
  12. MATH

    Im not sure the formula for this- John bought 200 yards of paper for $1.95. Jack needs 40 yards of paper how much will it cost Jack for the paper ?

    asked by Tiffany Johnson
  13. MATH

    There is a flag pole that is 12ft tall its shadow is 18 ft long there is a man that is 6 ft standing next to the pole how long is his shadow? How would i figure this out

    asked by Tiffany Johnson
  14. Statistics

    Use a chi-squared test to test the claim about the population variance or standard deviation at the given level of significance and using the given sample statistics. Claim: ơ2 ≤ 60; α = 0.025. Sample statistics: s2 = 72.7, n = 15

    asked by Brandon
  15. SCI

    What is risk of Malathion

    asked by Meia
  16. algebra

    Solve each of the following systems by using either addition or substitution. If a unique solution does not exist, state whether the system is dependent or inconsistent. 10x+2y=7 y==5x+3

    asked by Becky
  17. government

    the regular period of time during which congress conducts its business is called a a. prorogue b. session c. special session d. term uhm, prorogue isnt in the textbook. d?

    asked by jere
  18. government

    the house may refuse to seat a member-elect only if he or she a. has engaged in disorderly behavior b. has violated the code of ethics passed by the house in 1977 c. does not meet constitutional standards of age, citizenship, and residency d. does not meet

    asked by jere
  19. math

    1>2h+3>-1 1>2h+3 2h>2 h>1 2h+3>-1 2h>-4 h>-2 Is this right?

    asked by robert
  20. math

    Susie designed an excersise program for herself. One part of the program requires her to walk between 25 to 30 miles each week. She plans to walk the same distance each day five days a week. What is the range of miles that she should walk each day? Write

    asked by robert
  21. Math

    My son has to do a venn diagram. He has chosen fruits and vegetables. The question is for him to explain his strategy? I am not sure what they want - the strategy is putting fruits all in the fruit side and the vegetables all in the one side? He also has

    asked by Rebecca
  22. Tax

    Anyone knows what's the tax rate in Minnesota? I don't know the name of the tax, but I meant the tax you got taken away from your check when you work. Income tax? I web site with various tax rates corresponding to different level of income earned would be

    asked by Daisy
  23. Math

    John earns $21.60/hr and 40 hours a week (full time). Income tax is 7.05%. What is John's net income for 1 year (subtracted from tax)?

    asked by Eric
  24. government

    from 1932 to 1968, national politics was dominated by which party? a. the republican party b. the coalition of minor parties c. the federalist party d. the democratic party d

    asked by jere
  25. government

    a minor party focused on solving one problem in american life is a. an ideological party b. a splinter party c. a single-issue party d. an economic protest party c

    asked by jere
  26. government

    members view party structure as including the party's leaders, the people who usually vote for the party, and a. independents b. the party's officeholders c. the national convention d. the national chairperson b

    asked by jere
  27. government

    minor parties play the "spoiler" role in elections by a. raising controversial issues b. taking votes away from one of the major parties c. using negative campaign advertisements d. taking media attention away from the major parties b or c. most likely c.

    asked by jere
  28. government

    which provides evidence that political parties are not as strong as they once were a. the increasing number of independents b. the lack of straight-ticket voting c. increased spending on campaigns d. increased numbers of registered democrats a

    asked by jere
  29. government

    the constitution forbids states to a. seth the same requirements for voting in the state and federal elections b. set residence requirements for voters c. set an age higher than 18 as the minimum age for voting d. require voters to register c

    asked by jere
  30. government

    states may restrict a person's right to vote based on a. religion b. mental competency c. gender d. tax payments b or d. i think b.

    asked by jere
  31. government

    which are a major source of information on voter behavior a. studies of political socialization b. polls c. results of specific elections d. all of the above d.

    asked by jere
  32. government

    the gender gap refers to a. a comparison of the numbers of male to female voters b. split-ticket voting c. the differences in the voting patterns of men and women d. loyalty to a political party a

    asked by jere
  33. government

    which ofthe folowing is a psychological factor that influences voting behavior? a. income b. education c. party identification d. family b.

    asked by jere
  34. government

    the nominating process a. chooses new government officeholders b. selects political-party leaders c. narrows the field of possible candidated for an election d. all of the above c.

    asked by jere
  35. government

    voters select government officials during the a. convention b. general election c. primary election d. political action committee c

    asked by jere
  36. government

    most nominations today are made by a. self-announcement b. caucus c. convention d. direct primaries d

    asked by jere
  37. government

    in a closed primary a. any voter may vote in any one party's primary b. voters may choose any candidates regardless of their parties c. candidates are not identified by party d. generally only registered party members may vote a

    asked by jere
  38. Algebra 1

    Solve the following system by using either addition or substitution. If a unique solution does not exist, state whether the system is dependent or inconsistent. 10x+2y=7 y=-5x+3

    asked by BB
  39. government

    the election process is largely governed by a. state law b. federal law c. local law d. PACs b

    asked by jere
  40. Biology - Multiple Choice

    1) The net gain of ATP after glycolysis is .. A) two B) four C) 34 D) 36 2) During photosynthesis water .. A) is made B) breaks down C) is not necessary 3) The gas produced as a result of ethyl alcohol fermentation is .. A) CO2 B) CO C) O2 D) H2O(g)

    asked by Mae
  41. Biology - True or False

    1) A product of yeast fermentation is LACTIC ACID. 2) To begin glycolysis, FOUR atp molecules are needed.

    asked by Mae
  42. Chemistry

    Where can I find the Chemical names of the ingredients of certain household substances like Red Devil Lye or Cascade? I have already looked on packaging and stuff but some of it is not listed.

    asked by Amanda
  43. ap chemistry

    18. Answer the following question that relate to the analysis of chemical compounds. (a) A compound containing the elements C, H, N, and O is analyzed. When a 1.2359g sample is burned in excess oxygen, 2.241g of CO2(g) is formed. The combustion analysis

    asked by alk
  44. Math

    After reading over the question again - I realize I missed the mark on it - it goes like this - they supply the Ven diagram - it has titles listed: Foods on outside, red in circle and fruit in the other circle - they list peach, carrots, blueberries,

    asked by Rebecca