Questions Asked on
December 23, 2007

  1. government

    which act first established a federal commission to investigate claims of individual voter discrimination? a. civil rights act of 1957 b. civil rights act of 1960 c. civil rights act of 1964 d. voting rights act of 1965 i think its d.

    asked by jere
  2. calc

    find a positive value of k such that the area of the region enclosed between y= kcosx and y=kx^2 is 2 i graphed cosx and x^2 without the k, so you know to find the integral of -a to a (its symmetric about the origin) would be the integral of kcosx - kx^2

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chemistry

    1) The rate expression for the reaction 2 SO2 + O --> 2 SO3 is given by rate = k [SO2]2[O2]. The overall order of this reaction is: first order 2)The rate reaction between A and B is expressed as rate = k [A][B]. To produce the greatest increase in the

    asked by Anonymous
  4. government

    the provisions of the voting rights act of 1965 and its amendments of 1970, 1975, and 1982 apply to: a. all national, state, and local elections b. federal elections only c. state and local elections only d. all federal and state elections, but not to all

    asked by jere
  5. statistics

    The statement 'The median of a distribution is approximately equal to the mean of the distribution' can be made true by adding which of the following: a. For all distributions b. only for symmetric, mound-shaped distributions c. For skewed distributions d.

    asked by Anonymous
  6. algebra

    Allen bought 20 stamps at the post office in 37 cents and 20 cents. the total cost of the stamp was $7.06. How many 37cents stamp did Allen Buy

    asked by mary
  7. problems faced in conserving kalimantan rainforest

    i need to know what are some problems and successes in the conserving of the kalimantan rainforest. i tried to find websites regarding this topic, but i couldn't find any with information. i would really appreaciate if anyone would be able to give me a few

    asked by hayley
  8. government

    literacy tests worked to deny the right to vote to african americans primarily because a. all white voters had higher literacy rates. b. the tests were only required in southern states. c. african americanse were asked questions that were more difficult

    asked by jere
  9. government

    a multi-party system: a. tends to produce a stable government b. helps one party win the support of a majority of voters c. is composed of parties with special interests d.promotes the ideological consensus of the public. HELP!!

    asked by jere

    minor parties have contributed MOST to united states politics by: a. causing major parties to adopt their ideas b. providing more candidates from which voters can choose. c. placing their presidential candidates on the ballot. d. establishing political

    asked by jere
  11. Nautical

    I am just taking my first steps in learning Celestial Navigation. Some elements are becomong clear to me and with practice I will soon be able to take sights and establish the GP of a star. However I am having difficulty with sight reduction. I have come

    asked by Mike
  12. government

    the 2 major parties have members who take all of the following roles EXCEPT: a. party leaders b. loyal party members and voters. c. party independents d. party officeholders PLEASE HELP!! IM SUCH A DITZ WHEN IT COMES TO GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!

    asked by jere
  13. math

    Ok here is the problem: A hostess said to Mrs. Raines " I have three sons, the product of there ages is 72, the sum of there ages is my house number." ( it desnt give the house number.) Then it says that mrs. Raines needed more info. THe hostess then told

    asked by ashley
  14. government

    a person who votes in the presidential election but does not vote for a congressional candidate in the same election is known as: a. a "cannot-voter" b. a "nonvoting voter" c. an independent voter d. an actual nonvoter. i think its d.

    asked by jere
  15. government 23

    the single most significant predictor of a person's partisan voting behavior is his or her a. party identification b. educational background c. political eficacy d. perceptions of government i think its a, because the democrats have broad liberal views,

    asked by jere
  16. government

    all of the following are loopholes in the current federal election laws EXCEPT: a. the use of soft money for "party building" activities b. money spent by an independent person or group on behalf of a candidate c. the prominent use of issue ads d.

    asked by jere
  17. Maths Trigonometry

    Solve the following equation for 0

    asked by Claire
  18. government

    today many states require that all voters: a. be citizens of the united states and residents of the state b. meet specific literary requirements c. be familiar with the candidates and issues before voting d. be natural-born citizens of the united states i

    asked by jere
  19. Algebra

    1. Evaluate. (8 – 3) (12 ÷ 2 • 2) – 20 Answer: I'm not sure if its -5 or 40 2. 6x – 7 = 5(x – 2) Answer: -3 3. Solve for y. 3x – 2y = 12 Answer: 3x-12/2 4. Solve. –3(x – 3) + 8(x – 3) = x – 9 Answer: 1 1/2 or 1.5 5. Find the slope of

    asked by Loreal
  20. government 24

    the 15th amendment, ratified in 1870, did not ssecure the right of african americans to vote primarily because a. it did not state that voting rights could not be denied to african americans b. the federal government did not intervene to uphold the

    asked by jere
  21. history

    Where did Cleopatra die? Thanks much!

    asked by Fiona