Questions Asked on
December 20, 2007

  1. Physics

    A child sits on one side of a teeter totter of length 7.60 m, a distance of 49.7 cm away from the end of the beam. The child has a mass of 21.6 kg. Her mother has a mass of 43.6 kg. How far away from her end does she have to sit in order for the teeter

    asked by Cmoney
  2. word unscramble

    I need to unscramble these two words. They're both two words and they have to deal with Christmas. matwethrchisi traylhholwr

    asked by Nicole
  3. Earth Science

    What time of day might an early explorer have planned to enter the harbor? When might have he planned to leave?

    asked by Camron
  4. Accounting

    For my assignment I was asked to complete a journal for the Portand After School Program. I have completed it, but I know I did something wrong because when I try to do the second part which is a trial balance it is not balancing out right. can some one

    asked by Jess
  5. Literature

    I am studying Sir Francis Bacon in my lit class. What might Bacon think of the way technology has taken hold of his life and works? Would Bacon agree or disagree that the internet is a utopia? I don't think Sir Francis Bacon would agree the internet is a

    asked by Kayden
  6. Chemistry

    Can someone please check the following answers for me...THANK YOU! 1)Raising the temperature of a reacting system increases the rate of reaction but does NOT increase the: NUMBER OF COLLSIONS 2)Activation energy is: AN ENERGY BARRIER BETWEEN REACTANTS AND

    asked by Anonymous
  7. us history! - need help on 2 topics...

    These are my two essay topics and I need to write both of them. However, I don't know what to talk about because I don't quite understand what the topic is asking me. Can someone clarify it? As well as providing some information? THANKS! 1) To what extend

    asked by Anonymous
  8. English- I need the title

    I have a poem : "When the dark Of a Spring Interrupts, There is one Who will serve". I tried to type the poem in google to find the title but it came up no matches. Could someone please tell me the title of this poem or at least who wrote it?

    asked by Christian
  9. SraJMcGin(about french)

    j'ai vu que plusieurs fois vous avez corrigé "j'espère qu'il va..." et avez utilisez "aille(subjonctif)" Ceci est faux.La forme correcte est bien "j'espère qu'il va..." Cordialement, (quel est votre niveau en français?)

    asked by moimk
  10. math

    1,022,000 species of animals. vertebrates make up 42,000 & invertebrates make up 980,000 species. what is the percentage of animals that are invertebrates? how did you come to this answer?

    asked by brandon
  11. math

    what does x equal in this problem? -2/3(x+2)=12?

    asked by myst
  12. 5th Grade Math Problem

    If 1=4, 2=7, 4=13, 5=16, 8=25, what is the pattern?

    asked by Mathew
  13. English 4

    Need Chapter Summary On The Story Beoulf

    asked by Mack
  14. Phys..magnets

    can someone please explain this aim: To investigate how the force acting on a bar magnet placed in a current carrying coil is related to the coil??? what is the force called?

    asked by AllyKat
  15. physics

    A construction supervisor of mass M = 83.7 kg is standing on a board of mass m = 30.5 kg. The board is supported by two saw horses that are a distance of 4.50 m apart. If the man stands a distance x1 = 1.30 m away from saw horse 1 as shown, what is the

    asked by rory
  16. physics

    A small sedan and a large pickup truck experience a head-on collision. Which vehicle experiences the greater impulse during the collision?

    asked by Hannah
  17. phys

    or..can someone tell me what will happen when a bar magnet is placed in a current carrying coil?

    asked by AllyKat
  18. science

    how is diamond connected to science? how is diamond connected to math? how is diamond connected to you? why is diamond important?

    asked by anonymous
  19. Ethics

    Describe the effects of the expansion of race and ethnicity on United States society.

    asked by Mikalah
  20. Public administration

    I have a paper due on the following topic. Any assistance to get me started would be appreciated. Why is an audit so often considered to be the final phase of the bugetary process?

    asked by Keith
  21. Public administration

    I have a paper due on the following topic. Any assistance to get me started would be appreciated How do labor relations practiices in the public sector differ from those in the private sector?

    asked by Keith
  22. public administration

    Last question... I am having a hard time finding the correct words to explain the following. What are the principles of public financial management?

    asked by Keith
  23. human risk assessment

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of animal studies and epidemiological studies for establishing dose-response relationships?

    asked by Thano
  24. Science

    What is the best way to memorize the parts of a animal cell?

    asked by Emily
  25. biology

    Can oxidation cause formation of fungus in tomatoes?

    asked by bill j.
  26. Biology

    What is the role of a flatworm?

    asked by Hamar
  27. geography

    What is the name of the the only state Capital that is on the coast?

    asked by yani
  28. HUM

    what effects has organized religion had on society ?

    asked by Meia-Peia
  29. Algebra

    Solve the equation for x: x² - 4 = 2^(x - 5)?

    asked by Anonymous