Questions Asked on
December 19, 2007

  1. Statistics

    Thank you!! A survey of an urban university (population of 25,450) showed that 750 of 1100 students sampled attended a home football game during the season. What inferences can be made about student attendance at football games? Using the 99% level of

    asked by Jenny
  2. science

    Diego pulls a 4.5 kg sled across level snow with a force, F, of 230 N on a rope that is 35.0° above the horizontal. If the sled moves a distance of 65.5 m, how much work does Diego do? what formula do i use?

    asked by DONIA
  3. physics

    The water supply of a building is fed through a main entrance pipe 6cm in diameter. A 2cm diameter faucet tap positioned 2m above the main pipe fills a 25 liter container in 30s. (a) What is the speed at which the water leaves the faucet? (b) What is the

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Statistics

    The seasonal output of a new experimental strain of pepper plants was carefully weighed. The mean weight per plant is 15.0 pounds, and the standard deviation of the normally distributed weights is 1.75 pounds. Of the 200 plants in the experiment, how many

    asked by Jenny
  5. HELP, PLEASE-Science

    Read the statment and then say which answer is right, why its right and why the others are wrong. I think the answer might be D but I don't know how to explain it or if it is even right. A biologist marked a cell which she knew was about to undergo

    asked by Kathryn
  6. Finance

    John Roberts has $42,180.53 in a brokerage account, and he plans to contribute an additional $5,000 to the account at the end of every year. The brokerage account has an expected annual return of 12 percent. If John’s goal is to accumulate $250,000 in

    asked by nora
  7. Economics

    1(a) How do wants differ from desires? How do wants arise and grow? (In 60-80 words) (b)Explain any five factors which influence classification of wants into necessities, comforts and luxuries. (In 60-80 words) (c) How are production, consumption and

    asked by Noor
  8. Psy

    A researcher is measuring the heart rate of subjects as an index of anxiety. In this study, heart rate is 1) negatively correlated with anxiety 2) an independent variable 3) an operational definition of anxiety 4) a confounded variable i think its number 3

    asked by Psy Help
  9. psy question

    A group of researchers is investigating the effects of gingko biloba on memory. During the first part of the study the animals learn to run a maze while they are not receiving the supplement; in the second part of the study the animals learn to run a

    asked by sool
  10. Chemistry

    How do I find the total vapor pressure of a solution of benzene (mole fraction 0.350, vapor pressure at 25 degrees = 12.7 kPa) in toluene at 25 degrees. (vapor pressure of toluene at 25 degrees = 3.79 kPa)

    asked by Jaden
  11. Math

    The coordinates of the vertices of triangle ABC are A (-5,1), B (-2,3) and C (-4,7). The triangle is reflected over the line x=2. What is the sum of the x-coordinates of points A', B' and C'(the points after the reflection)?

    asked by Sam
  12. Math

    I fell asleep trying to figure this one out ... if you could help I would appreciate it ... Here is the problem .. If Jon, Mac, and Heather are taking a group photo, how many different ways can the photographer line them up? .. okay, I have that one .. = 6

    asked by Dylan
  13. Physics

    A stone falls from a ledge and takes 8 seconds to hit the ground. The stone has an original velocity od 0/ms. How tall is the ledge?

    asked by Victoria
  14. bio

    why was it important to cover each beaker with a piece of aluminum foil?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Chemistry

    how do i find the boiling point of a solution containing 20.0 g C12H22O11 in 500.0 g H2O?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. English-poetry

    How can I determine the meter and rhythm of a poem? How do I know if a syllable is stressed or unstressed?

    asked by Christian
  17. chem

    can you help me with the following question please... what alternative metals can be considered for platinum? I think it means which metal is closest to platinum?

    asked by Jake s
  18. Business Studies

    1.(a) Sunita is working as a nurse in a near by Hospital. Her son falls ill and she takes care of him at home. Is it an economic activity? Give reasons in support of your answer.(in 60-80 words) (b) Suresh had gone to Dubai and brought lots of perfume from

    asked by Noor
  19. u.s. history

    what are the federalist papers???

    asked by asha
  20. French

    I have to write a thesis for the book Les Enfants d'Izieu and I am struggling to come up with something. Can anyone give me suggestions or ideas?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Literature

    I have been studying Petrarchan sonnets. I have already posted a question on three sonnets I am reading about rhyme scheme and volta. I reviewed the websites given and I also did an internet search of my own on Petrarchan sonnets. I have come to the

    asked by Kayden
  22. Psychology

    ARe there any different effects of PTSD on men, women, and children? If so, what?

    asked by Aestas
  23. Math

    Here is the question on compound interest. It is not graded, but is bugging me because I can't figure it out. After the third year, $2662 was in Samantha's account. If the account continues to earn 10% interest, how much money will be in the account

    asked by Chris
  24. Language

    What does the word keen mean in australian?

    asked by Jon
  25. difference in meaning

    The difference in meaning between the following pairs of sentences. He's been cleaning the windows. He's cleaned the windows. He's been sick twice during the last month. He was sich twice last month. Do you like going to the theatre. Wold you like to go to

    asked by john
  26. MicroEconomics

    What is the difference between a closed shop and a union shop?

    asked by Debra
  27. English

    Need some help. need to match sentence from group A with one from group B, that are the same tense,past,present or future Group A 1. At Oc water freezes 2. I've been to several countries 3. I've been working here for 10 years 4. She was walking down the

    asked by Antonio
  28. Math

    For my class i have to solve this problem. I did it all but i am not sure its right. Heres the problem: The bike club of nj needed to rent a truck for 2 days. the president of the club got 3 different truck rentals companies to find out their rated so that

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Math

    "Jeremy is cooking using a recipe that requires flour, sugar and water. For each cup of sugar that Jeremy uses, he needs to use two cups of flour. He needs to use 2 1/2 more cups of water than flour. He also needs to use 3 1/2 cups less sugar than water.

    asked by Sephiroth
  30. french

    is it grammatically correct? Amérique latine : un état du continent Avec 561 millions d'habitants, Amerique latine représente environ 10% de la population mondiale. le PIB a un rapport de 1 à 17 : 450$ en Haiti et 3250$ au Mexique. C'est une région

    asked by Anonymous
  31. WW2

    When did The Battle of Normandy end? I've looked just about everywhere I can't find a date. Please help.

    asked by Gina
  32. english

    how would i illustrate the word blasphemy? Please Help!!!! Thanks!

    asked by christina
  33. A physics problem

    Hello...I need to find a modern day movie that has at least three or more physics mistakes. I need to prove they are well, is Zeno's Paradox a credited/valid source to use to prove something such as the everlasting gobstopper, from Willy

    asked by Physics!
  34. economics

    If you could rule your own country, what would be your laws?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. English

    Could you tell me which words in column A have the same vowel sound as the words in clumn B. Column A Column B Path Butter Here Weight Saw Trouble Wide Put Hit-------------- File Look Weird Stool Laugh Luck Taught Heat Cheese Table Prune Pronunciation Eye

    asked by diana
  36. art

    Which of the following is an element of Neo-Classicism? patriotic subject matter, loose unfinished brushstrokes, subjectivity, or dark mystic themes. I think it is patriotic subject matter.

    asked by Rose
  37. Jake1214

    Let's say penicillin can kill the bacteria. After using it for 10 years, the bacteria developed resistance to penicillin, so no one is using penicillin anymore because it has no effect. After 15 years, reports have found that most of the bacteria loss the

    asked by Antibotics - Resistance Evolution
  38. Education

    I need two articles detailing community service programs in any two public schools. I can find schools that onclude these sorts of programs, but they never give information on what sorts of projects they need to perform, the number of hours, or other

    asked by Ian
  39. art

    Which one of there is not an accurate description of Prairie Style? a style that imitates the wide open spaces of the prairie or utilizes local and regional resources in design? I elimanated my other two options, but I think the answer might be utilizes

    asked by Rose
  40. Writing

    I need some ideas on a story about cereal Help?

    asked by Popl.
  41. math

    What is the relationship between shapes and shapes?

    asked by Marcus
  42. Movies and physics

    Hello...I need to find a modern day movie that has at least three or more physics mistakes. I need to prove they are well, is Zeno's Paradox a credited/valid source to use to prove something such as the everlasting gobstopper, from Willy

    asked by Physics!
  43. chem

    which metal has sililar properties (chemical/physical) to platinum metal?

    asked by Jake s
  44. Math

    Multiply (-3)3rd power -(-8)(-2)=

    asked by Patricia
  45. english

    I need an example of a research report for me to look at. I have to answer questions about one and I'm having trouble.

    asked by Tabby
  46. Calculus

    Given two problems: Problem A: Tau = Integral(0 to v) v/(q^2 - v^2) dv q = constant Problem B: Tau = Integral(V TO 0) v/(q^2 - v^2) dv q = constant Why is it that, SUBSTITUTION RULE is used in problem A, and QUOTIENT RULE is used in problem B? The two

    asked by Anthony
  47. history

    what were 3 groups of people that were effected by the proclamation of 1763

    asked by jack
  48. Math

    add 1/3 + (-5/6) + (-1/2) =

    asked by Patricia
  49. sci

    Explain the four factors that produce changes in population size.

    asked by Amber
  50. Earth Science

    Why is it generally warmer in a rural area than in an urban area? I have a question: How does the earth's surface heat up or cool down? My answer: the sun heats up the earth darker surfaces are warmer than cooler surfaces. Please help.

    asked by Lori
  51. Earth Science

    My question is what is the ability of some natural materials to reflect and absorb sunlight? What do they mean natural materials? I could answer this on my own if I understood what is considered a natural material.

    asked by Lori
  52. art

    Which phrase best describes the paintings of Eugene Delacroix? delicate and reserved, dynamic and bold, cool and objective, or tight and controlled? I think it was dynamic and bold considering the subject matter.

    asked by Rose
  53. art

    The statement "form follows function" means function over form, form over function, form and function together, or function under form. I think it is form over function.

    asked by Tabby
  54. WW2

    When exactly was the Gustov Line broken? A lot of websites say " over a 4 day perios." Could someone please help me find the actual date. Thanks

    asked by Lena
  55. Computer/Math

    Okay, we are doing this Math Excel thing...and it's asking me about the feild name i would use for something... what is the feild name? Is is the subject you put at the top of the row? Or is an option...please help me a.s.a.p someone!!

    asked by Dawn
  56. government

    Accorditn to Article V of the constitution, no amendment may a. deprive a state of its equal representation in the Senate. b. abolish the protections guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. c. deny the people the right to vote because of race, color, or gender.

    asked by jere
  57. french

    Please, help me. I'm bad in french... depui que ses parents meure il ne va pas bien. j'espére qu'aujourdui il va mieux car on pense allé cinéma.

    asked by gijoe
  58. math

    how do u factor this sine euqation? 2.97sin(.5134x+2.65)+3.24 thank you

    asked by mike
  59. Hall

    how do you do matrices

    asked by Tiarre