Questions Asked on
December 18, 2007

  1. Poetry

    What is the tone of the poem "Litany" by Billy Collins? Is there some sort of message or is he just being weird? Since the first two lines were written by that Belgian guy, I would imagine he is making fun of love poems. Am I in the right direction?

    asked by Jen
  2. Algebra II

    A furniture company displays bedroom sets which require 21 square meters of space and living room sets which require 42 square meters of space. The company which has 546 square meters of available space,wants to display at least 6 bedroom sets and at least

    asked by Jon
  3. Biology

    Read the statment and then say which answer is right, why its right and why the others are wrong. I think the answer might be D but I don't know how to explain it or if it is even right. A biologist marked a cell which she knew was about to undergo

    asked by Kathryn
  4. Literature

    I am studying Petrarchan poems in my lit class. Right now I am reading three Petrarchan poems: "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus, "Francisco Pertrarch- Sonnet VI", and "Francisco Petrarch- Sonnet CCXX".I need to identify the rhyme scheme of these poems

    asked by Kayden
  5. math 2

    tina's preschool has a set of cardboard building blocks, each of which measures 9 inches by 9 inches by 4 inches. how many of these blocks will tina need to build a wall with dimensions of 4 inches in thickness, 3 feet in in height and 12 feet in length?

    asked by giovanna
  6. WWII

    What types of ships did the British and German use in WWII? U- boats = British Dreadnaghts = German ??? I'm not quite sure :S

    asked by Gina
  7. social studies

    For this project I'm doing about the Bill of Rights, I had to choose one amendment and I chose the first one; freedom of religion to be more exact. I just need to know what are 2 examples of how this amendment protects citizens?

    asked by viktor
  8. HUM 130

    Christians, I am referring to denominations, not individual people. 1. Do all Christians believe in baptism? Explain. 2. Do all Christians honor their spiritual heroes as saints (formally)? Explain. 3. How many religions believe in or have a pope? Explain.

    asked by dawn
  9. Science

    Read the statment and then say which answer is right, why its right and why the others are wrong. I think the answer might be D but I don't know how to explain it or if it is even right. A biologist marked a cell which she knew was about to undergo

    asked by Kathryn
  10. maths, variations

    i'm not sure how this question works the number of hours (h) taken to paint a picture is inversely proportional to th number of pupils (p) painting it. it takes 4 pupils 3 hours to finish painting it assuming all pupils work at the same rate. a) find an

    asked by hayley
  11. Math - Functions

    Is it possible to graph linear functions like h(x) = 3x + 7 without doing a table of values? If it is, how? And I know the slope is 7, which means the y-intercept is (0,7).

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Advanced Algebra

    The world's population is over 6 billion people. A estimate of 1/6 of them celebrate Christmas. Santa works from midnight until 6:00am. How much time does Santa have to visit each house? How many houses must he visit each second? Allow for 4 people per

    asked by Pennie
  13. PreCal

    Write a formula for the general term(the nth term)of the arithmetic sequence. Do not use a recursion formula. Then use the formula for a(n) to find the indicated term of the sequence Find a(11); 12, 10, 8, ... I came up with -10 ?

    asked by Scott
  14. History

    What events and figures have shaped the development of Islam in the United States?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. science

    What does mercury and the sun have in common?

    asked by reefa
  16. geography

    can someone tell me how far it is from st louis missouri to louisville kentucky

    asked by andy
  17. Algebra

    Find the equation of a line throught the points P (-1, 6) and S (4, 2)

    asked by William
  18. social studies (civics)

    why is freedom of speech important im america? wat are 3 examples of how it protects americans?? plz help...

    asked by ana
  19. math (trig)

    Im having problems solving this equation: 2sin(x) = cos(x) + 2 I keep getting an imaginary number..:/

    asked by jess

    How are Hispanic people able to maintain a strong cultural identity in the United States? HELP!!!

    asked by MONICA
  21. What is discrete math? And is it relatively easy?

    I ask because my TA recommended taking it next semester along with calc 3. My major is electrical engineering, and I might throw actuarial science into the mix too. So yeah, lots of math.

    asked by Jake
  22. Logic

    Using the law of inference, prove if the below argument is valid. (P1) R -> B (P2) D V R (P3) B /D You may imply all rules of inference to figure out if it is valid.

    asked by Dan
  23. Enviromental Science

    What is Environmental Sustainability?

    asked by Anonymous "T"
  24. Math

    i cant figure out what simplest form is

    asked by Haily
  25. article

    How does this sound? It was a close call on Tuesday, December 18th for the Vernon Vikings. The Vikings beat the Bernards by the skin of their teeth with a close score of nine-eight. In the first period Tyler Blankman, and Bryan Peterson scored the first

    asked by anonymous
  26. civics

    Where did the European Immigrants come from?

    asked by Brooke
  27. science

    Name some current environmental legal issues. Thanks in advance.

    asked by Joelle
  28. math(trig)

    i need to figure out how to write the formula for the following question In a right triangle a = 30 yds and t5an A = 2. Find b and c. I have the answers but do not know how to write the formula. Can you help me ?

    asked by freddie
  29. Writing

    I need some ideas on a story about cereal.. Any ideas please?

    asked by ...
  30. Religion

    How do we define "historical"? What sorts of things count as historical events?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Religion

    The first split in Christianity came at the Council of Chalcedon. Here the difficulty was over the definition of the nature of Christ. His nature was defined as fully divine and fully human, without confusion or mixture. If, as is often suggested, the

    asked by Anonymous
  32. English

    Anybody have a good essay topic for "Sir Gawain and The Green Knight". Thanks for the help!

    asked by Rachel
  33. Psychology

    I am studying Jean Piaget's theory of development in my psychology class. What computer software might parents and adults use to teach young children? What aspect of the child's development would the software address?

    asked by Christian
  34. Literature

    I need to translate some lines of poetry into today's language but I am having trouble. I am not sure what nto translate exactly. Here are some examples of lines I need to translate: 1. Thy youth's proud livery, so gazed on now, 2. With shifting change, as

    asked by Kayden
  35. Math

    does anyone know how to do compound shapes?

    asked by Maryann Martinez
  36. social studies

    How do the three levels of government interact, or inter-relate?

    asked by javier
  37. Expository Essay Help

    Here is my writing prompt: "Give a written description of the Titanic before it sank. What made the ship so magnificent? Describe, in detail (step by step), how the ship ultimately sank." I need help forming a thesis statement and an outline to follow. I

    asked by Bill T.
  38. Chess

    Whats that thing in chess called when its nto a cheakmate but both sides can't move ?

    asked by Gina
  39. math

    how do i do all partial methed

    asked by rachel
  40. English

    I really do not get this stuff about predicate nominatives so how do you do this? Teach me to the point that I understand it!

    asked by Danielle
  41. Math repost for Grace

    math - grace, Tuesday, December 18, 2007 at 7:12pm 7%OF 34

    asked by Ms. Sue
  42. studying

    What is the meaning of these words: Delegate,quorum,conciliator,and dissent.

    asked by Brooke
  43. Civics

    What are the Ammendments?

    asked by Brooke
  44. spanish

    Can anyone correct any mistakes in my spanish story???? thank you. Érase una rez un perro vivîa en una casa grande y de colores muy vivos. Perro se llamaba Gillia. Gillia era grande y peludo. Pelo de Gillia era moreno y denso. Gillia tenia orejas

    asked by kay
  45. Science

    I need help describing the difference between Arrhenius acid/base, Bronsted/Lowry acid/base, and Lewis acid/base. Everything online is too complicated! Thanks!

    asked by Janissa
  46. HUM 130

    can you think of other ways Christians are alike or different in their beliefs or practices?

    asked by dawn
  47. Religion

    I`m not catholic so I need some help. I need a quick catholic prayer. A well known one that's kinda short, I need to include it in my essay. If you could help me out that would be great.

    asked by Meena
  48. create a country

    I am supposed to create my own country and I need to come up with a creative name for it. Any ideas?

    asked by Jenna
  49. war on iraq

    couldi have info on how u.s. citizens in iraq are being unconstitutinal unprisoned there.

    asked by please help!!!
  50. French

    Can anyone proofread this paragraph and tell me if it is grammatically correct? Beaucoup de temps sont passés depuis la dernière fois que je t’ai vue! J’espère que tu vas bien. Aussi, veux-tu venir chez moi pour le révellion? Après nous pouvons

    asked by RC
  51. Dimensional analysis


    asked by Thano
  52. maths, variations

    question: if y is proportional to x, and that y=6 when x=12, (A)express y in terms of x, (B)and find to value of x when y=12. answer: (A) x=y/3 (B) x=4 is what i did correct? i would appreciate your help!

    asked by hayley
  53. maths, variations checking!

    question: given that y is inversely proportional to (x-1), A) express y in terms of x and a constant k b) give that y=5 when x=3, find x when y=25 answer: A)y=-k(x-1) y=-kx+k B)y=5, x=3, k(constant)=3x5 k=15 25=-15x+15 10=-15x x=-10/15 is this correct? i'm

    asked by hayley
  54. Calculus

    Find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of f at any given point f(x) = -2x + 6 at (2,2)

    asked by Kelly
  55. Chemistry

    Can someone please check my answer...thank you! According to Raoult's law, as the mole fraction of dissolved nonvolatile solute in a given amount of solvent increases, the solution vapor pressure: VARIES AT RANDOM?

    asked by anonymous
  56. Calculus

    The derivative of f of x f(x) = x^3 + 19 ; x = 8

    asked by Kelly
  57. SCI 275

    a good realiable website to help me with this information. How the government can help with conservation efforts.

    asked by dawn
  58. Religion

    Given that the Gospels were not written down until decades after the crucifixion of Jesus, are these stories to be taken as biographical/historical or symbolic?

    asked by Anonymous

    FACTOR 2 -2X -3X-1 The two above is the second power. Please show work

    asked by Barney
  60. Algebra

    3 x -x factor completely x to the third power -x

    asked by ross
  61. Religion

    The first split in Christianity came at the Council of Chalcedon. Here the difficulty was over the definition of the nature of Christ. His nature was defined as fully divine and fully human, without confusion or mixture. If, as is often suggested, the

    asked by Anonymous
  62. history

    I am just finishing a project on Mary, Queen of Scots and need to find out if there is link/event that happened around this time. I have been unable to find any link/event, so it is possible there isn't one.

    asked by damien
  63. PowerPoint class

    What is meant by Floating/docking toolbars?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. PowerPoint class

    What is meant by demoting text?

    asked by Anonymous