Questions Asked on
December 12, 2007

  1. Chemistry

    a precipitate is expected when an aqueous solution of potassium iodide is added to an aqueous solution of: sodium sulfate iron(II) chloride calcium perchlorate barium hydroxide lead nitrate

    asked by Lauren
  2. math

    1)Find the sixth term of the geometric sequence for which a1=5 and r=3 A)1215 B)3645 C)9375 D)23 I chose A 2)Write an equation for the nth term of the geometric sequence -12,4,-4/3... A)aN=-12(1/3)n-1 B)aN=12(-1/3)n-1 C)aN=-12(-1/3)-n+1 D)aN=-12(-1/3)n-1 I

    asked by Jon
  3. Linguistcs

    The police were urged to stop drinking by the fifth. 1. The police were urged to stop drinking by the fifth shot. 2. The police were urged to stop drinking by April the fifth.

    asked by Maria
  4. analogy vs. analysis

    what is the difference between analogy and analysis?

    asked by klar maesen
  5. Chemistry

    Which if the following compounds is insoluble in water (NH4)2CO3 AgBr CuSO4 KI LiNO3 is it CuSO4 because sulfates are insolube

    asked by Lauren
  6. Math

    Lim [(1+x)^(1/x)] - e x->0 x

    asked by Michael
  7. algebra

    a new parking lothas spaces for 450 cars. the ratio of spaces for fullsized cars to compact cars is 11 to 4. how many spaces are for full-sized cars? how many spaces for compact cars?

    asked by jerry
  8. Linguistcs

    I cannot recommend visiting professors too highly. 1. I cannot recommend girls to visit professors too highly. 2. I cannot recommend mothers to visit professors too highly at night.

    asked by Maria
  9. Physics

    A person can lift 45 kg ( aprox 100lb). Using specific gravity as 10.17 How many cubic meters of the metal could the person lift in a) air ? b) water ? c) in water ? Thanks

    asked by ~christina~
  10. Chemistry - Thermodynamics

    The heat capacity of a bomb calorimeter is 87.5 kJ/K (this value is for the total heat capacity including that of the water jacket around the reaction chamber). If 67.2g of CH4 (g), is combusted under such reaction conditions, what will be the increase in

    asked by Anne
  11. English grammar

    Use a singular verb with sums of money or periods of time. Ex) Ten dollars _____ a high price to pay. Ten dollar is a sum of money, so you have to use a singular verb. In this case, the subject acts as a unit. I'll give you another example. ex) Ten years

    asked by John
  12. Linguistcs

    Ambiguous sentences, can you help me with two interpretations for each: 1. He likes galloping horses 2. We laughed at the colorful ball 3.The police were urged to stop drinking by the fifth. 4. I said I would file it on Thursday 5. I cannot recommend

    asked by Maria
  13. English Expressions

    Spread your fingers. This is the thumb, this is the index finger, this is the middle finger, this is the ring finger, and this is the little finger. How many finger are there in your right hand? Five! That's right. There are five fingers in your right

    asked by John
  14. Linguistcs

    The license fee for pets owned by senior citizens who have not been altered is $1.50 (actual notice) 1. The license fee for pets owned by senior citizens who have not altered their license is $1.50. (actual notice) 2 The license fee for pet woned by senior

    asked by Maria
  15. Chemistry

    drwls, if you are there, I got an answer of 42.5 Kelvin, so then that means it is a negative number if converted to degrees Celsius? Question: The heat capacity of a bomb calorimeter is 87.5 kJ/K (this value is for the total heat capacity including that of

    asked by Anne
  16. Math - Logarithmic

    log_5[log_4(log_3(x))] = 1 log_5 = log with the base of 5 log_4 = log with the base of 4 log_3 = log with the base of 3 Answer: 3^1024 Too many logs in one equation. . .I don't know how to solve it

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Chem

    Manganese dioxide reacts with bromide ions to form manganese ions and bromate ions in an acidic aqueous solution. Write the balanced equation for this reaction. 1)Br- + MnO2 + 3H2O --> Mn2+ + BrO3- + 2H3O+ 2)Br- + 3MnO2 + 6H3O+ ---> 3Mn2+ + 9H2O + BrO3-

    asked by Rob
  18. General Chem - Electrochemistry

    Give the cell diagram notation of the electrochemical cell that could be used to determine experimentally the dissociation constant (Kw) of water. The standard reduction potential for O2 + H20 + 4 e- ----> 4OH- is 0.40 V For other possible half-reactions,

    asked by Anne
  19. art

    Who invented the ready-made?

    asked by tabby
  20. Social Studies

    In early governments, people lived in small groups and ran the day to day affairs of those groups. What is the name of this form of government?

    asked by Trudy
  21. English Expressions

    Think of the loci method. In this room you can find 9 fixed things and number the things systematically from top to bottom and from left to right. Then you can recall what you have memorized with ease. You need to use the 3 3 3 system. After that prepare 9

    asked by John
  22. math

    Help me solve this!! Joeys father stops at the gas station to buy gas. The car has a 16 gallon tank, and the feul gauge says there are 3-4 of a tank of gas. If joeys dad buys 6 gallons of gas, what fraction of the tank will the car´s feul gauge read??

    asked by tayler
  23. Physics

    This is the info for the problem: A block of mass M1 = 160.0 kg sits on an inclined plane and is connected to a bucket with a massless string over a massless and frictionless pulley. The coefficient of static friction between the block and the plane is ms

    asked by Lindsay
  24. financing

    The revenue recognition principle simply dictates that revenue is recognized in the accounting period that it is earned. For human service organizations, revenue is considered to be earned at the time a service is delivered. For example, let's say a

    asked by Jess
  25. la

    what are possive pronouns

    asked by leigh
  26. math

    ratios in systems of equations

    asked by adrian
  27. fourth grade writing

    Could someone give me some good pointers on how to write a good essay. Or give me a good website that gives advice only. I don't want anyone to do it for me. I just want to do a really good job on my first essay.

    asked by hunter
  28. Linguistcs

    Ambiguous sentences, can you help me with two interpretations for each: We laughed at the colorful ball 1. We laughed at the couch with the colorful ball. 2. We laughed at the kid who kicked the colorful ball

    asked by Maria
  29. math(need 2nd opinion)

    1)Find a1 in a geometric series for which Sn=300,r=-3,and n=4 A)15 B)15/2 C)-15 D)1/15 I chose A 2)Find the sum of the infinite geometric series. Sigma sign with infinity symbol above and n=1 below. To the right 20(-1/4)n-1 A)25 B)80/3 C16 D)does not exist

    asked by Jon
  30. Psychology

    What does the term bruised ego mean when put into dialogue with worls of Freud and Erik Erikson. What are potential reprecussions of bruised ego in both models? What would be the consequence of such a thing in either theory? Is there a big difference?

    asked by Christian
  31. Math - Logarithmic

    Log_8 = Log with the base of 8 log_8 (x-3) - log_8 (3x+11) = log_8 [1 / (x+1)] I use the quotient law for the left side and eliminate log_8. And then what? My Work: log_8 [(x-3)/(3x+11)] = log_8 [1 / (x+1)] [(x-3)/(3x+11)] = [1 / (x+1)] Answer: 7

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Pre-Algabra

    Making a pie chart,, can't figure out how to change from percent to degree. can someone help

    asked by Beth
  33. Linguistcs

    I said I would file it on Thursday. 1.I said I would file the pictures of Thursday. 2. I said I would file Adriana's work on Thursday.

    asked by Maria
  34. Math - Algebra

    [ (x-3)(x+1) / (3x+11) ] = 0 How would I solve this equation? I don't know how to isolate for x. Answer: 7

    asked by Anonymous
  35. math

    how do i round numbers?

    asked by jalena
  36. MATH

    Factor 5A^2 - 5A

    asked by k
  37. math..please help

    Factor 5A^4 - 5A

    asked by k
  38. Math

    An ancienct manuscript is on display in a museum case. To what pages is the manusript open of the product of the page numbers is 9, 312?

    asked by James
  39. Biology

    Explain what would happen to a red blood cell placed in a solution of 99.3 percent water and 0.7 percent salt. and how can a small particle or liquid droplet enter a cell?

    asked by ineedsciencehelp
  40. economics

    If businesses believe consumption will increase six months from now, everything else held constant, and they begin to increase investment, what do you predict will happen to aggregate demand? I think it will move to the left.

    asked by tabby
  41. Linguistcs

    Time flies like an arrow 1. When time flies like an arrow is because we are happy 2. Time flies like an arrow and we get older.

    asked by Maria
  42. life science

    what is the order of passive transport?(in order)

    asked by Amy
  43. Calculus

    In the multiplication shown below, the digits have been replaced by letters: different letters represent different digits, and the same letters represent the same digits. What was the origianl multiplication? ABCDE x 4 ====== EDCBA please help tried it

    asked by Nick
  44. Chemistry

    Phenolphthalein is an indicator that changes colour to pink/purple between pH 8-->10, however, neutralization occurs when pH=7. Why can phenolphthalein still be used as the indicator during a strong acid-strong base titration with virtually no error?

    asked by Lucy
  45. Chemistry

    Hi, if anyone can give me help for any part of the question that would be great! I know how to draw the cell diagram, but am not sure what the half-reactions would be.... Here is the question: Give the cell diagram notation of the electrochemical cell that

    asked by Anne
  46. math

    Factor x^2a - 1 the 2a is an exponent

    asked by kay
  47. algebra 1

    in the equation thingy for y=mx+b how do you solve for b?

    asked by Tyquana
  48. economics

    Do monopolies usually tend to result in higher prices, lower quality, fewer choices, or all of the above. I think it's higher prices.

    asked by tabby
  49. Language Arts

    How was the life of Adolf Hitler as he was growing up?

    asked by nicole
  50. economics

    The condition of non-exclusiveness means that: It is difficult to keep someone from benefiting from a public good.; There are negative externalities associated with a public good.; The public good is not very fancy.; or There are positive externalities

    asked by tabby
  51. methods for teaching

    what is the role of the teacher and the role of the students in the method of situational language teaching??? please help me...a million thanks...

    asked by stunning gurl
  52. Economics

    Can someone help me find some really resourceful websites on the rise and fall of Spain as a world power??? and the rise of the United States as a world power. i have a few books i'm looking through but i need some websites too. Thank you!!!

    asked by <<<HELP>>>
  53. art

    Why were there fewer patrons in Northern Europe than in Italy?

    asked by tabby
  54. english

    when did the viet cong end? how did it end?

    asked by bre bre
  55. management

    How can a company: - develp new strategic partnerships. - Identify new revenue stream. -Increase revenue generated by enrollment and retention - How can a College/University Integrate diversity curriculum into courses across all departments

    asked by lia82
  56. English grammar

    ex) There are two pins on the table. In this sentence, is 'there' is a derived adverb? [Second question] 1. Singular indefinite pronouns use singular verbs: e.g., anyone, anybody, each, either, none 2. Singular indefinite pronouns use singular verbs:

    asked by John
  57. Language Arts

    What did Adolf Hitler do to the Jews at that time?

    asked by nicole
  58. college math

    13. (4 pts) At an annual flower show, 6 different entries are to be arranged in a row. a) How many different arrangements of the entries are possible? b) If the owners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries will be awarded prizes of $100, $50, and $25

    asked by Rose
  59. college math

    14. (2 pts) How many different ways are there for an admissions officer to select a group of 7 college candidates from a group of 19 applicants for an interview?

    asked by Rose
  60. English

    Given the premises, discuss whether the conclusion of each argument that follows is (a) true beyond a reasonable doubt, (b) probably true, or (c) possibly true or possibly false. Can someone please check these for me to see if I am on the right track

    asked by DANIELLE
  61. science

    what volume of helium would be in a balloon the size of a soft drink bottle

    asked by emily
  62. Physics Archimedes buoyancy lab

    In calculating the density of a heavy solid. The string holding the heavy solid will cause error. specific gravity= (mass object in air)/ (mass object in air- mass object in water) = density When does it lead to an experimental density that is too high?

    asked by ~christina~
  63. Chem

    Calculate the Go for the oxidation of 5 moles of tin in the following balanced reaction. 16HCl + 2KMnO4 + 5Sn ---> 5SnCl2 + 2MnCl2 + 2KCl + 8H2O

    asked by Rob
  64. algebra 1 HELP

    simply show each step (4n^2-4/1+n^2)(1-n/2n)(1-2n^2+n^4/2+2n) Please help I have a test tommorrow and need to use this as a reference

    asked by sam
  65. sra McGuin

    Hi can you do private tutoring - i have a spanish project due on monday thanks

    asked by sam
  66. art

    Which painter would take everyday subjects and placed them in bizarre situations? Was it Sigmund Freud, Joan Miro, Rene Magritte, or Yves Tanguy? I think it was Rene Margritte.

    asked by tabby
  67. math

    Write equation of line given 2 points (1,4) (8,-10)

    asked by Patrick
  68. Math - Logarithmic

    Solve: 2log_3(x) - log_3(x-2) = 2 My Work: log_3(x^2) - log_3(x-2) = log_3(3^2) log_3 [(x^2) / (x-2)] = log_3(27) (x^2) / (x-2) = 27 x^2 = (x-2)(27) x^2 = 27x - 54 x^2 - 27x = -54 27x = -54 x = -2 Textbook Answer: 3 or 6 Where did I go wrong and how should

    asked by Anonymous
  69. PreCalculus

    The population of a country doubled in 27 years. What is the exponential growth... can someone help me figure this out please

    asked by Mike
  70. math

    i love math naw thank you for the help

    asked by mindy
  71. English

    I'm having trouble diagramming sentences. How do you diagram an object complement? Ex. The stories made them proud of their achievements. Proud is an object complement, right? I can't figure out how to diagram it. Also, how do you diagram things when you

    asked by Joe
  72. physics

    The motion of a particle is described by x = 10 sin (piet +pie/2 ). At what time ( in second ) is the potential energy equal to the kinetic energy ? here is what i have done so far where am i going wrong V=pie10cos(piet + pie/3) V^2 = pie^2 100cos^2(piet+

    asked by shan
  73. General Chem

    The concentration of potassium ions inside a nerve cell is around 20 to 30 times that outside the cell. Calculate the potential difference between inside and outside a nerve cell, if it depends only on this ionic imbalance.

    asked by Anne
  74. functions math

    hi can any one please help me solve this question? logbase2x+logbase2 3= 3 i factored the left side but i have no idea what to do with the right side.

    asked by mike
  75. statistics

    Select five random numbers between 70 and 100. Calculate the mean, median, mode, and midrange of these numbers. Based on your calculations, which measure of central tendency best represents these numbers?

    asked by Rose
  76. English grammar

    (with words that indicate portions) If the object of the preposition is singular, use a singular verb. If the object of the preposition is plural, use a plural verb. 1. Some of the pie _____ missing.(be) 2. Some of the pies _____ missing.(be) Some

    asked by John
  77. Algebra

    Okay i have a few function questions im gonna post. Im completely confused with these so any help would be great. Minimum or maximum value of: f(x)=2x^2+4x+1 and f(x)=x^2-3x+2 then if f(x)=x^2+9 and g(x)=x-4, find (g*f)(-3) next is if f(x)=x^3+x^2-x-1 and

    asked by Colin
  78. statistics

    The objective of statistics is best described as: A) To make inferences about a sample based on information we get from a population B) To use population mean, ƒÝ as an estimate of the sample mean, C) To make inferences about a population based on

    asked by Rose
  79. math

    do you know 5 equal fractions that equal 3 over 4?

    asked by chabelo
  80. Algebra (word problems)

    1) a small pipe can fill a tank in 16 min more time than it takes a large pipe to fill the same tank. Working together, both pipes can fill the tank in 6 min. How long would it take each pipe working alone to fill the tank? 2) a car travels 240 mi. a

    asked by Colin
  81. Biology

    Pick the BEST answer: A)Which Of The Following Is An "Excitable Cell"? 1) Neuron 2) Electron 3) Hormone 4) Both 1 & 2 5) All Of The Above B)What Is The Popular Molecule That Energizes Many Activities In Cells? 1) Adenosine Triphosphate 2) Adenosine

    asked by Biomed
  82. art

    "Formalism" has two other names, one is "Structurism." Is the other "Rationalism?"

    asked by tabby
  83. math

    Hi I need someone to check my answers I'll show whatever work I have but for time purposes I'll just post my answers because I think I have most of them correct. Thanks! 1)Find the 20th term of the arithmetic sequence in which a1=3 and d=7. A)143 B)136

    asked by Jon
  84. Math

    Solve x^2 + y^2 = 36 y = 6 - x^2 Can you help me please

    asked by Mike
  85. Eth

    what information about race and ethnicity in the United States has helped you better understand or relate to specific minority groups?

    asked by kisha
  86. English Expressions

    You should not be confused by (at ) the plural form in an adjective phrase or in an adjective clause. Just ignore the adjective phrase or the adjective clause. Then find the subject of the sentence. You can find a suitable verb form in the blank. By

    asked by John
  87. math

    IS it true that a line never ends?

    asked by john
  88. reading

    did angela johnson author of the first part last go to public schools as a little girl

    asked by poohter
  89. kill a mockingbird

    what does scout think cuased her fathers "profound distase" for the practice of crimnal law. this is on the study guide and i cant find the answer thanks

    asked by sam
  90. critical thinking

    What is the rhetorical explanation of this phrase: "I would have aced that test if I weren't in a class full of brainiacs. They studied too much and ruined the curve!"

    asked by Anonymous
  91. science

    what are the differences between minerals and rocks?

    asked by astrid
  92. Science

    Explain Why A Hot Air Balloon Rises

    asked by Lauren
  93. English3

    What event has occurred prior to chapter 1 that has led to Hester's imprisonment?

    asked by Jasmine
  94. Social Studies

    What do experts believed injluedced the Assyrians to become warriors?

    asked by Emi
  95. english

    What is the rhyme scheme? How can I find the rhyme scheme of a poem?

    asked by Christian
  96. eng

    Is it gram. correct to say Samantha's dog......

    asked by English
  97. Linguistcs

    The sentence is ambigous, Can you help me provide two interpretations for it "The chicken is ready to eat"

    asked by Maria
  98. Physics

    find gravitational field which produces semicircle. To get the answer g=(1/y^3)

    asked by Anonymous
  99. American History

    Explain how each of the following government policies encouraged business development: railroad subsidies; tariffs. I don't really know about how railroad subsidies encouraged business development. For tariffs, I got this: tariffs were necessary to protect

    asked by ajo
  100. math

    1)Find a1 in a geometric series for which Sn=300,r=-3,and n=4 A)15 B)15/2 C)-15 D)1/15 I chose A 2)Find the sum of the infinite geometric series. Sigma sign with infinity symbol above and n=1 below. To the right 20(-1/4)n-1 A)25 B)80/3 C16 D)does not exist

    asked by Jon
  101. Econ

    As the interest rate increases, the opportunity cost of money: A. Increases for both lender and borrower. B. Increases for the borrower but not the lender. C. Decreases for both lender and borrower. D. Decreases for the borrower but not the lender. My

    asked by Psharp
  102. english

    how did the soldiers try to keep enemies away from bran castle?

    asked by aaron
  103. english

    how did prince dracula become famous hundreds of years after he died

    asked by aaron
  104. French

    What are some traditional French board games or other french games?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Science

    Why do Phoenix and Athens have a similar Temperature? Why do Philadelphia and London have a similar temperature? Please help!!! This is do tomorrow!!!! Thank you so much, Joseph

    asked by Joseph
  106. french

    What contributions did the french make to america?

    asked by Alison
  107. Linguistcs

    Ambiguous sentences, can you help me with two interpretations for each: 1. He likes galloping horses 2. We laughed at the colorful ball 3.The police were urged to stop drinking by the fifth.

    asked by Maria
  108. Linguistcs

    I still need help, I am very confused Ambiguous sentences, can you help me with two interpretations for each: 1. He likes galloping horses 2. We laughed at the colorful ball 3.The police were urged to stop drinking by the fifth. 4. I said I would file it

    asked by Maria
  109. Trigonometry

    FInd the arc length intercepted by a central angle of 46 degrees 24'6" in a circle with a radius of 35.62m

    asked by Mercaedees
  110. reading

    what's the purpose of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol? -inform -persuade -entertain it's entertain right???

    asked by lellie
  111. Math

    List all the factors of 45

    asked by Sandra
  112. math

    how do you divied?

    asked by amanda
  113. math


    asked by amanda
  114. English

    what are complex sentences i can use for the following words; Appeasingly Cadence Disconsolate Draft animal Fastidiouness Gaunt Ignominiously Introspective Malignant Malingerer Placatingly Primordial Reproof Retrogression Vicarious

    asked by Mary
  115. math

    i cant divide big numbers

    asked by amanda
  116. PreCalc

    How do i solve for the variable 3x= sqrt5x+1

    asked by LT
  117. PreCalc

    Solve for the variable m^2 + 2m +3 > = 0

    asked by LT
  118. PreCalc

    write in interval notation 2x^2 < or = 9x+5

    asked by LT
  119. Linguistcs

    Are these ok? He likes galloping horses. 1. He gallops in the morning when the horses are rested. 2. He likes to come to the ranch to gallop horse.

    asked by Maria
  120. social studies

    How was the Acropolis a great environmental adaptation in Greece?

    asked by Stephanie
  121. English Expressions

    Waht is the name for a person who is famous for mnemonics or the art of memory? Do you have any special English terms for the person?

    asked by John