Questions Asked on
December 10, 2007

  1. Calculus

    A spinner is used for which it is equally probable that the pointer will land on any one of six regions. Three of the regions are colored red , two are colored green, and one in colored yellow. If the pointer is spun twice, find the probability it will

    asked by John
  2. physics

    A body of mass 5.0 kg is suspended by a spring which stretches 10 cm when the mass is attached. It is then displaced downward an additional 5.0 cm and released. Its position as a function of time is approximately?

    asked by shan
  3. English Lit

    3 people who fear jane eyre 3 needs for jane eyre

    asked by Nathan
  4. Math

    Find the exact value of sin(pi/24) So like i need like the value like sqrt3/2 but for pi/24... also if you could show me the steps so i could figure the rest out, that would be cool

    asked by Chandler
  5. science/math

    what is 70cm and 40cm in inches?

    asked by Trystan
  6. math

    Solve each equation and leave the answer in simplest radical form. x squared+6x-9=0 n squared-2n+2=5 3y squared-4y-2=0 I never learned how to do this. Can you help me?

    asked by robert
  7. Calculus

    How many 2-digit numbers can be formed using the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 0? No digit can be used more than once

    asked by Kelly
  8. physics!! plz answer me!

    A 0.15 kg baseball moving at +26 m/s is slowed to a stop by a catcher who exerts a constant force of -390 N. How long does it take this force to stop the ball? How far does the ball travel before stopping? plz plz plz help!!

    asked by julia
  9. Pre-Algebra

    You were busy working on a problem using 4 big squares, 8 rectangles, and 8 small squares. Your partner accidentally knocked some algebra tiles off the your desk. You now have 1 big square, 3 rectangles, and 5 small squares on your desk. Write and

    asked by Ellen
  10. science

    What is the cell theory

    asked by mickey
  11. chemistry

    write out the reaction, predicting products where applicable. Zinc metal is added to a solution of copper(II) sulfate. Copper metal is produced and zinc sulfate is left in solution.

    asked by amber
  12. social factors

    What are social factors? I have to answer the question what are social factors that can influence the results of a test? but I am not sure what a social factor is. Please help me! I appreciate it!

    asked by Isaac Martin
  13. english

    chapter 6 the call of the wild explain the inner conflict that bvegins to trouble Buck? Idk... is it that he is afraid of losing Thorton, or is it that he wants to return to the wild thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  14. math

    what exactly is summation notation? is that like the same thing as sigma notation?

    asked by anonymous
  15. economics

    Suppose that you buy a bond for $100 that pays 4 percent interest per year. How much money will you have earned when the bond reaches maturity in five years?

    asked by anonymous
  16. Chemistry

    How would I find the volume occupied by 3 moles of N2 at zero degrees and 101.325 kPa?

    asked by anonymous
  17. MATH--Please help!!

    I'm desperate! Find the point where the curve r(t)=(12sint)i - 12(cost)j+ 5tk is at a distance 13pi units along the curve from the point (0,-12,0) in the direction opposite to the direction of increasing arc length. Thanks for any advice...

    asked by JDS
  18. French

    I want to say it is 9:45, should I say il est neuf heures moins quart, or moins le quart. if i want to say 9:48 or it natural to say neuf heures quarante-huit or dix heures moins douze?

    asked by Yan
  19. finance

    I'm having a terrible time understanding how to estimate cash flow. My book only provides one example, and it's long and drawn out. The question I'm working on is this: A project that is expected to last six years will generate a profit and cash flow

    asked by Marie
  20. WWII

    Could someone tell me about the Japanese internment camps during WWII. Why were Japanese allowed to serve in the US army when they were considered the enemy? Thanks for the help!

    asked by Aubriella Sanchez
  21. Algebra

    Increased price is: $230.00 Percent increase is: 15% What was the original price? Having trouble with how to setup equation to solve problem.

    asked by Will
  22. Psychology

    If so many intellectuals think that Freud was wrong about many components of his theory of personality, why have his ideas persisted over time?

    asked by Christian
  23. Maths ..Equations

    Hi I have to rearrnge the following to make y the subject.. x = 3 - 2y / 6 I get the first part do x 3, - 2, and / 6. Undo x 6, + 2, and / 3 then multiply by 6 so, 6x = 3 - 2y add 2 to both sides, 6x + 2 = 3 the divide both sides by 3 6x + 2 = y ------- 3

    asked by Leo
  24. Math

    The method of computing finance charges is based on the average of credit balances from each day during the month?

    asked by Dylan
  25. science

    What energy changes occur in an electrochemical cell when electric current flows from it? This is what I put down but I am not sure if it is right... In a primary cell, chemical reactions use up some of the materials in the cell as electrons flow from it.

    asked by helpmeplease
  26. history

    roman emperors:Who were these people? Why did they behave the way they did? Where did they live?:What did they do?:When did they see their senators?

    asked by terenci
  27. english

    Hi for poetry i need to research futurism and the founder f.t.marinetti. the thing is i cant find any poems written by him, all i can find are his manifestos which are super long. so if u can help me find any poems written by him that would be awesome

    asked by Jj
  28. Calculus III

    Which of the following series are geometric series? Find the sum if they are 1. Infinity (Summation sign) n = 1 1/6n^2 2. Infinity (Summation sign) n = 1 (0.6)^n-1

    asked by kile
  29. science

    im doing a project and i need to find the effects that higher elevation have on objects

    asked by raven
  30. Biology

    In what way are the newly formed cells, which result from mitosis, similar to the mother cell? How are the new cells different?

    asked by Brittany
  31. history

    GLADIATORS:Were did the gladiator fights start and end?:Who faught in the arena?:What did they fight with?:Why did they fight in the arena?:When did the gladiators fight?:

    asked by terenci
  32. SCI 275

    What are the challenges of managing Reducing solid waste? What human activities contribute to the problem? I can answer the 2nd question but the 1st one i am having truble with

    asked by dawn
  33. sociology

    how to describe global inequality?

    asked by Kc
  34. Math

    There are 100 fish species that I have to be able to identify in a lab exam. I only had enough time to recognize 50 species. On the exam, they will randomly select 25 of the 100 species for testing. What's the probability or chance that I would be able to

    asked by Fiscars
  35. Math

    I got it! Thank for your help, drwls.

    asked by Thanks, drwls

    1.00 MOL OF HC2H3O2

    asked by jASRIA
  37. math!

    how do you do lcm i know i did it in like 1st grade but i need helpp!!

    asked by bailey
  38. subject

    do you know what that diconary site is called

    asked by brittany
  39. US History

    Explain the economic, military, and diplomatic results of the Union victory and the Confederate defeat in the Civil war. Thanks.

    asked by Amanda
  40. Math

    Why can letters of a Polygon's name be used only once?

    asked by Rachel
  41. social studies

    can you give me words for theses greek roots: astro(a)- hydro(a)- hyper- hypo- path- phobia- phono- photo- polis(s),(t)- soph(o),(y)- syn-

    asked by brittany
  42. social studies

    i really need some help on finding information on the Barbados. i need a site that is easy for a ten year old and up. if you can help post a question to answer

    asked by Nia
  43. Civil War

    What was the role of the Emancipation Proclamation in the formulation of Northern trategy and war goals?

    asked by Christie
  44. SCI 275

    A Brief Description of reducing solid waste. Help please

    asked by dawn
  45. History

    How did the Constitution address the failures of the Articles of Confederation?

    asked by Adriana
  46. math


    asked by queenie
  47. dance

    what do people wear for salsa dancing?

    asked by I want HELP
  48. French

    What is the differences between Qu'aimes-tu and Qu'est-ce que aimes-tu?

    asked by Yan
  49. Chemistry

    I need help finding the molar mass of anhydrous salt.

    asked by Jan
  50. math

    how do you simplify radical expressions?

    asked by robert
  51. Math

    10=1x - 3 4m-4 =4m

    asked by rachie
  52. math

    how do you simplify radical expressions?

    asked by robert
  53. Science

    Is mass the same as molar mass?

    asked by Sam
  54. Science

    What is the molar mass of anhydrous salt in CuSo4 5H2O

    asked by Jeanie
  55. Math

    My daughter has a math paper that asks to make a stem-and-leaf plot of data. I have no idea what this is!

    asked by Johnna
  56. Science

    What effect would letting a crucible and its contents dry overnight before finding their mass have on the value for the percent water in a hydrate?

    asked by Macy
  57. social studies

    the directions are to read the senteces and write a synonym or description for the underlined word on the line provited. 1.Wealthy ranchers in new mexico built haciendas.

    asked by selene
  58. writing

    List 9 reasons why December should have 40 days instead of 31?

    asked by Hannah
  59. MATH!!!

    Supppose you work for a company that has a 401k plan. Your first-year annual salary is $28,200 and you are contributing 10% of your monthly paycheck onto your 401k. Write a rule for the amount of money contributed to the plan after "n" months. Suppose your

    asked by really need help...
  60. English

    Create a bio poem on any character in Jane Eyre It must be in this format or close to it The format is Line1 First name only Line2 4 Traits that describe the character Line3 Son/Daughter of Line4 Lover of (3 things) Line5 Who feels(3) Line6 Who needs(3)

    asked by Josh
  61. Pre-Cal

    log 3x=log2+log(x+5)

    asked by Anonymous
  62. English grammar

    Thank you. Would you let me know good websites where we can learn English with videos? Are there any sites where we can study English with subtitles?

    asked by John
  63. writing

    Write an national anthem for the North Pole.Use a familiar tune from a song or create an orginal tune.

    asked by Hannah
  64. Calculus 3

    Calculate the double Integral e^(y^2) dA D = {(x,y)| 0

    asked by sam
  65. English

    What are four Traits that describe Jane eyre

    asked by Josh
  66. math

    looking to reduce to lowest term 1) 3+x(4+x)/3+x i got 4+x 2)3a^2-13a-10/5+4a-a^2 i got could not reduce any help would be great

    asked by jeff
  67. language arts

    How do I graph a sentence? The sentence is "The girl ran away from school."

    asked by Alicia Mullins
  68. social studies

    how did life on the farm change during the turn of the 20th centure

    asked by nick
  69. social studies

    what group(s) of people led the reforms during the 20th century ? why?

    asked by nick
  70. Pre-Algebra

    You were busy working on a problem using 4 big squares, 8 rectangles, and 8 small squares. Your partner accidentally knocked some algebra tiles off the your desk. You now have 1 big square, 3 rectangles, and 5 small squares on your desk. Write and

    asked by Ellen
  71. Carbohydrates

    I have to do an essay on Carbohydrates. Basically I'm just making a informational essay, but I need help outlining it, can anyone help me with this?

    asked by Chris
  72. sci 275

    identify the fruit or vegatable you selected and relate the second law of thermodynamics to the changes in energy observed in appendix c.

    asked by mia
  73. French

    For negative sentences. Is it Elle n'aime pas les jupes or Elle n'aime pas des jupes? Is there a rule for using les/des for negatives?

    asked by Yan
  74. factoring

    8xcubed minus 27

    asked by Nicole
  75. Maya Angelou

    To which council was she appointed by then- President Jimmy Carter?

    asked by anonymous
  76. sci 275

    how did the amount of energy gained compare to the amount of enery lost as heat at the second through fourth trophic levels?

    asked by kenya
  77. Maya Angelou

    what is she doing today?

    asked by anonymous
  78. Math

    You were busy working on a problem using 4 big squares, 8 rectangles, and 8 small squares. Your partner accidentally knocked some algebra tiles off the your desk. You now have 1 big square, 3 rectangles, and 5 small squares on your desk. Write and

    asked by Ellen
  79. Maya Angelou

    What appointment was she awarded in 1981? what honor was she awarded in 1993? How many books has she written?

    asked by anonymous
  80. Apostrophe

    Is the apostrophe correct in this sentence? The trial embodied John Adams's strong inner sense of justice.

    asked by Michael
  81. English Lit(Jane Eyre)

    3 things Jane Eyre would like to see 3 things Jane Eyre Fears I looked on gradsaver but couldn't find any thing..Please help

    asked by Nathan
  82. reading

    who saved Sam Tosselli's?

    asked by jovan
  83. pre alg.

    26 centimenters per sec. = _ meters per min.

    asked by cathrine
  84. Maya Angelou

    How many languages can she speak and what are their names?

    asked by anonymous
  85. pre alg

    2.5 qt/min. = _gal/min

    asked by john paul
  86. ap chemistry

    How can I calculate the exothermic lattice energy when all I am given is the compound formula LiF?

    asked by Claudia
  87. social studies

    compare the three branches of the arizona state government with the three branches of federal government.

    asked by boochie
  88. Calculus

    For the demand function find the elasticity function. Problem 52. p=D(x)=18-Sqrt[x] My answer is [-36x^1/2 + 2x]/x However, the answer in book is [-2(18-x^1/2)]/[x^1/2]

    asked by Sarah
  89. Social Studies, History

    What are some of the contributions to society from the Cherokees?

    asked by ...
  90. Math

    How do you solve (3^x)(3x^x+1)=9

    asked by chandra
  91. Calculus

    The question is, if f(x) is equal to the series from n to infinity of a sub n times (x-7)^n for all n, find a formula for a sub 10. (I apologize for typing it out in the way that I did, but it was the only way I could. I don't quite understand what is

    asked by David
  92. Shakespeare

    What are the advantages of kids learning about Shakespeare in this day and age.

    asked by Hilka
  93. Humanity

    What are some good community service opportunities for someone interested in architecture as a career?

    asked by Jae
  94. health

    is a potato a starch or a vegetable??

    asked by plz help me
  95. science

    um... how do you calculate velocity, momentum, acceleration, and force? i 4got, and now i have hw that is due 2morrow on it... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Smurfinator
  96. Writing

    I am looking for some written a one act play. Write anc act out a one act play in front of class covering a specific workplace issue , exapmple my include sexual harassment, workplace stress, great/bad bosses etc.

    asked by matt


    asked by MARC
  98. French

    When I want to say I love to eat ham, apple and sandwich, should I use J'aime manger le jambon or un jambon, la pomme or une pomme, et le sandwich or un sandwich?

    asked by Yan
  99. math: repost with corrections

    p. 942 #5 This is a three-part question: a. the graph y = f(x) in the xy-plane has parametrization x=x, y=f(x), and vector formula r(x) = xi + f(x)j. Use this to show that if f is twice-differentiable, then k(x) = ((absvalue f''(x))/[1+((f'(x))^2]^3/2 b.

    asked by jaime
  100. French

    I don't like to work because it is tiring. =Je n'aime pas travailler parceque c'est fatigant. Is it correct?

    asked by Miche
  101. English

    3 things jane eyre would like to see or wants to see happen

    asked by john
  102. English grammar

    The words here and there have generally been labeled as adverbs even though they indicate place. In sentences beginning with here or there, the subject follows the verb. Ex) There (is / are) two pins on the table. In this sentence 'two pins' is the subject

    asked by John
  103. English grammar

    A beggar with two children ____ taking a rest in the shade. (be) In the sentence, the subject is 'a beggar'. 'Two children' is not the sucbject of this sentence. Bracket 'with two children'. Then you can notice that you have to use a singular auxiliary

    asked by John
  104. SCIENCE


    asked by Smurfinator
  105. college math

    During the last hour, a telemarketer dialed 20 numbers and reached 4 busy signals, 3 answering machines, and 13 people. Use this information to determine the empirical probability that the next call will be answered in person.

    asked by Rose
  106. science

    can't anybody help me figure out how 2 find velocity? and momentum? and force? and acceleration? PLEZE?

    asked by Smurfinator
  107. college math

    If you roll a die many times, what would you expect to be the relative frequency of rolling a number less than 6? A) 2 out of 3 B) 1 out of 3 C) 1 out of 6 D) 1 out of 2 E) 5 out of 6

    asked by Rose
  108. AP World History

    Provide me tips on how to complete the change over time essay (which deals with changes and continuties over time). I have to debate which events affected global trade systems the most (either political, economic, or social). I have to analyze how the

    asked by HELP!
  109. reading

    Is just reading the main idea of a paragraph in a novel effective? Like do you still get the same information as if you read the whole paragraph?

    asked by crystal
  110. Greens Theorem

    Can someone show me step by step how to work this problem out please. Let C be the triangle with vertices (0,0), (1,0), and (1,2). Find the following line integral by two methods, directly and using greens theorem. 2xy^2dx + yx^2dy Thanks!!!

    asked by julia
  111. economics

    what is the single most important source of revenue for national government?

    asked by nicole
  112. Psychology

    What are the major contributions of Freud to psychology? How is is he the father of modern psychology?

    asked by Christian
  113. history

    compare alexander the great to julius caesar

    asked by me
  114. algebra

    What is the formula for tan? For example tan N. Is it the opposite angle/hypotneuse? What about sin and cosine?

    asked by tabby
  115. Calculus

    In the multiplication shown below, the digits have been replaced by letters: different letters represent different digits, and the same letters represent the same digits. What was the origianl multiplication? ABCDE x 4 ====== EDCBA please help tried it

    asked by Nick
  116. Calculus

    What day of the week is 263 days from Monday? That is Monday 12-10-2007. Is it Wednesday?

    asked by Nick
  117. english

    srry if i misspell any thing, i am typing with 1 arm, cause i broke my elbow saturday.... I don''t get this question, coukd you explain it? how are Hal,Mercedes, and Charles contrasted by the spring weather described in Chapter5 of the call of the wild ?

    asked by Anonymous
  118. dental assisting

    i need 3 statements that are fact, and 3 that are opinion on dental assisting. also articles supporting those facts, and opinions.

    asked by john
  119. economics

    If businesses believe consumption will increase six months from now, everything else held constant, and they begin to increase investment, what do you predict will happen to aggregate demand? I think it will move to the left.

    asked by tabby
  120. julius caesar

    ok im on act 4 in the shakespeare play and i got some questions..i need help 1. What is the purpose of the triumvirs meeting as the scene opens. 2. What occurs between cassius and brutus in their military camp? Why does shakespeare include this scene? 3.

    asked by unknown
  121. college math

    The odds against WildHorse winning the third race are 11:2. If Molly places a $4 bet on WildHorse to win and WildHorse wins, find Molly’s net winnings A) $5.50 B) $44 C) $16.50 D) $11 E) $22

    asked by Rose
  122. physics!!

    if u jump onto the floor, are you more likely to be hurt if your legs are relaxed or if your legs are stiff and your knees are locked? explain....plz help =)

    asked by julia
  123. History

    France proposed that the League of Nations should have an armu of its own. Why did most of the people opposed this ?

    asked by Simon Lodge
  124. physics!! plz answer me!

    In a collision between two soccer balls, momentum is conserved. Is momentum conserved for each soccer ball? explian... plz =)

    asked by julia
  125. Biology<3

    im studying for a biology test that's tommorow. Can somebody help me? i cant find the answer to this anywhere. An Example of a Dominant Trait? a-cystic fibrosis b-white pea flowers c-purple pea flowers d-sickle-cell anemia

    asked by I Love Von!(:- Aw
  126. English - Haiku reposted for Jean

    English - jean, Monday, December 10, 2007 at 9:41pm What is the format to write a haiku?

    asked by Ms. Sue