Questions Asked on
December 9, 2007

  1. Math (Calc)

    Find the Exact value of Pi/24. I'm not sure whether to use a half-angle formula or a difference/sum of angles formula.

    asked by Bryan
  2. MATH

    5X4/2-4EXPONET OF 2

    asked by stacy
  3. physics question

    How much heat had to be put in during the process to increase the internal energy of the gas by 1.50×10^4 J ? Here is the given information and questions that I have already answered: n=.450 R=8.3145 (Point A) p=2*10^5 v=.010 (Point B) p=5*10^5 v=.070

    asked by marie
  4. math

    need help Tweleve is sixteen less than four times a number.

    asked by allen
  5. Math

    Why Does The President Put Vegetables in His Blender? P.S.: It's puzzle 163 HELP!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Dorina
  6. Calculus

    What is the derivative of t^3/3

    asked by Britt
  7. chemistry

    Aluminum sulfate reacts with sulfuric acid to produce aluminum sulfate and hydrogen gas. How many grams of aluminum sulfate would be formed if 250g H2 SO4 completely react with aluminum?

    asked by Michelle
  8. Math

    I need help with an IB Math Internal Assessment on Matrix Powers.

    asked by Cassandra
  9. Algebra 1

    Name the constant of variation for each question. Then determine the slope of the line that passes through each pair of point. y=2x

    asked by Quiona

    how do you find the height or time? is it h=squreroot4.9/t or h=squareroott/4.9 or is it something else complettly???

    asked by NADINE
  11. physics

    At the end of the semester, you are loading your gear into a van to go home. In loading the van, you can either lift a 45.0-kg crate straight up(method 1) or push it up a 3.00-m-long ramp that is inclined at an angle above the horizontal (method 2).In both

    asked by ajo
  12. math help

    Five added to three times a number is 29. can someone help me rewrite these in algrebric form thank you Three more than a number times two and the result is twelve. The sum of plus 7 minus 13 is 27. The product of ten and a number plus eight equals

    asked by keauanna
  13. Statistics

    This is a goodness-of-fit question that I've been trying to wrap my head around for sometime, but I don't understand it since there are two values instead of one. So far, the teacher has only taught us how to deal with one set of observed values. UCLA

    asked by Kevin
  14. Physics

    Oxygen (O2) has a molar mass of 32.0 g/mol [.032kg/mol]. What is the root-mean-square speed of an oxygen molecule at a temperature of 310 K? Vrms=492 m/s What is its average translational kinetic energy at that speed? Kav= ?? J I am having problems with

    asked by Christina
  15. Calculus

    Write a formuls for the general term(nth term) of the arithmetic sequence. Do not use a recursion formula. Then use the formula for A to the n to find the indicated term of the sequence find a11: 12, 10, 8,...

    asked by Kelly
  16. Physics

    A block of mass M1 = 160.0 kg sits on an inclined plane and is connected to a bucket with a massless string over a massless and frictionless pulley. The coefficient of static friction between the block and the plane is ms = 0.52, and the angle between the

    asked by Lindsay
  17. math

    how do i find the common ratio of the infinite geometric ratio series with the given sum and first term? for example: sum=4 first term=7

    asked by anonymous
  18. chemistry

    An orgnaic compound contains C, H, No, and O. Combustion of 0.1023 g of the compound in excess oxygen yielded 0.2766 g of CO2 and 0.991g of H2O. A asample of 0.4831 g of the compound was analyzed for nitrogen by the Dumas method. At STP, 27.6 mL of dry

    asked by kaliegh
  19. physics

    A bicyclist rides 5.0km due east, while the resistive force from the air has a magnitude of 3.0N and points due west. The rider then turns around and rides 5.0km due west, back to her starting point. The resistive force from the air on the return trip has

    asked by ajo
  20. physics

    The hour hand and the minute hand for the famous Parliament clock tower Big Ben in London are 2.7m and 4.5m long and have masses of 60kg and 100kg, respectively. Calculate the total torque due to weight of these hands about axis of rotation when the time

    asked by Anonymous
  21. french

    Is this correct meaning I speak a little french. Je parle francais comme ci comme ca?

    asked by jay
  22. Physics

    Could someone help explain this problem to me . . . Carbon 14 has a half-life of 5700 year, scientist use this fact to determine the age of things made of organic material. Suppose the average page of a book containing aprox. 0.5mg of Carbon 14 is put into

    asked by Andy
  23. Help help help!!!!!!!!!

    Simplify 18. -(-4)+3= Solve equations of the form x+a=b solve 26. 6.3=t+2.9 30. -8=14+(d+-6) 32. 312.9+163.4+b 34. - 11/5+w=-4/5 Thank You very much!!!

    asked by Alex
  24. Communication/English

    Scenario 2:Write an positive message to the supervisor of someone who went above and beyond the call of duty to help you. Scenario 3:Write a negative message to the phone company about charges that should not have been on your last bill. Scenario 4:Write a

    asked by Beverly
  25. NHD project

    I am doing a National History Day project this year on the topic of "From Conflict to Compromise" and my thesis statement has to be turned in tomorrow. Could someone check it and make sure it is arguable and true? The inequality of women caused them to

    asked by Kimmy
  26. algebra

    Write the equation of the line passing through (2,-3) and (2,4). Write the answer in slope-intercept form.

    asked by BB
  27. health

    yeah its me again :) and thank you Writeacher for checking my answer on smoking An antihistamine used to treat a common cold is intended to: A. Decongest B. Suppress the cough reflex C. Dry secretions D. Increase mucus clearance I think it could be either

    asked by abby
  28. science

    A 52.0 kg male dancer leaps 0.37 m high. (a) With what momentum does he reach the ground? (c) As the dancer lands, his knees bend, lengthening the stopping time to 0.050 s. Find the average force exerted on the dancer's body. (d) Compare the stopping force

    asked by marc
  29. rec and leisure

    where would i find information on .. small investments in recreation, parks, sports and arts/culture often yield large economic returns money generated by events, capital development and provision of ongoing services is spend several times in the

    asked by DAVE MCDONALD
  30. Physics

    A youngster shoots a bottle cap up a 15.0° inclined board at 1.92 m/s. The cap slides in a straight line, slowing to 0.95 m/s after traveling some distance. If the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.35, find that distance. I still get 0.315 m as the

    asked by Lindsay
  31. Information Technology

    I'm suppose to do Computer System Scenarios. There are 4 of them to do each asking to come up with IT solutions and I have no idea where to begin can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks

    asked by Jen
  32. English

    In doing my review for mockingbird one of the study questions talks about how does scouts attitude change towards superstion through-out the story.

    asked by sam
  33. Environmental Science

    Develop three guidelines based on the four scientific principles of sustainability for our use of genetic engineering and synthetic biology to modify species and ecosystems. I know the four scientific principles are: 1) Reliance on solar energy 2)

    asked by STUDENT
  34. Roberts

    Last fall, a gardener planted 65 iris bulbs. She found that only 56 of the bulbs bloomed in the spring. a) Find the empirical probability that an iris bulb of this type will bloom b) How many of the bulbs should she plant next fall if she would like at

    asked by Rose
  35. math

    trying to reduce to simpilest form 1.t-a/t^2-a^2 i have 1/2(t+a) 2.3y^3+7y^2+4y/y^2+5y+4 i have cannot reduce thanks

    asked by jeff
  36. Calc

    How do you take the derivative of 9000/(1+.3t+.1t^2)?

    asked by Britt
  37. sci 275 enviromental science

    what are the hazard identification risk of malathion

    asked by anaya
  38. math

    can someone tell me what this is Find the pattern 1, 1/4,1/9, 1/16

    asked by andy
  39. Biology

    I added amylase to a cornstarch suspension. I thought that amylase breaks down starch into oligosaccharides. But then I heated up the amylase + cornstarch solution and added Benedict's reagent to it (which tests for the presence of monosaccharides). The

    asked by Lucy
  40. math

    I don't know what this is? Find the common difference? 1/2, 1/3, 1/6, 0

    asked by andy
  41. Science

    Develop three guidelines based on the four scientific principles of sustainability for our use of genetic engineering and synthetic biology to modify species and ecosystems. I know the four scientific principles are: 1) Reliance on solar energy 2)

    asked by STUDENT - IMPORTANT!
  42. Calc

    Find the equation of a tangent line of a graph pf y=x^2+4lnx, which is parallel to y=6x-3? I know parallel lines have the same slope so the slope is 6 but I do not know how to find the b value.

    asked by Britt
  43. math

    Can somebody help me? Find the common difference? 1/2, 1/3, 1/6, o

    asked by andy
  44. sci 275

    what are the risk of malathion

    asked by anaya
  45. Government (Judges)

    Why would the founding fathers not have requirements for judges, why are they appointed and not elected?

    asked by Aubree
  46. science

    all about rockets

    asked by tab
  47. English

    I looked at spark notes and still did not find the answer. In going over the study guide for to kill a mockingbird I cant find an answer for scout being superstitious.

    asked by sam
  48. math

    a couple more 1) 3+x(4+x)/3+x i got 4+x

    asked by jeff
  49. SraJMcGinn

    Hi Just wanted to thank you again for all of your help with Spanish my grade was an A ... Now I am working on to kill a mockingbird -

    asked by sam
  50. math

    sorry next one is 3a^2-13-10/5+4a-a^2 i got cannot reduce

    asked by jeff
  51. Algebra

    what is the y-intercept of the line with a slope of -3 and a y-intercept of -5? How so i do this problem?

    asked by Leah
  52. Calc

    Ralph is taking his final exam. After t minutes into the exam Ralph has correctly solved P(t)=-.001t^3+.078t^2+.16t problems. a) at what time was Ralph solving problems most efficiently? b) at what time did Ralph's efficiency decline?

    asked by Britt
  53. Physical Science

    does light travel faster through glass or a vacumm?

    asked by taylor
  54. Math

    The sum of 2 consecutive integers is equal to their difference.

    asked by Lea
  55. NH4Cl

    NH4Cl Is it N surrounded by 4 H's and then the Cl is connected to a H?? Technically I think that couldn't happen so how would this molecule look? Thanks

    asked by ~christina~
  56. Physics

    As the frequency of sound waves increases, the wavelength of the sound waves decreases true or false?

    asked by taylor
  57. physics

    As the period of a wave increases, the frequency increases true or false?

    asked by taylor
  58. algebra

    Charles opened the old trunk and found $6750 in $1 bills and $10 bills. If there were 150 more ones than tens, how many of each kind were there?

    asked by Anthony
  59. Calc

    Classify all critical points of the function f(x,y)=x^2-y^2+4x-2y+1. I know I have to take the partial derivative and set them equal to zero to get my points and then use the Hessian. For some reason I am not getting the correct answer. partial d/dx 2x+4

    asked by Britt
  60. human risk assessment

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of animal studies and epidemiological studies for establishing dose-response relationships?

    asked by Thano
  61. AP World History

    Please give me resources (hopefully, straightforward ones) on the contact between groups of people occured and the nature of that contact, including the notation aboiut the impact of that contact on both parties: -Developlment and Spread of Islamic

    asked by Marie
  62. Science Fair

    I know that clay adsorbs heavy metals such as lead. How can I pull the lead back off of the clay so that it will percipitate with KI?

    asked by Anna
  63. methods for teaching

    please help me find some sites for the ff: 1. situational language teaching 2. audio-lingualism 3. communicative language teaching 4. total physical response 5. the silent way 6. community language learning 7. the natural approach 8. suggestopedia

    asked by stunning gurl
  64. Calc

    For f(x,y)=x^2+y^2-xy+6y, determine the values for x and y such that fx(x,y)=0 and fy(x,y)=0 simultaneously.

    asked by Britt
  65. physics

    a 1.4 kg block slides across a rough surface such that it slows down with an acceleration of 1.25 m/s2. What is the coefficient of kinetic frisction between the block and the surface?

    asked by ellimac
  66. math

    how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

    asked by Amber
  67. overt vs. covet

    what is an overt behavior??? what is a covert behavior??? what is the difference between overt and covert behavior??? how to assess a person with this kind of behaviors??? thanks a lot for having your time to answer this question...

    asked by stunning gurl
  68. math

    can someone help me do The sum of 2 consecutive integers is equal to their difference.

    asked by Lea
  69. Social Studies: Jim Crow Laws

    How did Jim Crow laws affect the economy?

    asked by Jerry
  70. Science

    Are nodes in a standing wave the result of constructive interference?

    asked by marissa
  71. CALC

    What are local extrema?

    asked by Britt
  72. Algebra

    Simplify: 2p^5/p^4

    asked by Bobby
  73. Science

    Are nodes in a standing wave the result of constructive interference?

    asked by marissa
  74. Gov

    Political socialization, of these five, which would you consider the one that has the most influence.. family, organizations, peers, events, or media

    asked by Koree
  75. science

    Can anyone describe what this question means... Describe the big idea of in energy transfer in The Greenhouse effect

    asked by jack
  76. Social Studies

    what is the role of interest groups on the average American and elected officials.

    asked by Sarah
  77. math

    Bob invested $25,000, part at 2% and part at 9%. If the total interest at the end of the year is $1,060, how much did he invest at 2%? A) $8,000 B) $18,000 C) $17,000 D) $16,000

    asked by stacy
  78. Social Studies

    what is the role that the mass media plays on the formation of political ideals?

    asked by Sarah


    asked by stacy
  80. IB Biology

    We are currently learning about innate & learned behaviors. An experiment was done where mallard, pintail & teal ducks were crossbred. These ducks live in the same habitat and could interbreed, but rarely do due to different courtship displays. When they

    asked by Melissa
  81. physics

    A 5 kg book sliding on the floor with initial speed 20 m/s comes to rest in 100 m. What is the magnitude of the frictional force acting on the book? The answer is 10 N, but how do you arrive at this answer?

    asked by tara
  82. Social Studies History

    What kind of homes did the Cherokees live in?

    asked by K.T.
  83. Math

    Solve for the unknown. s/12.0 = 4.0/0.8

    asked by Patricia
  84. Phy

    When light passes from air to glass, the light may change direction due to refraction. T or F?

    asked by rachel
  85. AP Physics<<help

    A 1.7 kg bundle starts up a 30 degree inlcine with 105 J of Kinetic Eneergy, How far will it slide up in the plane if the coefficient of friction is .3 ?

    asked by Kristen
  86. Science

    In water waves, does the disturbance consist of fluctuations in the density of water? Thanks

    asked by Kammy
  87. Algebra

    how many points are needed to dtermine a line

    asked by Ashley
  88. Social Studies Cherokee

    What contributions have the Cherokees done?

    asked by ...
  89. GCSE Biology

    How will a point mutation affect the fermentation of a protien? thankyou!

    asked by Jessica
  90. World History

    Provide websites on Martin Luther (Protestant Reformer). I need viewpoints, so a viewpoint of the pope at that time would be great. The pope was against him, so I need sources that are against Martin Luther and his motives. Please provide me some credible

    asked by Marie
  91. Calculus

    Use the binomial Theroum to expand the expression and express the results in simplified form (3X + 2)^3

    asked by john
  92. physics repost

    Three masses are aligned along the x axis of a rectangular coordinate system so that a 2 kg mass is at the origin, a 3kg is at (2,0) m, and a 4 kg mass is at (4,0) m. Find (a) the gravitational force exerted on the 4 kg mass by the other two masses and (b)

    asked by Anonymous
  93. PHYSICS-please help! :)

    If deep-sea divers rise to the surface too quickly, nitrogen bubbles in their blood can expand and prove fatal. This phenomenon is known as the bends. If a scuba diver rises quickly from a depth of 25.0 m in Lake Michigan (which is fresh water), what will

    asked by Maria
  94. science

    thanks for all your help!!! :P

    asked by marissa
  95. math

    how do I compute sales tax? $1,367.85. sales tax rate is 5.75%. also, how do I add in city tax?

    asked by Diana
  96. Algebra

    Rewrite into standard form (0,5), m=-3/5. Write the equation of the line passing through each of the given pairs of points. Write the answer in slope-intercept form, where possible. (2,-3) and (2,4)

    asked by Becky
  97. German

    True or false: The Reichstag refers to the legislative body or Congress in Germany. ??????????????????????????????????

    asked by Rachel
  98. Math

    Find the exact value of sin(pi/24) So like i need like the value like sqrt3/2 but for pi/24... also if you could show me the steps so i could figure the rest out, that would be cool

    asked by Chandler
  99. Social Studies history

    What are some things that the Cherokee have contributed to..? Or what are their contributions?

    asked by ...
  100. Photo Essay Reflection

    I have to write a reflection on a photo essay about the Great Depression for English class. It(the reflection) is supposed to explain how the photos show the conditions of the Depression and it is also supposed to relate the photos to the life of the

    asked by Jimmy
  101. Calculus

    For the demand function find the elasticity function. Problem 52. p=D(x)=18-Sqrt[x] My answer is [-36x^1/2 + 2x]/x However, the answer in book is [-2(18-x^1/2)]/[x^1/2]

    asked by Sarah
  102. Photo Essay...

    Ummmm.... Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am already about halfway through it, and I can't seem to get back into it. Being a reflection, it is fairly informal, so I simply describe the photos and then explain their meaning. I just always seem to veer

    asked by Jimmy
  103. science

    how can i neutralise acids and alkalis

    asked by john
  104. Calc

    Hi! Please help :-) Find an equation for the circle of the curvature of the curve r(t) = ti + (sint)j at the point (pi/2, 1) (The curve parametrizes the graph of y = sinx in the xy-plane)

    asked by Sadie
  105. statistics

    a sales manager used linear regression to find the positive linear relationship between advertising expenditures and sales. The amount of advertising expenditures used to generate the regression equation ranged from $8,000 to $45,000. The sales manager

    asked by tar
  106. biology

    Which enzymes are for breaking down hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and hydrogen gases? Explain your answer using your results. Can more than one enzyme be used to perform a particular reaction? Why or why not?

    asked by bill j.
  107. chemistry

    in dealing with alcohol mechinisms, how do you know when to do dyhydration (elimination) or substitution? is it secondary and teritary undergo both Sn1 & E1 and primary undergo Sn2 and E2. or is one mech actually preferred? it seems like H2SO4 is always

    asked by emi
  108. Calculus

    Given the function f(x) = (x-2)/(x^3-8), what value should be assigned to f(x) to make the function continuous at x=2? Please walk me through this. I have the answer but do not know how to get it.

    asked by Britt
  109. world history

    What was the response of the papacy towards Martin Luther? Give me the papacy's side of the story, their viewpoint. Include sources that proves martin luther guilty. It will be best if it is from the point of view of the papacy, specifically the pope or

    asked by anonymous
  110. Sociology

    To what extent do sociologists agree that an underclass exists in britain ?

    asked by Amy
  111. science

    A 2.747-g sample of manganese metal is reacted with excess HCl gas to produce 3.22 L of H2 at 373 K and 0.951 atm and manganese chloride compound (MnClx) what is the formula of manganese chloride compond produced in the reaction?

    asked by heather
  112. Calculus

    solve the equation for y in terms of x. Can somebody walk me through this?

    asked by Britt
  113. Government

    How do judges make laws? How does the legislative branch influences the process of congress?

    asked by Reisha
  114. Calculus

    Find the integral, using the method of substitution where necessary. 63. integrate x^2*Sqrt[x+1] dx What I have done: I have set the (x+1) = u but I feel this is the wrong way to do this problem.

    asked by Molly
  115. physics

    Three masses are aligned along the x axis of a rectangular coordinate system so that a 2 kg mass is at the origin, a 3kg is at (2,0) m, and a 4 kg mass is at (4,0) m. Find (a) the gravitational force exerted on the 4 kg mass by the other two masses and (b)

    asked by Anonymous
  116. history

    Two hindrances face by monarchs who wanted to be more enlightened in the 18th century?

    asked by bill
  117. science

    My teacher wants us to find another name for winter. Can anyone help me?

    asked by Nick
  118. us history

    how to write a bill

    asked by zac
  119. english/history

    How have our romantic ideals today as evidenced by films stories magazines popular cultre and the media have been influenced by chivalry of the Middle Ages? Examples please?

    asked by kelly
  120. Didn't do research paper

    I have a research paper due TOMOROW that my English teacher assigned 2 weeks ago. I waited until Friday to start thinking i could rush it, but so far I have nothing. I did tons of non-stop research and got to page 2 when I realized I was "writing in

    asked by Adam
  121. physics

    At the end of the semester, you are loading your gear into a van to go home. In loading the van, you can either lift a 45.0-kg crate straight up(method 1) or push it up a 3.00-m-long ramp that is inclined at an angle above the horizontal (method 2).In both

    asked by ajo
  122. Math (Calc)

    Find all solutions to the following equation on the interval 0

    asked by Bryan
  123. health-smoking

    What is the purpose of nicotine replacement therapy? A. To reduce the number of cigarettes smoked B. To reduce the food cravings of a smoking patient who is cutting down on the number of cigarettes smoked per day. C. To replce the nicotine lost with

    asked by abby