Questions Asked on
December 7, 2007

  1. Algebra..please check my work!!

    At 3 p.m., Brunhilde headed north at 30 kilometers per hour. Two hours later Ludwig headed south at 40 kilometers per hour. At what time will they be 340 kilometers apart? I know that the distance from Brunhilde(Db) plus the distance from Ludwig(Dl) is

    asked by Tim
  2. geography

    Some one please tell me an obscure fact about spain or austallia!!!

    asked by Lauren F
  3. chemisty

    Consider the titration of 50 mL of 0.15 M NH3 with 0.1 M HCl. What is the pH at the equivalence point of the titration? (Kb= 1.8X 10-5 Ka= 5.6X10-10)

    asked by bert
  4. math

    suppose you have a pipe with circumference of 8 cm and length equal 3 cm and that 10 turn of a wire are wrapped about the pipe. what is the length of the wire

    asked by math
  5. college algebra

    find the inverse of log5(2x+1)=g(x)

    asked by danny
  6. ETH

    What are some measurements sociologist use to calculate prejudice.

    asked by Jennifer
  7. Math

    How do I solve for the missing letters in the following:? ABCD X 4 ______ DCBA (the 4 is listed under the D and it appears to be done as a mult. problem?

    asked by Tyler
  8. biology - true or false

    1) The dark reaction (Calvin cycle) will not take place in the presence of light. 2) If the concentration of carbon dioxide increases, chances are photosynthesis will plateua if there is an insufficient amount of light.

    asked by Angela
  9. Algebra

    Billye ran to town at 8 kilometers per hour and then walked back home at 3 kilometers per hour. How far was it to town if the round trip took 11 hours?

    asked by Anthony
  10. trig.

    Jack and Jill ran a 400 meter race. Jill ran therace in 50 second and won by 5 meters; that is Jack had run only 295 meter when Jill crossed the finish line. They decide to race again,but this time Jill starts 5 meters behind the starting line. Assuming

    asked by Anonymous
  11. acct.information system components

    can someone correct these for me when you have a chance thanks: a) source documents b) input devices c) information process d) information storage e) output devices I have to assigned them to the following titles that best plays role in the accouting

    asked by student acc
  12. chemistry

    Which of the following subshells is correctly designated? a. 1f5 b. 3s3 c. 6f12 d. 4d11 e. 1p2

    asked by chem
  13. sci 275

    create a outline of the risk of using malathion according to the four steps of risk assessment presented. . Hazard identification . Dose- response . Exposure . Risk characterization

    asked by kelly
  14. Sets

    My teacher assigned homework today that says to "specify the intersection and the union of the given sets." 1 problem is : {10,-6,-2} and {-2,2,6} i believe what she is requesting is 2 venn diagrams. one for intersection and one for the union. I've made

    asked by Jason
  15. Math repost for Jake

    math - jake, Friday, December 7, 2007 at 2:06pm How many cats are in a small room if in each of the four corners a cat is sitting, and opposite each cat there sits 3 cats, and at each cat's tail a cat is sitting?

    asked by Ms. Sue
  16. writing skills

    which of the following groups of words is a sentence fragment. A.when we stopped by the garden. B.stop by the garden. C.we stopped;she didn't. D.stopping by the garden,we saw that the flowers were in bloom.

    asked by blaine
  17. college math

    Explain permutations and combinations and the differences between the two. Use examples to illustrate.

    asked by Rose
  18. chemistry

    Which of the following subshells is correctly designated? a. 1f5 b. 3s3 c. 6f12 d. 4d11 e. 1p2

    asked by chem
  19. algebra

    Let f(x)=3x-7, and g(x)=5x^2, h(x)=1/x a.) Find f[g(x)-9] b.) Find g[hf(x)]

    asked by danny
  20. college algebra

    Let f denote an odd function and g an odd function. Decide whether the function h(x)=g(x) f(x) is even or odd.

    asked by rodrigo
  21. College Math

    Consider the function F(x)=x^2+6x-2. find h, the coordinate of the vertx of this parabola. I came up with -3, -11

    asked by Alicia
  22. proofread letter

    Can you proofread my letter? Thanks! December 7, 2007 Dear President of the Math Company, I am pleased to inform you that a company that has 11 mathematicians on its staff and 2 or fewer women is possible. In fact, based on my stimulation, the probability

    asked by Anonymous
  23. chemistry

    What is the hybridization on carbon no. 1 and carbon no. 2? and the no. sigma bonds ? C7H10

    asked by Lu
  24. math 162

    Let f(x)= -3x^4+79x^2-3x+1/ 5x^4+19x^3+2x+5. Discuss the short run behavior for f(x) and the long run behavior for f(x).

    asked by rodrigo
  25. accounting

    An account in a general ledger that summarizes all accounts in a subsidiary ledger is what?

    asked by Danielle
  26. Abstract Algebra

    Let H={a+bi a,b is a element R, a^2+b^2=1} be a subset of the non zero complex numbers C*. Prove that H

    asked by Devin
  27. Science

    Do you believe that humans can harvest forest resources in an environmentally friendly way? Or, should national forests be left in their natural state in which resources are not used to benefit humans? To which side are you inclined?.

    asked by Danny
  28. MATH

    1.The length of one of the equal legs of an isosceles triangle is 8 cm less than 4 times the length of the base. If the perimeter is 29 cm, find the length of one of the equal legs. A) 4 cm B) 5 cm C) 11 cm D) 12 cm answers 4x-8= 4(5)-8= 20-8= 12 2.3x - 2y

    asked by mary
  29. Literature

    Could someone please read over these and tell me if I have them anywhere near correct. Thank you 1. Compare Equaino's treatment that he receives during his enslavement with his treatment on the slave ship. Although some aspects of Equiano's treatmen during

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    Can anyone explain Horizontal Equalities Equations? I also would appreciate examples of problems and the steps to solve the problem.

    asked by Jo Anne
  31. English

    How do you write the following sentence grammatically correct: At mcdonalds we devoured 4 big macs three orders of french fries and five coca colas for lunch.

    asked by Julie
  32. financial management

    "NPV and IRR methods result in conflicts only if mutually exclusive projects. What do you consider mutually exclusive projects and how would you rank these projects?"

    asked by alley

    If mecury is 13.54 g/cm3, and you need 40 gm of mercury. What volume of mercury do you need?

    asked by TASHA
  34. Math/Physics

    If I have 24 inch Diameter tires that rotated 101 times in 15 seconds, how do I find out how fast they were going?

    asked by Kayln
  35. math

    any help would be great The sum of 2 consecutive integers is equal to their difference.

    asked by allen
  36. math 162

    Let f(x)= -3/(x+2)(2x-5).How do i specify any zeros, and asymptotes of f(x).

    asked by rodrigo
  37. science

    How can I convert 50 kg to pounds?

    asked by jody
  38. chemistry

    Using data from this chapter, calculate the change in energy expected for each of the following processes Rb(g) + Br(g) Rb+(g) + Br -(g)

    asked by mel
  39. algebra

    Let f(x)= -3x^4+79x^2-3x+1 ___________________ 5x^4+19x^4+2x+5 Discuss the short run behavior for f(x)and the long run for f(x).

    asked by rodrigo
  40. Statistics

    How do I generate the bezier curve control points to represent a normal (Gaussian) distribution?

    asked by statstudent
  41. Intro to Computers

    What are the points of connection between internet service providers?

    asked by Meka
  42. English

    How did King Arthur Influence modern romance?

    asked by Shaniqua
  43. Literature (revision)

    Could someone please read over these and tell me if I have them anywhere near correct. Thank you 1. Compare Equaino's treatment that he receives during his enslavement with his treatment on the slave ship. Although some aspects of Equiano's treatmen during

    asked by Anonymous
  44. chemistry

    Are d orbitals included in hybrid orbitals?

    asked by Pam
  45. Math

    Approx. 7 of every 10 students live on campus. The college has 10,000 students. How many of them live on campus?

    asked by Patricia
  46. algebra

    The function f is even and the function g is odd. Determine whether the function h(x)= f(x)/g(x) is even or, odd or neither.

    asked by danny
  47. algebra

    Let f(x)=x^4+2x^3-7x^2-8x+12. A.) Discuss the short run behavior of f(x). B.) Discuss the long run behavior of f(x).

    asked by danny
  48. Business

    What should an employer or Human Resource Manager do when they find drugs in someone car during a random search at work? What if the employee says it is not their?

    asked by Jen
  49. math 162

    Let f(x= -3 ________________ (x+2) (2x-5) Specify any zeros, and asymptotes of f(x).

    asked by rodrigo
  50. science

    A force can make an object start to move or it can xxxxx it up or xxxx it down. We think the answers for x are speed and slow. A magnetic force exists between a magnet and a magnetic material such as xxxx and xxxxx. These materials are attracted to a

    asked by lizbeth
  51. Drbob222

    I so need help please tell me some obscure facts about spain

    asked by Lauren F
  52. geograhpy

    Where is the highest airstip in the world?

    asked by Kristy
  53. math 162

    Let f(x)= -3 _________________ (x+2)(2x-5) Specify any zeros, and asymptotes of f(x).

    asked by Steven Jackson
  54. science

    evaporation is where water molecules at the surface of the liquid absorb enough energy to change to a?

    asked by michaela
  55. math

    how do i convert fluid ouncesinto pints

    asked by brianna
  56. Chemistry

    How is the following problem solved? What is the change of heat for bond? NH3(g) + Cl2(g) -> N2Cl + HCl N-H 389 Cl-Cl 243 N-Cl 201 H-Cl 431

    asked by Mg