Questions Asked on
December 6, 2007

  1. math

    if 12 counters are 3/4 of a set, what is the whole set of counters?

    asked by milan
  2. Physics

    A rifle is fired in a valley with parallel vertical walls. The echo from one wall is heard 1.0s after the rifle was fired. The echo from the other wall is heard 1.0s after the first echo. How wide is the valley?

    asked by Einstein
  3. Physics

    This is how the problem starts out: A meter stick is placed with the fulcrum at the 50-cm mark. If a 120-g mass is placed at the 25-cm mark and a 25-g mass at the 10-cm mark, where should a 500-g mass be placed to balance the system? I thought that since

    asked by Emily
  4. chemistry

    What is dipole moment of BeCl2? and hybidization?

    asked by Vic
  5. chemistry

    are there 0 pi bonds and 5 sigma bonds in the PCl5?

    asked by km
  6. Math

    There is one bus with seven girls on it. Each girl has seven backpacks with seven lions in each backpack. Each big lion has seven little lions. How many legs are there all together?

    asked by Ashley
  7. chem

    calculate the max wavelength of light capable of removing an electron for a hydrogen atom from the energy state characterized by the following : n=2 in nm n=4 in nm

    asked by mel
  8. chem

    calculate the change in energy expected for each of the following processes 1. Rb(g) + Br(g) --> Rb+ (g) + Br- (g) 2. Mg(g) + I(g) --> Mg+ (g) + I- (g) 3. Mg+ (g) + I(g) -> Mg+2 (g) + I- (g) 4. Mg(g) + 2I (g) -> Mg+2 (g) + 2I- (g) in kJ

    asked by mel
  9. Chemistry

    Do PCl5 have 3 lone pairs for each Cl? and 1 lone pair for P ??

    asked by Km
  10. math

    The capacity of an elevator is either 15 children or 11 adults. If 8 children are currently in the elevator, how many adults can still get in?

    asked by math
  11. Precalc

    Find the exact solutions to each equation for the interval [0,360) 2cosx-secx = 1

    asked by Sean
  12. physics

    A car is traveling 20m/s when the driver sees a child standing in the road. He takes 0.8s to react, then steps on the brakes and slows at 7.0m/s^2. How far does the car go before it stops? i don't know where to start.

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Math - Statistics

    Suppose that the mean number of customers who arrive at the check-out counters each minute is 4. Create a Poisson Distribution with u (lamda) = 4 for x = 0 to 20. Compare your results to the histogram. 20 random numbers are generated with a Poisson

    asked by J
  14. Math / Algebra Word Problem

    The Parkhursts used 160 yd of fencing to enclose a rectangular corral and to divide it into two parts by a fence parrallel to one of the shorter sides. Find the dimensions of the corral if its area is 1000 yd^2 Thank you!

    asked by Ray
  15. physics

    A rock is dropped into a well. Five Seconds later a splash is heard. Calculate the depth of the well(assume the time for sound of the splash to reach you is too small to consider.) how can i calculate the depth of the well if the only thing that's given is

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Chemistry - please help

    1. Write the balanced chemical equation for the single displacement reaction of magnesium and sodium thiosulfate. Is this right? 6Mg + (S*2*O*3)*2 -> 6MgO + 2S*2 2. Write the balanced chemical equation for the double displacement reaction of hydrogen

    asked by kim
  17. Physics

    A youngster shoots a bottle cap up a 15.0° inclined board at 1.92 m/s. The cap slides in a straight line, slowing to 0.95 m/s after traveling some distance. If the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.35, find that distance. So I get that (1/2)MV^2 =

    asked by Lindsay
  18. Physics

    Carol drops a stone into a mine shaft 12.6 m deep. How soon after she drops the stone does she hear it hit the bottom of the shaft?

    asked by Einstein
  19. algebra

    Pick a country of your choice that is experiencing population growth. Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials to find the most recent population count of the country you have chosen and the population growth rate of that country. Use that

    asked by lee
  20. Math

    this question does not make sense to me. Add the proper constant to the binomial so that the resulting trinomial is a perfect square trinomial. then factor the trinomail. X^2+21x+__ What is the constant term? What is the factored for of the trinomial? i

    asked by Nick
  21. chemistry

    for this reaction: 2NO + heat N2 +O2 which way would the equillibrium shift if catalyst is added?

    asked by madi
  22. Physics

    One closed pipe organ has a length of 2.5 m. The frequency of the note is 34.3 Hz. When a second pipe is played at the same time, a 1.7 Hz beat note is heard. By how much is the second pipe too long? Would you have to use the frequency of the second pipe

    asked by Einstein
  23. math

    michelle went on a 24-mile bike ride by lunchtime, they had ridden 5/8 of the total distance.How many miles did they have left to ride after lunch.

    asked by milan
  24. English hard crossward

    ok my teacher gave us a crossword puzzle to do she said i was so hard that we can ask anyone for help and use the internet to look up the answers if you want to help please reply.

    asked by Mike
  25. Math

    If 50 counters are the whole set, what fraction of the set is 45 counters?

    asked by Jessica
  26. English

    Provide synonyms of "low achievers."

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Chemistry

    molecular equation for BaBr2 (aq) + PB(NO3)2 (aq) -> Ba(No3) + Pb(Br2) is that right or is it Ba(No3)2

    asked by Savy
  28. criminal justice 255

    Describe and apply six law enforcement strategies from Chapter 6 of Defending the Homeland. For each: Label the strategy as proactive, reactive, or both. Describe the strategy: What is it, and what is required to execute the strategy? List the top

    asked by RAINY
  29. Soc. Studies

    how did the early civilizations start?

    asked by Vasu
  30. Psychology

    What are the major criticisms of Freud's theory of personality by Alfred Adler and Carl Jung?

    asked by Christian
  31. Uniform Motion

    Doing homework and came across this problem that has me totally stumped... On Monday, Voltaire drove to town at 60 miles per hour. On Tuesday, he drove to town at 40 miles per hour. If the total traveling time for both trips was 15 hours, how far was it to

    asked by Ashley
  32. brain

    In "split brain" experiments, the main commissure connecting the cerebral hemispheres is cut. Name this commissure?

    asked by Twigs
  33. Hearing Loss/Causes

    I need websites on these Questions: How does a buildup of earwax cause someone to have a hearing loss? What happens when there is hearing loss in the inner ear? What are some reasons that a person may have a hearing loss in the outer or middle ear? What is

    asked by Mack
  34. Math

    Where do I start for this question. What is the most amount of money--all coins but no dollar coins--that you could have in your pocket and still not be able to give exact change for a dollar, a half dollar, a quarter, a dime or a nickel?

    asked by Tyler
  35. algebra

    How do I do this? What is the probability of rolling a die twice and rolling a 6 the first time and an even number the second time? Is it 1/12, 4/32, 5/32, or Not Given?

    asked by Tabby
  36. HUM 130

    I need information on History of key sacred texts in judaism? I can not find any and I know it is out there somewhere.

    asked by dawn
  37. AP biology

    I posted this question three days ago but no one answered. Hi you guys I am having trouble with the "cell communication" chapter so I would really appreaciate if someone could help out with this question "What could happen to the target cells in an animal

    asked by Claudia
  38. science

    What kind of streams form v-shaped valleys? Streams that are first forming,streams that move slowly, streams that have meanders?

    asked by jeremy
  39. social studies

    can u please help me unscramble the word radmordey?

    asked by emily
  40. Maps

    Where is the artic region?

    asked by Like you'd want to know!
  41. math

    What is one way to find a missing side length in a pair of similar figures?

    asked by blah
  42. Chemistry

    I do not understand sp,sp2,sp3 hybridization. How do they form from the valence orbitals?

    asked by Lu
  43. Geology

    What type of waves are Earthquakes?

    asked by Gary
  44. chem

    answer the following questions assuming that m (subscript s) could have three values rather than two and the rules for n, l and m (subscript l) are the normal ones. 1. how many electrons would an orbital be able to hold? 2. how many elements would the

    asked by mel
  45. Math

    step 1: x = integral(from 0 to v) dv/(z^2-v^2) step 2: x = 1/2z ln((q+v)/(q-v)) How do you get from step 1 to step 2 ?

    asked by Anthony
  46. algebra

    How do I do this? What is the probability of rolling a die twice and rolling a 6 the first time and an even number the second time? Is it 1/12, 4/32, 5/32, or Not Given?

    asked by Tabby
  47. economics

    Why would assigning property rights be a solution to pollution caused by burning coal?

    asked by autumn
  48. math

    I sold a book on the Internet for $6.00. I could have sold it at my garage sale for $1.00. I made $5 more on the Internet. What is the profit as a percentage? What is the formula for figuring that per centage?

    asked by Beni
  49. algebra

    How do I find the measurement of an angle of a triangle if I know what the other two angles are. For example, I know the first is 90 degress, the second angle is 30 degress, but I need to know what the third angle is.

    asked by Tabby
  50. Math

    I'm trying to enter this so it shows up to what I need, but I need to know how to solve for the missing Letters: ABCD X 4 ---- DCBA It reads ABCD times 4 and the 4 is under the D.

    asked by Tyler
  51. math

    Please explain how to do this problem: 5(9-3)+5x4-6=

    asked by Ashley
  52. algebra

    How do I do this? You are building a corner cabinet, the walls intersect at a right angle. What is the perimeter of the cabinet if the height is 30 inches, the hypotneuse is 42 inches, and the base is unknown?

    asked by Tabby
  53. Algebra

    If x1 and y1 is (2,2) and x2 and y2 is(3,2) what is the y intercept form? I'm confused on how to work the problem out step by step

    asked by Brooke
  54. Spanish 2

    How do i say fork, knife, and spoon in spanish.

    asked by Brooke
  55. Grammar

    Is this an example of a participial phrase? The man in the suit was her former fiance.

    asked by Kimmy

    1) How many major bones of the axial skeleton are there? I think 80 2) What are the accessory bones of the skull? I don't know

    asked by 565
  57. CPA

    How long does it take to become a CPA and what are the procedures? thank you.

    asked by Khan
  58. chemistry

    which of the following will result in a chemical change?

    asked by kanisha
  59. Algabra!!!

    ok i asked 4 help earlear ang got it but now im stuck again (2,5) M=1/2 the book says to "write an equation of the line that passws through the point and has the given slope. write the equation in slope-intercept form." but how do i do this with a fraction

    asked by Mike
  60. spanish

    How did the geography influence the immigration for the exploration in Colombia and Venezuela? How did the indegenous mix with the Europeans to develop the culture in Colombia and Venezuela? I've tried many websites such as fact monster, wikipedia,

    asked by astrid
  61. math, I think I have it now...

    Is this the correct way to solve this? 5+3x4-2= 3x4=12 +5= 17 -2+15 is the answer 15?????

    asked by Ashley
  62. HUM 130

    i need help finding this info. please Hinduism Buddhism Confucianism Daoism I need this on all of these: Historical figures and events Central beliefs Nature of God Texts Ritual and practice (sacred elements & their meaning) Ethics and morality I need help

    asked by dawn
  63. Math

    Sam needs to feed 10 dogs at the animal shelter. The dog food is sold in 5 pounds. How many bags of dog food will he need to feed the dog for an entire week? Estimate your answer.(first estimate then multiply)

    asked by Wali
  64. English

    I am in USA for last 14 years almost but still have an accent. I tried hard to get rid of my accent and speek as good as one american born could, but I could do it. Can anyone recommend me anything helpful to correct my accent?

    asked by Eric
  65. Chemistry

    Is it possible for an electron to have n=2 l=1 m=-2? EXPLAIN PLEASE

    asked by Km
  66. Science

    Why is passive soalr heating referred to as passive?

    asked by Robin
  67. Physics

    What two ways can waves interact? ^I have no clue what its asking

    asked by Matt
  68. spanish!!...urgent!...please help

    how did the geography influence the migration and exploration of colombia? venezuela? i need websitres for this urgent...please help asap... :(

    asked by maggie
  69. Health

    I have to do a 1 page essay on "Protecting yourself in Public". Now, our teacher just gives us work, she doesn't lecture us. Also I think it is due tomorrow (at least that's what my friend told me), and she assigned it today. So I tried looking on Google

    asked by Wenmar
  70. chem help please

    K= 6.9x10^10 which way does this dominate to right or left? for equilibrium constant? this is a hw problem i just don't understand

    asked by alicia
  71. history

    During the middle ages what were the roles of the Crusades on the power of the Church, the knights and how they strong-armed their role into power for the church.

    asked by jenn
  72. Science

    Hey....I need help with my homework. I'm in 9th grade, high school. Its pyhsical science about Atomic Math.. Heres the question: Multiply the atomic number of hydrogen by the number of electrons in mercury, which has an atomic number of 80.

    asked by Sammi
  73. chemistry

    what is a pi bond?

    asked by Lu
  74. math

    a light house has an angle of depression from the top of 34 degrees and is 30 meters tall. how far from the base of lighthouse is the boat?

    asked by carol
  75. math

    don't understand help please When one half of the second of two consecutive integers is subtracted from the first of the two consecutive integers, the result is 2.

    asked by keauanna
  76. espanol

    is this sentencecorrect? Mi tio tiene dos hijos.

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Math

    A tree casts a shadow that measures 5m. At the same time, a meter stick casts a shadow that is o.4m long. How tall is the tree?

    asked by Patricia
  78. chemistry

    How to get the hybridization of N IN NO2- ?

    asked by Vic
  79. linguistics

    how do you pronounce these: ferdinand de Saussure???

    asked by stunning gurl
  80. math

    If two triangles are similar, what can you say about the ratios of the two side lengths within one triangle and the ratios of the corresponding side lengths in the other triangle?

    asked by bbb
  81. chem

    what is the energy of a mole of UV photons having a wavelength of 13nm?

    asked by mel
  82. Biology

    How many possible gametes would an individual produce in this tri-hybrid cross? Their genotype is AaBbDd,also what would all gamete possible combinations be?

    asked by Beverly
  83. chem

    K= 6.9x10^10 which way does this dominate to right or left? for equilibrium constant? this is a hw problem i just don't understand

    asked by alicia
  84. vocab

    i need the verb form of eulogy aversion and officious

    asked by jiee
  85. Math, again

    Please explain how to do this problem: 5 + 3 x 2 + (4+2)= I did 5+3=8 x2+ 16 +6=22 did I do this correctly? Thank you...

    asked by Ashley
  86. Hearing Loss/Causes

    What sends the signals to your brain, allowing you to distinguish one sound from another?

    asked by Mack
  87. educational technology

    what are the biological aspects of learning???

    asked by klar maesen
  88. homework

    i can't find one of my previous questions!?

    asked by Stacy
  89. Algebra 1

    ok i have a problam i cant figure out how to do thie problam (1,-3),M= -4

    asked by Moke
  90. please revsise english paper

    Owning a home is an integral part of the American dream. But this year alone thousands of homeowners across the country face foreclosures. It is inevitable to see the high rise of home mortgage foreclosures nationwide. A record number of homeowners are now

    asked by christi
  91. Math

    Hi again... 5(9-3)+5x4-6= 5x6=30 +5=35x4=140-6=134 is this how it is supposed to be done??? Is this the correct method? Did I get the correct answer?

    asked by Ashley
  92. Hearing Loss/Causes

    Is damage to your inner ear reversible?

    asked by Mack
  93. miss wezey

    i have the same crossword puzzle do anyone know what Poet Van Duyn is it is 4 letters across ends with an a

    asked by Anonymous
  94. english quick question

    I see your point and I agree _______ your proposal. i answered with study guide says to WHY?????

    asked by sam
  95. math

    x+2y=3 2x+3y=7

    asked by johnny
  96. analogies

    ________ is to animal as giant sequoia is to tree

    asked by Nonomous
  97. educational technology

    what is the role of the brain in learning??? please answer...thanks a lot...

    asked by klar maesen
  98. crossword puzzle

    13 leaters cause to be happy

    asked by Mike
  99. math

    the answer for 5+(6-4)+6x2(4-2)=

    asked by Ashley