Questions Asked on
December 5, 2007

  1. Microeconomics-Algebra Calculation

    Consider public policy aimed at smoking. Studies indicate that the price elasticity of demand for cigarettes in about 0.4. If a pack of cirarettes currently costs $2 and the government wants to reduce smoking by 20 percent, by how much should the govenment

    asked by GG
  2. physics

    A 20 kg child on roller skates, initially at rest, rolls 4 m down an incline at an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal. If there is no friction between incline and skates, what is the kenetic energy of the child at the bottom of the incline? (g= 9.81

    asked by julia
  3. Math/Fractions

    If 20 counters are the whole set, what fraction of the set is 16 counters?

    asked by Jessica
  4. Math 115

    Every fraction has a decimal equivalent that either terminates (for example,1/4=0.25 ) or repeats (for example,2/9=0.2 ). Work with a group to discover which fractions have terminating decimals and which have repeating decimals. You may assume that the

    asked by blondie
  5. Chemistry

    How do you make CIF2 into a Lewis Structure

    asked by Lauren
  6. Physics

    A hockey puck is sliding across a frozen pond with an initial speed of 6.5 m/s. It comes to rest after sliding a distance of 7.6 m. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the puck and the ice? I know this one is not that difficult. However, I

    asked by Lindsay
  7. What does the following verse mean?

    "And if ye, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Heavenly father which is in heaven, give to those who ask Him?" -- This is taken directly from the bible and what does it mean? Does it mean children are

    asked by Anonymous
  8. [english] richard cory vs miniver cheevy

    i am writing an essay about two different poems by edwin arlington robinson: "richard cory" and "miniver cheevy". my prompt is basically asking me who is more sympathetic? my answer is miniver cheevy but i don't know what to write for my thesis. help

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Math 115

    Every fraction has a decimal equivalent that either terminates (for example,1/4=0.25 ) or repeats (for example,2/9=0.2 ). Work with a group to discover which fractions have terminating decimals and which have repeating decimals. You may assume that the

    asked by blondie

    Find the area A of the largest rectangle that can be inscribed in a right triangle withh legs of length 3cm and 4cm if two sides of the rectangle lie along the two legs of the triangle.

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Physics

    A railroad flatcar is loaded with crates. The coefficient of static friction between the crates and the floor is 0.27. If the train is moving at 59.7 km/hr, in how short a distance can the train be stopped with a constant acceleration without causing the

    asked by Lindsay
  12. math-5th gr

    what fraction is equal to one third of one fourth? How do I solve this??

    asked by tonya
  13. Physics

    A 850.0-kg car travelling on a level road at 27.0 m/s (60.5 mi/hr) can stop, locking its wheels, in a distance of 61.0 m (200.1 ft). (a) Find the size of the horizontal force which the car applies on the road while stopping. (b) Find the stopping distance

    asked by Lindsay
  14. politics

    How many years does each Governor serve? Is it 5 years?

    asked by Tabby
  15. English

    In Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, how are the following symbolic? [Pip, Estella, Pocket, Hubble, meshes]

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Earth Science

    Which particles can wind move most easily? Sand, silt, pebbles, or gravel? I put sand but my teacher marked it wrong. Would it be silt? Pebbles and gravel are pretty heavy.

    asked by Lisa
  17. MATH

    Many years ago, a cruise liner sank in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The survivors luckily landed on a remote desert island. There was enough food for the 220 people to eat once per day; this would make the food last for three weeks. Six days later a

    asked by ME
  18. civics

    why was the ratification of Virginia important to the constitution?

    asked by erika
  19. English

    Ihave to develop an outline for my essay topic "Healthy eating and Diabetis" I have a thesis. And I have include the Outline. Please make suggestions. I would certaingly appreciate it. Here is what I have done. What is your thesis statement? Even though

    asked by DANIELLE
  20. ap us history

    To what extent did developments in technology and transportation add to sectionalism in nineteenth century America? I know that the cotton gin has a tremendous effects on the sectionalism but i also know about railrodes... but i don't know how that leads

    asked by Anonymous
  21. english

    In the sentence: We visited a museum in the afternoon. Which are the common nouns vs proper noun? Is We a common noun or just a pronoun? Thanks

    asked by brycen
  22. Stoichiometry

    Balance. Ammonia + oxygen yields Nitrogen + water. Then, given the moles of reactant or product below, determine the corresponding amount in moles of each of the other reactants and products. a)4 mol Ammonia b)4 mol of Nitrogen c)4.5 mol oxygen

    asked by Sandy
  23. Calculus

    what is the definite integral of 1) Upper boundry 4 Lower boundry 0 Problem: x/ square root of 1+2x) dx 2) Upper boundry 1/2 Lower boundry 0 Problem: sin^-1x / square root of 1-x^2) dx 3) upper boundry 4 lower boundry 1 Problem: e^square root of x/ square

    asked by Tara
  24. math

    I am answering questions concerning equity, the problem is a story problem, and it concerns a couple who bought a 129000 home, and then borrowed 107,000 at 7.25% for 30 years. A) How much equity does the couple have in their home before they make their

    asked by Alexis
  25. science

    what is a chemical change?

    asked by danni
  26. Calculus

    1) Find the derivative with respect to x of Integral from 1 to X^3 of sqrt( 1 + t²) dt I got sqrt( 1 + X^6) * 3x². Is that right? 2) Integral from 0 to pi/2 of Xcos(X²)dx

    asked by Sam
  27. math

    Not sure how to complete my home work tonight my first question is 2+8=4+ ___ I don't no how to answer please help thankyou

    asked by Liam
  28. Accounting

    What are two distinct obligations incurred by corporations when issuing bonds?

    asked by James
  29. drivers ed

    i have been working on this forever...and i cant figure it out...but its on motorcycle safety...and its two words...but it contains aeehhossvy...and ithink its an article of clothing but other than that i have no idea......cause everything else i've solved

    asked by :)
  30. Mathematics

    Solve d/dx x(ln(x)-1) I had: =d/dx xln(x) - d/dx 1 =d/dx ln(x)^x =x^(-x-1) [and this is wrong] Can someone show me the correct answer and working please?

    asked by xX_Supaman_Xx
  31. chemistry

    What is the nitrogen-oxygen bond order in potassium nitrite

    asked by shannon
  32. Business studies

    Examine the circumstances in which a product (such as Coca-Cola) may avoid the decline stage of the product life cycle i think it has got something to do with the different types if extension strategies they could use, but im unsure. please could someone

    asked by sam

    Evaluate each of the following. (a) lim x->0(e^x)-1-x/ x^2 (b) lim x->0 x-sinx/x^3 (c) lim x->infinity (In x)^2/x (d) lim x->0+ (sinx)In x (e) lim x->0+ (cos3x)^5/x (f) lim x->1+ ((1/x-1) -(1/In x))

    asked by Anonymous

    Find and classify all locsl extreme values of each given function.(no decimals) (a) g(x)=e^(2x)+e^(-x) (b) g(x)=x^(2/3)*(x^(2)-4)

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Portfolio

    I need help creating a Cover Design for my Portfolio. What should it include?

    asked by Bryan

    Find and Classify, the absolut extreme values of each function on the given interval.(do not give decimal) (a) g(x)= 2sinx + 2cos^(2)x; [0,2pie] (b) f(x)=x^(4)-2x^(3)+3; [-1,2]

    asked by Anonymous
  37. civics

    why was the ratification of new york important to the constitution?

    asked by erika
  38. HUM 130

    make a list of the factors that shaped the child into the Buddha that has been discussed. It can be a list of terms and short phrases.

    asked by dawn
  39. Can someone edit my paragraph?

    A young man prepares to graduate from college. He expects his father to buy him the car he always admired for his graduation. His father talks to him and the father tells him he loves and is proud of him. The father gives the young man a beautiful wrapped

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math

    Lana is calibrating a scale. The scale calibrates at 50g. When she puts a nickel on the scale, it weighs 4.94g. A nickel weighs 5g. If a fifty cent piece weighs 11.17g, a quarter 5.71g, a dime 2.26g, a nickel at 4.94g, and a penny at 2.52g, how many of

    asked by Alyssa

    Let f(x)=x^(3)+x-1. Find ech number c in (1,2) that satisfies the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem.

    asked by Anonymous
  42. math

    Find the critical numbers of each given function. (a) f(x)=3rt(x^(2)-x (b) g(x)=2sinx+2cos^(2)x, 0

    asked by Help!!!!
  43. Social Studies

    Why were the Southeastern and Gulf States good location for farming?

    asked by Reagan
  44. economics

    Patents, trademarks, and copyright protection are all forms of

    asked by Tabby
  45. algebra

    How do I solve inequalities? For example a+15>27. a.) a>42 b.) a>13 c.) a>12 d.) not given.

    asked by Tabby
  46. egyptian mummification process

    this chemical was used to embalm the organs

    asked by taylor
  47. Calculus

    Find the average value of f(t)=-2te^(-t^2) on the interval [0,3]

    asked by Ben
  48. Science

    Which substance is most likely to be carried by a stream in solution? Quartz, calcite, or sand?

    asked by Jean
  49. com125

    Can anyone tell me a website to find the verbal & nonverbal communication stlyes of Egypt & Italy? I have googled, asked can't find a thing. Help!! Any info. is appreciated.

    asked by Paul
  50. science

    What is the difference between ionic compounds and polar compounds?

    asked by michelle
  51. PHL/251

    what fallacy is I don't know what colleges are teaching these days! I have just received a letter of application from a young man who graduated from the state university last June. It was a wretched letter--badly written, with elementary errors in

    asked by b
  52. sociology

    what are the concepts of conflict theory?

    asked by tina
  53. Math

    Please help, this has me so stumped. What about this one then. Following the pattern shown in the number sequence below, what is the missing number? 1 - 8 - 27 - ? - 125 - 216 36 45 46 64 99

    asked by LizardGuy
  54. Cells.

    Does hydrogen, fluorine, or calcium need the help of ATP to enter or leave the cell?

    asked by May
  55. physics

    An 855 kg dragster accelerates from rest to 120 km/h in 0.90 seconds. What is the average force exerted on the car? I used the regular f=ma which is f=855*(120-0/.9) which equalled 114000 but that answer is wrong. I don't know another formula am i supposed

    asked by katlin
  56. english

    Until the dog heard his master's footsteps, he lay motionless on the floor for several hours.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Physics

    What are the effects of radation on humans?

    asked by Soly
  58. Physics

    A youngster shoots a bottle cap up a 15.0° inclined board at 1.92 m/s. The cap slides in a straight line, slowing to 0.95 m/s after traveling some distance. If the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.35, find that distance. I still don't quite understand

    asked by Lindsay
  59. english

    the crucial hint that allowed him to do his study came from a paper published in the aftermath of the 1918 flu pandemic. what part of speech is pandemic? adj or noun

    asked by joo
  60. math help please

    I had 12 of these problems got through all but the last one. I need to show the steps The Parkhursts used 160 yd of fencing to enclose a rectangular corral to divide it into two paths by a fence parallel to one of the shorter sides. Find the dimensions of

    asked by sam
  61. MATH problem help had typo

    The Parkhursts used 160 yd of fencing to enclose a rectangular corral to divide it into two parts by a fence parallel to one of the shorter sides. Find the dimensions of the corral if its area is 1000 yd ^2 ( yd has a small 2 above the d) SO CONFUSED NEED

    asked by sam

    Find each of the following. (a) (3t^2 + t/2)dt (b) x^(-5/4) dx (c)(2e^x -3e^-2x)dx (d) ((2/sqrt1-y^2) - (1/y^(1/4)))dy (f) (csc theta/csc theta-sin theta) d theta

    asked by Anonymous
  63. english

    how do you spell at????????? please get back to me ASAP !!!!

    asked by stuck!!!!!!!!!
  64. biology

    Hi i am stuck on this question? can someone explain it to me? Why is the amount of oxygen evolved per unit time(mmol O2/m^2/s) not a good measure of the rate of photosynthesis of a plant?

    asked by john
  65. Science

    What is an environmental problem that you feel is significant in your town or city. What are some causes? Are any of these causes related to human values and environmental ethics? Explain.

    asked by Danny
  66. ENGLISH - The Bluest Eyes

    Hi there! I'm looking for IMPORTANT quotes from a Toni Morrison novel called "The Bluest Eye". I've searched around but it's not quite enough. Thank you for your help & time!

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Math

    what number gives the same result when multiplied by 6 as it does when 6 is added to it?

    asked by BOB
  68. MATH

    Find and classify all local extreme values of each given function. (a) g(x)=e^(2x)+e^(-x) (b) g(x)=x^(2/3)*(x^(2)-4)

    asked by Anonymous
  69. math

    a railing for a deck requires pieces of cedar 4 ft 8 in., 11 ft 7 in., and 9 ft 3 in long. what is the total length of material that is needed?

    asked by Stumped
  70. physics

    The magnitude of a force pulling a box 5 m at a 20 degree angle from horizontal is 68N. How much work is done on the box? plz help me solve this!

    asked by plz dont ignore me!!
  71. Algebra 1

    Bryan's chimney is rectanglular, with the short side being half the length of the long side. If Santa's belly is 58 inches in circumference, and he just fits through the chimney, what are the smallest possible dimensions of Bryan's chimney? Assume Santa's

    asked by Elizabeth
  72. social studies

    How did Alexander the Great unite Persian and greek cultures and why?

    asked by Sophia
  73. english

    I need a sentence with accommodate. -plz help

    asked by billy
  74. Scince


    asked by Savannah
  75. scince

    what is 8 cm in inches?

    asked by Savannah
  76. ap world

    what is the name of the king of Dahomey in 1598??? thanks for the help

    asked by m.m.
  77. Math

    How would I find the derivative of x^2 + 3x using the definition of the derivative?

    asked by Jessica

    Find the critical numbers of each given function. (a) f(x)=3rt(x^(2)-x (b) g(x)=2sinx+2cos^(2)x, 0

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Writing

    I need some ideas for a story about a Seagull. Due tomorrow. Any ideas please?

    asked by K.T.

    acordung to the constitution, hiw often is the numer of congressional districts per state determined?

    asked by Alexis
  81. Grade 10 MATH


    asked by Vincent
  82. governent

    the most reliable measure or public opinion is? a straw vote b quota samples c scientific polls d pressure groups

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Science

    what happens when a candle is alight?

    asked by Danni
  84. math

    how many ten and how many ones are in the numbers 57,63,32,98,21

    asked by emily
  85. American History

    Many historians have claimed that geography has been very generous to the United States. How does the climate be generous to the United States?

    asked by ajo

    acordung to the constitution, hiw often is the numer of congressional districts per state determined?

    asked by Alexis
  87. Social Studies

    Need to name 3 special features of the United States

    asked by Nini Rivera
  88. Eth 125

    How can the country best prepare for the changing race an ethnicity of its current and future citizens?

    asked by Bailey
  89. science

    does light reflect off the color creme

    asked by kat
  90. educational technology

    what sites will i find the meaning of the ff: perceptualism conceptualism behaviorism developmentalism

    asked by klar maesen
  91. Grammar Check

    Punctuation—Hyphen She requested two and three-yard ribbons for her sewing project. My answer... She requested two-three yard ribbons for her swing project. is this correct?

    asked by Trish
  92. algebra

    what are the formulas for finding perimeter and area of a triangle?

    asked by Tabby

    what branch of gov. is responisble for the establishment of lower federal courts?

    asked by Alexis
  94. Math

    6.5% of what number is 325?

    asked by Patricia
  95. Math


    asked by Lachelle
  96. math

    what is 9ft - 7inches

    asked by jack
  97. math

    hi wat is positive 2 multiplied by negative 6?

    asked by jenny15963