Questions Asked on
November 30, 2007

  1. chemistry

    Is NH4+ a polar or nonpolar bond?

    asked by Lin
  2. please revise eng paper thanx

    According to John Leo’s essay “When life Imitates Video” violent video games with graphic content have a negative affect on a child’s behavior. He indicates how these types of games desensitize children and make it easier for them to kill. He gives

    asked by christi
  3. Chemistry

    Decide which of the following bonds is least polar on the basis of electronegativities of atoms, H---S, Si---Cl, N---Cl.

    asked by Lauren
  4. Physics. Please!!

    If the force on the tympanic membrane (eardrum) increases by about 1.50 N above the force from atmospheric pressure, the membrane can be damaged. When you go scuba diving in the ocean, below what depth could damage to your eardrum start to occur? The

    asked by Molly
  5. English

    In which sentence are the "conjunctions" used correctly? 1) Either Fred nor John knew about the accident. 2) The top award was given to neither Steve or Jim. 3 Neither beauty nor popularity was considered in the contest. 4) Mary enjoyed neither rooler

    asked by Sarah
  6. English

    Choose the sentence in which the italicized pronoun agrres in number with its italicized antecedent or antecedents. 1 The boys want their dessert now. 2 The waiter refilled their glasses as they emptied it.

    asked by Sarah
  7. Accounting

    I can't get the balance sheet, well, balanced. Accounts Receivable 120600 a Land 1500000 a Notes Receivable 61200 a Insurance Expenses 54000 l Accounts Payable 45000 l Interest Expenses 24600 l Common Stock 1896000 o Depreciation -400000 a Net Sales

    asked by Jess
  8. Ethics

    please check my answers thanks :) Mary Smith sues her doctor for malpractice. The jury belives that he doctor was guilty of malpractice however they don't beleive Mary was affected Mary is most likley to get what kind of damages? A.Pain and suffering

    asked by Lucie
  9. English

    Choose the sentence below in which "of" is used correctly. 1) We should of left early. 2) The boys surrendered, but they should of fought. 3) The bird flew north of the beach. 4) The three firls might of broken the records. I think it is #3, the others use

    asked by Sarah
  10. ENGLISH 4


    asked by ROSA

    I can’t think of the word- please help!!! Hi. I am writing a story and need to find a word to describe the sound that bowling pins make when they are hit by the ball. The only word I got so far is “Crash”. I need a better word. Any ideas? I have

    asked by anonymous
  12. english vocab

    ok I finished my essay now and I got this vocabulary finished. I really tried my best using a dictionary website but like i said earlier i just cant seem to tell the difference between some words meanings. all i can say is i tried my best on this. the

    asked by tamy
  13. Math

    Use iteration to guess an explicit formula for the sequence. Pk=Pk-1+2*3^k P1=2

    asked by Matt
  14. macroeconomics

    what economic concept explains why news vending machines allow a consumer access to entire inventory of newspapers, yet soft drink vending machines dispense only one drink at time?

    asked by jooana
  15. English

    Choos the sentence that has a compound predicate. 1) Swimming and golfing are Jim's favorite sports. 2) Sue and I will listen. 3) Sandy washed and ironed her clothes. 4) We went home to eat and to study. This one I think is #3

    asked by Sarah
  16. English

    Chosse the simple predicate in the following sentence. The men finished the game in a short time. 1) men 2) finished 3) game 4) time I choose #2 finished.

    asked by Sarah
  17. English

    Chhose the correct example of the singular possessive case 1) women's club 2) audiences' reaction 3) who's job 4) king' right I choose #4, because women is already plural and so is audiences, and it should be whose job.

    asked by Sarah
  18. Math

    Solve the given equation in the interval [0,2 pi]. Note: The answer must be written as a multiple of pi. Give exact answers. Do not use decimal numbers. The answer must an integer or a fraction. Note that pi is already provided with the answer so you just

    asked by Bryan
  19. Science

    Hi I need help finding something. I need 6 primary articles about forensic entomology (the use of insects to solve crimes).

    asked by Anonymous
  20. health

    Why do some scientists say to eat a certain amount of the food pyramid item each a day?

    asked by anonymous
  21. Physics -I'm stumped

    Europa, a satellite of Jupiter, appears to have an ocean beneath its icy surface. Proposals have been made to send a robotic submarine to Europa to see if there might be life there. There is no atmosphere on Europa, and we shall assume that the surface ice

    asked by Christina
  22. Chemistry

    geometry of sp2 hybridized orbitals linear tetrahedral triangular octahedral none of those above

    asked by Jay
  23. being a math tutor

    Right now in my geometry class, I have an A+, but friend is failing that class. I offered to be her math tutor, to possibly meet in the library after school 3 days a week. Does anybody have any ideas on how to make our study sessions more productive (I

    asked by Emily
  24. Math adding fractions

    What is the best way to add fractions and reduced them to the lowest terms example 3/8+1/3+5/6

    asked by Elena
  25. Basic Math & Geometry

    How do I find the ratio of 5&3/5 to 2&1/10?

    asked by Patricia
  26. Literature

    How does the the theme of racisim and slavery help huck grow up in the novel?

    asked by Orville
  27. calculus

    suppose x S f(t) dt= x^2 - 2x + 1. Find f(x). 1 S = integral and 1 = lower level, x = upper i don't understand what i'm supposed to find/what to do

    asked by bex
  28. Math

    I want to know that if we have a set of data and we have to conclude if it is Da Vinci Theorom how do we know if it is or not . what do we need to de in order to conclude thankyou

    asked by anna
  29. Literature/Huckleberry Finn

    How does the Symbol of the Mississippi River help Huck grow up in this novel?

    asked by Mary
  30. Literature/Huckleberry Finn

    How does the Symbol of the Mississippi River help Huck grow up in this novel?

    asked by Mary
  31. Chemistry

    Use Lewis Symbols to show the reaction of atoms to form arsine, AsH3. Indicate bonding pairs in the Lewis formula of AsH3 are bonding and which are lone pairs.

    asked by Lauren
  32. Legal Aspect of Business

    ABC is a multinational enterprise (MNE) Incorporated in State X. ABC entered into a joint venture agreement with XYZ, an MNE Incorporated in State Y, to jointly produce a new line of hydraulic equipment in ABC's new factory in State Z, a developing nation.

    asked by Angelena Jolly
  33. Math

    If a person burns 700 cals per hour, how man cals will they burn in 35 minutes?

    asked by Patricia
  34. english

    I would like for someone to look over my assignment for accuracy. Thanks Rewrite the following sentences, focusing on the grammar area specified in the left column. If the sentence is already correct, write No Change. Punctuating Sentences The goose bit

    asked by Rachael
  35. math

    use the clues to find the 7th digit mystery number. * Its is between 1 and 2 million * the first three digits are the same the least possible digit is in the thousands place. *the greatest possible digit is in the ones place * the hundreds digit is 1 more

    asked by edwin
  36. pyhthon

    In this assignment, you will create a simple grade management system. Think of this as an assignment-sized version of WebCT's "Your Grades" feature. Again, you can have a look at a working grade manager to see how things should work. You can use XHTML code

    asked by jimmy
  37. math

    use the clues to find the 7th digit mystery number. * it is between 7 and 8 million * it contains all of the digits greater than 1 and less than 8 * the hundred thousands digit is 3 * the ten thousands digit and the thousand digits are the same * the tens

    asked by edwin
  38. HUM 130

    Please help me! I ned info. on this ? please I need to explain the desire for liberation from earthly existnce in Hinduism?

    asked by dawn
  39. Math

    If a person weighing 120 lbs burns 410 calories per hour while bicycling at 12 mi/h, at what rate would calories be burned?

    asked by Patricia
  40. science

    I need help with a question to do with ratios and electron dot diagrams. Can anyone help me? PLEASE

    asked by JP
  41. Accounting Help Needed

    The balance in the office supplies account on June 1 was $5,200, supplies purchased during June were $2,500, and the supplies on hand at June 30 were $2,000. The amount to be used for the appropriate adjusting entry is cant figure out how to do it. please

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Math

    My grandson just gives up in working his division problems. He is in the 4 grade and I just cannot find a way to get him interested enough to apply and understand. Can you help me.

    asked by james
  43. Math

    I need help I'm suppose to pick a bird of my choice convert the weight into pounds and then find the wingspan. I'm not sure what the steps of the process are. An average bluejay weights .154 pounds, using the exponent equation L = 2.43*W^0.3326 What I have

    asked by Alicia
  44. Language Arts/Capitalization

    Quick question: When writing CHRISTIAN CLUB is it Christian Club or Christian club? Thank you

    asked by Kris
  45. math

    if 15 counters are a set, how many are 3/5 of the set?

    asked by adam
  46. CHEM****

    Initial info: The atoms of crystalline solid pack together into a three-dimensional array of many small repeating units called unit cells. The simplest of the unit cells are those that have cubic symmetry, with atoms positioned at the corners of a cube.

    asked by K
  47. Business

    How could I find the increased revenue of a company due to its effort in research and development. I look at a company's financial statements, but its consolidated and doesn't give me the info i want. Please help.

    asked by C
  48. Ethics

    please check my answer thanks :) There has been judgement entered agaisnt Mike in the Northern District Court of New York. What statment below must be true for the judegment to be aganist Mike personally. A. He was a resident of New York B. Mike lives in

    asked by Lucie
  49. math

    my question in (slope) find the coordinates of the vertices of a triangle so that the slope of all three sides are positive ??? please explain your answer .

    asked by mota
  50. math

    my question in (slope) find the coordinates of a quadrilateral so that the slope of all four sides are negative ??? please explain your answer .

    asked by mota
  51. Ethics

    please check my answer thanks :) Dr. Jones made an mistake is on of the medical records Three years later Nurse Bonnie noticed the mistake and corrected it This was an improper action because A. Too much time passed B The doctor did not make the correction

    asked by Lucie
  52. Ethics

    Mary who is a minor is in the operating room when Dr. Paul finds a tumor that they did know about before time is very limited in which to remove the tumor (if not removed Mary will die with in a few hours Mary's mom is in the waiting room what should

    asked by Lucie
  53. Ethics

    please check my answer thanks :) Mediation has which type of characteistic ? A. THe court controls B. The parites remain in control C. THe mediator decides whi is right I said B

    asked by Lucie
  54. Ethics

    please check my answer thanks :) Answer True of False to the following... 1. All pt authorzations to relase medical info are sufficient authorize relase I said True 2. All jurisdictions require both a subpoeana ansd a relase from the pt to relase medical

    asked by Lucie
  55. Statistics

    This is a question I have to answer for a University of Phoenix class, If any one could help and explain to me (in a stistics for dummies explanation:)I would appreciate it. Here goes: Six months after a divorce, the former wife, and husband each take a

    asked by Lost In the Statistics Sauce
  56. leg

    plz tell me sum facts about the leg

    asked by khs
  57. math

    f(x) = sqrt(cos(x/(x+1))) how do i find the derivative of that equation?

    asked by viku
  58. Spanish

    How did the geography influnce the emigration and exploration of Colombia and Venezuela?

    asked by Wilma
  59. Spanish

    How did the indigenous mix with the Europeans to develope the culture of Colombia and Venezuela?

    asked by Wilma
  60. Spanish for Wilma

    Spanish for Wilma. Here are the country sites, just in case! 1. 2. 3. Sra

    asked by SraJMcGin
  61. history - 20th century

    can i ahve some suggestions oif events in the 20th century?i can do a history topic(yawn) of anything at all from the 20th century. i know like the world wars,but what about more interesting sutff like mc hammer,tupac killed?

    asked by anon
  62. science

    what are the differences between a physical and a chemical change.

    asked by magda
  63. English

    Which of the following is a correctly written compound word? 1) Thirty one 2) Self-evident 3) Quickly-running 4) Spur of the moment-decision It would be great if you could provide me with a answer and explanation. Thank You

    asked by Sarah
  64. Accounting-balance sheet and income statement

    Argo Sales Corporation has in recent years maintained the following relationships among the data on its financial statements: Gross profit margin 40% Net profit margin 10% Rate of selling expenses to net sales 20% Accounts receivable turnover 8 times per

    asked by Peace
  65. english

    this is a portion of my english homework that i cant do. i was assigned over 100 questions and these are the ones i need the most help with and i need to turn it in in like an hour so any help would be great :-) 1. Which is not a sentence fragment? A.

    asked by alan
  66. English

    Which of the following italicized words is correcly capitalized? 1) The most beautiful "State" is Hawaii. 2) Jim must drive to the "North" to study the northern lights. It must be #2, I don't believe state is capitilized in this sentence.

    asked by Sarah
  67. english vocab

    hey this is alans sister and i need some help with some of my homework also and the questions below i don't understand either. we both are always assigned big huge packets from our mean teachers and we don't want to get a low grade from some of our

    asked by tamy
  68. Math

    Please help - 9/x-5-1=8/x+5 (x+5)(x-5)9/x-5-1(x+5)(x-5)=(x+5)(x-5)8/x+5 9(x+5)=8(x-5) 9x+45=8x-40 And I'm not sure where to go from here.

    asked by Keisha
  69. Math

    Is this correct? 5x-3/6-x+3/6 4x-6/6 2x-3/3

    asked by Keisha
  70. Math

    Please review. Ella can drive 65 mi on side roads in the same time that it takes to drive 30 mi on the interstate. Ella's rate on the side roads is 7 mi faster than her rate on the interstate, what is her rate on the side roads? 65/x+7=30/x 35x=210 x=6

    asked by Brandon
  71. Math

    Solve. x/5x+10+x-3/x+2=7/5 I multiplied both sides by 5(x+2) and came up with -17.

    asked by Brandon
  72. U.S.A Constitution

    What are the writers of the constitution called?

    asked by Constit-fused
  73. English

    Choose the sentence that has a subject complement. 1) The nurse felt my pulse. 2) I felt much better. 3) The day ended with many surprises. 4) We can't leave without seeing her. This one I have a problem with. I think it is #2 - I felt much better. I think

    asked by Sarah
  74. english vocab for sue

    well i have used the dictionary websites and they don't helkp much because some of these definitions are almost the same definition as the other words. do you think you can jst answers a few questions you know because it woulf really help. :-) 1. Students

    asked by tamy
  75. Physics

    A railroad flatcar is loaded with crates. The coefficient of static friction between the crates and the floor is 0.27. If the train is moving at 59.7 km/hr, in how short a distance can the train be stopped with a constant acceleration without causing the

    asked by Lindsay
  76. Math

    (2.3x 10(exp-8))x (3.77x 10(exp-7)

    asked by Beth
  77. Math (Pre-Calc)

    If any body could help me figure out these problems. I would love to know how to do it, and not just get an answer, however if you don't have the time to explain it to me, then the answer will suffice. 6. (1 pt) Solve the following equation in the interval

    asked by Bryan
  78. math

    i need help in math

    asked by angelisa
  79. math

    x+12=6 so does x = -6

    asked by angelisa
  80. history

    in what direction do you travel to britan fom the us?

    asked by zack