Questions Asked on
November 28, 2007

  1. Calculus I

    The 8-ft wall shown here stands 27 ft from the building. Find the lenght of the shortest straight beam that will reach to tthe side of the building from the ground outside the wall. ANSWER 46.87ft How do i solve???

    asked by Anonymous
  2. English/Word Usage

    Choose the sentence which contains an indirect object. a)I worked hard each day. b)They gave me a bonus. c) I spent it immediately. d) It is difficul to save money.

    asked by Suki
  3. other

    Does Nike invite comments from visitors to its Web site? If so, how does this affect its attempt to build positive relationships with its customers?

    asked by anonymous
  4. Calculus

    Write the form of the partial fraction decomposition of the rational expression. It is not necessary to solve for the constants: 4x + 1/(x + 6)(x - 5) I came up with A/x + 6 + B/x - 5

    asked by Kelly
  5. MATH

    A physician prescribes tetracycline suspension for a patient who is to take 2 teaspoonfuls four times a day for 4 days, then 1 teaspoonful four times a day for 2 days. How many mls of the suspension should be dispensed?

    asked by trouble
  6. English

    Is there another way to count syllables besides clapping? I am hopeless at this and I have an assignment.

    asked by Callie
  7. English/Word Usage

    Which of of the following is a correct example of the plural possessive case? 1) stone's throw 2) men's plan 3) it's place 4) woman's plan

    asked by S
  8. English

    Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier? a) He spoke "sharply" to his sister. b) I feel "goodly" now that I'm over the flu. c) The sauce tasted "bitterly", and I couldn't swallow it. d) Joe looked "sad" at his broken bike. Appreciate the

    asked by S
  9. CHEM

    You are a researcher for a golf club manufacturer. You are given two identical looking cubes of a metal alloy. You are informed that they are made of the exact same material, but one is a crystalline, while the other is amorphous. It is your job to

    asked by K
  10. unscramble grammar

    I need help descrambling 2 sentences: 1 - insects plant eat plants birds snakes flying and eat lice eat birds 2- right nations set them will in africa new working for just governments that be up are to

    asked by kd
  11. Chemistry

    Which of these compounds contain elements that do not follow the octet rule? Explain. (Note: All the numbers are superscripts) A. NF3 B. OF2 C. H2S D. NI3 My understanding of the octet that it is not satisified in molecules w/ an odd no. of

    asked by Anonymous
  12. HUM 130

    Can yoy please help me find websites that contain this info. on Describes what makes up the Hinduism religion · Shows what the cultural and societal influences that have made Hinduism vital to the region in which it originated · Explains the desire for

    asked by dawn
  13. English

    Which one of the following is a correct example of the singular possessive case? 1) women's club 2) audiences' reaction 3) who's job 4) king's rights

    asked by S
  14. Religion

    List at least two effects that organized religion has had on society and give examples from past and/or present world events that illustrate your examples.

    asked by Danny
  15. Clarinet

    Does anybody know where i can find a pdf of the clarinet chromatic scale?

    asked by Amanda
  16. other

    How do the elements of the Web site reflect Nike's target market?

    asked by anonymous
  17. algebra

    i don't understand how to simplify this 6A-7B+11-9A+6B-15

    asked by nicole
  18. other

    How does Nike's Web site help the company strengthen its relationships with its stakeholders? Give examples to support your answers.

    asked by anonymous
  19. english for 1st grader

    what is the special sound, for, round,shout and what.

    asked by irene
  20. Calculus

    If M is 30% of Q, Q is 20% of P, and N is 25% of P, then M/N equals which of the following? (a) 3/250 (b) 3/25 (c) 1 (d) 6/5 (e) 4/3 When I work this problem I keep getting 6/25, but that is not one of the choices. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by Arnold
  21. Earth Science

    What are the time divisions that are used for the geologic time scale and what determineshow they are divided?

    asked by Camron
  22. english essay

    Life after College Caitlin Petre is a graduate from Stanford University. She graduated with a 3.90 GPA with a Master’s degree in Philosophy. One day after graduation, Petre went for an interview for a job and she was asked to fill out a W-4 form. When

    asked by julie
  23. geography

    sammy goes out to play. his mother tells him to be home by 5:00. Sammy is almost an hour late, but he has an excuse. He says that he got lost. He tells his mother that when he checked his compass, it was pointing west,so he followed a path in that

    asked by Jacob
  24. How do you properly distribute?

    Can someone please show me (STEP BY STEP!!!!!!!!!) how to properly distribute the following: 2 + 1/7 [x - (x+6 / 7) - 2] This is what I have: = 2 + 1/7 ( x -x-6/7 -2) = 2 + (x - x - 6 - 2 / 49) = (98 + x - x - 6 - 2) / 49 = 90/49 But the answer is: 6x + 78

    asked by Anonymous
  25. biolagy

    in some ways, a cell is analogous to a factory. create an analogy describing the job of a lysosome within a cellular "factory"

    asked by brian
  26. math


    asked by hannah
  27. Algebra - 2 more questions... ^^

    Thank you for helping on the other problem, but could you maybe explain how I should solve these two problems? 1. In 1985, Barry was 13 years old and his father was 43. In what year will Barry's age be two-fifths of his father's age? 2. The length of a

    asked by Jason
  28. American Literature

    How does Walt Whitman's atitude change toward death during his poem "When Lilacs Last In The Dooryard Bloom'D" What does he learn? I know that through the poem he speaks of the death, but I don't know how his atitude changed. I think he learns the truths

    asked by Noah
  29. Social Studies

    I am in 7th grade age 12 and i was wonder how does the European Parliament determine how many each country gets on each branch? I would like and answer ASAP. Thanks!

    asked by Logan
  30. Business

    I need to explain the difference between power and authority. Authority is the right to give orders or direct people what to do and power is the ability to implement the given authority. Is this correct? Do you know any examples I can use to explain the

    asked by Jen
  31. American History. Dealing with the cold war! !help

    I have to write a 7 paragraph paper on the cold war. We have to cover these five points and i am so lost on where to get the information. Please help me find the correct places to get the correct info about each of these! thank you! cold war contrasted to

    asked by sally
  32. Social Studies

    lol again i have another question. How do the indidual members get selected foem each country? ty

    asked by Logan
  33. history

    What did the Britons and Gauls have in common?

    asked by tabby
  34. Pre-Algebra

    What does P-E-M-D-A-S mean? I know they are the orders of operation, but I forgot what each letter stand for??? HELP!

    asked by Ellen
  35. science

    In what step does spongy bone begin to form?

    asked by BEN
  36. history

    Was Norman-French the language of the universities and the government during the Middle Ages?

    asked by tabby
  37. Algebra II

    Hello. I'm in Algebra II and I'm having trouble with this "math project." The idea was to make a piece of "art" and you have to write the equation for each line. I made a rocket because it looked like something and has all the functions we had to use. The

    asked by Jack
  38. Biology

    Explain why the visual perceptions that other animal have and why that sensory input would vary and be differ from our own “vertebrate” visual system.

    asked by John Nguyen

    ray OC bisects

    asked by Elizabeth
  40. HUM 130

    i need help finding websites that contain this info. Describes what makes up the Hinduism religion · Shows what the cultural and societal influences that have made Hinduism vital to the region in which it originated · Explains the desire for liberation

    asked by dawn
  41. string theory

    what is the string theory?

    asked by alaina
  42. english

    does anyone know a version of Twa Corbies that I can actually understand?

    asked by riley
  43. Geometry

    what happent is u have the radious of a circle... but the radious of that circle is r= 35xn+nsquaer.

    asked by anonimous
  44. math

    Please help me solve the following. Thanks, Write m^p = q using logarithms. Solve (1/e)^2x = 14

    asked by Scott
  45. historyy

    why did hanry v111 start th break wiff romee?? pla answer got an essay n i missed 12 lessons on it lol

    asked by charleyy
  46. history

    How did pilgrims decided who would tell the first story?

    asked by tabby
  47. math

    If a cough syrup contains 0.24gm of codeine in 120ml, how many mg are contained in each teaspoonful?

    asked by trouble
  48. Sami

    I do I figure out which bond is longest a. C-F b. C-N c. Si-Se d. C≡N e. Si-Br The answer is c. but I don't understand??? Please answer quick. Thanks.

    asked by Chem help
  49. science

    why is seattle warmer than chicago in january, but cooler than chicago in july?

    asked by tyler
  50. How do you use the substitution method in math?

    x + 6 / 7 = 6x + 78 / 49 My mind is a bit rusty and I can't remember how to use this method

    asked by Anonymous
  51. to mrs. sue english essay

    I suggest you focus on the purposes of colleges and universities. You can research this topic. Essentially, though, I think you'll find that their purposes are three-fold: to educate students in the classical sense of being well-rounded educated citizens

    asked by julie
  52. english

    I need a version I can understand of The Prioress' Portrait from the General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales.

    asked by riley
  53. Physical Science

    How do you calculate mass? If you are given density and volume.

    asked by Tasha
  54. US Government

    Which branch has the strongest voice in making foreign policy?

    asked by Tasha
  55. math

    The dose of beclomethasone inhalant is 200mcg twice a day. The commercial inhaler delivers 50mcg per inhalation and contains 200 inhalations. How many inhalers should be dispensed to a patient if a 60-day supply is prescribed?

    asked by trouble
  56. Chemistry

    What's the relationship between wavelength and amplitude? If a wave is really long, does that mean that it has a high amplitude? :)

    asked by Shelby
  57. Chem help

    I have the answers for these but can you please explain to me how to get them? Thanks. Place the following in order of decreasing lattice energy. KBr RbI MgS a. KBr > RbI > MgS b. KBr > MgS > RbI c. RbI > KBr > MgS d. MgS > KBr > RbI e. MgS > RbI > KBr I

    asked by Sami
  58. Algebra II

    How do you find the vertex of a quadratic function? What are the steps to solving a quadratic function using factoring? Please help!

    asked by JaneLee
  59. Economics

    How would unemployment compensation and income support programs (Welfare) affect the threat of unemployment? What impact would you expect these to have on labor intensity, the profit rate, and the level of unemployment?

    asked by Caus
  60. Earth Science

    A layer of sandstone is found on top of a layer of limestone in a geologic cross section. What does this tell you about how the sea level changed in that area? I know how metamorphic rocks are formed but how are metamorphic rocks formed into other

    asked by Camron
  61. Physics

    A research balloon of total mass 200 kg is descending vertically with a downward acceleration of 3.2 m/s^2. How much ballast must be thrown from the car to give the balloon an upward acceleration equal to 2.8 m/s^2, presuming that the upward lift of the

    asked by Lindsay
  62. Social studies

    What egyptain god was represented by hippos?crocodiles? cows? Jackles?

    asked by Like youd want to know!
  63. Darfur

    I need 5 facts on Darfur, por favor

    asked by anonymous
  64. Poetry

    how to write poetry? I have a poem, but how do i get it on paper, typed? where do i indent, etc.? basically i need info on the format for poetry

    asked by anonymous
  65. Biology

    Explain why the visual perceptions that other animal(mammals, insects) have and why that sensory input would vary and be differ from our own “vertebrate” visual system.

    asked by John Nguyen
  66. hippo hunted egypt

    Why was the hippo hunted in egypt?

    asked by Hippos are going to attack the world!
  67. Math (Grade 12 Data Management)

    A student is asked to make up a 6 digit number by arranging the digits 111223. What is the probability that he will pick a number that has the 2's separated?

    asked by Snikkahz
  68. Math

    How would I solve this equation? -11p^6r^4 ---------- (-2p^4)^3 (-10p^5r^4)

    asked by Yvette
  69. french

    can someone help me write questions or sentences using the infinitive form of : 1. supporter 2. épouser 3. exiger

    asked by maggie r
  70. English

    I am doing fallacy. Is there a blue print for Identifying falacies. Does any one have any suggestions Thanks Danielle

    asked by DANIELLE
  71. Chemistry

    For a lab, I have to write out the balanced equation for the titration of vinegar (containing acetic acid) with sodium hydroxide. But I am unsure of how to split up vinegar... CH3COOH + NaOH --> ? I need help writing out the products... Lucy

    asked by Lucy
  72. language arts

    What is a clarifying sentence? I have to use my spelling words and write a clarifying sentence including contex clues????

    asked by james
  73. AP US History

    I have three essays and I have to pick two of them. Which two seem easiest? 1. Do you think that by the end of 1854 the two sections had reached an impasse and that the Civil War was inevitable sooner or later? Why or Why not? 2. Assess the extent to which

    asked by Amanda
  74. Grammar

    I need help concerning relative pronouns. For example, I'll use this sentence: The poem that he wrote was a sonnet. I know that the relative pronoun in this sentence is 'that'. Is it's antecedent 'poem'?

    asked by Gisele
  75. Writing

    I need ideas on a story about Muffins. And it's due tomorrow.. Any ideas please?

    asked by K.T.
  76. US History

    What delayed the annexation of Texas (other than the threat of war with Mexico)? I already checked out wikipedia. Thanks.

    asked by Christie
  77. math

    If a hen and a half lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how many hens are needed to lay a dozen eggs in one day?

    asked by New Girl 102
  78. Spanish for Margaret

    Hopefully you didn't miss the additional information I gave you to what Michael said re: Present Progressive Tense. Sra

    asked by SraJMcGin
  79. sciance

    what are the definitions of these words: Solute Infer Serial Dilute Parts per million parts per billion parts per trillion epidemiology epidemic contaminate microrgansims Quantitative Chlorine risk trade-off thanks

    asked by brittany
  80. calc

    What is the derivative of: 2pi^2r^4 would it simply be 8pi^2r^3? I was thinking the 2pi^2 is simply the equivalent of a constant in front of the r^4 and so you would just use the power rule.

    asked by Rob
  81. essay cont.: mrs. sue

    The next step for a student to do is to take all of the information he or she learned in the class, and apply it to his or her future. For example, when one buys a house in the future, it is necessary to take out a loan. To do this, one has to consider

    asked by julie
  82. Science

    I have to write about water convection, and whenever i look it up, it's using terms that i don't understand. So i don't understand what it is asking, could somebody please help me?

    asked by Dawn
  83. Research

    Where can I find info on the trend of consumers wanting fuel efficiency vehicles?

    asked by C
  84. Algebra II

    Solve: (2x – 3)(3x – 5) = 0 Solve by the quadratic formula. Leave the square root in your answer: 3x2 – x – 8 = 0

    asked by JaneLee
  85. Science

    I need help concerning time zones. How do you compare differences in the time zones of the United States and other countries? A chart states that in the Central Standard Time Zone, Paris, France is apart by 7 hours. Currently, it is 10:00 in Paris, France.

    asked by Costelyn
  86. Math stocks

    please explian thanks :) when talking about stocks the word proceeds refers to the amount of money that the borrower receives at the time a discounted note is made. (thats what I think anyways) but the trouble is I need to pick from these choices... 1. the

    asked by Lucie
  87. Math

    My problem involves right-triangle trigonometry. A man on a 135-ft vertical cliff looks down at an angle of 16 degrees and sees his friend. How far away is the man from his friend? How far is the friend from the base of the cliff? Does the 16 degrees go to

    asked by Pia
  88. Math

    Please check my answer thanks :) Based on the information below what is Peter's account balance ? Peter has a credit card with an APR of 15% His balance last month was $423.78 He then made a purchase in the amount of $123.42 he later made apayment of

    asked by Lucie
  89. math

    Maria's yard is 40ft x 28ft 9in. She made a scale drawing of her yard that is 16in x 11.5in. what is the scale.

    asked by Amanda
  90. to writ teacher

    Life after College Caitlin Petre is a graduate from Stanford University. She graduated with a 3.90 GPA with a Master’s degree in Philosophy. One day after graduation, Petre went for an interview for a job and she was asked to fill out a W-4 form. When

    asked by julie
  91. Algebra

    I have to solve equations using the quadratic formula and I know how to do some of it. I have it down to this 4+/- 2 square root of 10 all over 6. How do I simplify that?

    asked by Brittany
  92. Legal Aspect of Business

    Research an American firm/corporation that has been affected or is in the process of responding to recent shifts in international policies and regulations as they relate to foreign investment. Summarize your findings in 5-7 paragraphs. Do not use Coca

    asked by Angelena Jolly
  93. Math

    Please check my answer thanks :) What is the dollar value of ending inventory if there was 300 units on hand Dec 31 Round your answer to the nearest dollar Use the FIFO method Inventory of windshelid wipers Jan 1 300 units @$11.00=3300 Mar 1 150 units @

    asked by Alarena
  94. Math

    How do I do a tree diagram to find the least common multiple

    asked by Lauren
  95. SCI 275

    Give examples of several ways to mitigate and adapt to global warming.

    asked by dawn
  96. SCI 275

    what ultimately happens to all the absorbed solar energy?

    asked by dawn
  97. Math

    please check my answer thanks :) Mark has a finance charge on a loan of $984.00 based on the information below what is the total deferred payment price. price of loan is $4,200 Mark is going finance his purchase with a two-year installment plan with a 12%

    asked by Alarena
  98. Math Repost for Nick

    Math - Nick, Wednesday, November 28, 2007 at 8:16pm Percents. changing precents like 8 out of 100?

    asked by Ms. Sue

    1.What does the liquid flows? 2.What are the characteristic of liquid?

    asked by JUSTINE
  100. Math

    Please help thanks :) I need to know how to figure out this question. Below is some financial information for the month of September for a large clothing store Using the retail method of inventory, estimate the value of the ending inventory at cost on

    asked by Israel
  101. science

    why are genetically modified foods bad? I need help finding actual facts and evidence to why they are bad...i keep finding reasons but with no real facts or studies

    asked by maggie r
  102. Calc-Derivatives

    I asked this before and did not get a response so I am trying again. (Note, I didn't know how to type the symbol for pi) What is the derivative of: 2pi^2r^4 would it simply be 8pi^2r^3? I was thinking the 2pi^2 is simply the equivalent of a constant in

    asked by Rob
  103. English

    OKay i need help thinking of more traits to describe oedipus. the question is: How do Oedipus's personal characteristics interact with his fate to bring about his downfall? The only trait i can think of is rash, but towrite a 500 word essay i think i need

    asked by Nick
  104. algebra 2

    solve for x (x-4)(x+2)=40 you need to make it eaqual to 0 and the correct answer is 8 and -6. how do i get this answer

    asked by kristin
  105. science

    what is the substance that is used in all cells to release energy from

    asked by tony
  106. Math - Algebra

    A father in his will left all his money to his children in the following manner: $1000 to the first born and 1/10 of what then remains, then $2000 to the second born and 1/10 of what remains, then $3000 to the third born and 1/10 of what remains, and so

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Math

    I do not understand how to solve this...please help me. 3-4x=10x+10

    asked by Nicole
  108. Pre-Algebra

    okay so the decimal is 0.001 and I need to convert it to a fraction and a precent? how do I do that??

    asked by Ellen
  109. english-creative writing

    I really want a list of strong words; nouns, adjectives, and verbs. For my creative writing class I really want strong, concrete words to place emphasis on the right spots in my writing. Thanks. P.S.I'm in high school so please keep that in mind when

    asked by elise
  110. math

    the thompson family o5 invited 12 guests for dinner. ronald baked 2 pumpkin pies which he cut into 8 slices each. is this pie to serve everyone

    asked by May
  111. Bio - Na+,K, and Cl- leave a cell as a result of?

    Na+, K+, and Cl- leave a cell as a result of ? A) exocytosis B) pumps C) ATP D) a, b, and c

    asked by Mikey
  112. BIO - oil enters the vacuole of adipose cells by?

    Oil enters the vacuole of adipose cells by ? A) exocytosis B) facilitated diffusion C) endocytosis D) pinocytosis

    asked by Gesica
  113. American History

    Who decides when the Electoral College casts its votes for president?

    asked by Kat
  114. Physics

    A student throws a ball vertically upward such that it travels 9.0 m to its maximum height. If the ball is caught at the initial height 2.4s after being thrown, what is the ball's average speed? I know average speed is change in distance over change in

    asked by Jacob
  115. to mrs. sue: essay cont.

    I wrote two of my paragraphs yesterday about how colleges do offer life skills but students have to apply it. These are my next two paragraphs and i was wondering if you can correct my grammar. An example of a class offered in college that benefits

    asked by julie
  116. calculus

    f(x)=(y+a)and b=the limit as y aproches 2+f=1000. I need to know what y and a equal.

    asked by Roseliandystarajestarahjaesracritreah
  117. Algebra

    Hi I was wondering if I could get some help on this word problem... Penny collected some change in preparation for a garage sale. She collected two more nickels that twice the number of dimes and eight fewer quarters that twice the number of nickels. If

    asked by Jason
  118. please help me with my engineer project

    I am working on an Engineer project about Digital clock I research my project on the Digital Clock, but i could not find any webcite that has the answer to these questions 1. What your part is and how it works? 2. Companies that make this kind of

    asked by shylo
  119. please revise essay english

    Thank you soo much for looking at my question. Can you please revise. The Infamy of Man Two philosophical movement dared to probe the universe for the answer to a question as old as time itself: Is man good or evil? The two groups were absolute opposites

    asked by Serge
  120. chemistry

    what type of compound is benzoic acid

    asked by al
  121. French - final revision

    A mon avis, le système d'éducation doit améliorer sa méthode d'enseignement. Le système d'éducation doit devenir plus de défier et les enseignants doivent motiver les enfants pour travailler dur s'ils peuvent devenir des lettrés futurs. Le système

    asked by Anonymous