Questions Asked on
November 27, 2007

  1. Algebra 2

    Find the exact values of the six trigonometric functions of theta if the terminal side of theta in standard position contains the point (-5/-4)

    asked by Shawna
  2. chem

    Combustion reactions involve reacting a substance with oxygen. When compounds containing carbon and hydrogen are combusted, carbon dioxide and water are the products. Using the enthalpies of combustion for C4H4 (-2341 kJ/mol), C4H8 (-2755 kJ/mol), and H2

    asked by mel
  3. History

    How were totalitarian leaders able to obtain power in the 1930's? Name two totalitarian leaders. I think one reason they got power is because people wanted change because they hated conditions after WW1. Any help with other reasons please. Is Hitler an

    asked by Isaac Martin
  4. chem:ionic equations

    write below the complete ionic equation for the reaction of magnesium phosphate with lead(II)nitrate. Include which ions will be aqueous and which compound will precipitate. I understand how to balance the equation, but the example they give me is

    asked by sydney
  5. English (Classical Myths)

    I have a myth project assigned. I got lucky (or so I thought) and had the myth of Polyphemus. Wikipedia has it if anyone doesnt know it. There are three things that I need for my project: 1) The moral of the story. 2) How the story explains natural

    asked by Jake
  6. Calculus

    I had this on a test: Use the half-angle formula to find the exact value of the expresseion: sin 22.5 degrees my answer - 1/2 sqrt2 - sqrt 2 was wrong

    asked by kelly
  7. Calculus

    The radius of Earth at the equator is approximately 4000 miles. Suppose a jet flies once around Earth at a speed of 5000 miles an hour relative to Earth. If the flight path is a negligible height above the equater, then among the following choices, what is

    asked by Arnold
  8. Psychology

    I have a psychology project were I have to create my own visual illusion using my computers graphic program. The problem: I have no clue what to do here. Can someone give me a hand?

    asked by Kayden Ryan Smith
  9. biology / plasmolysis of human red blood cells

    Plasmolysis of human red blood cells would occur if the cell were in .. solution A) isotonic B) hypertonic C) hypotonic D) none of these I think it's B. I'm not too sure though.

    asked by Kareen
  10. Math essay

    Can you please proofread my essay? My teacher is grading on accuracy, quality, correct spelling and grammar. The History of Mathematics As of today, there are plenty of new developments in the area of Mathematics. In at least some Mathematics courses, it

    asked by Soly
  11. Mandelbrot Set

    I have to find the first six terms of the sequence for the Mandelbrot set for c = 1i/2 and c=2. I was wondering, how do I go about this?

    asked by Brittany
  12. Physics

    A man stands on a scale in an elevator that is accelerating upward. The scale reads 731.6 N. When he picks up a 35.0 kg box, the scale reads 1108.2 N. The man weighs 68 kg. What is the acceleration of the elevator? What do I need to do in order to solve

    asked by Lindsay
  13. Roosevelt honors geometry

    ray OC bisects

    asked by Elizabeth
  14. Biology

    TRUE or FALSE? 1) A cell whose membrane potential is zero is in an ISOTONIC environment 2) Gases enter a cell FASTER than liquids at a given temperature 3) When a plasma membrane has a pressure of zero, passive transport STOPS

    asked by Kirsten
  15. English

    I have to write a five paragraph essay in one night. Not only and I not good at writing essays I am confused with what the teacher wants. the question is if you were president in 2008 how would u make sure that everyone got healthcare plans. I kind of

    asked by Ashley
  16. Spanish

    The instructions say: "Change the verbs from the present tense to the present progressive" and gives the following example but no answer "Yo miro la television." What do I do?

    asked by Margaret
  17. bio "plasma membrane"

    When a plasma membrane has a pressure of zero, passive transport STOPS IS THAT TRUE OR FALSE? I'M NOT TOO SURE.

    asked by Alia
  18. Calculus

    f(x)=(y+a) and b=the limit as y aproches 2+f is 1000 figure out a,y, and f I'm lost, but I need to know for our trimester final. I don't even know if it's possible.

    asked by Roseliandystarajestarahjaesracritreah
  19. chem

    how many resonance structures can be drawn for sulfur trioxide, SO_3?

    asked by edna
  20. essay Writeacher pleace check it

    Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you are? Volunteering is an amazing experience

    asked by ace
  21. Government

    David Mayhew belives that congress is ineffective because its members are more concerned about their reelection than the enactment of effective policy. I have to agree with this statement and say why I believe he is correct in a debate during class.

    asked by Joe
  22. math/algebra

    please check my answers Suppose that the temperature outside is dropping at a constant rate. At noon, the temperature is 70 F and it drops to 58 F at 5 p.m. How much did the temperature change each hour? 12/5=2.4 degrees per hour. Evaluate the expression

    asked by allen
  23. vocab.

    Bobpursley: "What is your thinking on this? Surely you don't want us to do it for you." No, I do not want yall to do it for me. I put the answer under each question. The "Words to Know" is like the word bank. Words to Know affliction cowering fetter gorge

    asked by anonymous
  24. math

    if sam can do a job in 4 days that lisa can do in 6 days and tom can do in 2 days, how long would the job take if sam, lisa, and tom worked together to complete it?

    asked by dolores
  25. American Literature

    How does Walt Whitman's atitude change toward death during his poem "When Lilacs Last In The Dooryard Bloom'D" What does he learn? I know that through the poem he speaks of the death, but I don't know how his atitude changed. I think he learns the truths

    asked by Noah
  26. biology-mitosis

    what is a structure that holds each chromosome to its exact copy? it begins with a "C", and has "d" as the second to last letter. 10 letters.

    asked by paige
  27. math

    Grace has 16 jellybeans in her pockets. She has 8 red ones, 4 green ones, and 4 blue ones. What is the minimum number of jellybeans she must take out of her pocket to ensure that she has one of each color?

    asked by dolores
  28. biology-mitosis

    what would be a factor of a cell that leads to mitosis? 4 letters. starts with s, ends in e

    asked by paige
  29. algebra can somecheck my answers

    please check my answer thank you Write the phrase “the quotient of 3 more than a number, and 3 less than that same number. “ (x+3/(x-3) . It is estimated that the Earth is losing 4000 species of plants and animals every year. If S represents the number

    asked by keauanna
  30. Math - What is the length of the train??????

    I have NO IDEA on how to tackle the following problem. This question has stumped me for like...2 hours now...and I don't know what to do... If someone could please show me a step by step on solving it, please post! Problem: -------- Two people stand back

    asked by Anonymous
  31. math please help

    someone please show how to do Simplify, if possible: 6x^2y^3+9x^2y^3/3x^2y^2

    asked by sharon
  32. algebra

    if the damage caused by forest fire A is measured in shape of a squrare, what is the measure in miles of one sides of the damaged area? forest fire A is 121 square miles

    asked by ann
  33. beowulf

    What qualities of an Anglo-Saxon leader did both Scyld Scefing and Hrothgar possess?

    asked by Tabby
  34. social studies

    who controls the flow of fresh water in miami dade county?

    asked by cole
  35. math

    what is a divisor

    asked by breana
  36. science

    what is matter best described by?

    asked by cassy
  37. english

    what would you say is the subject or topic of Huckleberry Finn

    asked by Anonymous
  38. history

    Who was the first Roman emperor to invade Britain? Caesar or Nero?

    asked by Tabby
  39. english (quote)

    What does "almost everything in this isle enjoys immunity to poison" - Bede mean? Does it have something to do with Ireland?

    asked by Riley
  40. AP Bio 2

    How did the KOH affect the water movement in the respirometer?

    asked by Heather
  41. Accounting question..

    Having trouble figuring out how to do this problem for my accounting homework.. any help would be greatly appreciated..the information given goes as follows.. On 1/1/08 you issue $400,000 of 7%, 10 year bonds that pay intrest semiannually. The Market

    asked by Walter
  42. Algebra II repost- please check

    I posted these a little while ago but this time I have answered them. 1. Does the graph of y = x – 3x2 + 5 have a maximum or minimum? 2. What is the vertex of the graph of y = -2(x - 3)2 + 4? 3. Does the graph of y = -2(x - 3)2+ 4 open up or down? My

    asked by JaneLee
  43. history

    What countries took up the greater part of Europe during 672-735?

    asked by Tabby
  44. Psychology*never answered*

    *I asked this question earlier today and no one helped me- it probley was overlooked- can someone help now? I thank you for this website* I have a psychology project were I have to create my own visual illusion using my computers graphic program. The

    asked by Kayden Ryan Smith
  45. Math

    Find the value of "s": s = 1^2 - 2^2 + 3^2 - 4^2 + ... - (2006)^2 + (2007)^2 Answer: 2 015 028 Help me solve it, please?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Algebra(weighted average)

    Help pleaasee!!! answer to this problem was 42.5..just need to know if im correct The girl's basketball team has played quite well this year. Their statistics for various shots are given below: They made 30% of their 3-point shots and take an average

    asked by Keri
  47. History

    How did WW1 and it's aftermath influence the arts? What events/ experiences inspired artists new approaches? What changes occured in painting, music, and lit.? The Lost Generation I believe they were called were a gropu of soldiers that wrote after the

    asked by Isaac Martin
  48. Algebra

    What number is equal to ã49

    asked by Barney
  49. accounting

    assume you want to retire next year. at that time you expect to have a retirement fund with 300,000 in it. assume you need to take out the money in the form of an annuity over a 20 year period, with the first withdraw occuring at the end of the first year

    asked by adam
  50. physics

    a 70 kg rope climber starts from rest, moves with constant acceleration, and climbs 9 meters up a rope having a maximum strength of 840 N. What is the greatest possible speed she can have afte climbing 9m?

    asked by bex
  51. SCI 275

    Name at least three environmental effects of NO2. What are two human sources of NO2 and other nitrogen oxides?

    asked by dawn
  52. Algebra

    Solve the equation for x -6x + 3 =7 (X+6)

    asked by Barney
  53. Probability

    Three cards are drawn in succession (without replacement) from a 52-card deck. Find the probability that: If the first is an ace, then the other two are aces. I know this has to do with conditional probability, like "What is the probability that the second

    asked by Hannah
  54. Math

    Use the points(0,6200) &(25,10500) to write an equation for the number of housing units needed. Then use the points(0,6500) and (25,6100) to write an equation for the number of affordable units available.

    asked by Cathy
  55. HUM 130

    I can not fine these words like in Hindu terms. Karma Reincarnation I did this one as far as I define it. Yoga Guru Chakras I have never heard of the words I havent defined yet. What is your personal understanding of each of these terms? What differences

    asked by dawn
  56. Algebra

    That previous question was what number is equal to the square root of 49

    asked by Barney
  57. HUM 130

    I can not fine these words like in Hindu terms. Karma Reincarnation I did this one as far as I define it. Yoga Guru Chakras I have never heard of the words I havent defined yet. What is your personal understanding of each of these terms? What differences

    asked by dawn
  58. Math

    how to use grids to mutiply decimals by decimals. please give example

    asked by Kristian
  59. algabra

    find the constant of variation for each direct variation. 10y=13x and f(x)=4.5x and x+y=0

    asked by michael
  60. please revise my paragrpah

    Caitlin Petre is a graduate from Stanford, a well-known school. She graduated with a 3.90 GPA with a Philosophy degree. One day, Petre went for an interview for a job and she was asked to fill out a W-4 form. While filling out the form, Petre experienced

    asked by julie
  61. Chemistry

    Can someone help me tell in term of electrons why the bonding in NaCl is ionic?

    asked by John
  62. Math

    John says to Brenda, "if you give me eight dollars, we will have an equal amount of money." Brenda responds, "but if you give me eight dollars, I will have twice as much money as you." How much money did Brenda and John each have? Need to show how you did

    asked by Caitlin
  63. math

    how do i find the area of a shape

    asked by aron
  64. COM 215

    Your manager at work has advised you that you and two of your coworkers will be visiting a branch of your company in another country. Select a country that you would like to learn more about. Then, conduct an Internet or library search regarding the

    asked by Anonymous
  65. essay cont. to Mrs. Sue

    I disagree with Petre’s view that colleges don’t help students in real life situations. It is true that colleges mainly focus on teaching students on what’s written in books. However, colleges do offer classes and variety of workshops that help

    asked by julie
  66. Calculus

    If M is 30% of Q, Q is 20% of P, and N is 25% of P, then M/N equals which of the following? (a) 3/250 (b) 3/25 (c) 1 (d) 6/5 (e) 4/3 When I do this problem I keep getting 6/25, but that is not one of the choices. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by Arnold
  67. Early Child Ed.

    I have a couple of questions that I need help on: 1. Because playground structures are static,children's imaginative play on them is: A) unlimited B) limited C) enhanced D) dynamic 2. Which one of the following statements does NOT describe one of the

    asked by Ms.Sue-- this is for you
  68. history

    Was Tudor the last royal house of the Middle Ages?

    asked by Tabby
  69. Math

    J+8=B-B B+8=2(J-8) What are the values of J and B

    asked by Caitlin
  70. History

    what motivated martin luther to start the reformation?

    asked by Miley
  71. Geometry

    An Isosceles triangle has a 96degree angle. What are the measures of the other 2 angles? Do all triangles have to add up to 180degrees? If so, than this isn't possible because an isosceles triangle has 2 sides the same length. Correct?

    asked by Tyler
  72. Math

    please check my answer thanks :) Mike purchased a home the mortgage is $235,000 at 8 3/4 % for 25 years. His annual property taxes on the home are $6,345 he also has to pay hazzard insurance in the amount of $1,479. What is the PITI payment of their loan ?

    asked by kaleigh
  73. geography

    Would Canterbury be considered in the Southeast part of England?

    asked by Riley
  74. American Literature

    How does Walt Whitman's atitude change toward death during his poem "When Lilacs Last In The Dooryard Bloom'D" What does he learn? I know that through the poem he speaks of the death, but I don't know how his atitude changed. I think he learns the truths

    asked by Noah
  75. Math

    please check my answer thanks :) How much money must be deposited now, at 6% interest compounded semiannually to yield an annuity payment of $4,000 at tha beginning of each six-month period,for a total of five years? Round your answer to the nearest cent.

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Geometry

    What does it mean to name a triangle by its sides and by its angles? I know isosolese, acute, right, etc. are examples of angles, what are examples of names by the sides?

    asked by Tyler
  77. Math

    What is the method used to calculate depreciation for federal income taxes(USA)?

    asked by Alarena
  78. biology

    can you tell me information about deoxygenation of hydrogen peroxide and organic catalyst

    asked by albert
  79. Biology

    I just need somone kind enough to confirm my answers. 1. Membrane bound organelles are also referred to as ... A) vesicles B) channels C) integral proteins D) a and b I think the probable answer is A. 2. Plasmolysis of human red blood cells would occur if

    asked by Angelinna
  80. Math

    please help me thanks :) Paul needs to repay a loan(installment loan) of $3,500 with 20 equal monthly payments of $196 each. What is the APR of the laon? I got 11.16% then I got 12 % so I don't know

    asked by Israel
  81. Math

    please check my answer thanks :) The sales tax is 7% The purchase including sales tax is $676.24 what was tha total amount of sales tax ? I got $47.34

    asked by Alarena
  82. Geometry

    I have 4 different examples that contain 3 numbers that I need to know if the 3 numbers in each set will form a triangle. 5,2,8 7,8,14 6,6,12 7,9,15 If the sum of the sides of a triangle must equal 180 than the answer is no to all. Right? But I think this

    asked by Tyler
  83. english

    How would you categorize the quality of life of Native Americans today, despite the adversities that they faced?

    asked by marcy gonzalez
  84. english

    Specifically, what major contribution(s) has the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) made?

    asked by marcy gonzalez
  85. biology - requirements of diffusion?

    The process of diffusion requires .. A) a cell membrane B) an aqueous solution C) difference in the concentration gradient D) a, b, & c

    asked by Melaniee
  86. history

    Is the language of the church latin?

    asked by Tabby
  87. math

    how can i convert a terminating deciaml to a fraction and I have to use an example to support my explanation.

    asked by CAITLIN
  88. english

    Was Chaucer the first author to use a frame story?

    asked by Riley
  89. Science

    How could you change behaviors to reduce threats to environmental sustainability?

    asked by Danny
  90. english

    how do you determine the rhythm and meter of a poem? also how do you translate a sonnet into everyday language?

    asked by Jatavion Micheal
  91. vocab.

    1. The lake's reflection usually creates a glare, but now the surface is _________. murky 2. Sad sounds of his ______ show how much he regrets the tragedy. lament 3. When prey is scarce, a carnivore will ________ whenever it can. gorge 4. The warriors

    asked by anonymous
  92. Calculus

    Determine whether the given orderd pair is a solution of the system ( -2, 1) X/3

    asked by Kelly
  93. grammar

    In the sentence, "He is as sly as a fox", what part of speech is "as"? Is "as sly as a fox" an adjective? Is "sly" the object of a preposition? I am so confused. Thank you!

    asked by anne
  94. Genetics

    I'm having trouble with this problem, because I keep getting the same answer for two of the questions, which doesn't help me with part d. If someone could give me some hints as to how to solve this correctly. Also do how does the anothocyanin factor in? Do

    asked by chamel413
  95. american history

    I was wondering if anyone here knew a site with a copy of the constitution. I googled it but... i cant seem to find it.

    asked by Jason
  96. please check it writeacher

    Volunteering is an amazing experience that not only allowed me to help my community but also myself. For example, at first I wanted to become a veterinarian so I volunteered at an animal shelter. I loved working with dogs, but not with cats so I realized I

    asked by ace
  97. Technology

    I have to do an in depth report of American Media during the 1980's, 1990's, and the current decade. I have to compare the decades and how technology has changed how America gets its news. I am just asking for help finding website which might be of

    asked by Spike
  98. english

    I know what imagery is I don't know how to express it is this essay

    asked by Ashley
  99. SCI 275

    air pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, and acid deposition. Then, respond to the following: • What air pollutants combine and contribute to this issue? • Briefly describe the health and environmental problems caused by the selected atmospheric

    asked by dawn
  100. business studies

    what possible benefits would a car manufacturer have if they decide to use mass marketing? please could someone help me Paul

    asked by Paul
  101. Biology

    What do insects and robots have in common?

    asked by John Nguyen
  102. Biology

    List and briefly describe the Four Laws Directing Biodiversity

    asked by John Nguyen
  103. english

    please revize my essay Nowadays, everything revolves around technology. For many students technology has become an indispensible source of information. I’m amazed how television, cell phones, and the internet, manage to influence my life on a daily

    asked by Christi
  104. Math

    What are the double angle formulas for csc and sec?

    asked by Alex
  105. Math

    Please help I have the answer to the problem but can figure the steps to solve it. 1/4 = 3 - 2x-1/n+2 I know the answer is -26/3

    asked by Alicia
  106. Calculus

    f(x) = (ax+b)/(x^2 - c) i) the graph of f is symmetric about the y-axis ii) limit as x approaches 2+ of f(x) is positive infinity iii) f'(1) = -2 Determine the values of a, b, c I got that c = 4 from the first i). I'm stuck on the second one because f(x) =

    asked by Cat
  107. Math 2nd question

    Express as a single sine or cosine function (note: this is using double angle formulas) g) 8sin^2x-4 I just don't get this one. I know it's got something to do with the 1-2sin^2x double angle formula. It's the opposite though? :S h) 1-2sin^2 (π/4-x/2) =

    asked by Alex
  108. Biology - Name for membrane bound organelles

    Membrane bound organelles are also referred to as ... A) vesicles B) channels C) integral proteins D) a and b

    asked by Mia
  109. biology (true or false) cells

    True or false. A cell whose membrane potential is zero is in an ISOTONIC environment

    asked by amanda

    the prob is: middle : center :: thinner : s _ _ _ _er

    asked by Amber
  111. social studies

    Who decides when the Electoral College casts its votes for president?

    asked by Kat
  112. English

    How would you correct this sentence? In many companys everyone, including the President, takes their turn at making coffee.

    asked by Josh
  113. calculus

    how do I find the range of a natural log like ln | x/(1+x^2) |

    asked by Cat
  114. Algebra II

    Does the graph of y = x – 3x2 + 5 have a maximum or minimum? What is the vertex of the graph of y = -2(x - 3)2 + 4? Does the graph of y = -2(x - 3)2+ 4 open up or down?

    asked by JaneLee
  115. Math Reading Problem

    An island has no currency; it instead has the following exchange rate: 50 bananas = 20 coconuts 30 coconuts = 12 fish 100 fish = 1 hammock How many bananas equal 1 hammock?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. English

    I need some ways to rember the people of Titanic i already got some like some people let other people get on the boat and stayed on the Titanic and some people also didn't care about there lives and tried to recuse other people while the ship was sinking.

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Bioo // gateway for ions to enter and leave a cell

    Gateway for ions to enter and leave a cell ... A) hydrophobic end B) hydrophilic end C) protein channels D) a, b, and c

    asked by Mikey
  118. social studies

    What are the major cities in Indus Valley?

    asked by jen
  119. English (College Prep)

    I have to write an English essay about "The Crucible." Has anyone read the book, and understood it? I just need someone to help me brainstorm ideas to write about. Thanks!

    asked by Jena
  120. Algebra

    Find the zeros the function *could someone explain this to me step by step I'm very confused Y=x^2-x-42

    asked by Brittany
  121. Science

    What website would you reccomend to find out about dust phesise? Fecise?

    asked by Christina Gabriella
  122. science

    what happens to the volune of a gas inside a cylinder if the temperature does not change but the pressure is reduced

    asked by chris
  123. Grammar

    I has to revise the following sentence naomi winned, why d you leave me like this! naomi soon began to cry.naomi lucas yelled Its okay youwill be just fine

    asked by Roseliandystarajestarahjaesracritreah
  124. chem

    how many resonance structures can be drawn for sulfur trioxide, SO_3?

    asked by edna