Questions Asked on
November 24, 2007

  1. math

    You are reducing a map of dimensions 2 ft by 3 ft to fit to a piece of paper 8 in by 10 in. What are the dimensions of largest possible map that can fit on the page? I really don't know how to do this but so far I tried to make 2 proportions by changing

    asked by keisha
  2. Ap Biology

    We performed a lab that studied osmosis in potato cells. We put cylinders of potato into varying molar Sucrose solutions and after recording different types of data were able to find the osmotic and water potential of the sucrose solution and potato cells.

    asked by Jessie
  3. math

    A tree casts a shadow 10 ft long. A boy standing next to the tree casts a shadow 2.5 ft long. The triangle sjown for the tree and its shadow is similar to the triangle shown for the boy and his shadow. If the boy is 5 ft tall, how tall is the tree? I got

    asked by keisha
  4. Math permutations

    pi=(245)(1354)(125) 1) Write as a product of disjoint cycles. Ans: (14)(253) Is this correct? 2) Solve : pi^2, pi^5,pi^(-1) 3) What's the order of pi? and why?

    asked by Rick
  5. math

    You want to produce a scale drawing of your living room, which is 24 ft by 15 ft. If you use a scale of 4 in=6 ft, what will be the dimensions of your scale drawing. I think the dimensions are 16 ft by 10 ft. Is this right?

    asked by keisha
  6. math

    Van Gogh's painting Starry Night measures 92 cm long by 73 cm high. You buy a poster that shows an enlargement of the painting. The poster measures 120 cm long by 100 cm high. Is the poster an accurate represenation of the painting? I think the answer is

    asked by keisha
  7. Written Commuincations

    How can I write a business solution for the following question. The trip schedule for Mexico during spring break has been cancelled due to bankruptcy of the bus company. You must tell 25 of your classmates that the trip has been cancelled and that have

    asked by Kim
  8. Biology

    Is a monosaccharide a lipid,a nucleic acid, or a protein?

    asked by Jessica
  9. Can someone proof read please

    This is the orginial assignment, and I am suppose to rewrite it. I am a new publisher with some really great books to sell. I saw your announcement in Publishers Weekly about the bookseller's show you're having this summer, and I think it's a great idea.

    asked by Alicia
  10. Chem Urgency

    Can you explain what the pseudo-gas configuration is? I have the definition but I still don't understand. I have the example.. Sn([Kr] 5s24d105p2) Sn4+ ([Kr]4d10)+4e- I understand the first part but I don't understand the second.

    asked by Sami
  11. Statistics Question

    I have two questions related to moment generating functions. I can't find any sort of examples or explanations in my book... 1) Calculate P(X

    asked by Jillian
  12. College Essay

    Is it alright if I ask for someone to read my college essay? I'll e-mail it if you'd like. I just need some help with it. It's at a bad state right now. Thank you for your help.

    asked by Ben
  13. Math - Solving Trig Equations

    What am I doing wrong? Equation: sin2x = 2cos2x Answers: 90 and 270 .... My Work: 2sin(x)cos(x) = 2cos(2x) sin(x) cos(x) = cos(2x) sin(x) cos(x) = 2cos^2(x) - 1 cos(x) (+/-)\sqrt{1 - cos^2(x)} = 2cos^2(x) - 1 cos^2(x)(1 - cos^2(x)) = 4cos^4(x) - 4cos^2(x)

    asked by Anonymous
  14. chem

    I had to go and do a oxidation- reduction lab where: I went oxidized borneol with sodium chloride and added 0.360g racemic borneol, 1ml acetone, and .30ml glacial acetic acid. Then I heated and added through the condenser every 4 minutes .5ml 6% sodium

    asked by ~christina~
  15. chem help

    How do I find charges for ions of elements. Group 1 has 1+ charges, group 2 has a 2+ charge and so on...what about the exceptions? In can have a 3+ or a 1+ how am I supposed to figure that out?

    asked by Ciara
  16. Organic Chemistry

    How can I tell if a structure of a compound will be optically active and will have an enantiomer?

    asked by Terry
  17. neon

    what is the normal phase, what family does it belong to, and finally how much does it coast.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Science

    Hi, i am doing a title page about economic science and i am confused about what i should draw on my title page. Do you have any ideas?

    asked by Sarah
  19. ETH 125 College Course

    I have a paper I have to do for this class and it calls for us to write an autobiography on race in our community. I have an idea of what I want to write it on however I do not know how to research it to have the recommended resources needed for the paper.

    asked by Trish
  20. Math

    Can someone help me do an example like this one. State the application, give the equation of the quadratic function, and state what the x and y in the application represent. Choose at least two values of x to input into your function and find the

    asked by Alicia
  21. Essay #4

    1) At the University of Maryland, we value a diverse community. How have your life experiences and background shaped you into an individual who will enrich the University of Maryland community? As I stood on the balcony of my grandparents’ house in

    asked by Student
  22. essay

    If I post my essay can some one revise it and tell me if I answered the question.

    asked by Anonymous
  23. SCI 275

    ok I need help finding more info. on Urbanization. describes environmental benefits and challenges of urbanization. Include descriptions of two award winners, discussing how they overcame one of the challenges mentioned in your presentation. Include

    asked by dawn
  24. Physics - Electricity

    Can you please check my answers. 1) What carries energy through wire? electrons 2) What happens to some of the energy when it moves through the wire? becomes lost due to the movement of energy requiring some kinetic energy 3) If a resistance is large, why

    asked by xX_Supaman_Xx
  25. college essay

    Please tell me if I answered the prompt and check it Choose apiece of literature you have read and describe how it has affected you. For many people, the image that comes to mind when they hear, the word slavery is the Transatlantic Slave Trade. We think

    asked by Danny
  26. Physics/Nautical

    Further to my post yesterday re wave speed. If a fast 25Kn 10m power boat had the choice of making a passage against the wind & waves (head sea) or with the wind & waves following (following sea). Assuming 15Kn wind in open sea conditions & no tide the

    asked by Mike
  27. science

    As the pressure of a fixed mass of a gas is increased at constant temperature, the density of the gas increases? As the absolute temperature of a fixed mass of an ideal gas is increased at constant pressure, the volume occupied by the gas increases? The

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Chemistry

    4NH3 + 7O2 --> 4NO2 + 6H20 1) How many grams of oxygen are necessary to produce 4.50 moles of NO2? 2) How many molecules of water are produced when 2.25 moles of ammonia are completely reacted?

    asked by anonymous
  29. Chemistry

    What are some factors that affect the solubility of ionic substances?

    asked by Marty
  30. Literature

    Which of the following excerpts is the best example of persuasion through an appeal to reason? a. "Has Great Britian any enemy, in this quarter of the world, to call for all this accumulation of naives and armies?" b. "They are sent over to bind and rivet

    asked by Anonymous
  31. History

    How did the world community react to the news of the Armenian Massacre?

    asked by Mike
  32. Literature

    Which of these passages from Mary Rolandson's narrative is not allusion? a. "and through the Rivers thay shall not overthrow thee." b. "like Jehu, they marched on furiously" c. "miserable comforters are ye all, as he said" d. "I earnestly entreated the

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass in g of aniline (C6H5NH2, Kb = 4.3 x 10-10) that must be added to 1.4 x 102 mL of 0.24 M (C6H5NH3)Cl solution in order to generate a buffer solution of pH 5.56. Give your answer to 2 significant figures. Noclue...

    asked by Andrew
  34. Calculus

    At the moment OHaganBooks is selling 1000 books per week and its sales are rising at a rate of 200 books per week. Also, it is now selling all its books for $20 each, but the price is dropping at a rate of $1 per week. I need to know at what rate

    asked by Julie
  35. ...English...

    For someone to struggle for freedom (any sorts of freedom), do you need to be committed? And if you do, what are some ideas how being committed is helpful to attempt to gain freedom? I thought of one point, I know you need to be committed to gain freedom

    asked by Anonymous
  36. math

    The vertices of a rectangle are R(-5,-5), S(-1,-5), T(-1,1),and U(-5,1). After translation, R prime is the point (0,-13). Find the translation vector and coordinates of U prime. I got (5,-8) as my tanslatipn vector and (0,-7) as my U prime. Is this right?

    asked by keisha
  37. math

    A map of Australia has a scale of 1 cm to 120 km. If the distance between Melbourne and Canberra is 463 km, how far apart are they on the map, to the nearest tenth of a centimeter? I got 3.9 cm. I made a proportion 1/120=x/463 and that's how I got 3.9. Is

    asked by keisha
  38. Ionic compounds

    Sodium nitrate

    asked by Greg
  39. science project

    I am doing a project where I have to start with a solid, show is turning into a liguid and then a gas..Can I use butter as a solid, melt it in cookies, and then bake the cookies showing that it turns into a gas (or by smell of butter in cookies). Thank you

    asked by Karen
  40. French

    En Espagne et au Portugal, il y a des nuages. I know "en" is used because it means in Espagne, but why is au used for Portugal? Should it also use en? Also with "En Suede et au Danemark, il neige."

    asked by Miche
  41. cultural diversity

    what is an average American perception of a Christian American and also that of a Muslim and Arab America?

    asked by Sandra
  42. Calculus

    complete the identity sinq / cosq + cosq / sinq = I'm not sure I'm coming up with 1 + cot q

    asked by kelly
  43. Algebra

    How do I solve -3p^2+66p=0

    asked by Matt
  44. art

    What is the element which serves as a main idea in an artist’s composition? Is it the subject matter?

    asked by Tabby
  45. Chemistry

    The reaction between 0.055 g of calcium with an excess of water was carried out in an ice calorimeter. The volume of water in the calorimeter decreased by 0.20 mL during the reaction. Calculate the enthalpy of the reaction (in kJ/mol).

    asked by Raj
  46. English Easy Question!

    What are some ways to say "As" in an essay. Example: As I stood watching the march, I heard the gentle tolls of the church bell.

    asked by Student
  47. Math Calculus

    This is a problem set I do not undestand Let y1 = a^x, y2 = NDER y1, y3 = (y2/y1), and y4 = e^(y3) a) Descirbe the grapgh of y4 for a = 2,3,4,5. Generalize your description to an arbitrary a > 1. b) Descibe the graph of y3 for a = 2,3,4,5. Compare a table

    asked by Fabian
  48. French

    L'amélioration clée le système d'éducation pourrait appliquer est la motivation. Beaucoup d'étudiants ont le potentiel pour exceller dans n'importe quel sujet s'ils sont motivés pour faire bien. Les étudiants devraient être encouragés à faire

    asked by Anonymous
  49. linear/exponential

    This question involves the half-life formula. In this exercise, we are to give a half-life for an exponentially decaying quantity. Need answer to the following: The half-life of a drug in the bloodstream is 4 hours. By what factor does the concentration of

    asked by kayse
  50. policing

    In 1829, the model of modern policing, the London Metropolitan Police Department, was established. It's main objective was: a. Criminal apprehension b. law enforcement c. Crime prevention d social order

    asked by marie
  51. English (Does this sentence make sense?)

    17 years later, 150 pounds heavier and 5 ½ feet taller, I have gotten used the American way of things, living the majority of my life California and Seattle, Washington. Does that make sense? I get a fragment line on Word. Thank you for your help.

    asked by Robert
  52. Math - Solving Trig Equations

    Solve each equation for o is less than and/or equal to theta is less than and/or equal to 360 -- sin^2x = 1 = cos^2x -- Work: cos^2x - cos^2x = 0 0 = 0 -- Textbook Answers: 90 and 270 -- Btw, how would you isolate for cos^2x = 0? Would it be... x = cos^-1

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Algebra

    Can someone help me do an example like this one. State the application, give the equation of the quadratic function, and state what the x and y in the application represent. Choose at least two values of x to input into your function and find the

    asked by Alicia
  54. eth

    The final project for ETH 125 is a 1,400- to 1,750-word autobiographical research paper on race in your community. The CheckPoints and assignments in class are designed to stimulate your awareness of cultural diversity issues, so, as you craft your final

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Poetry Part II

    Okay so I have poem here that I need to interpret including I have to discuss the issue of gender as it relates to this poem. So here's the poem "A Place For Everything" When my mother spoke of sadness and widows, my father muttered "Well, well," and shook

    asked by Joe
  56. Chem Please Help

    I know how to write elctron configurations but I am having problems with electron config. of main group ions. Problem: Using condensed electron configurations, write reactions for the formation of the common ions of the following element: Iodine (Z=53)

    asked by Sami
  57. Organic Chemistry

    What are the monosaccharides present in starch, glycogen, and cellulose?

    asked by Terry