Questions Asked on
November 20, 2007


    what is the oxidation state of chlorine in Cl2O7

    asked by Anonymous
  2. chemistry

    2Sb + 3I2->2SbI3 Determine the limiting reactant and theoretical yield when 1.2 mol of Sb and 2.40 mol I2 are mixed.

    asked by neil
  3. scientific notation

    Write the number in scientific notation: 0.000375

    asked by Tabby
  4. Chemistry

    Rank the following compounds in order of increasing acid strength (1 = weakest, 4 = strongest) HCOOH CH2ClCOOH CHCl2COOH CH3COOH

    asked by Matt
  5. Chemistry

    When given a chemical reaction, how would I know whether a reaction is endo or exothermic and whether work is done on the system or by the system. Without using any calculations. So I have a couple reactions which I have to use chemical reasoning to to

    asked by Raj
  6. Physics

    A fisherman notices that his boat is moving up and down periodically, owing to waves on the surface of the water. It takes 2.90 s for the boat to travel from its highest point to its lowest, a total distance of 0.640 m. The fisherman sees that the wave

    asked by Christine


    asked by alan
  8. College Algebra

    Can someone check my answer please? Find the corresponding y values for x= -2,-1,0,1,2,3 if y= x^-x-2. My answers are under Y. X Y -2 -4 -1 -2 0 -2 1 0 2 4 3 10

    asked by Alicia
  9. math

    The sales tax rate is 6.875% How much tax is charged on a purchase of $1600?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. please help edit and revise my essay

    An Abusive Situation On a ordinary Thursday afternoon I just finished eating my lunch with my high school friends. We did not do anything much except talk about how our classes were and about those stupid guys at the East Hall upstairs. I was having so

    asked by shylo
  11. Ethics

    What information about race and ethnicity in the United States has helped you better understand or relate to specific minority groups? Have you learned something new about your own cultural history? Trends in immigration will continue to shape the face of

    asked by Danny
  12. college essay: please revise and edit

    A Silly Phobia Toward A Gorgeous Dude From Cal Poly It was a cold Thursday night in the coastal area. The Sunnyside High School AVID students were on their way back home from the field trip of visiting UCSB. We stopped in San Luis Obispo and had dinner at

    asked by shylo
  13. Chemistry

    For each of the pairs of bases below, choose the stronger base: (i) NH2- or NH3 (ii) ClO3- or ClO2- (iii) Cl3CCOO- or Cl2HCCOO- For i) I think it is NH2-, because it has a stronger ability to attract an H+ atom to become de-ionized. For ii) I don't know

    asked by Raj
  14. acct. question

    is there a formula how to calulate for the revenues, expenses , and income

    asked by student acc
  15. Chemistry

    What are the names and formula masses of MgSO4,MgSO4.7H20, and (NH4)2SO4. Please help

    asked by neil
  16. business question

    What items appear on a merchandising company statements that don't appear on the service comapany statements? Is there really a difference on what that i cannot find it.

    asked by student acc
  17. probability

    Given a throw of three dice, let X,Y,Z be the number of dots showing on each. What is P(X

    asked by Danny
  18. Algebra 2

    how do you graph the function? f(x)=2(x+2)^2(x+4)^2

    asked by Nadia
  19. English

    What kinds of unwanted reactions might you get from readers of your messages? What steps would you take to ensure that the purpose of your message (whether informative, positive, negative, or persuasive) is conveyed to your readers?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Chemistry

    A balanced equation for CuSO4+NaCl--> ???

    asked by B Hlock
  21. College Algebra

    An executive flew in the corporate jet to a meeting in a city 1500 kilometers away. After traveling the same amount of time on the return flight, the pilot mentioned that they still had 300 kilometers to go. The air speed of the plane was 600 kilometers

    asked by Courtney
  22. English

    The sentence should be strong or weak,explain with a diagram.Please help I think the sentence is weak All dogs can bark. No bird that can fly can swim. So no dog can bark.

    asked by Lee
  23. Career

    How do i create a creative Portfolio Cover Page. what should be on it? where can i find one already comlete a sample?

    asked by Bryan
  24. math

    solve : lim [((2x+1)^0.5)-3]/[x-4] x-->4

    asked by mo
  25. College Algebra ~ Please Help

    Can someone give me some real life applications that I can use for a quadratic function.

    asked by Alicia
  26. Physics

    You are trying to overhear a juicy conversation, but from your distance of 17.0 m, it sounds like only an average whisper of 35.0 dB. So you decide to move closer to give the conversation a sound level of 80.0 dB instead. How close should you come? d= ??

    asked by Jill
  27. Calculus

    Solve the triangle a is a side A is an angle I have: a=5 A= b=11 B= c= C= 110 degrees Can this be figured out??If so how?

    asked by kelly
  28. Geomertry

    A = 1/2 h (b1 + b2) A = 201km square h = 17km b2 = 16km what is b1? My answer paper gives it as 7.65km but I cannot see how you get there

    asked by Jarred
  29. islam

    1.In the Quran 3:159 “…then when you have taken a decision, tawakkal (put your trust )in Allah. Syed Qutb , says that the Rasul s.a.w. quotes this verse when the sahabah went to see him and ask whether he would want to reconsider the decision to

    asked by khairul
  30. job question

    What kind of job can i get with a bachelors of science in psychology? I live in the state of virginia

    asked by RAY
  31. job question

    What kind of job can i get with a bachelors of science in psychology? I live in the state of virginia

    asked by RAY
  32. chem

    what is the equation for calculating ÄE? here is my info- q=-39kJ, w=88kJ

    asked by mel
  33. PreCal

    Can someone tell show me how to do this. Show the product as a sum or difference sin 6x cos 2x

    asked by Jay
  34. Calculus

    How would I go about solving this equation on the interval [0,2pi] cos^2 + 2 cos x + 1 = 0

    asked by Kelly
  35. Chemisrty

    How can I test for catalase in a carrot using an experiment?

    asked by Christy Fultz
  36. english

    when there is no topic framework which elements can represent the topic framework?f.e tom:i get the cookie mike:yes i think and so there is no introduction who is speaking about what and so on.than which elements represent the topic framework here?

    asked by bill
  37. geometry


    asked by alan
  38. english

    ok i have been working on my english homework for some time now. i was assigned a 400 question vocabulary packet. here are just 15 questions i coudnt find out while doing the entire packet. I couldn't even find any answers using the dictionary website.

    asked by tamy
  39. Computers

    How do you clear the cache on the computer?

    asked by Audrey
  40. geometry

    At Millock Highschool, there are 1,000 lockers and 1,000 students. The first day of school, all the students line up outside of the school and enter one at a time. The first student touches evry locker,the second student touches evry locker that is a

    asked by katie
  41. social studies

    What is the waterway that extends north of the dead sea?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. geography

    peen foster geography exam 6648y

    asked by ann
  43. chem

    a system udergoes a process consisting of the following 2 steps- 1. absorbs 79J of heat while 26J of work is done to it 2. system absorbs 26J of heat while preforming 79J of work what is overall ÄE? is it 52J?

    asked by mel
  44. math

    the point (6,-1) is on a circle whose center is (12,7). whats the length of the radius of the circle?

    asked by casey
  45. chem

    in the equation 2SO2 + O2 -> 2SO3 how do you find if work done is >,

    asked by mel
  46. chem

    consider a mixture of air and gasoline vapor in a piston. original V is 30cm^3. if the combustion of misture releases 985J energy, to what volume will the gases expand against a constant pressure of 655 torr if all energy of combustion is converted into

    asked by mel
  47. Math

    What are the factors for 36,27,30,75,,90,84

    asked by Y2J
  48. Chemistry

    A person falls in water at 0 degrees C. After 20 minutes of exposure, they are suffering acute hypothermia, as their core body temperature has dropped to 30.0 degrees C. Assume that a person’s heat capacity can be approximated by the heat capacity of

    asked by Raj


    asked by JASON
  50. Inorganic

    Heyy, I have a quick question. I am doing binary systems, and I have a water/propanol system, and it says " 0.433 mole fraction propanol (71.7% propanol by weight)" does this mean that the mole fraction of water is 0.433 or propanol? Cause if propanol is

    asked by Tracy
  51. chem

    how do I find the ÄH for C2H4 + O3 --> CH3CHO + O2?

    asked by mel
  52. math

    please help! find 3 consective numbers with a sum of 12. find three consective numbers with a sum of 45

    asked by jake
  53. English grammar

    1. What is the conjugation of the words? 2. What are the conjugations of the words? show - give - --------------------------------------- Which question is correct?

    asked by John
  54. riting/spelling

    wat duz liberal meen? sorrey about mi spelling. I just need too kno fore my english class.

    asked by freak show
  55. Math

    What are the factors of:60,63,56,85,106,40, please i need these answers NOW!! IT'S DUE TOMORROW!! I BEG OF YOU!

    asked by Veronica
  56. gobal

    how did nationalism topple empires?

    asked by jessica
  57. english

    what is a numeral?

    asked by judy
  58. general question

    Can someone provide me with the financial statement of a service of ford company and the merchandising company with it from ford. The links where i can see the information I would greatly appreciated

    asked by student acc
  59. chemistry

    when 18.66 g of magnesium react with 22.28g of oxygen, 30.94g of megnesium oxdie forms. If all the magnesium reacts, how many grams of oxygen remain un-reacted?

    asked by jason
  60. Art

    Is a natural painting also a representational one?

    asked by K
  61. philosophy

    What fallacies, if any, are present in the following passage? Can you please give reasons for your answer, that is, if you say that a fallacy has been committed, then show where the fallacy occurred, and explain why you think it is a fallacy? The passage:

    asked by Tim
  62. algebra

    what does it mean to solve and check for extraneous solutions for sqry+9=1

    asked by kate
  63. philosophy

    What fallacies, if any, are present in the following passage? Can you please give reasons for your answer, that is, if you say that a fallacy has been committed, then show where the fallacy occurred, and explain why you think it is a fallacy? Background:

    asked by Tim
  64. Algebra Can someone who is serious respond

    Can someone check my answer please? Find the corresponding y values for x= -2,-1,0,1,2,3 if y= x^-x-2. My answers are under Y. X Y -2 -4 -1 -2 0 -2 1 0 2 4 3 10

    asked by Alicia
  65. art & textile

    im making a parka and when you take it off your head, i don't want it to flap.. i want it to stay open and int he shape of the head.. is there a material to sew between the fabric to make it stay in this position?

    asked by andy
  66. Algebra

    Can someone check my answer please? Find the corresponding y values for x = -2,-1,0,1,2,3 if y = x^-x-2. My answers are under Y. X Y -2 -4 -1 -2 0 -2 1 0 2 4 3 10

    asked by Alicia
  67. textiles and sewing

    for a heavier interfacing, what is the material of the fabric? is it 40% nylon $60 percent cotton or something?

    asked by andy
  68. Psychology

    Is there a strong connection between our mood and our senses? Has there been science esearch to support or disprove this notion?

    asked by Christian
  69. math

    find each product,5/11x2/7 = or 2/9x4/8=

    asked by andrew
  70. math

    can anyone please explain to me how come x=pi can't not represent a function?

    asked by ajo
  71. Math - Factoring/Decomposition

    16y^2 - 4y + 1 = 0 I'm trying to find the roots for the equation. What do I do next after this step: 4y (4y - 1) + 1 = 0

    asked by Anonymous
  72. English

    How would you apply the knowledge you have about effective business communication and cultural diversity to your current/future job and college courses?

    asked by Danny
  73. math

    Would (D)-2 Be the correct answer for this? 8(x-3)=40 A. 8 B. 5 C. 2 D. -2

    asked by Anonymous
  74. math

    1300cm^ = how many m^

    asked by Anonymous
  75. english

    ycnolo what is that word

    asked by joy
  76. Chemistry

    How many moles of sodium will have same number of atoms as 5 g of copper?

    asked by Majra
  77. Chemistry

    K=1.6x10^-5 mol/L for the following reaction 2NOCl(g).... 2 NO(g) + Cl2(g) Calculate the concentrations of all species at equilibrium for each of the following original mixtures E) 2.4 mol of NOCl, 2.4 mol of NO, and 1.2 mol Cl2 in a 1.0 L flask F)1.9

    asked by AMANDA
  78. math-triangle help

    I need help with this: Given a right triangle with B=4 and C=11 find A appoximated to three decimal places.

    asked by JerriAnne
  79. How to send gifts to China in a strange country?

    The Thanksgiving Day is coming. Do you have some ideas about it? For western people, it is more important than us Asian. But this kind of custom influences us gradually. So, this Thanksgiving Day I want to send some interesting gifts to my families,

    asked by chen
  80. science

    for my marie curie report I need 5 things that will fit into a bag from my home that will help me tell my class about her. What do I bring?

    asked by Kelsie
  81. Algebra

    Can someone please check my answers. Solve the following by factoring x^ + 7x + 10 + 0 I got x + (-5) and x = (-2)

    asked by Alicia
  82. Algebra

    Can someone check my answers please? Solve the following by factoring? 3x^ - 6x = 0 I got x = 0 and x = 2

    asked by Alicia
  83. chemistry

    What are the products formed when sulfuric acid solution reacts with potassium hydroxide(KOH) solution? Is this correct H2SO4+KOH>KS04+H30

    asked by Majra
  84. Algebra ~ can someone check answers please

    If f(x) = 2x^ - 7x +3 find f(2). I got f(2) = (-9) find f(-3). I got f(-3) = (-42)

    asked by Alicia
  85. chemistry

    Heating a 2.00g sample of magnesium metal with an excess of pure nitrogen gas produce 2.77g of a compound containing only magnesium and nitrogen. What is the empirical formula for this compound?

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Math(Algebra2)

    Craftsmen install 500 sq ft of ceramic tile and 200 sq ft of vinyl tile in one day. An apprentice installs 100 sq ft of ceramic tile and 200 sq ft of vinyl tile in one day. The firm has a job that requires 2400 sq ft if ceramic tile and 1600 sq ft of vinyl

    asked by Setareh
  87. Chemistry

    What is the NET IONIC EQUATION for the reaction of magnesium nitrate solution with silver sulfate solution. Is it AG2S04

    asked by Majra
  88. HUM 130

    ok I have found 2 websites now I need help answering these ?'s Discuss how modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous peoples you explored. Are the indigenous religions still being practiced today? If so, how have the practices

    asked by dawn
  89. Chemistry

    How many moles of CaCO3 are present in 30.6g of it ?

    asked by Dybiah
  90. College Algebra

    What is the Pythagorean Theorem.

    asked by Alicia
  91. chemistry

    Is almost all the mass of an atom concntrated in the nucleus?

    asked by jamil
  92. Chem

    How do you tell what type of solid (atomic, molecular, ionic, covalent network) will any substance form (i.e. PH3, H2, acetate)? I know that its mainly determined by what is at the lattice points but still have no clue how to go about it.

    asked by Steve