Questions Asked on
November 12, 2007

  1. Physics

    This is probably a really easy question, but I just don't know how to set it up. An object in equilibrium has three forces exerted on it. A 33 N force acts at 90 degrees from the x-axis and a 44 N force acts at 60 degrees. What are the magnitude and

    asked by Corin
  2. Physics

    Europa, a moon of Jupiter has an orbital diameter of 1.34x10^9m and a period of 3.55 days. What is the mass of Jupiter? d=1.34x10^9m T=3.55days = 30672s M=? r=71492000m rm=6.7x10^8 r-total=7414492000m r^3/t^2=GM/4pi^2

    asked by Andrea
  3. Algebra

    you are about to take a test that contain questions of type A worth 4 points and of type B worth 7 points. You must answer at least 5 of type A and 3 of type B, but time restricts answering more than 10 of either type. In total, you can answer no more than

    asked by CJ
  4. Physics

    A 2.1kg brass ball is transported to the Moon. a)What is the mass of the brass ball on the earth and on the moon? Wouldn't it be 2.1kg for the earth as well as for the moon? b)Determing the weight of thee brass ball on the earth. F_g=(G*m_ball*m_earth)/r^2

    asked by Andrea
  5. Managerial Economics

    Economists consider which of the following costs to be irrelevant to a short run business decision? A)out of pocket B)historical cost C)opportunity cost D)replacement cost

    asked by A
  6. APUSH

    How did nostalgia for the past encourage social reform?

    asked by Amanda
  7. Managerial Economics

    Diseconomies of scale can be caused by: A)bureaucratic inefficiencies B)increasing advertising and promotional costs. C)the law of diminishing returns D)all of the above

    asked by A
  8. Science

    A student finds that it takes 0.20s for a ball to pass through phototogates placed 30 cm apart on a level ramp. The end of the ramp is 92 cm above the floor. Where should a coin be placed so tnat the ball strikes it directly on impact with the ground?

    asked by leo
  9. Physics

    A regulation volleyball court is L = 18.0 m long and a regulation volleyball net is d = 2.43 m high. A volleyball player strikes the ball a height h = 1.76 m directly above the back line, and the ball's initial velocity makes an angle q = 55° with respect

    asked by Lindsay
  10. Chemistry

    how do you purify Biphenyl contaminated with Fluorene? what is the method and solvent?

    asked by Sonam
  11. Essay

    In what ways were cotton production and slavery more of a burden to the South than a benefit.

    asked by Christie
  12. English

    Are the "Notes on Punctuation" by Lewis Thomas actually about punctuation? We were asked to "close read" it and I'm sure the author had other messages to get out other than punctuation. I looked Lewis Thomas up on google and found that he was quite into

    asked by Samantha
  13. Statistics Help Please

    How do I tell if this is a mean or a proportion 1. Insurance companies track life expectancy information to assist in determining the cost of life insurance policies. The insurance company knows that, last year, the life expectancy of its policyholders was

    asked by LT
  14. Physics

    The mean radius of the Earth is R=6.38x10^6m. At what distance above the Earth's surface will the acceleration of gravity be 4.905m/s^2? F_g=(Gmme)/r^2 4.905=6.67x10^-11(5.98x10^24)/r^2 The mass cancel out so that is how I got the above answer. r=9017663m

    asked by Andrea
  15. Physics

    Could someone help me with these questions. . . please 1. How does Rutherford’s model of the atom account for the back – scattering of alpha particles directed at the gold leaf 2. The higher the energy level occupied by an electron in the hydrogen

    asked by Mike
  16. chemistry

    An aqueous solution of ethanol is 3.05 M in ethanol, CH3CH2OH. Calculate the mole fraction of ethanol if the density of the solution is 0.964 g mL-1.

    asked by mark
  17. Calculus

    Minimize S=x+2y with xy=2 and both x and y > 0

    asked by Britt
  18. Science

    Hi any links or ideas? Given darwins theory of evolution, what scientific evidence best supports evolution by natural selection?

    asked by Michelle
  19. acct. correction

    can someone correct these for me thanks. for the accounting cycle. i have to place these in order. a) Posting the journal entries b) Journalizing and posting adjusting entries c) Preparing the adjusted trial balances d) Journalizing and posting closing

    asked by student acc
  20. Algebra

    Hello all - I would like to check my work on 2 problems. Solve by factoring : x^2-13x= -12 x^2-13x+12= -12 + 12 x^2-13x+12= 0 (x-1)(x-12)= 0 x = 1 , 12 Solve using the square root property: 2x^2-35=15 2x^2-35-15=0 2x^2-50=0 2(x-5)(x+5)=0 x = 5 , -5 Not

    asked by John
  21. biology

    should companies that market high solute beverages be able to say these drinks quench your thirst what information should consumers be given about the concentration of beverages

    asked by ~JESSICA~
  22. physics

    a 15000N car on a hydrolyic lift rests on a cylinder with a piston of radius 0.20M,. if a connecting cylinder with a piston of 0.04M radius is driven by compressed air, what force must be applied to the smaller piston in order to lift the car? am i doing

    asked by tasha
  23. Math--Calculus

    Let y = f(x) be the continuous function that satisfies the equation x^4 - (5x^2)(y^2) + 4y^4 = 0 and whose graph contains the points (2,1) and (2,2). Let L be the line tangent to the graph of f at x = 2. (a) Find and expression for y'. (b) Write an

    asked by Sophee

    C12H20(Y)--> 22CH2=O+ 2CH3C(=O)CH2C(=O)CH3 The reagents used are ozone, Zn and H20 Give condensed formula of C12H20Y

    asked by Delli
  25. Managerial Economics

    When a firm increased its output by one unit, its Average Cost rose from $45 to 50. This implies that its Marginal cost is A)greater than $50 B)between $45 and $50 C)$5 D)cannot be determined from the above information

    asked by A
  26. Physics

    A regulation volleyball court is L = 18.0 m long and a regulation volleyball net is d = 2.43 m high. A volleyball player strikes the ball a height h = 1.76 m directly above the back line, and the ball's initial velocity makes an angle q = 55° with respect

    asked by Lindsay
  27. Managerial Economics

    When a firm increased its output by one unit, its Average Cost decreased. This implies that A)the law of diminishing returns has not yet taken effect B)MC

    asked by A
  28. Social Studies (Early Native American Tribes)

    Can u give me some good places to research the Wobenakiak tribe? I have an essay due tomorrow. thx!

    asked by mika
  29. social studies

    where can I find the answers to pigskin geography week#10,2007

    asked by sandy
  30. Physics

    Suppose that the force acting on a mass m is F=-kx+fsin(omega)t. a.) show that x(t)= A sin omegat is a possible motion for this simple driven oscillator if A= f/k-m omega^2 b.) what is the amplitude when the frequency is very small? I hav no idea where to

    asked by Anonymous
  31. probability

    3)If the random variable T is the time to failure of a commercial product and the values of its probability density and distribution function at time "t" are f(t) and F(t), then its failure rate at time t is given by f(t) / 1-F(t) Thus, the failure rate at

    asked by chinnu
  32. physics

    a 15000N car on a hydrolyic lift rests on a cylinder with a piston of radius 0.20M,. if a connecting cylinder with a piston of 0.04M radius is driven by compressed air, what force must be applied to the smaller piston in order to lift the car? am i doing

    asked by BrOwN GuRL
  33. math

    if a class collects $155.00 toward a fundraiser goal of $775.00 what fraction reprisents towards it goal? plz help me with my homework!!!

    asked by brandi
  34. Physics

    For a box that is twice as wide as it is tall, what is the critical angel for which the box can easily tip over? What is the critical angel for a box that is twice as tall as it is wide? Which box will tip over more easily? Why? I have no idea on where to

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Homework

    We, my roomates and I, keep getting replies saying stop posting under more than one name. We are not posting under more than one name we are all different. We all live together and only have this common computer at the moment, but we are more than one

    asked by Olivia
  36. Chem

    NaOH (aq) + Zn (solid) reaction

    asked by John
  37. computers

    which set of terms below correctly pairs a generation of computers with key innovation associated with it? a. 2nd generation/ intergrated circuits b. 3rd generation/programming languages c. 4th generation/ operating systems d. 5th generation/artificial

    asked by holli
  38. accounting

    Identify one decision that Nike managers make in each of the six value-chain functions.

    asked by Anonymous
  39. science-measurement

    what word has this vocabulary??? displays information in rows and columns it ends with an e but i don't know the word

    asked by bryan
  40. Science - Biology - Ecology

    I desperately need help on the iron hypothesis and related facts: Where are HNLC waters found and why? (a map would be nice) What is the fate of the organic carbon fixed by photosynthesis in the deep ocean? How does iron enter the ocean eco-system? What is

    asked by Robert
  41. math

    Find the lateral and surface area of the right rectangular prism whose length is 7 cm, width is 5 cm, and height is 1.5 cm. I think the answer is 36 for lateral area and 106 as surface area. I made a formula, 2(7 x 1.5 + 1.5 x 5)) and I got 36. Then I made

    asked by keisha
  42. Chemistry

    A 0.00400- mole sample of 2-chloro-2methylpropane is added to 150Ml of water, and the mixture is stirred till the p H levels off. What is the p H of the solution?

    asked by Delli
  43. Chemistry

    Hi; I'm just wondering, I need to write the dissocation equation for NH3 so that I can get Kb, and I just want to make sure that I am on the write track. I know that when some solids dissociate they just go from say CaCO3 --> CaO + CO2, but for this I'm

    asked by Tracy
  44. Geography

    What is around edges of the Pacific Ocean?

    asked by Anna
  45. Preschool Question--Pleae Help!

    I asked this question a few days ago- and several tutors said there is no one correct answer. There has to be one answer better,because I can only mark one answer. For many children,the development of their imagination affects the development of: A.

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Physics

    You have a mass of 2 kg attached to a spring with a spring constant 18 N/m. The mass is at rest at the equilibrium position. At time t=0 you hit the object with a hammer. This blow instantaneously gives the object a velocity of 3 m/s. The motion (after the

    asked by Jessica
  47. Math

    Please check my answer thanks You bought 4 chairs for $22.oo each a table for $212 and an umbrella for $85 what is the total bill if your sales tax rate is 6% 22x4=88 then add 88 212 + 85 ___________________ 385 x 6% _________________

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Economics

    Can you give me a website on the book, The World is Flat? It is such a long book. I cannot remember everything I read.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. World history

    Is Ghana and Mali and nearby countries considered central Africa? Since today it is on a modern is located northwest...but back then..was it considered central africa?

    asked by anonymous
  50. physics

    An oscillator has an amplitude of 3.2. At this instant displacement of the oscillator is 1.4. What are the two possible phases of the oscillator at this instant? Work so far: x= Acos (constant) x=displacement A=amplitude so 1.4=3.2 cos (constant)

    asked by Anonymous
  51. biology

    Describe the significance of the Law of Segregation and its relationship with cell division.

    asked by chanell
  52. spanish Sra JMcGuin

    did I miss any of the accents necessary? Melodía lleva un gorro de lana gris y marrón con bolas de algodón. Ella también lleva unas botas altas de cuero marrones con lana suave adentro. Las botas se llaman son UGGS. Ella modela un par de vaqueros

    asked by sam
  53. Social Studies

    Name 3 documents and or important people involving the government? For example: as one of the documents, The Articles of Confederation can be one. Can anyone name 2 more at least??? PLZ!

    asked by Ellen
  54. lit

    I have to write a modest proposal similar to Jonathan Swifts. Please tell me if I am on the right tack (if there is changes to be made show me where) It is devastating and heart wrenching to see how the world is slowly transforming into a heat machine and

    asked by Larry
  55. Math

    please explian this not sure about fractions thanks :) 1/3, 5/6 , and 3/8 = add the fractions reduce to loewst terms

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Geography

    What rivers in order will the Dallas Cowboys cross on their way to New York? Mississippi

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Social Studies (World History)

    I need to find information particularly on agricultural and pastoral production in central Africa during the time span: 600-1450. If info on this subtheme does not offer a lot of info, we may use the bigger theme which is creation, expansion, and

    asked by Megan
  58. Chemisty

    Rewrtie and balance the equation: N sub 2 + H sub 2 yeild NH sub 3

    asked by M
  59. SCI 275

    Identify the fruit or vegetable you selected and relate the second law of thermodynamics to the changes in energy observed in Appendix C. How did the amount of energy gained compare to the amount of energy lost as heat at the second through fourth trophic

    asked by dawn
  60. thomas alva edison

    I have a list of people where i have to separate them into scientists and engineers and i have one doubt. is thomas alva edison an engineer or scientist. i know he invented light bulb and phonograph. but i was doing a research and he was known as a

    asked by julie
  61. Social Studies

    Explain the significance of rivers in the life of ancient people in Mesopotamia,India and China.

    asked by chanell
  62. Chemistery

    I just want to know why does a balloon filled with heliam explodes when touched with fire?

    asked by Umara
  63. history

    how much did mississippi get for the up fron payement in the Tobacco Litigation?

    asked by cb
  64. economics

    would US exports decrease because of an appreciated dollar, lower interest rates, or decreased foreign demand for dollars?

    asked by Katie
  65. HUM 130

    Religion can affect people in many different ways. List at least two effects that organized religion has had on society and give examples from past and/or present world events that illastrate your examples.

    asked by dawn
  66. reading

    unscramble vashert, relcod, redic

    asked by Jan
  67. maths

    given the following equation for a circle x^2-8x+y^2+4y+11=0 find its centre and radius

    asked by cecelia
  68. science

    I have to design a sustainable city with a river running through it. Would I put both my water treatment plant and seweage plant on the river. Water up and sewer plant downstream?

    asked by mike
  69. English

    Discuss the reversal of the positions of Macbeth and lady Macbeth from what they were in Acts 1 and 2.

    asked by S.Cullen
  70. Super Easy Science - SUPER SIMPLE QUESTION!!!!!

    how do I do i stay focused while writing a report??????!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Kaitlyn
  71. math

    Ecostar is a experimental battery operated car. At a top speed of 70 miles per hourr, the only sounds are wind and noise form the tires. The range of the ecostar is about 100 miles between charges. it takes thirty seconds to plug in the car and 20 more

    asked by siskiu
  72. pigskin geography

    Are there more than 3 cities which will be visited by a team from a bordering state? Question 1 week 10 November 11, 2007

    asked by david
  73. math

    please help how do you figure out the simple interest on a $14,500 loan at 9% interest for 5 years ?

    asked by Anonymous

    Need the two sentences translated, not answered, just translated so that I can help my niece: Hay 70 personas esperando en fila para comprar boletos para un concierto. Cuando se acaban los boletos todavia quedan 31 personas en la fila. ¿Aproximadamente

    asked by 3RD GRADER AUNT Barbara
  75. World History

    I need to cover the most important developments in agricultural and pastoral production in central Africa during the middle ages (600-1450). Also, I can cover the creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems in place of the subtheme. I'm out of

    asked by Anonymous
  76. computers

    Plan a systems development project for the Bead Bar, using the seven standard systems development life cycle phases

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Math

    How do I mutliply the following; (4x2+3x-3)(4x2+3x-3)

    asked by Scott
  78. World History

    I can't find any info in regards to creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems in central Africa during the time span: 600-1450. I've tried many resources and I can't find any info on agricultural and pastoral production, trade and commerce,

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Calculus

    Find the limit. Use L'Hopitals Rule if necessary. lim (x^2+3x+2)/(x^2+x) x -> 0

    asked by Britt
  80. Literature

    What manifestations of Indian culture are seen in our country?

    asked by chanell
  81. Social Studies

    How do you promote the contributions of Asia's early civilizations which are beneficisl to modern society?Explain.

    asked by chanell
  82. math

    Find the surface area of the right rectangular prism. The height is 2 in, the length is 10 in, and the width is 4 in. I think the answer is 136. I made a formula, 2(8 + 20 + 40) and I got 136. Is this right?

    asked by keisha
  83. acct. question

    my question is what are the steps for the accounting cycle?

    asked by student acc
  84. Writing

    what are good ways to start off personal statement letters? I have a idea on what i want to write about i just don't know how to start off. like the first two sentence

    asked by Bryan

    Need the two sentences translated, not answered, just translated: Hay 70 personas esperando en fila para comprar boletos para un concierto. Cuando se acaban los boletos todavia quedan 31 personas en la fila. ¿Aproximadamente cuántas personas consiguieron

    asked by Barbara
  86. pigskin geography

    Are there more than 3 cities which will be visited by a team from a bordering state? Question 1 week 10 November 11, 2007

    asked by david
  87. Middle School Science

    I can't find the definitions for the following science terms anywhere: known sample positive test negative test can anyone help?

    asked by Adam
  88. Literature

    Why is India called the Land of Prayer?

    asked by chanell
  89. spanish Sra JMcGuin

    Hi can you help me put in the accent marks on this - I do not know how to do this on my computer - I think this is good. I have to give a presentation on it tommorrow. Melodía lleva un gorro de lana gris y marrón con bolas de algodón. Ella también

    asked by sam
  90. Math/ Computers

    Posted by Ariel on Saturday, November 10, 2007 at 4:33pm. So I need a function (parameters: origin x, origin y, destination x, destination y, object x1, object y1, object x2, object y2). The object in this case would be a wall with two points (x1, y1, x2,

    asked by Ariel
  91. history

    where was the 4-h club for Mississippi founded?

    asked by cb
  92. history

    what festival happens in Meridian, Mississippi the last week of May each year?

    asked by cb
  93. science

    Where does the neutron of heliam come from although hydrogen has no neutron?

    asked by Adina
  94. physics

    I also need help with 9.67nm=???km and 2.3X10 to the -4g=????ng

    asked by nora
  95. math

    please help how do you figure out the compound interest on $8,000 invested for one year at 6% compounded quarterly. rounded to the nearest dollar

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Science

    What is the Mass of a ten-speed bicycle? What is the volume of a punch bowl? Thank you!!

    asked by Chaz
  97. English

    When you volunteer, is that an act of chivalry?

    asked by maggie r
  98. social studies

    where is Jamestown located?

    asked by victoria
  99. SCI 275

    biome by responding to the following: Provide a one-sentence description of typical precipitation and temperature for summer and winter. Use terms such as cool, cold, warm, hot, dry, and wet. Then, identify the characteristics of a plant and animal that is

    asked by dawn
  100. physical science

    what is the kenetic energy of a 5-kg grocery cart moving at 7m/s?

    asked by Danielle
  101. Writing

    Are there any sites that offer free assistance or suggestions for English papers? I'm thinking of tutors or skilled professionals.

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Math -

    PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS PROBLEM! Solve equation and check the solution -3(r+5) = 3(r - 1)__________________

    asked by Zach
  103. Calculus

    Find the derivative. Simplify as much as possible. s(x)=(9-12x)/[(x/3)-(1/4)]

    asked by Britt
  104. Bio

    What happens to the oxygen atoms from glucose?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. history

    where is the home of John Grisham?

    asked by cb
  106. Psychology

    Why do some people dream and others don't? Why can we only remember parts of our dreams when we wake up?

    asked by Christian
  107. French

    Is there some kind of rule in French that you don't sound the last consonant of a word? And I want to know what is the difference between tous and tout?

    asked by pak
  108. physics

    245kg=????ug I do not know how to change this to ug so if anyone could please show me how I would really appreciate it.

    asked by nora
  109. physics

    assuming a peak flow velocity of 3 m/s determine culvert diameter if peak flow rate will 9790 cubic metres per second

    asked by Anonymous
  110. math

    How do I find the fraction for 25 ?

    asked by Stressed 5th grader
  111. Asronomy

    Um what is a quick summary of the myth of Leo?

    asked by Smelly Bobrick
  112. maths

    solve the following equation for x

    asked by walter
  113. geography

    what is the mean of geography?

    asked by achala
  114. math

    can someone check my answers please subtract -7.1-(-8.3)= 1.2 multiply (7.6)(1)(-6) = -45.6 divid 90/18 = 5 find the reciprocal of 1/3 (9-4= 5/3 -15-(-12) ---------- -18-(-18) undefined

    asked by keauanna
  115. algebra

    x = 2.077(0.481x) x = 0.999x how would i solve for x?

    asked by mark
  116. Egypt

    I need to know like about the dances that the egyptians did in ancient egypt. And I've look alll over the internet and all it told me was what some of the dances were. I need to know like how they did the dances or if it was throw a story or what?

    asked by Heather
  117. maths

    solve for x

    asked by walter
  118. maths

    solve for x 8=6^x using logs

    asked by walter
  119. geography

    who is the father of geography

    asked by achala
  120. science

    what is thermal waste disposal treatment

    asked by mike
  121. HUM 130

    i need these defined in relations to how they apply to religion. 1. Immanent 2. Religion 3. Theistic 4. Monotheistic 5. Profane 6. Polytheistic 7. Monistic 8. Dogma 9. Nontheistic 10. Transcendent 11. Incarnations 12. Kensho 13. Atheism 14. Agnosticism 15.

    asked by dawn
  122. math

    how do you find the vaule of x please help thanks :) example 9(2x-)18=36

    asked by Anonymous