Questions Asked on
November 7, 2007

  1. physical science

    a 1.0 kg sample of metal with a specific heat of 0.50KJ/kgCis heated to 100.0C and then placed in a 50.0g sample of water at 20.0C. What is the final temperature of the metal and the water? I can't figure this out. Is the answer room temperature???

    asked by nate
  2. Physics

    A small block on a frictionless horizontal surface has a mass of 2.50×10−2 Kg. It is attached to a massless cord passing through a hole in the surface. The block is originally revolving at a distance of 0.300 m from the hole with an angular speed of

    asked by Christina
  3. Physics

    A lever is 5m long. The distance from fulcrum to the weight to be lifted is 1m. If the worker pushes on the opposite end with 400N, what is the max weight that can be lifted? l=5m h=1m F=400N F_g=? torque=F_g*l I first must find torque so that I can plug

    asked by Andrea
  4. math

    happened when two fruit companies merged?

    asked by dorina
  5. AP chem

    This is part of a marathon problem, we have to identify the five compunds of H, N, and O described below. For each compound, I have to write a Lewis structure that is consistent with the information given. a.) All the compunds are electrolytes, although

    asked by Corey
  6. Woods.

    List 5 or more types of driving tools.

    asked by Navin.
  7. Physics

    "the total angular momentum of an object changes when a net external force acts on the system." This statement is: a)always true b) never true c) sometime true, it depends on the force's direction d)sometime true, it depends on the force's point of

    asked by Andrea
  8. Chemistry

    Can carbon monoxide leak (from a fireplace, barbeque, water heater)?

    asked by Panda
  9. Physics

    A 9 kg lead brick falls from a height of 1.8 m. a) Find the momentum as it reaches the ground. b) What impulse is needed to bring the brick to rest? c) The brick falls onto a carpet 2.0 cm thick. Assuming the force stopping it is constant, find the average

    asked by Jayd
  10. Physics

    The outstretched hands and arms of a figure skater preparing for a spin can be considered a slender rod pivoting about an axis through its center. When the skater's hands and arms are brought in and wrapped around his body to execute the spin, the hands

    asked by Christina
  11. Federal Tax II

    Perry organized Cardinal Corporation 10 years ago by contributing property worth $2 million, basis of $450,000 for 2,500 shares of stock in Cardinal, representing 100% of the stock in the corporation. Perry later gave each of his children, Brittany and

    asked by Angela
  12. Chemistry

    The bond energy of the O2 molecule is 495. a) calculate the minimum frequency and max wavelength of light required to break this bond. b) how many photons of this wavelength would it take in order to break open the bonds of all the oxygen molecules in a

    asked by Karen
  13. math

    How do I derive the secant reduction rule? Integral (sec x)^n dx = Integral (sec x)^(n-2) * (sec x)^2 dx = Integral ((tan x)^2 + 1)^(n/2-1) * (sec x)^2 dx Doing a substitution with: u = tax x du = (sec x)^2 dx = Integral (u^2 + 1)^(n/2-1) * du At this

    asked by mathstudent
  14. Math(Algebra 1)

    Im doing math homework and having some trouble. Its called "Graphing equations", and this one is hard. It says 2x-y=7 and then I have to match it with a graph in the textbook. What do I do first to be able to match it? Please help a.s.a.p.

    asked by Taylor
  15. Science.

    What are some types of tools that a carpenter would use? List 5 or more please.

    asked by Navin.
  16. chemistry

    Hey, I am having a real hard time getting the answers to the problems. Any help would be greatly aprreciated! 1. When 11 mL of a solution containing 2.9 M AlBr3 is diluted to 33 mL, a dilute solution is formed. What is the Br- concentration in 25 mL of the

    asked by chelsea
  17. Math

    Using the terms factor,divisor,multiple,product,and divisible write as many statements about 6x8=48. My son is in learning support and has this problem and I don't know how to help him I am not good at math. Thank you for any assistance. Tyrone's mom

    asked by Tyrone
  18. Physics

    A horizontal segment of pipe tapers from a cross sectional area of 50 cm2 to 0.5 cm2. The pressure at the larger end of the pipe is 1.34 105 Pa and the speed is 0.038 m/s. What is the pressure at the narrow end of the segment?

    asked by Dante
  19. calculus

    Can you give me a good website on the topic, slope fields and differential equations? I need to match six slope fields with the correct differential equation. 1. dy/dx=x-y 2. dy/dx=1+x 3. dy/dx=cosx 4. dy/dx=2x 5. dy/dx=x+y 6. dy/dx=y(2-y)

    asked by Anonymous
  20. U.S. History

    What was the bicameral legislature exactly?

    asked by Aleah
  21. please help edit my outline for public speaking

    Badminton Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the laws of the game, equipment, and badminton strokes.

    asked by shylo
  22. Physics

    A glass ball, ball A, of mass 6.0 g moves at a velocity of 19.0 cm/s. It collides with a second ball, ball B, of mass 9.0 g, moving along the same line of velocity of 11.0 cm/s. After the collison, ball A is still moving, but with a velocity of 8.0 cm/s.

    asked by Jessica
  23. Algebra 1

    Traingles C and D are similar. The area of triangle Cis 47.6in2. The base of triangle D is 6.72in. Each dimension of D is 6/5 the corresponding dimension of C. What is the height of D? How in the world do you this problem!! Please help BIG TEST TOMMOROW!!!

    asked by Grace
  24. MATH

    Please help me with these problems. Work and answer is appreciated! :) thanks. 1. Find on the interval theta is greater than or equal to 0 and less than 2pi; then find the general solution: 5tantheta+1=-2.89 16cos^2theta-6=3 6sin^2theta+sintheta=2

    asked by gf
  25. Science

    Explain the main differences between budding and regeneration.

    asked by Judy

    If a Li 2+ ion, initially in the 2nd excited state absorbs a photon of light with a fequency of 2.82 X 10^6 GHz, what will be the final energy level for this electron? Show all stepts to get final energy level. i have no clue what this question is even

    asked by Kate

    If a Li 2+ ion, initially in the 2nd excited state absorbs a photon of light with a fequency of 2.82 X 10^6 GHz, what will be the final energy level for this electron? Show all stepts to get final energy level. i have no clue what this question is even

    asked by Kate
  28. Math - Continuity

    Determine the constants a and b so that the function f is continuous on the entire real line: f(x) = 2 , x=

    asked by Jona
  29. spanish

    complete the sentences with the correct demonstrative adjectives - I answered below the questions are my answers correct? ______(that) camisa del algodon no? Prefiero cosas de algondon. Que piensas de ______ (these) pantalones? 1. esa 2. estos Ya no tiene

    asked by sam
  30. What does the following ...... mean ??

    Since English is my second language, I have difficulty understanding the language overall. So, if someone can please translate the following to simple terms without missing key concepts, that'll be appreciated! The Masterstroke That Launched A Masterpiece:

    asked by English as my second language
  31. physical science

    flourine is a halogen is it also a non-metal

    asked by liz

    If someone has time can someone help me out I have to create a plan for upper management and them do an outline how would i prepare the plan. Any help will be great to start me off with. It deals with the topic of me being a secretary i am new in the job

    asked by student acc
  33. spanish Sra JMcGuin

    thanks is it - Los flores cuestan dieciocho dolares. we are suppose to use one of the 4 phrases to answe the 6 questions could you check this please. Gaby is buying a gift for her dad what might she say in reacting to those items? choices - que caro! Que

    asked by sam
  34. chemistry

    Substition reactions in Alkyl Halides. If it is a secondary carbocation I know it can be SN1 or SN2 and the solvent used can help determine which. Is an aprotic solvent SN1 or SN2?

    asked by AMY
  35. Science

    Explain the main differences between budding and regeneration.

    asked by Madison
  36. Math

    What is the name for the bottom number of a factor.

    asked by LaNaya
  37. Electromagnetic induction-check answers

    Please check my answers: why does an iron core increase the magnetic iduction of a coil of wire? -I am thinking it has something to do with the voltage being increased. Will a cyclist coast farther if the lamp is connected to the generator on his bicycle

    asked by Soly
  38. physical science

    are alkali metals or alkaline earth metals soft silver - white, shiny metals

    asked by liz
  39. math

    Is the answer is correct ?? lim ((x^10)-1)/(x-1) x-->0 is the answer is 1 ???

    asked by mo
  40. Preschool question

    For many children,the development of imagination affects the development of which? empathy,intellect,literacy, or parallel play skills Is the right answer empathy?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. english

    hi i was just wondering if this makes sense and if it is a good remembrance day poem: Restless nights, awake in a nightmare Endless worrying of what would await Making it through, one day at a time Expecting death, a constant companion Many mens fate

    asked by lucy
  42. Science

    When you weigh zinc powder and then burn it with a bunsen until it turns yellow, why does it weigh less? Please can some-one help me because it is in for tomorrow and I have no clue.

    asked by confuzzled girl
  43. Math

    Hi. I have trouble calculating money or change for purchases mentally. Could you give me some strategies to help? My difficulty is also doing it quickly so I know the right amount to give/check for. Thanks!

    asked by Naeem

    What would be the uncertainty in velocity (miles/hr) of a neutron beam particle if the position can be measured within +/- 25 angstroms. The rest mass of a neutron = 1.67493 X 10^-27 kg or 1.008664904(14) amu. I know you have to use the heisenberg

    asked by Jacob
  45. Philsophy

    how would i apply the princple of privacy to charles darwin and his reluctance to publish his results on natural selection? (princple of privacy= respect personal privacy and confidentality) as in, how would i explain that he had no moral obligations to

    asked by Student who hates philosophy
  46. Literature- Julius Caesar

    During act 1- scene 2 in julius caesar Brutus begins to consider a mighty ambition...What is it and why could it be dangerous for him?

    asked by Jennifer
  47. Science

    Explain why it is an advantage for organisms to have more than one means of reproduction

    asked by Madison
  48. Character Education

    Can you find any information that Character Education benefits from volunteering? Also, does raising money in a school for a cause usually work?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. math

    if i have 12 markers,but one sixth of them work.wich one is equal to one sixth. A.10/12 B.8/12 c.4/12 d.2/12 Show work

    asked by randy
  50. math

    if 15 counters are the whole set, how many are 3/5 of the set?

    asked by Eric
  51. AP chem

    This is part of a marathon problem, we have to identify the five compunds of H, N, and O described below. For each compound, I have to write a Lewis structure that is consistent with the information given. a.) All the compunds are electrolytes, although

    asked by Corey
  52. history

    How does the nationalism that developed over the Berlin Wall in Germany differ from the situation in Northern Ireland with the Catholics and Protestants?

    asked by courtney
  53. science

    what is the size of a x-rays?

    asked by ziggy
  54. Physics

    The launching speed of a certain projectile is 6.4 times the speed it has at its maximum height. Calculate the elevation angle at launching. I have noo idea how to start this one. Please help!

    asked by Lindsay
  55. Writing

    I'm writing a paper on comparing and contrasting the emotional characteristics of Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice and Jane from Jane Eyre, and need help with my thesis. My working thesis is: Elizabeth Bennett and Jane Eyre tend to let subconscious

    asked by Angela
  56. sra JMcGuin

    How would you ask how much the following items cost. Model that tie Cuanto cuesta esa corbata? 1. these socks answer: Cuanto cuesta estos calcetines 2. those pieces of candy answer: Cuanto cuesta esos dulces 3. that board game answer: Cuanto cuesta juego

    asked by sam
  57. science

    Never found in nature uncombined? Alkali metals Alkaline Earth Metals Boron Family Carbon Family Nitrogen Family Oxygen Family Halogen Family Noble Gases

    asked by liz
  58. spanish sra JMcGuin

    Look at the following items and write a sentence telling how much they cost. 1. disco compacto $15.00 answer: el disco compacto cuestan quiense dolares 2. camisa $20.00 answer: la camisa cuestan vente dolares 3. pantalones $20.00 answer: Los pantalones

    asked by sam
  59. Food and Nutrition

    Hi, I am doing a report on Dextrose, a food additive and i can't find the disadvantages and advantages of using this substance along with any possible allergic reactions.

    asked by Sarah
  60. spanish Sra JMcGuin

    Hi I have 4 work sheets to do tonight I do not get home home until about 6pm what time are you on.

    asked by sam
  61. Science

    Topic: Air Pollution Who is creating the most and polluting the most?

    asked by Jay
  62. Science

    Esplain how the north pole of the bar magnet got its name?

    asked by Susan
  63. math

    Jackies kitten is stuck on the window sill of her neighbors house. The window is 2.8m above the ground. The base of the ladder must be 0.7m away from the house and the ladder must extend 1m above the window sill. Will she be able to rescue the kitten,

    asked by riley
  64. sra JMcGuin spanish

    Hi - free period - I hope to haev it completed by 7:00 pm tonight it takes me some time to type the questions nad my answers. That was why my mom suggested a private tutor so we could fax or work at my home. My advanced math tutor gets 70.00 an hour.

    asked by sam
  65. Accounting

    On the balance sheet it states that bonds payable is $32,000 and Discount on bonds payable is $2000. When it says that the company retired the bond at net book value, does that mean they cashed out $30,000 and that's the amount that goes into the Cash Flow

    asked by Fred
  66. english

    whats a good word for a quality that someone has i cant think of the right word. like if someone was brave or courageous, the courage that that person ______ ??

    asked by brooke
  67. Statistics - Probability

    Viruses reach networks by requests for communication that are identified as packets. A security system can detect them if at least one such packet is observed by a network sensor. Assume that the probability of observing a single packet sent from a new

    asked by Jason
  68. homework ath physics

    how to become en expert?

    asked by david
  69. Jupiter

    Why does Jupiter spin?

    asked by Morgan
  70. math

    integrate: (x^2 + 1)^k dx

    asked by mathstudent
  71. English- In Cold Blood

    Does In Cold Blood by Truman Capote have a protagonist? is it Herb Clutter, Dewey, or Perry? If so, does that make it a creative work? If not, explain how it is simply eloquent journalism.

    asked by Joe
  72. trigonometry

    I have the trigonometric equations: y=3+2sec(pi/8)(x-3) y=12+4cot(pi/6)(x-1) y=3+7csc(pi/4)(x-1) how do I make these into sine, cosine, and tangent equations so that I can work with them more easily?

    asked by kenny
  73. math

    the sum of Jared's age and kayla's age is 21. kayla is 5 years older than jared. How old are kayla and jared??

    asked by taylor
  74. science

    Why can you see a red-colored light coming from the heating element of an operating toaster?

    asked by Emily
  75. Social Studies Inventions

    when was the first t.v made? and where was it made?

    asked by helpp me!
  76. math

    how many hours must darcey work at $13.50per hour to earn $472.50=

    asked by courtney
  77. Art

    Which African society produced musical instruments as artwork? Ancient kingdoms, Ottoman Empire, Nomadic cultures, or Sedentary Farmers? I believe that it is the Ottoman Empire.

    asked by Tabetha
  78. math

    Use the digits 0, 2, and 5 to make a 3 digit number that has both 2 and 5 as factors.

    asked by LaNaya
  79. math

    Compare 1/3 of 60 to 1/5 of 100.

    asked by LaNaya
  80. math.algebra

    i need help with this problem: If the square of 2 less than an integer is 16, find the number(s).

    asked by kim
  81. Business

    Why are employees viewed as adding value to market capitalization

    asked by Stacy
  82. math

    How do you find the surface area of a sphere?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. business

    what is a competitive relationship name explain examples

    asked by derek
  84. U.S. HIstory

    Why might the early years of American government be called the "Critical Period"???

    asked by theXskirtXgirl
  85. Earth Science

    How can a metamorphic rock change into another type of metamorphic rock?

    asked by Camron
  86. DT

    What are the three main properties of a Conker shell ?

    asked by Jenna
  87. science

    What is the male & female part of a plant?

    asked by cmt
  88. math

    Which is the greater fraction? 2/7, 4/7 or 6/7 and how do you figure this out?

    asked by alyson
  89. math

    if 20 counters are the whole set, what fraction of the set is 16 counters?

    asked by Eric