Questions Asked on
November 6, 2007

  1. History- WWI

    What effect did the entry of the United States into WWI have on the war? Why?

    asked by Christian
  2. Home Economics

    a) Define Table appointment B) Reason for setting a table C)Explain the uses and importance of different table appointment d) Identify a table appointment one course meal

    asked by Melon
  3. Physic please help!

    Two slabs with parallel faces are made from different types of glass. A ray of light travels through air and enters each slab at the same angle of incidence. Which slab has the greater index of refraction and why? slab A is a light colored glass maybe

    asked by Mary
  4. Chemistry

    Explain the production of an emission spectrum in terms of the energy states of an electron. what does that mean someone help me please.

    asked by John

    how do i multiply and divide fractions with negitive numbers?

    asked by EVANGELINA
  6. Calc

    Find the mass of the triangular region with vertices (0, 0), (2, 0), and (0, 1), with density function p( x, y ) = x^2 + y^2. Im having trouble setting up this integral. This is what i came up with: 2 -.5x+1 S S (x^2 + y^2) dydx 0 0 Not sure if that's

    asked by Michael
  7. math

    The electricty cost of a business increased from 12,000.00 one year to 10,920 the next what is the rate of the decrease? show work

    asked by shanae
  8. English

    What is the theme of the Medusa myth?

    asked by Ross
  9. chemistry

    what is the difference between a conformational isomer and a configurational isomer?

    asked by AMY
  10. spanish Sra McGuin

    complete the sentences with the correct demonstrative adjectives - I answered below the questions ______(that) camisa del algodon no? Prefiero cosas de algondon. Que piensas de ______ (these) pantalones? 1. esa 2. estos Ya no tiene ______ (those)

    asked by sam
  11. Chemistry

    Does anyone know what the answer to this riddle is? (It's an element) I think it might be sulfur, but I'm not sure. As you like it Green, yellow, and bright Born apart, I made'm die I'm in it, who am I?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Physics-Check my answers

    when combing you hair you scuff electrons from your hair onto the your hair then positively or negativley charged?How about the comb? -Your hair is postively charged, while the comb is negatively charged Why are the tires for trucks carrying

    asked by Soly
  13. Biology

    what are 2 essential roles that enzymes play in cells?

    asked by Stacy
  14. Physical science

    Never found in nature uncombined? Alkali metals Alkaline Earth Metals Boron Family Carbon Family Nitrogen Family Oxygen Family Halogen Family Noble Gases

    asked by liz
  15. physical science

    do not noramlly react with other elements? Alkali metals Alkaline Earth Metals Boron Family Carbon Family Nitrogen Family Oxygen Family Halogen Family Noble Gases

    asked by liz
  16. English

    what is the indirect object in this sentence "Chandler gave her the magazine"

    asked by Christina
  17. Algebra

    Square roots. Woohoo. Want to check some work I did. 1. Perform indicated operations 3sqrt[3]+2sqrt[27]-sqrt[12] 3sqrt[3]+2sqrt[3*9]-sqrt[2*6] 3sqrt[3]+3*2sqrt[3]-2sqrt[3] 3sqrt+6sqrt[3]-2sqrt[3] = 7sqrt[3] 2.Simplify sqrt[49x^12y^4z^8] = 7x^6y^2z^4

    asked by John
  18. Early Child Ed.

    I have already posted these questions - but I still need more help to understand. Several stated (A) was the correct answer, but I am confused with this question. Please help me to understand,if you donot mind!! A normally developing child can learn two

    asked by Anonymous
  19. math

    There are 48 small gift bags. Each bag can hold 1 toy and 6 stickers. If an equal number of stickers are put in each bag, how many stickers will be in each bag?

    asked by corey
  20. Chemistry

    1. Water is a polar molecule. Therefore, it acts as a polar sollvent. a) Think about the following compounds: iodine, cobalt (II) chloride and sucrose (C12H22O11). Which compounds are soluble in water. b) Assume that the interaction between solutes and

    asked by Marty
  21. chemistry

    When 21.29 g of element A react completely with 58.37 g of E, compound A2E is formed. When 5.41 g of A react with 32.36 g of G, compound AG is formed. If elements E and G react to form EG3, what mass in grams of G is required to react with 11.94 g of E?

    asked by confused student..
  22. communications

    similarities and differences between writing routine and positive messages, negative messages, and persuasive messages. Recall the importance of the three step writing process and incorporate this process into your presentation. What is a routine message?

    asked by Wes
  23. math

    The area of a rectangular field is 12,750 square yards. The width is 150 feet. What is the length of the field in yards.

    asked by Emma
  24. Chemistry

    Which trends are observed when the elements in Period 3 on the Periodic Table are considered in order of increasing atomic number? (1) The atomic radius decreases, and the first ionization energy generally increases. (2) The atomic radius decreases, and

    asked by John
  25. Chem

    im having a problem with polar and nonpolar how can you tell the difference?

    asked by NiSha
  26. health

    Are GMO's safe for all age groups?

    asked by college student
  27. math

    Identify the rate in the statement 52 is 26% of 200 show work

    asked by shanae
  28. math studies

    how is math applied in building cars

    asked by guy
  29. math

    show work 3x-5(3x-7)= 2(x+9)+45

    asked by shanae
  30. Physics repost please check

    Posted by Mary on Monday, November 5, 2007 at 8:21pm. Suppose that the electric field of an electromagnetic wave decreases in magnitude. Does the magnetic field increase, decrease, or remain the same? Account for your answer. For Further Reading Physics -

    asked by Mary
  31. math

    show work A survey of 400 peopl found that 66 were left handed. What percent of those surveyed were left handed?

    asked by shanae
  32. math

    show work If the bill at a restaurant including 155 tip is $65.32. What was the cost of the meal alone?

    asked by shanae
  33. Algebra - sqrts

    Square roots. Woohoo. Want to check some work I did. 1. Perform indicated operations 3sqrt[3]+2sqrt[27]-sqrt[12] 3sqrt[3]+2sqrt[3*9]-sqrt[2*6] 3sqrt[3]+3*2sqrt[3]-2sqrt[3] 3sqrt+6sqrt[3]-2sqrt[3] = 7sqrt[3] 2.Simplify sqrt[49x^12y^4z^8] = 7x^6y^2z^4

    asked by John
  34. Physics repost please check

    Posted by Mary on Monday, November 5, 2007 at 8:19pm. A charged particle, passing through a certain region of space, has a velocity whose magnitude and direction remain constant. (a) If it is known that the external magnetic field is zero everywhere in

    asked by Mary
  35. math

    show work 2 times a number increased by 28 is less than or equal to 6 times a number?

    asked by shanae
  36. Science

    The topic is waste minimization. One of the questions that i need information on is this: How bad is it locally (USA)? In case locally in USA. Whats bad waste.

    asked by Plez Help!:"(
  37. Physics-Check my answers

    At the atomic level, what is meant by saying something is electrically charged? - When something is electrically charged it means that it has a positive charge. Why is charged usually transferred by electrons rather that protons? -The electrons are

    asked by Soly
  38. Algebra 2

    Abey Numkena is an interior designer. She has been asked to locate an oriental rug for a new corporate office. As a rule, the rug should cover 1/2 of the total floor area with a uniform width surrounding the rug. a. if the dimensions of the room are 12

    asked by Ashley V
  39. Chemistry

    how do you assign oxidation numbers t o an element? i know u se the periodaic table but i don't know how to find the number

    asked by Madison
  40. english

    unscramble these letters waoval into a word

    asked by hi
  41. Math..please help!

    During a recent telethon, people pledged $25 or $50. Twice as many people pledged $25 as $50. Altogether, $18,000 was pledged. How many people pledged $25?

    asked by jan
  42. Algebra 2

    How do I find the inverse of a function?

    asked by Allisen
  43. chemistry

    can u tell me of any laboratory acid with 6 letters 1st letter is n 4th letter is r and 6th letter is u, i don't no, it is for a wordsearch

    asked by !!ezr!!
  44. chemistry

    calculate the energy requiered to raise the temp of 1.0 mol Ag by 1.0 degrees celsius (molar heat capacity of silver) answer in j/mol(degrees celsius) what are the steps to this problem? how do I find the second temp value?

    asked by Avonlea
  45. spanish sra JMcGuin

    example: botas/parda/botas negras answer: No me gustan estas botas pardas. Prefiero esas botas negras. Please review my answers thank you 1. Sueter de lana/sueter de algondon My answer: no me gusta esta sueter de lana. Preiero esa sueter de algondon 2.

    asked by sam
  46. Calculus

    Trying find the critical numbers for X^3+X^2-8x But i cant remember how to simplfy the derivitive of 3X^2+2X-8 can someone help me?

    asked by dustin
  47. chemistry

    u was right bob but that makes a change to my other answer for something else my question is: can u tell me of any solid form of a common, neutral substance that only has 3 letters in it 2nd letter is c?

    asked by !!ezr!!
  48. Physics

    A stone is aimed at a cliff of height h with an initial speed of 62 m/s directed 45° above the horizontal, as shown in the Figure below. The stone strikes at A, 6.56 s after launching. What is the height of the cliff? Can someone please tell me which

    asked by Lindsay
  49. physical science

    what is transition metal number 24 a common solid halogen family 13 bears this name

    asked by liz
  50. for bob

    y do u tell ppl on recent questions i would like to critique ur thoughts

    asked by !!ezr!!
  51. statistics

    Six cards-ace, king, queen of hearts; ace, king of diamonds; and king of clubs-are all placed face down a table. One card is to be selected at random. Find the probability: a) of an ace, given that a diamond was turned b) of an ace, given that a club was

    asked by Anonymous
  52. biology

    As the temperature of water rises, the rate of ventilation in a fish also rises. please could someone point out why this is or give me a useful link which could explain it! thank you sam

    asked by sam
  53. physical science

    What type of bone is formed during hydrogen bonding? Partial convalent bond, partial ionic bond, convalent bond or ionic bond?

    asked by palmer
  54. physical science

    The oxygen atoms of a water molecule are most attracted to 1: Other oxygen atoms, negatively charged ions, positively charged ions or nonpolar molecules?

    asked by palmer
  55. physical science

    Dissolving sodium chloride in water will 1: raise the freezing point of the solution, 2. raise the freezing point of the sodium chloride, 3. lower the freezing point of the solution, or 4. lower the freezing point of the sodium chloride?

    asked by palmer
  56. physics

    please check my answers and help me with the first one. how can you charge an object negatively with only the help of a positively charged object? -This one I am not too sure, when one material is rubbed against another electrons jump readily from one to

    asked by Soly
  57. Business

    What management models are for traditional bosses? I don't even know where to begin to look for this type of question any thoughts or guideance where to begin

    asked by Mike
  58. statistics

    A card is to be chosen at random from a shuffled deck. Find the probability that the card drawn is a)the queen of clubs, given that it is an honor card. (I think it is a typo) b) a red four, given that the face number is even. c) a seven, given that the

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Cultural Diversity

    Would (B) be the best answer for this question? Young speakers of Castillian Spanish and Cantonese Chinese may be especially vulnerable to environmental influences in the mainstream classroom because of their: A. oral traditions B. linguistic environments

    asked by Anonymous
  60. physics

    what are the horizontal components and vertical components of a cat's displacement when its climbing 5m directly up a tree. I don't know how to find the x and the hypotnuse of a right triangle when theres is no angle theta given. please help me.

    asked by thu


    asked by I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  62. Physics

    A catapult on a cliff launches a large round rock towards a ship on the ocean below. The rock leaves the catapult from a height H = 35.0 m above sea level, directed at an angle theta = 46.7° above the horizontal, and with a speed v = 28.4 m/s. Assuming

    asked by Lindsay
  63. chemistry

    a 5.00g sample of Al pellets (specific heat=0.89J/oC*g) and a 10.00g sample of Fe pellets (specific heat=0.45J/oC*g) are heated to 100.0oC. The mixture of hot iron Al is then dropped into 92.1g of water at 21.8oC. Calculate final temp of metal and water

    asked by Rebekah
  64. Physics

    A bodybuilder is holding a 32 kg steel barbell above her head. How much force would she have to exert if the barbell were lifted underwater?

    asked by john
  65. Physics

    A paperweight, when weighed in air, has a weight of W = 7.5 N. When completely immersed in water, however, it has a weight of Win water = 4.2 N. Find the volume of the paperweight.

    asked by pete
  66. Physics

    The human brain consumes about 21.3 W of power under normal conditions. (More power may be required during exams...) How long can a candy bar (299 Calories) power the normally functioning brain? Note: The nutritional Calorie is equivalent to 1000 calories,

    asked by Connie
  67. Physics

    A solid cylinder (radius = 0.150 m, height = 0.120 m) has a mass of 7.00 kg. This cylinder is floating in water. Then oil ( = 725 kg/m3) is poured on top of the water until the situation shown in the drawing results. How much of the height of the cylinder

    asked by mark
  68. Algebra

    -3x -y =2 what is the answer

    asked by todd
  69. Magnets-Physics

    I have a few questions that I am not too sure of. why is it inadvisable to make a horseshoe magnet from a flexible material? -is it because it would have enough magnetism Do the poles of a horseshoe magnet attact each other? If you bend the magnet so that

    asked by Soly
  70. math

    lim (x^250-1)/(x-1) x->1

    asked by Melanie
  71. COM 150

    Select one of the essays from the Examples of Effective Introductions section in Effective Introductions and Conclusions. Which article did you choose? What type of introduction does the writer use? What is the impact of that kind of introduction in this

    asked by jenny nguyen
  72. physics-check my answer

    in what position can a current-carrying loop of wire be located in a magnetic field so that it doesn't tend to rotate? -I think it would be perpendicular

    asked by Soly
  73. Science

    Where is Feldspar found?

    asked by Maria
  74. Radicals

    How do you graph y>= sqrt(3x+12) Show how to get certain points.

    asked by Chels
  75. maths

    A passenger plane and a jest leave at the same time from the same airport, traveling in opposite directions. The jet travels at twice the speed of the passenger plane. They are 2400 miles apart in 4 hours. Find the speed of the passenger plane and jet.

    asked by gf
  76. English

    How did The Canterbury Tales (by Geoffrey Chaucer) change the English language? I know it was very successful in Europe and promoted English as a national language, but anything else? Lucy ^.^

    asked by Lucy
  77. chemistry

    i have a lab to do on spectrophotometry and im supposed to graph all these numbers and i really have no clue what to do. can anyone help me???

    asked by S
  78. financial management

    Is it possible to construct a portfolio of stocks that has an expected return equal to the riskfree rate?

    asked by jean
  79. english

    what is the synonym for the word show?

    asked by james
  80. Maths

    In a family of four children, what is the probability that there are at least two girls if the eldest child is a girl? a)15/16 b)7/16 c)3/4 d)7/8 e)3/8 I'm not exactly sure how to even approach this problem; someone pretty please help me.

    asked by Audrey
  81. Mathematics

    I have to show that for any (pi)A, Sin(A)squared + Cos(A)squared = 1. I don't really get the question... am I supposed to multiply A by pi? Even if that weren't the case, I still do not comprehend how the squared sine and cosine will cancel out... I'd

    asked by David
  82. Chemistry

    When I listen to my teacher explain things i get headaches and I cant concentrate, I just put dots everywhere on the lewis Dot Structure because its funny!!

    asked by Chelsea
  83. Chemistry


    asked by Chelsea
  84. Chemistry


    asked by Chelsea
  85. Algebra

    Checking two problems : 1. x^2-7x+12 / x^2-16 = (x-3)(x-4) / (x-4)(x+4) (x-4) cancels out Answer (x-3)/(x+4) 2. x^2-3x+2/7x-14 divide by x^2-1/7x+7 x^2-3x+2/7x-14 * 7x+7/x^2-1 (x-1)(x-2)7(x+1)/7(x-2)(x-1)(x+1) To me it looks like everything cancels out, is

    asked by John
  86. Calculus

    integrate: (x^2 + 1)^k dx

    asked by mathstudent
  87. physics

    How fast must you lift a 3.60 kg container of milk if the power output of your arm is to be 21.3 W? how would i approach this question? would i still use P=W/T?

    asked by Connie
  88. Math

    How would you work this problem? The odometer of the family car read 15951 when the driver noticed that the number was palindromic. "Curious," said the driver. "It will be a long time before that happens again." But two hours later, the odometer showed a

    asked by Anonymous
  89. social studies

    what was the conflict between the native americans and cowboys/settlers?

    asked by clarie
  90. Business

    What are some of the functions that insurance agents typically perform in the distribution channel?

    asked by Yvonne
  91. Math

    Where can I find what are the "Fraction Manipulatives" for halves, thirds, fourths, fifths; eighths, and tenths?

    asked by K'sMom
  92. Spanish

    ah, brain froze, ok, if ur talking to someone u don't know, older than u, or a respected adult, i know u use the formal form of everything, but how do u end the verbs? in "-as" or "-a" or....? For example, "?Que___ usted, senora? and the verb is "desear",

    asked by anonymous
  93. French

    How do you say my house has a living room,a dinning room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and 2 bathrooms?

    asked by French student
  94. chem

    for the reation: B203 + 3Ca = 2B + 3 CaO how do i attempt to know which 1 is oxidized? I really do not understand chemistry its my weakest subject

    asked by Madison
  95. current events

    Can someone explain what is currently going on in Israel today and their relationship with the Palestinians?

    asked by kelly
  96. History

    What does Hejira mean?

    asked by Megan
  97. math

    alexander had some nickles in his bank. he added 3 dimes to the bank and then he had 85 many nickles did he have left? write an equation and work backward to solve.

    asked by hanna
  98. Chemistry

    Copper metal reacts with concentrated nitric acid according to the following balanced equation: 3Cu(s) + 8HNO3(aq) ¨ 3Cu(NO3)2(s) + 2NO(g) + 4H2O(l) Calculate the mass in grams of the excess reagent remaining after the complete reaction of 4.63 g of Cu

    asked by Hector
  99. Physic please help!

    I am not thinking straight anymore and this is due by 9:00pm. My brain feels a little fried at this point. I have been at it all day. Can someone please help me! (a) An object is placed in front of a convex mirror. Draw a convex mirror (radius of curvature

    asked by Mary
  100. history

    what is the meaning of Medina?

    asked by Megan


    asked by i need help
  102. Algebra

    1 last square root : Rationalize the denominator 5/sqrt[3]+sqrt[5]= 5*sqrt[3]-sqrt[5]/ sqrt[3]sqrt5[5]*sqrt[3]-sqrt[5]= 5sqrt[3]-5sqrt[5]/sqrt[9]-sqrt[15]+sqrt[15]- sqrt[25]= 5sqrt[3]-5sqrt[5]/-16 = 5sqrt[3]-5sqrt[5]/ -2

    asked by John
  103. social studies

    why was the supreme court case Marbury vs. Madison important?

    asked by mimi
  104. History

    Do you know a short meaning to the word: Umayyads?

    asked by Megan
  105. Business

    Do tariffs encourage Americans to buy U.S.-made products because doing so is patriotic?

    asked by Susie
  106. History

    what does Abbasids mean?

    asked by Megan
  107. Business

    Tariffs protect American jobs and wages. Is this valid or invalid? Justify your answer.

    asked by Susie
  108. Physics

    The soccer goal is 23.05 m in front of a soccer player. She kicks the ball giving it a speed of 17.97 m/s at an angle of 25.83 degrees from the horizontal. If the goalie is standing exactly in front of the net, find the speed of the ball just as it reaches

    asked by Lindsay
  109. history

    what does Shahadah mean?

    asked by Megan
  110. current events (cont)

    how is the situation in Ireland with the Protestants and catholics different in term of nationalism when compared to the conflict in Israel/Palestine?

    asked by kelly
  111. Algebra 2(graphing)

    Solve 2x^2=3x+2 by graphing. If exact roots can't be found, state the consecutive integers between which the roots are located. Can you show how to do this step by step?

    asked by Chels
  112. English

    What is the best wat to write a personal narrative

    asked by Brian
  113. Business

    Do Tariffs help us to maintain a favorable balance of trade and balance of payments. Please explain deeply.

    asked by Desperately in need
  114. math

    There is one bus. on this bus there are 7 girls. each girl has 7 bags. each bag contains 7 cats and each cat has a litter of 7 kittens. how many legs are on the bus?

    asked by jay
  115. French

    J'aime porte de pantalon. Why is "de" used? I remember my teacher saying something about there are two verbs, is that why? But I am not so sure, so please explain. Thanks.

    asked by Miche
  116. science

    we are working at an assembly plant making wooden toy giraffes. At the end of the line,the giraffes go horizontally off the edge of the conveyor belt and fall into a box bellow.If the box is 0.6 m below the level of the conveyor belt and 0.4 m away from

    asked by leo
  117. drwls please check

    Can you please check my physics posts. Thanks!

    asked by Mary
  118. Health

    What are GMO's? Are they safe for all age groups? Why or why not? Please explain in detail.

    asked by In need of help
  119. Maths Revision

    Does anyone know of any websites where I might be able to find a set of GCSE maths revision notes or anywhere I could purchase some revision notes? It would be a big help if someone could help me! Thank you Sam

    asked by sam
  120. math

    what is the pattern to 3,5,7,11,13,17,23,29

    asked by daniela
  121. Math

    What web sites to go to to find information about integers

    asked by Jacob
  122. chemistry

    calculate the energy required to raise the temp. of 170.0 g of silver (specific heat = .24 joules/celsius times grams) from 273K to 301K. I know the equation and I got 1142.4 joules but need to get to 2 sig figs, so I converted it to 1.1 x 10^4 which is

    asked by Avonlea
  123. spanish sra JMcGuinn

    Hi - I hope you are awake I need to change the sentence starting with Los pantalones to the following can you ehlp please see below: Is everything else okay? She is modeling a pair of skinny jeans which are a medium grey color denim. Melodía lleva un

    asked by sam
  124. Physics

    What is the difference in volume (due only to pressure changes, not temperature or other factors) between 1000 kg of water at the surface (assume 4 degrees C) of the ocean and the same mass at the deepest known depth, 8.00 km? (Mariand Trench; assume also

    asked by Kristin
  125. business

    examples of short and long term finance, also state possible pros and cons of examples. please could someone help me out, point me in the right direction or give me links to helpful websites. thank you

    asked by sam
  126. Algebra 2

    Here is an Algebra two question that confuses me. Question:: What are the left and right behaviors of f(x)=-3x^5+x^4-9x a.) Rises both to the right and to the left b.)Falls both to the right and left c.)Cannot be determined d.)Rises to the right and falls

    asked by Jazz
  127. math

    name 2 fact families that have only 2 equations

    asked by john
  128. sra JMcGuinn

    I have to leave in 5 minutes can you please review I have it in full in both spanish and English - I may have a few mistakes. I changed ball - to on top of hat and zipper to in front and jeans to skinny see below thanks Melodía lleva un sombrero de lana

    asked by sam
  129. chemistry

    last one, i PROMISE A compound containing only C, H, O and Cr was subjected to combustion analysis. A sample of 10.88 mg produced 22.43 mg of CO2 and 4.59 mg of H2O. The chromium in the sample was precipitated as 14.09 mg of Ag2CrO4. Determine the

    asked by confused student..
  130. spanish sra JMcGuinn

    my mom said we have to leave at 7:15 if you can review by then thanks sam

    asked by sam
  131. math stuff

    how does math apply to biulding cars

    asked by steve
  132. Science

    what is the water quality overall (USA)?

    asked by DJ
  133. physics

    The higher the energy level occupied by an electron in the hydrogen atom, the larger the atom. The diameter of the atom is proportional to n2, where n=1 labels the lowest, or “ground” state, n=3 is the third state, and so on. If the atom’s diameter

    asked by Will
  134. Chemistry

    Which substance can not be decomposed by ordinary chemical means? how? 1. methane 2. mercury 3. ethanol 4. ammonia

    asked by John
  135. business

    Do Tariffs help us to maintain a favorable balance of trade and balance of payments. Please explain deeply.

    asked by In need of help
  136. science

    What are its components of water quality ?

    asked by DJ
  137. physics

    1.Distinguish between atomic physics and nuclear physics? 2.Briefly describe the Bohr model of the atom. What is Bohr’s key idea (involving matter waves) that makes the Bohr atom have discrete energy levels? I really didn't understand what they were

    asked by Will
  138. physics

    is there a site where i can see if my calculations ofmeasurements or resistors is correct. or where i can see other problems that deal with the tesing or reistors and there results

    asked by Will
  139. Algebra 2

    I know how to graph points but I need the points to this equation. f(x)=(-x)^4+4x^2-2x solve by making a table of values. It says I also need the coordinates at which the relative maxima and minima occur.

    asked by Kate
  140. spaish

    wat iz "hola" in spanish

    asked by smart guy
  141. Science

    Topic: Waste Minimization How bad is it locally (USA)?

    asked by J
  142. English

    What is meant by "tone" in a reading selection? (e.g. imagery) Does it mean "feeling"? happy, sad, upset, frightened Thank you.

    asked by jules
  143. math

    find the means for 1,8,9,10,12

    asked by shanae
  144. math

    show work for 10x-4-5x=6+3-8

    asked by shanae
  145. math


    asked by shanae
  146. math

    Show work for. A principal of $5000.00 was invested in a saving account 4 years. if the interest earned for the period wass $400.00 what was the interest rate?

    asked by shanae
  147. Chemistry

    which must be a mixture of substances? 1. solid 2. liquid 3. gas 4. solution

    asked by John
  148. math

    Show work for 6 times a number is 14 more than that number?

    asked by shanae
  149. Social Studies

    Can u unscramble these letters: ARTIOTINM

    asked by Sakshum
  150. math

    Fill in the blank with < or > 4__5

    asked by shanae
  151. English

    Is there a website that gives rules for suffix's? i.e. drop the "e" and add "ing"... I am trying to help my son finish a vocabulary list of words to combine with suffix's and don't remember all of the rules....

    asked by Diane
  152. math

    show a graph for solution set 3x>7x+20

    asked by shanae