Questions Asked on
November 2, 2007


    A 1.0 kg metal head of a geology hammer strikes a solid rock with a velocity of 5.0 m/s. Assuming all the energy is retained by the hammer head, how much will its temperature increase?

    asked by Sarah
  2. chem

    I have the following problems- write net ionic equations for reactions if no reaction write NR.... silver nitrate and ammonium carbonate sodium phosphate and potassium nitrate silver nitrate and barium chloride copper (II) chloride and sodium hydroxide

    asked by mel
  3. Physics

    A snowball is launched horizontally from the top of a building at v = 15 m/s. If it lands d = 44.5 meters from the bottom, how high (in m) was the building? For this problem, do I need to solve for any other velocities? I'm a little stuck...I'm not quite

    asked by Lindsay
  4. science

    How many grams (to the nearest 0.01 g) of NH4Cl (Mm = 53.49 g/mol) must be added to 700. mL of 1.294-M solution of NH3 in order to prepare a pH = 9.70 buffer? (pka of NH3 = 9.25)

    asked by ashleigh
  5. Algebra 2- reposted no one answered

    look at the function and answer the questions. x y -3 2 -1 0 0 5 1 2 2 7 What is x when f(x)=2 ? What is a zero of this function?

    asked by Allisen
  6. Calculus I

    Find the point on the curve y=x^2 closest to point (0,1) Here's what I have: Sqrt {(x-0)^2 + ((x^2)-1)} Sqrt {((x^2) + (x^2)-1} d= sqrt (x^4)-1 y= (x^4)-1 Fprime(x) = 4x^3 Domain = ARN Critical Number x= 0 Any help or comments would help alot. Thanks!

    asked by Mandy
  7. Economics

    Consider the following two country-two goods world, with a single input, labor: Daily production per worker Commodity Portugal England Wine (barrels) 2 OR 1 Cloth (bolts) 4 OR 3 a) Does either country have absolute and/or comparative advantage in any

    asked by Diantoni
  8. chemistry

    how much of each of the following substances would you add to water to prepare 1.20L of a .85M solution? (H2SO4 from "concentrated" (18M) sulfuric acid) ? I am stuck on how to work this one out. thanks

    asked by mel
  9. Physic

    an someone please help me out on this... An ideal transformer has 50 turns in its primary and 250 turns in its secondary. 12 V ac is connected to the primary. Find: 1. The volts ac available at the secondary 2. Current in the 10  device connected to t

    asked by Ollie
  10. chem

    how much of each of the following substances would you add to water to prepare 1.20L of a .85M solution? (sodium carbonate from the pure solid) ? I am stuck on how to work this one out, too. thanks

    asked by mel
  11. Physics

    A rescue plane has to drop supplies to a group of castaways who are stranded on a deserted island. The plane is flying as 150 m/s at a level altitude of 1200 m. How far ahead of the landing zone should the plane release the supplies? I'm not even sure how

    asked by Lindsay
  12. Anatomy

    I can't find the answer in the paper my teacher gave me, hopefully you guys know it allready >_

    asked by Anonymous
  13. physical science

    Can someone explain this to me. Element D has 6 protons and 7 neutrons Element F has 7 protons and 7 nuetrons are the pair isotopes or different elements

    asked by liz
  14. english

    please send acomposition on 'my memory box' urgently.the composition is according to grade 5.thanks

    asked by sameen
  15. ochem lab

    this deals with TLC chromatography: if 2 compounds have same Rf under identical conditions, does it show that they have identical structures? i think it does. but im not sure why. thanks mucho.

    asked by christine
  16. science

    in an atom electrons move in definite orbits around the nucleus much like planets cirlce the sun. who said this - I think Bohr choices are: Bohr rutherford wave model Thompson democritius

    asked by sam
  17. maths

    consider the sequence given by U1=-0.3 Un+1=Un+0.7 i)state what type of sequence this is. ii)write down the first 4 terms of the sequence. iii) find a closed form for sequnce. iv) use the closed form to find the nth term of the sequnce when Un=36.1

    asked by cecilia
  18. A physics question

    I was researching amusement park rides for a recent project (from this site I have noticed that many others are in the same boat as me). Anywho, I am doing the Ferris wheel or the Giant Wheel, and I was wondering if this was right, with respect to

    asked by Nessa
  19. human resources

    two aspects of a performance appraisal from the following list. What are the special challenges in each area and what would be the impacts on employees and employers if the challenges were not addressed? o Strategic Relevance o Criterion Deficiency o

    asked by tammy
  20. science

    an atom is made of a positively charged nucleus surrounded by a large region in whci hscientists can predict where an electron is likey to be found. I think this is attributed to rutherford choices are: rutherford, wave model, thompson, dalton or bohr.

    asked by sam
  21. Biology

    Would the most common traits always be dominant?

    asked by Jen
  22. Child development and Skills

    Can you help me with this question? ___________ is a caregiver strategy in which the adult's verbiage for labeling, describing, and personalizing an adult-child shared experience promotes cognitive and linguistic skills. Would it be: fine-tuning (or)

    asked by Hillary
  23. Inorganic

    Hi, I have an lab I am doing in inorganic chemistry and it is where we synthesized our own compounds by adding together a bunhc of differnt ones. We are now asked to calculate the theoretical yield and they tell us which one is the limiting reagent. My

    asked by Sarah
  24. science dr bob

    I thought i was done but I am confused on these two. 1. In a natom electrons are located in energy levels that are a certain distance from the nucleus. I put rutherford. and I am still left with atoms are small hard particles - wave - rutherford -democrius

    asked by sam
  25. Thinking About What to Write About in an Essay

    I'm writing an essay about charity (which means "In its widest and highest sense, charity includes love of God as well as love of man. The latter kind of love is so closely connected with, and dependent upon, the former, that neither it nor its fruits,

    asked by Anonymous
  26. science

    regarding the term nucleus using the follwoing words size ?? density ?? charge - I put positive location - I put the core of the atom Rutherford ??

    asked by bella
  27. ap chem

    if you want to get rid of ammonium chloride chmically what would you react with it and/or dissolve it in?

    asked by lois
  28. physical science

    Thanks got through all but one Element P has an atomic number of 92 and atomic mass of 238. Element s has 92 protons and 143 neutrons. atomic number and protons are the same would htese two elements be an isotope or different elements

    asked by liz
  29. Physics

    A string of length 50cm is used to hang a picture frame from a nail hammered on a smooth wall. The frame is 20 cm wide and weighs 10N. It hangs symetrically. The angle which each part of the string makes with the vertical is 23.6. - State the magnitude and

    asked by Claire
  30. Statistics- PEASE help!

    Subjects Art Business Computers English Foreign Languages Health Home Economics Mathematics Music Physical Education Science Social Studies Features Contribute Download Experts Forum Job Openings Homework Tips Libraries.Jiskha Link to Us Reference School

    asked by Laura
  31. Calculus

    26. Find all points of inflection. f(x) = (5x-3)^(1/3) Note: I have gotten f''(x) = (-50/9)(5x-3)^(-5/3) I would like to know how to figure out the zeros.

    asked by Suzy
  32. Physics

    Salmon, swimming up the Fraser river to their spawning grounds, leap over all sorts of obstacles. The unofficial salmon-altitude record is an amazing 3.58 m jump. Assuming the fish took off at 45.0°, what was its speed on emerging from the water? Ignore

    asked by Lindsay
  33. Math Fractions Vocabulary

    What is "one of two numbers whose product is one". It's in a crossword, 21 letters, 4th letter is "T". Please help!

    asked by Ro

    Hello, I was wondering how to explain the potential energy in a Ferris wheel, and if there were any reputable (aka not something such as Wikipedia, etc) that had an explanation for this? The only thing I have gathered is that mgh=Eg and that Eg is the

    asked by Physics_For_Life_Fo_Shizzle
  35. AED

    describe the states role and influence has on curriculum

    asked by Lisa
  36. biology

    is there a difference between heat capacity and specific heat capacity, or are they the same thing?

    asked by bri
  37. human risk assessment

    What is meant by inhalation reference concentration (RfC)?

    asked by Thano
  38. math

    how do solve this problem 0.7w+16+4w=27.28

    asked by Danny!!! =]
  39. chem

    what is the formula that will be used for this ? what volume of .100 M NaOH will react completely with 24.00 mL of .900 M HCl?

    asked by mel
  40. science

    an atom is the smallest piece of matter which model does this describe Democrtius dalton Rutherford Thompson Bohr Wave Model

    asked by sam
  41. science

    Are these correct for Democritius Help so confused - I read site and still trying to figure out. atoms of same element are exactly alike an atom is mostly empty space with a dense - postiveily chareged nucleus These are the choices Rutherford wave model

    asked by sam
  42. French

    We ask "Vous voulez un livre?" and then why do we have to answer by "Je n'aime pas les livres." can't it be "Je n'aime pas un livre"? Why does it have to be les instead of un?

    asked by Miche
  43. business

    I have to answer the following question: What is the role for Employees? In my notes is states 1. Primary source of income 2. employment status 3. interbal reward I do not uderstand the question or how to explain those above....any help would be

    asked by Jen
  44. science

    one example has Cl2 ( that is an L) the other has (OH)2 I still do not understand the difference if it has brackets or does not have brackets around it

    asked by sam
  45. Economics

    One key development in the last two years has been the addition of countries like India to TRIPs. Nevertheless, developed nations have always been at odds with developing countries over IP protection. Why do these developed and developing countries’

    asked by Diantoni
  46. Physics

    1.How can you easily increase the magnetic field strength inside a current-carrying coil? 2.What is a magnetic domain? What is the difference between an ordinary iron nail and a permanent magnet? How does the idea of magnetic fields arising from

    asked by Will
  47. history

    How did president Jackson change the power of the presidency?

    asked by sara
  48. Algebra

    I need a function rule for the following: X Y -2 -2 0 1 1 2

    asked by Mary
  49. Physics questions

    Hello, I was wondering how to explain the potential energy in a Ferris wheel, and if there were any reputable (aka not something such as Wikipedia, etc) that had an explanation for this? The only thing I have gathered is that mgh=Eg and that Eg is the

    asked by Dr. Cameron


    asked by erick
  51. science

    The question list each element and the numebr of atoms Mg(OH)2 Mg = magnesium What does OH with brackets aorund it mean and then the small 2

    asked by sam
  52. sarah science

    why have he brackets around the (OH)2 and not just OH2 it ask to lsit each element and the number of atoms present.

    asked by sam
  53. science dr Bob

    I think I might have gotten htese two incorrect atoms are small ahrd particles - I put Democritius An atom is the smallest peice of matter - I put Dalton Are these correct

    asked by sam
  54. grammar

    what is a dialog

    asked by tammie
  55. calendar writing

    a story about your favorite sport

    asked by akram
  56. Economics

    In recent years, talk has risen and ebbed about creating a FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas), encompassing countries in North, Central and South America. Based on the successes and failures of NAFTA evaluate whether the United States should

    asked by Diantoni
  57. Anatomy

    I forgot to post the other question I couldn't find. What are the relative sizes of braincases in humans and rats?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. psychology/science

    what is the full definition of sleep? What are some sleep disorders?

    asked by kristen
  59. Physical Science

    Drwls, would please explain more? I'm not getting this. Thanks

    asked by Sarah
  60. French

    Another pronunciation question, blond and blanc sounds so similar, how to tell the difference?

    asked by Miche
  61. math

    1 meter equals how many millimetersm and how many centimeters

    asked by danielle
  62. science

    I choose these 3 as dalton atoms of same element are exactly alike atoms are invinsible atoms are smallest piece of matter choices were dalton rutherfird wave model bohr democritius

    asked by sam
  63. science dr. bob

    An atom is made of positively charged pudding like material through whic hnegatively cahrged particels are scattered I put thompson - now I am not sure after reading winnepedia maybe rutherford??

    asked by sam
  64. Algebra 1

    Give the slope of a line perpendicular to the given line. (how do you do it) y=3x+5

    asked by Synester
  65. Algebra

    I need help finding a function rule. X Y -4 -3 -2 0 0 3

    asked by Mary
  66. psychology

    In a grand mal seizure, what happens to a person's brain? What can the after effects be?

    asked by jody
  67. Math

    How do you simplify this problem? (-3y)+(-2)+(-8x)+5y-(-8x)

    asked by Dr. Greenthumb
  68. math

    how do i solve this problem 2(2.5B-9)=-7 and 0.7w+16+4w=27.28

    asked by dani
  69. current events

    I need help on a washington state bill for my class and I have to eithe be for or against it. this bill is caled initiative 960 and it concerns taxes.I need this report done and I am stuck. if you anser this thank you so mutch.

    asked by Kyle