Questions Asked on
October 31, 2007

  1. Romeo and Juliet (English Literature)

    1. To what heavenly body does Romeo compare Juliet? Why is this so? 2. What does Juliet mean when she says to Romeo, "tis, but thy name that is my enemy?" 3. How is Romeo let to Juliet's home? 4. Is it difficult for Romeo to win Juliet's love? Why? 5. Why

    asked by Han
  2. Chemistry

    In alcohol fermentation, yeast converts glucose to ethanol and carbon dioxide C6H1206 -----> 2C2H5OH + 2CO2 If 5.97 g of clucose are reacted and 1.44 L of CO2 gas are collected at 293 K and .984 atm, what is the percent yield of the reaction?

    asked by Jeff
  3. Stats

    5. The board of directors for Procter and Gamble is concerned that only 19.5% of the people who use toothpaste buy Crest toothpaste. A marketing director suggests that the company invest in a new marketing campaign which will include advertisements and new

    asked by LT
  4. Physics

    A bike wheel rotates uniformly through 2 revolutions in 3 seconds. a) what is the period of the wheel's rotation? T=3rev/2s=1.5s b) what is the frequency of the wheel's rotation? (in Hertz) f=1/T =1/1.5 =.666Hz c) what is the angular speed of the

    asked by Tammy
  5. Stats

    The countries of Europe report that 46% of the labor force is female. The United Nations wonders if the percentage of females in the labor force is the same in the United States. Representatives from the United States Department of Labor plan to check a

    asked by LT
  6. chemistry

    what is the gas constant (R) for mm Hg? 8.31 is for atm .08206 is for kPa right?

    asked by Avonlea
  7. math

    how many ways can you make 50 cents, using half dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies? Is there a formula?

    asked by dawn
  8. Religion

    Unruly evil by David Pocok - what does pocock mean by unruly evil? - for pocock, how is evil related to order and to explicability

    asked by Mark

    I don't even understand how this question works. How do I solve it? A microwave oven heats by radiating food with microwave radiation, which is absorbed by the food and converted to heat. suppose an oven's microwave is 13.7 cm. a container w/ 175 mL of

    asked by Jake
  10. Math - Metric conversion

    There are a 100 centimeters in a meter and 1000 meters in 1 kilometer. How many centimeters are in 2 kilometers? Please give step by step details in answer, Thanka

    asked by VP
  11. Early Child Ed.

    Can you please check these to make sure my answers are correct? 1. An educator who uses stereotype-free learning materials qnd activities that allow both boys and girls to participate in the same physical play is promoting: 1. insensitivity to cultural

    asked by Brenda
  12. Economics

    Yeah, so I'm in urgent need of help with this homework. 1. Assume that in a perfectly competitive market, a firm's costs and revenue are: Marginal cost = average variable cost at $20 Marginal cost = average total cost at $30 Marginal cost = average revenue

    asked by Jon
  13. Physics

    a rocket with mass 3000kg is fired from the ground at an angle of 60 degrees. the motor creates a force of 60000N for 50sec then cuts out. how do i find total horizontal distance from leaving the ground to hitting the ground again?? no air resistance

    asked by Sarah
  14. math

    For the following set, which number has the largest absolute value? 4, –1, 12, –20, 19, 0 answer -20 is this correct?

    asked by Chrisit
  15. physics

    A car traveling 65mph rounds an 100m radius horizontal curve with the tires on the verge of slipping. How fast can this car round a second curve or radius 300m? (assume the same amount of friction between the car's tires and each road surface) first curve

    asked by Tammy
  16. physics

    A car goes around a flat curve of radius 50m at a speed of 35mph. What must be the minimum coefficient of static friction between the tires and the road for the car to make the turn? r=50m v=35mph=15.65m/s F_sf=? I know that F+sf= (meu)(F_N) But the mass

    asked by Tammy
  17. biology

    List three examples of diffusion which occur in living organisms and give one example of osmosis in a plant? please could someone help me sam

    asked by sam
  18. Physics

    I have a 1000 ohm resistor with a measured resistance of .967 how do I use submultiples or mutliples to get it in the SI units?

    asked by Lucy
  19. religion

    Unruly Evil by david pocock can anyone explain to me what is being said in this text. I do not understand it at all, and our prof will not help us understand it either. I need help majorily!

    asked by Mark
  20. Chemistry-HELP!!!

    Show the side reactions and products that can occur when 1-butanol is treated with NaBr and H2SO4. R-OH (yields:NaBr and H2SO4) 1-bromobutane + water + sodium bisulfate This question was posted before, but I have the same question and seriously need

    asked by Paul
  21. Calculus

    Problem 49. Find the critical values f(x) = (4x^2 - 9) / x

    asked by Sally
  22. Physics

    I NEED HELP.... I look in my text for an inverse square law and i get G=M1M2/d^2, But im not given a two masses. The repusive force between two ceramic magnets was measured and found to depend on distance, as given in the table. Separation, d (mm) Force,F

    asked by Steven
  23. Algerbra

    I have put together the math in words, please help me show the work in a math format. Info below To find the population growth rate subtract the population of 2006 from 2007. Divide that answer by the 2006 population. Australia’s growth rate from 2006 to

    asked by Vision/Help
  24. Proportions

    b = 6 --- --- 15 10 how do I solve this problems

    asked by Sandra
  25. Model United Nations

    I need help finding the position of the Democrats on the Vietnam War and the Watergate Scandal. I am representing Jennings Randolph on the 1973 Nixon Impeachment Senate. Any help would be appreciated.

    asked by Amanda
  26. Cultural Diversity

    Which cultural groups' tolerance level place them at opposite ends of the "verve continuum?" A. African American and Asian B. Arican American and Anglo C. Mexican-American and Native American D. Native American and Asian I know that Afican American

    asked by Rose
  27. derivatives

    find the derivative of y=2cotx+sec3x+cscX find d^2/dx^2 for 1+y=x+xy

    asked by sara
  28. Biology

    I am totally confused by what to do here: GGG CAT GGT CCT ATT TAC DNA coding strand sequence: DNA non-coding strand sequence: mRNA sequence: Amino acid sequence:

    asked by Jen
  29. Math

    Hello i need some help writing a pseudo code equation. It is pretty basic. Can anyone help? Just want to know before i write the entire problem out. Thanks

    asked by Ti


    asked by BOY
  31. chemistry

    how do I convert .000859 mols of hydrogen to mols of Magnesium

    asked by Avonlea
  32. physics

    A .5kg ball on the end of a string is revolving uniformly in ahorizontal circle of radius 1m. The ball makes 2 revolustion in a second. a) determine the linear (tangential) speed of the ball. For this part of the question would I do this: v=d/t =1m/.5s

    asked by Tammy
  33. Teen Health

    I have to write an essay on the topic of: "Are Halloween Costumes too Proactive" Also another essay: "Are Parents trying too hard to be your friend"

    asked by Wenmar
  34. Reading

    I have to write a persuasive essay on proving Johnny, from the Outsiders novel, is not quilty for killing Bob. If you have read the story can someone please give me some reasons for why Johnny is not. Thank you!

    asked by Nini
  35. current again please!

    regarding the situation in northern Ireland, what do you think is the most probable outcome regarding the situation between the Protestants and the Catholics? The Protestants want to remain apart of the United Kingdom but the Catholics want to unite with

    asked by kelly
  36. math

    This is probably really easy to work out: x^2=(x-2)(x+3) ^meaning to the power of I've got to: x^2=x^2+x-6 Don't know what to do next

    asked by raj
  37. social studies

    hey, need help with a speech about Charles Perkins and his strong will

    asked by tegz eibz
  38. Nautical Studies

    I understand it is a popular misconception that a magnetic compass points to the magnetic north pole. In fact a magnetic compass aligns itself with the magnetic lines of force in its own location. Here in the UK these lines of force seem to coincide very

    asked by Mike
  39. Social studies

    hey, need help with a speech about Mahatma Gandhi and his passion for fighting against racism?

    asked by Samantha
  40. biology

    what are the unifying themes that characterize the biological sciences?

    asked by michelle
  41. Oral Communications

    I have to make a speech about how to make a pizza and proform it while I speak about it. I have to make a paragraph and it has to be an attention grab for the audience. This paragraph can not be factual reasearch information or about the old day and that

    asked by Amanda
  42. Early Child Ed.

    Would (D) stimulus intensity be the best answer for this question? A teacher's concern about a child's hyperactivity,boredom with structure, and preference for loud and energy-driven operations, may signal a misunderstanding about __________ dimensions. 1.

    asked by Brenda
  43. Excel

    I have to create a payroll document for class using Excel and I am quite confused. Here is the parts that I am confused on. -I have to calculate the number of years the employees have been working for us, I believe the function I need to use is TODAY() but

    asked by Amanda
  44. Biology - Genetics

    I have not been able to find any more in depth websites/answers for this question. DNA is considered to be a relatively stable molecule. What is it that gives the molecule its stability when the hydrogen bonds between the nitrogen bases are so easily

    asked by Me-ki
  45. Math

    What is the equation, in standard form, that's parallel to the given line and contains the given point. 2x+3y=30;(2,-5)

    asked by Lizandra
  46. Early Child Ed.

    Would the correct answer to this question be "competition?" Research about the impact of cultural values on peer social interaction in an early childhood classroom may lead one to conclude that this environment may create biases if the primary social

    asked by Brenda
  47. debate

    one boy is more trouble than a dozen girls!!! I need to write a debate on this. Can anyone give me some ideas? ann

    asked by Ann
  48. biology

    state two roles of cholesterol in the membrane please could someone help me out sam

    asked by sam
  49. political science

    Congress must pass what law after a state constitution has been approved by the people or that state in order for a state to be added

    asked by brandon
  50. Chemistry

    How was the weather related to the amount of electricity used in Riverwood? What ways did the power company use the river to help out, or harm in that situation?

    asked by Alexandra
  51. precalc

    Hi. Can someone please help me with this problem? A rectangular block of metal weighs 3 oz. How many lbs will a similar block of the same metal weigh if the edges are twice as long?

    asked by Charlotte
  52. Early Child Ed.

    Please check these questions and my answers. If I am wrong-please let me know. 1. Which one of the following statements is an example of the cognitive process called categorization? A. A child begins to as "why" about almost anything he or she does. B. A

    asked by Brenda
  53. social studies

    need help with a speech on Mahatma gandhi and his passion for fighting against racism- if you get any ideas please tell me the websites for a bibliography thanks

    asked by URGENTLY NEED HELP!!
  54. algebra functions

    look at the function and answer the questions. x y -3 2 -1 0 0 5 1 2 2 7 What is x when f(x)=2 ? What is a zero of this function?

    asked by Allisen
  55. Language skills

    A sentence with superfluous. Please help.

    asked by Lala
  56. science

    An example of a substance's property would be

    asked by tonya
  57. computer forensics

    1.Check the operating system’s swap file. Using the WinHex to go through the swap file, have you found any interesting results? 2.Design a plan to check the ram slack and drive slack on your computer with the tool WinHex. Report your findings. 3. Use

    asked by hiba
  58. history, current events

    in todays world can you name a conflict that is presently occurring in which a nation would like to expand into another nation or obtain more territory which has caused a conflict (Expansionist Nationalism)

    asked by kelly
  59. math


    asked by LP
  60. Math

    How do I figure out the square footage of a circle?

    asked by Jules
  61. math


    asked by dee
  62. help

    four letter words ending in f besides surf and turf

    asked by anonymous