Questions Asked on
October 30, 2007

  1. Physics

    On July 19, 1969, Apollo II's orbit around the moon was adjusted to an average orbit of 111km. The radius of the moon is 1785 km and the mass of the moon is 7.3e22 kg. a) How many minutes did it take to orbit once? b) At what velocity did it orbit the

    asked by Elizabeth
  2. History

    colonialism in the congo: Conquest, conflict and commerce study guide part 2

    asked by V

    It is generally believed that electrical problems affect about 14% of new cars. An automobile mechanic conducts diagnostic tests on 128 new cars on the lot. a. Describe the sampling distribution for sample proportion by naming the model and telling its

    asked by LT
  4. Statistics

    The mean television viewing time for Americans is 15 hours per week. Suppose a sample of 60 Americans is taken to further investigate viewing habits. Assume the population standard deviation for weekly viewing ime is o = 4 hours. A What is the probability

    asked by Rebecca
  5. physics

    A basketball player makes a jump shot. The 0.650-kg ball is released at a height of 1.90 m above the floor with a speed of 8.00 m/s. The ball goes through the net 3.10 m above the floor at a speed of 3.90 m/s. What is the work done on the ball by air

    asked by Taylor
  6. Chemistry

    Hydrogen H2 is used as a rocker fuel. The hydrogen is burned in oxygen to produce water vapor. 2H2 + O2 ----> 2H2O Delta H = -484 kJ What is the enthalpy change per gram of hydrogen?

    asked by Lauren
  7. Math

    Please explain how to figure out the following 7th grade math problem: If a rubber ball bounces exactly 1/2 the height from which it is dropped; and it is dropped from the top of a building that is 64 meters tall, how high will the ball bounce on its

    asked by Jaleel
  8. Chemistry

    With a platinum catalyst, ammonia will burn in oxygen to give nitric oxide, NO. 4NH3 + 5O2 -----> 4NO + 6H2O Delta H= -906 kJ What is the enthalpy change for the following reaction? NO + 3/2H2O ---> NH3 + 5/4O2

    asked by Lauren
  9. math

    A model of an airplane is 8 inches long. If the actual airplane is 32 feet: What is the scale factor?

    asked by Mike
  10. Calculus Test Question ASAP

    The graph of y = cos x is concave down on which interval? (-pi,0)??????? please help!!!!

    asked by Matt
  11. math

    how much whipping cream and 2% milk should be mixed to obtain 35 gallons of milk with 4% butterfat. if the milk has 2% butterfat and the whipping cream has 9% butterfat

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Statistics

    A production process is checked perifically by a quality control inspector. The inspector selects simple random samples of 30 finished products and computes the sample mean product weights x. If test results over a long period of time show that 5% of the x

    asked by Rebecca
  13. calculus

    dy/dx= (2x-2xy)/(x^2+2y) find all points on the curve where x=2. show there is a horizontal tangent to the curve at one of those points.

    asked by sara
  14. Chemistry

    Calculate the molar solubilty of CaC2O4 in a solution that has been buffered to a pH of 4.00 Remember to account for reactions involving H2C2O4 acting as an acid in water. To account for the buffer, simply assume that H+ = 1.00X 10^-4

    asked by Matt
  15. science

    Q1: What rock comes before quartzite in the rock cycle? What rocks or rock could come just after quartzite in the rock cycle? Q2: A geologist finds a course grained rock with crystals arranged in rows. What can the geologist infer about how this formed and

    asked by Wali
  16. calculus

    f*(x) = lim as h -> 0 [f(x+h)-f(x-h)]/ h write an equation that expresses the relationship between the functions f*(x) and f` I know that f` is [f(x+h)-f(x)]/h but i have no clue how to write an equation to relate the two!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  17. finance

    can someone correct these for me when you have a few minutes i'll appreciate any help answers are in parenthesis thanks again. Indicate whether a debit or credit decreases the normal balance of each of the following accounts: a. Office Supplies

    asked by student acc
  18. History

    why did leopold want to defeat the swahili traders in the eastern areas?

    asked by V
  19. Best words that describe.....

    What's a word that describes "to put things in action"? Ex. People fail to realize the plan "in action" is a scam. And another word that describes "buys"? Ex. She "buys" the loyalty of her friends.

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Math-word problem

    Sarah rents a car to take her to the airport in the morning and return her home that evening. Halfway to the airport, she picks up a friend who accompanies her to the airport. That night, she and her friend return to Sarah's home. The total cost is $20.00.

    asked by Lisa
  21. algebra

    When am I ever going to use negative exponents in real life?

    asked by Vi
  22. current history

    can anyone name two contrasting conflicts that have to do with nationalism around the world ( ex. one conflict could be between teo religious groups.....)

    asked by kelly
  23. physics

    A doubly tethered model airplane of mass 1.0 kg is attached to a vertical rod by two very light strings that are 2.0 each in length. the airplane and the the strings rotate in a horizontal circleabout the rod with both the strings remaining taut.The

    asked by Sam
  24. Physics

    A circus performer wants to land in a net 5 meters to the right of where she will let go of the trapeze. If she is 10 meters above the net, how fast must she be moving horizontally when she lets go?

    asked by Meggan
  25. Please someone proofread portion of my work!

    Please if the paragraph flows well, makes sense and if it analyzes why the use of wealth is significant in Claudius's part in Hamlet. Claudius uses the royal fortune for his own personal needs to satisfy himself. The King of Denmark uses his royal assets

    asked by Anonymous
  26. history

    how did king leopold develop his image as a great humanitarian leader?

    asked by V
  27. please revise my two paragraphs of my essay

    Nuclear power plants have been a controversy issue in our world for many years and it will continue to be so in the years to come. The issue of whether people should or shouldn’t accept power plants to be operated has been widely debated among

    asked by julie
  28. management

    Can someone give me their opinion of my answer if its correct or wrong please when someone has a few minutes thanks. Which of the eight steps in the decision-making model could be eliminated if a decision had to be made quickly? 1. Be alert to indicators

    asked by student acc
  29. Algebra

    Ok I got two I need help with : 1. Factor Completely 7x^2 + 49x + 42 I get 7x^2 + 7x + 42x + 42 then 7x(x+1) but the right side is confusing me. I know it should be (x+6). So the answer is 7x(x+1)(x+6) But I get 7x(x+1) 7(6x+6). What am I doing wrong?

    asked by John
  30. Statistics

    In 1990, the average annual Medicare spending per enrollee was $3267; in 2003, the average annual Medicare spending per enrollee was $6883. Supposed you hired a consulting firm to take a sample of fifty 2003 Medicare emrollees to further investigate the

    asked by Rebecca
  31. Cultural Diversity

    Can someone please help with this question on my assignment? A culture's emphasis on autonomy or dependence impacts adult-child interaction. Of the following choices, the ____________cultures are most closely aligned in valuing dependence or autonomy. A.

    asked by Rose
  32. Chem

    What are the organic side reactions and products that can occur when 1-butanol is treated with NaBr and H2SO4? Any help would be great, thanks.

    asked by Meche
  33. Vocabulary

    I am reading the book Great Expectations by Dickens and need help with the following: I need definitions for these words: divine(verb) discomfiture disparage conciliatory larcenous supplicant retributive diffidence despotic squally I've looked them up in

    asked by anonymous
  34. history, current issues

    what are types of nationalism there are religious conflicts that include nationalism but what others are there...examples please from current conflicts

    asked by jen
  35. Science

    A Parking Lot is full of automobiles. Does the number of wheels in the lot depend on the number of automobiles.

    asked by Veronica
  36. microbiology

    What is a unique mono-nucleotide of the RNA? Is it GMP AMP TMP CMP or UMP thanks

    asked by Teresa
  37. art history

    Which of the following structure is indigenous in China? >pagodas >obelisks >mastabas or >totem poles? I think the answer is totem poles.

    asked by Tabby
  38. intro of my essay

    Nuclear power plants have been a controversy issue in our world for many years and it will continue to be so in the years to come. The issue of whether people should or shouldn’t accept power plants to be operated has been widely debated among

    asked by julie
  39. Psychology

    I need help in finding information for the following assignment. Compare and contrast the influence of heredity and hormones on human behavior. I can find info on heredity and behavior but not a combination of hormones and heredity.

    asked by James
  40. history

    how was the iliad time and when they ocurred?

    asked by isa
  41. Math

    A microscopic organism is shown in a biology book with the length of 5.6 centimeters. If the scale of the picture is 2000:1, find the actual length of the organism.

    asked by Mike
  42. Math

    Choose 5, 10, or 100 as the most reasonable interval for the data. 15, 25, 10, 10, 5 Please explain Thanks

    asked by Jimmy
  43. Math

    if 2r=5s and 5s=6t what does r equal in terms of t?

    asked by ERIC
  44. math

    How do I find the area of a 30 ft circle?

    asked by tyana
  45. economics

    Where does Bexar County rank among texas counties in per capita income? Where does Cameron County rank among texas counties in per capita income? what was the inflation rate in hungary in 1945-1946?

    asked by K
  46. human risk assessment

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of animal studies and epidemiological studies for establishing dose-response relationships?

    asked by Thano
  47. math

    2x + y = 5 5x + 3y = 11 solve by addition?

    asked by yy
  48. Partial derivative

    Hello I trying to do a problem on partial derivative. I know the partial derivative of 3x+2y with respect to x would be 3 and with respect to y would be 2. But wut if it is squarroot of 3x+2y, wut is the partial derivative of it with respect to x and y

    asked by Kim
  49. english

    what is direct speech

    asked by Anonymous
  50. math

    it wants to solve multi-step inequalities. Question: -5X-(2X+3)>1 - > - =equals to if u didn't know wut i was talken bout

    asked by kaleigh
  51. Math


    asked by Dr. Greenthumb
  52. computer networks.

    Question 1 (PIM) Assume you have a source S, and assume that some receivers have joined the shortestpath tree of S, while other receivers have joined only the shared tree. Prove that, if the network is in a steady state (no routing table changes, no

    asked by Suraj
  53. ss

    List two reasons european countries wanted to start new colonies in america?

    asked by janan
  54. Physics

    A 3.3 kg wooden block is placed on 22 degree inclined plane and is connected by a string that passes over a light friciton less pulley at the top of the incline and then attached to a hanging 3.0kg block.If the coefficient of static friction bet the 1st

    asked by ricky
  55. Algebra

    Im not even sure what this is called, teacher call's it Multi-Step Equation. What are the steps to solve this problem 5X=X-12 AND X/3+5=14

    asked by Denver
  56. English-Lord of the flies

    How Jacks behaviour contrasts Ralphs and how that presents ralph as a better person.

    asked by Jack
  57. SCI 275

    define environmental sustainability. Then, list three behaviors of your own that threaten environmental sustainability. How could you change those behaviors to reduce threats to environmental sustainability?

    asked by dawn
  58. SCI 275

    Reflect on your own worldview and compare it with the three worldviews presented in the text. Provide examples of the benefits of your view to defend your position.

    asked by dawn
  59. history

    Whow is the iliad times?

    asked by isa
  60. SCI 275

    Discuss an enviromentmental problem that you feel is significant in your town or city?What are some causes? Are there any of these causes related to human values and enviromental ethnics? Explain.

    asked by dawn
  61. social studies

    need help with a speech about the strong will of charles perkins

    asked by :-)tegz eibz
  62. Math

    Factor each expression. Please show me how to do it. Thanx 8x^2-10x+3 15X^2-x-2 8X^2-18X-5 2x^2-5x-88 3x^2+43x-30 3x^2+7x-2 10^2-89x+156 4x^2+11x+13 3x^2-42x+147 5x^2-20x+20

    asked by Monte'
  63. science

    does smell affect ability to taste colder substances? does smell affect ability to taste warmer substances?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. geophysics

    how would you exaplain how and why each of the four moon phases appear to look like they do to us here on earth?

    asked by Yousra
  65. Algabra

    I understand the part's of algerbra, i just can't figure out why people use multiplacation tables to figure out the symbol for the block cube curriculem inside of the finder's surronding. Why do they?

    asked by Samantha
  66. geometry

    Wrtite the slope intercept form of the equation of the line passing through point (5,1) and parallel to the line y=-4x-2.

    asked by alan
  67. essay info help

    i'm doing an argument essay on why power plants should be shut down my college is like ten miles away from this power plant so it a very big issue in my town and i want to argue against power plants. i wrote down all my arguements, but i need help coming

    asked by julie
  68. English: DEBATING!

    Hi I need help I am finding my topic quite difficult. I am the 1st speaker for affirmative team with the topic: That in life there are more snakes than ladders." Its a difficult research/investigating topic, so I'm not sure what to say, and how to do my

    asked by Julie
  69. Journalism

    If blue chippers are involved, what sport is that?

    asked by Taylor
  70. Science

    Okay, is a Internal Fracture a fracture that doen't involve surgery...or is that a External?

    asked by Dawn
  71. music

    what is an accidental? thanks.

    asked by sarah
  72. ss

    Who financed the settlement in America for england?

    asked by janan
  73. ss

    What did virginia Company choose for their new home, a boat, a peninsula an island or the woods?

    asked by janan
  74. vocab

    A political play is a(n) __________ of the government. a. argot b. satire

    asked by anonymous
  75. science

    whats an example of an electric discharge

    asked by eric
  76. Biography

    I am looking for some great, useful sights on Walt Disney for a biography I am working on. Please and thank you.

    asked by anonymous
  77. Social Studies

    Is nortordomes predictings true will the world end in four years?

    asked by Allison
  78. pre-algebra

    how do you multiply and divide inequalities and work the problem out???

    asked by kyana
  79. Biology

    What is a subunit? How can I determine where Docosahexaenoic Acid has a subunit?

    asked by Chris
  80. MATH


    asked by Debra
  81. science

    how do you determine which direction cells will move toward membrane?

    asked by hazeleyedgirl
  82. science

    Where does calcite come from?

    asked by aj
  83. Art

    How does art and design affect peoples cultures, lifestyle, religion and fashion?

    asked by Bianca
  84. Biology

    Can anyone provide a good example (website or whatever) of a Pedigree chart in regards to eye colour? Help!

    asked by Jen
  85. algebra-functions

    X Y -3 2 -1 0 0 5 1 2 2 7 What is x when f(x) = 2? What is a zero of this function?

    asked by Allisen