Questions Asked on
October 28, 2007

  1. CHEM

    A) a picture shows a container that is sealed at the top by a movable piston. Inside the container is a ideal gas at 1.00atm , 20.0 *C, and 1.00L. (The pic is of a 2L container which has a piston pushed downward to the 1L level. Under the piston, under the

    asked by K
  2. CHEM

    A cylinder with a movable piston contains 2.00g of helium, He, at room temperature. More helium was added to the cylinder and the volume was adjusted so that the gas pressure remained the same. How many grams of helium were added to the cylinder if the

    asked by K
  3. anatomy

    if you wanted to flex your arm, and both your biceps and triceps contracted simultaneously, what would happen? and where is most of the muscle weight found in humans?

    asked by sara
  4. physics

    A 25kg child on a 2m long swing is released from rest when the swing supports make an angle of 30 degrees with the vertical. (a) Neglecting friction, find the child's speed at the lowest position. (b) If the speed of the child at the lowest position is

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Harmonic Oscillation

    The velocity of a certain simple harmonic oscillator is given by: v=-(12m/s)sin [(6.0rad/s)t]. What is the amplitudeof the simple harmonic oscillator. Please show your work.

    asked by ly1018
  6. physics

    A surprising demonstration involves dropping egg from a third-floor window so that the egg lands on a foam-rubber pad without breaking. If a 56-g egg falls (from rest) 12m, and the 5cm thick foam pad stops it in 6.25ms, by how much is the pad compressed?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. AP Chemistry

    Finish the equation: Solutions of zinc sulfate and sodium phosphate are mixed

    asked by Julie
  8. Algebra

    At 3PM, two ships started sailing toward each other from ports which were 265 miles apart at average rates of 18 and 23 miles per hour. At what time were the ships still 60 miles apart? Let t=time=5 hours Let 18t= first ship=90 Let 23t= second ship=115

    asked by anonymous
  9. math

    Suppose that the time (in hours) required to repair a machine is an exponentially distributed random variable with parameter λ (lambda) = 0.5. What's the probability that a repair takes less than 5 hours? AND what's the conditional probability that a

    asked by raksha
  10. Chemistry

    Hydrogen sulfide H2S is produced during decomposition of organic matter. when .5000 mol H2S burns to produce SO2 and H2O. -281.0 kJ of heat is released. what is this heat in kilocalories. Can you help me start this please

    asked by Lauren
  11. physics

    An airplane of mass 1.5x10^4kg is moving at 60m/s. The pilot then revs up the engine so that the forward thrust of the propeller becomes 7.5x10^4 N, find the speed of airplane after it has traveled 500m. Assume that the airplane is in level flight through

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Chemistry

    a. How many moles of Na2Co3 were present in the 15mL sample? b. How many grams of Na2CO3 were present in the 15mL sample? c.How many grams of Na2CO3 are present in the 575L of the Na2CO3 solution?

    asked by Monte;
  13. physics

    A 50kg student climbs a 5m long rope and stops at the top. (a) What must her average speed be in order to match the power output of a 200-W lightbulb? (b) HOw much work does she do?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. music

    why is sonata-allegro considered to be dramatic and rewarding?

    asked by olivia
  15. Physics

    A box accidentally falls from the back of a truck and hits the ground with a speed of 15m/s. It slides along the ground for a distance of 45 m before coming to rest. Determine a) the length of time the box slides before stopping c) the time it takes to

    asked by Alex
  16. Chemistry

    Balance Eq.: Na2Co3+ CaCl2--> CaCo3+ 2NaCl. (CHALK) Calculate the mass of a dry precipitate. Calculate the mass of moles of the precipitate produced in the reaction.

    asked by Monte;
  17. Statistics

    The 95% confidence interval is: (a) Larger than the 99% confidence interval (b) Smaller than the 99% confidence interval (c) The same as the 99% confidence interval

    asked by Thano
  18. Chemistry

    Copper dissolves in nitric acid, producing copper (ll) nitrate. After reaction with sodium hydroxide and heating, copper nitrate changes to copper (ll) oxide. Calculate the percent yield of this process if 1.235 g of copper produced 1.452 g of copper

    asked by Raj
  19. Chemistry

    a. How many moles of Na2Co3 were present in the 15mL sample? b. How many grams of Na2CO3 were present in the 15mL sample? c.How many grams of Na2CO3 are present in the 575L of the Na2CO3 solution?

    asked by Monte;
  20. AP Physics

    An airplane in a horizontal circle at a speed of 130.5556 m/s. If its wings are tilted 40 degress to the horizontal, what is the radius of the circle in which the plane is flying? Assume that the required force is provided entirely by an "aerodynamic lift"

    asked by Kristen
  21. Physics problems

    Hi, everyone who is going to read this, thank you for trying to help me, this really means a lot to me, you are saving my behind! Ok, so here it goes: I was wondering if this information is correct; please tell me if it is not A Ferris wheel is a vertical

    asked by Serena
  22. Chemistry

    The half-life of iodine -125 is 60 days. What fraction of iodine-125 would be left after 180 days? my teacher didn't teach us this and expects us to know it and I don't understand!!! could you explain it please!?

    asked by Taylor

    if a ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 80m/s then its height after t seconds is s=80t-16t^2 a) what is the maximum height reached by the ball? b)what is the velocity of the ball when it is 96 ft above the ground on its way up? on its way

    asked by matttt
  24. Physics

    A plane leaves Toronto and flies with an airspeed of 2.20 x 10^2 km/h always pointing due east. A wind is blowing from the north at 8.0 x 10^1 km/h. a) What is the plane's velocity relative to the ground? b) What is the plane's displacement from Toronto

    asked by Alex
  25. Algebra II

    A feasible region has vertices at (-3,2),(4,1),(2,6) and (1,-2). Find the maximum an minimum values of the function f(x,y)=4x-y

    asked by X
  26. math

    Find the differential of each function. a) e ^ tan(pi*t) b) sqrt (8+ln(z))

    asked by asi
  27. pigskin geography

    what are the answers to week #9 for pigskin geography

    asked by breana
  28. Chemistry

    A bullet weighing 235 grains is moving at a speed of 2.52 X 10^3 ft/s. Calculate the kinetcic energy of the bullet in joules ahd in calories. One grain equals 0.0648 g. Can someone help me out on this please

    asked by Lauren
  29. What's another word for power-hungry?

    What's another word for power-hungry?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Chem

    Is this the balanced chemical equation for reaction between NaBr and H2SO4? H2SO4 + NaBr ---> HBr + NaHSO4

    asked by Marisol
  31. Repost Social Studies for Shayla

    socoal studies - shayla , Sunday, October 28, 2007 at 12:56am what were the imports and exports of colonial Maryland

    asked by Writeacher
  32. Writing/English

    I was wondering if someone could look over this softcopy resume Nicole Medina Campus Address Permanent Address Education [Click here and state your degree earned, year graduated, school attended] Courses Related to Major: Cake Decorator I started training

    asked by Cole
  33. Resume help

    I really do not find many cake decorating positions needing a resume so I went with what I am studying in school. Is this ok? Career Objective: To assist the sick as a registered nurse. I would also like to become a traveling nurse at some time to. I am

    asked by Cole
  34. Algebra II

    Solve the following system. Then explain what your answer means in the context of the problem. 3x+3y=-15 x+y=-4

    asked by Taylor
  35. Writing/English

    I was wondering if someone could look my softcopy resume over. Is this good for a softcopy? Thanks for the help! :) Name Address Cake Decorator I started training to be a decorator in 2003. I became a part time decorator about a year later in 2004. Now in

    asked by Cole
  36. Algebra

    The measure of the largest angle of a certain triangle is 6 times the smallest. The measure of the remaining angle is 100 degrees less than te sum of the other two angles. Write a system of 3 equations you could use to solve this problem. x=smallest

    asked by Eric
  37. Psychology

    How do traumatic brain injuries occur. I don't mean like concussions or contusions though. I am trying to write a report on how brain injuries affect personality but i am not sure how a serious brain injury occurs.

    asked by Christian
  38. Cacluluc CHECK

    A survey of one thousand people found that 70% of the people have a CD player, 85% have a telephone, and 45.2% have a computer. At least how many people have all three objects? Is the answer 152?

    asked by Matt
  39. Biology

    What is the location and function: - the speech area of the brain - the comprehension area of the brain

    asked by Alex
  40. algebra

    1750 divided by 2 times 1/5 equals x divided by 2/6 is that a 3 step equation and should the answer turn out to be 58.333333333

    asked by anonymous
  41. AP US History

    I have an essay test tomorrow and i am having trouble with this question. In what ways was Andrew Jackson a states' rightist and in what ways was he a nationlist? Thanks for any help you can give.

    asked by Amanda
  42. math

    The only perfect number of the form x^n + y^n

    asked by l
  43. History

    Who are the Greek gods/goddesses that make the 12 members of the council? I think they were called the Olympians. I tried researching it online but websites are giving me different answers.

    asked by Lisa
  44. Algebra II

    What is the first step for solving this system by substitution? DO NOT SOLVE!! 3x-2y=8 x+7y=10 How many solutions does this system of equations have? 3y-6x=12 y-2x=4 My answer is 1 solution. Is this correct?

    asked by JaneLee
  45. Science

    Ok so I have to use kinematic equations to solve these. But I make like a X and Y chart Ex...X|Vix=2.89 dx=? t=? Y|Viy=0 dy=3.7 and so forth. 1. A cliff diver strikes the water 10.3 meters from a cliff 25 meteres high. At what horizontal speed did he leave

    asked by Andrew
  46. anatomy

    if you wanted to flex your arm, and both your biceps and triceps contracted simultaneously, what would happen? and where is most of the muscle weight found in humans?

    asked by sara
  47. calculus

    determine the open intervals on which f(x) is increasing, decreasing, concave up and concave down. f(x)= tanx, -pi/2< x< pi/2

    asked by sara
  48. Algebra II

    Solve this system by substitution 2x-3y=12 x-4y=6

    asked by JaneLee
  49. Statistics

    For two normal distributions with the same mean, but different standard deviations, the 95% confidence interval will be: (a) The same for both distributions (b) Larger for the distribution with the smaller standard deviation (c) Smaller for the

    asked by Thano
  50. math

    1) Michelle reads 1,200 words in 7 minutes, and Tricia reads 700 words in 3minutes. Who is the faster reader 2)Write 566 2/3% as a fraction or a mixed number 3)Solve for the base in the following statement 11% of what number is 77 4)Simplify 8 qt 7 pt

    asked by chester
  51. writing.....please i need help...

    what would be a good imagery to start of my paragraph about how downloading music is a downfall to the music industry?? i really need help...

    asked by Jose
  52. algebra

    i need to download a graphing calculator onto my computer. i have tried grapgcalc . com and gcalc . com but my computer will not dowmload from these sites. anyone know where i can download a graphing calculator?

    asked by Ally
  53. physics

    A 650kg elevator starts from rest. It moves upward for 3s with constant acceleration until it reases its cruising speed, 1.75m/s. (a) what is the average power of the elevator motor during this period? (b) How does this compare with its power during an

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Physics: Equilibrium and Inclined Planes

    Two forces act on an object. One force is 8.0 N horizontally and the second is 10.0 N vertically. Find the force that will produce equilibrium for the object.

    asked by Anayeli
  55. Physics and Dr. Bob

    Not be to a nag, I was just wondering (in addition the energy section from my previous post) the wheel the electrical energy is present due to the motor. THis is then turned into kinetic energy, from the magnetic field that is created due to the

    asked by Serena
  56. Social Studies

    I have to do a 1 mintute report on Mother Jones, acting as if i was her. I have all the facts, but can't think of a good opening sentence. I got a closing one though..

    asked by Anonymous
  57. glucose question

    Assume that the organism is living areobically and that one molecule of glucose oxidized completely to 6 CO2 generates 30 molecules of ATP, how many glucose molecules must be oxidized to supply the energy for the synthesis of all these different nucleic

    asked by army
  58. sexual development

    32. What happens to the sexual development of a fetus (genes not specified) that is exposed to lower than the normal amounts of both testosterone and estrogen during early development? a. It develops a more or less normal male appearance b. It develops a

    asked by me
  59. Spanish (Foreign Language)

    What is 'treasure chest' in Spanish?

    asked by Elizabeth
  60. Physics

    How does the idea of magnetic fields arising from circulating currents relate to permanent magnets?

    asked by Soly

    With regard to pattern baldness in humans (a sex-influenced trait) a woman who is not bacld but mother is bald, has children with a bald man whose father is not bald. what are their probabilities of having the following types of families? a) their first

    asked by Dan
  62. fish tank;; deals with volume. :]

    A cylinder shaped fish talk is 40cm high and has a radius of 12cm. The tank with be layed with a decorative gravel on the bottom. The blue layer will be 2 cm high. The yellow layer will be 3 cm high. And the green layter will be 2cm high. [assume water

    asked by blah. volume...
  63. spanish

    is there anywhere that i can get a translation of some problem words?

    asked by chelsea
  64. World History

    Name the natural berriers that protected egypt

    asked by vicki
  65. Algebra 1


    asked by Jay
  66. Islam

    Assalamualaikum I Rely need help your help to answer this question. 1) In the Quran 3:159 “…then when you have taken a decision, tawakkal (put your trust )in Allah. Syed Qutb , says that the Rasul s.a.w. quotes this verse when the sahabah went to see

    asked by khairul
  67. FRENCH

    I wasn't sure if I had to post a new thread but here's what I have from before corrected to the best of my abilities so can anyone please read it over again and help correct the mistakes? Thanks! Il était une fois, dans une contrée bien loin d’ici, un

    asked by Jo
  68. spanish

    what does fui a la oficina de correos cerrada cafe mean?? and does it make sense>?

    asked by chelsea
  69. English

    Any one got any book recommendations for a 8th to 9th grader?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Chemistry

    The half-life of iodine -131 is 16 days. If you start with 100 gram sample, how many half-lives have past when you have less than a gram left?

    asked by Taylor
  71. math

    To make shelves for a bookcase, Nate needs 7 pieces of lumber, each 45 inches long. Nate has several 10-foot lengths of lumber in the width and thickness he needs. How many of these 10-foot boards will Nate use?

    asked by Mary
  72. FRENCH

    Can someone PLEASE proofread this? It's due tomorrow... Après un certain temps, Bugs Bunny a surgi et il a dit « Quoi de neuf, docteur? » Lorsque Markey lui a rapporté qu'il recherche les trésors de la Montagne des Bonbons, le lapin débonnaire a

    asked by Jo
  73. geography

    i need a three page essay on kielder water but all ive done is one page! i need help! 2 days til the deadline! aaaaaaaaaaargh!

    asked by i forgot my name!
  74. English

    How does this poem sound? I told my friends I was no scaredy cat, Not afraid of snakes, nor bears or bats. The said” Oh, well that’s sure to change, When you spend a a night in a house that’s strange.” They dared me to sleep in an abandoned house

    asked by Anonymous
  75. science

    what is the mass of 15mL for mercury?

    asked by Kerry
  76. Algebra II

    How do you find the inverse of a matrix?

    asked by JaneLee
  77. Writing/English

    So sorry...what if you do not have experience in a field but are studying to be in it. I could state everything I have done but no background... should I explain that in the resume?

    asked by Cole
  78. Physics Stuff

    Hi, everyone who is going to read this, thank you for trying to help me, this really means a lot to me, you are saving my behind! Ok, so here it goes: I was wondering if this information is correct; please tell me if it is not A Ferris wheel is a vertical

    asked by Serena
  79. insulin levels

    13. Consistently low levels of insulin will produce ___ appetite; consistently high levels of insulin will produce ___ appetite. a. Increased…decreased b. Decreased…increased c. Decreased…decreased d. Increased…increased I chose answer D. because

    asked by me
  80. eating binges/emotional psychology

    18. Compared to overweight people, normal-weight people are ___ likely to engage in eating binges, and ___ likely to experience emotional problems. a. Less…more b. Less…less c. More…less d. About equally…about equally I chose answer C. because

    asked by Blaine <3
  81. absolute maximum

    absolute maximum of (x^2-4)/(x^2+4) the critical numbers i got was x=0,-2.59, and 3.09 the absolute minimum is f(0)=-1 what is the absolute maximum: is it both f(-4)=(f(4))=.6? or can there only be one

    asked by julie
  82. Nautical Studies

    I am aware a magnetic compass is useless for navigational purposes in the region of the magnetic north pole. How far away from the magnetic north pole do you need to be before the magnetic compass will function effectively? Depending on the answer does

    asked by Mike
  83. Physics

    I am trying to come up with a rule of thumb/rough guide to determining the velocity of a person jumping from various heights into water - for example from the side of a ship. Not being a natural mathematician I am having difficulties. My own conclusions if

    asked by Mike
  84. social study

    10 racially motivated and historical events that made an mpact on the country from 1980-2000

    asked by adei
  85. English - need one word that best decribes...

    What's one word that describes a villain who will do anything like deceit people, abuse his powers and murder to get what he wants (Please DON'T SUGGEST the word MACHIAVELLIAN!!!!!!!!...)

    asked by Anonymous
  86. FRENCH

    Can someone please proofread this? It's the next part of my story. Thanks! Petit Markey, aventureux comme toujours, a entrepris sur son voyage vers les citrouilles illuminées avec les grands nez anormalement qui ont ressemblé les poires très poilues. En

    asked by Jo
  87. IB Math Studies

    Would it be appropriate to use a chi-square test for analysis of statistics in the following topics? •Number of Surgical Fatalities vs. U.S. State •Number of professional men’s soccer injuries vs. country of their team

    asked by Jake
  88. Nautical Studies

    I am trying to find an up to date position for the Magnetic North Pole. All searches I have made state positions that are several years out of date. Can anyone help Thanks Mike

    asked by Mike
  89. biology

    another name for a large molecule

    asked by trav
  90. civics

    minnesotas state constitution was written in what year?

    asked by sabrina
  91. math

    The only perfect number of the form x^n + y^n

    asked by l
  92. AP US History

    what happened during the women's education reform? What did they fight for?

    asked by Jennifer
  93. english

    Why were people accused of being witches i mean i understand that some were accused because of people not likeing them but how did this all get started?

    asked by chelsea
  94. physics

    how do we use indirect measurements in the real world

    asked by beckii

    I REALLY need help. how do you set p a population density problem??? i totally forget!!

    asked by madison
  96. biology

    correction to earlier question another name for a very large molecule

    asked by trav
  97. crt 205

    What kind of fallacy is this example? It takes someone with a really big heart to give to our charity,and you seem like someone who cares more than most.

    asked by Ricki
  98. Math

    What is 875 times 1/5 equal

    asked by Kerry
  99. Statistics

    what is a least squares regression line?

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Engineering

    How does an air conditioner use the first and second laws of thermodynamics?

    asked by Kayla
  101. lit.

    is there anywhere that i can read the crucible on the internet because i left my book??

    asked by chelsea
  102. Science

    A girl makes a sample of a new material and says that the density of the material is 0.85 g/cm. Can you tell how large a sample she made? How?

    asked by Ash
  103. lit

    We are learning how to put the beliefs and actions of the people during the Salem witch trials in todays terms and i used the war on terrorism...would that be the right idea?? maybe because we are trying to find the poeple that are differant than us &that

    asked by chelsea
  104. find the rate

    240 lbs of fertilizer/6 lawns

    asked by will
  105. math

    what is 875/5 divide that by 26

    asked by Kerry