Questions Asked on
October 24, 2007


    A 1000kg sports car accelerates from 0 to 25m/s in 7.5s what is the average power delivered by the engine? i know that POWER= W/delta T =Fv but im not sure how to calculate W can someone help me out with this one?

    asked by magic 8 ball
  2. Chem

    A precipitate is expected when an aqueous solution of porassium iodide is added to an aqueous solution of

    asked by Taylor
  3. social studies

    People who move from place to place searching for food and water are called what?

    asked by Jillian
  4. Chem

    How many moles of silver are contained in 1.00kg of silver 1.00 kg(1000g/1 kg)(1 mol/ 108 g Ag) = Answer 9.26 would this be correct or would it have like a 10 ^ ____ ????

    asked by Taylor
  5. Physics

    Jane is sitting on a chair with her lower leg at a 30.0° angle with respect to the vertical, as shown. You need to develop a computer model of her leg to assist in some medical research. If you assume that her leg can be modeled as two uniform cylinders,

    asked by Dante

    A 20N crate starting at rest slides down a rough 5.0m ramp, inclined at 25 degress with the horizontal. 20j of energy is lost due to friction. what will be the speed of the crate at the bottom of the incline? i need some help these one i don't know where

    asked by magic 8 ball
  7. Physics

    Please check my answers: The voltage across a 10-ohm resistor carrying 3 amps must be? I got 30 volts-v=?, I=3 amps, R= 16 ohm. v= 30 amps * 10 ohm=30 volts A 4-ohm resistor is connected in parallel with a 6 ohm resistor. What is the total resistance of

    asked by Shay
  8. Chem

    When an aqueous solution of lithium chloride is mixed with an aqueous solution of ammonium sulfate ______. A. a precipitate form B. a new salf is formed C. a gas is evolved D. an acid and base are formed E. no reaction occurs

    asked by Taylor
  9. science

    Is strontium chloride a ionic or covalent bond?

    asked by flowerpower
  10. Algebra-Problems

    Please help with my word problems? Solve the problem. The rabbit population in a forest area grows at the rate of 6% monthly. If there are 260 rabbits in April, find how many rabbits (rounded to the nearest whole number) should be expected by next April.

    asked by Stacey
  11. Physics

    Find the velocity after a stroller has traveled 6.32m.

    asked by Stephanie
  12. reading

    Listening to a CD has been the method of listening to music for the last 20 years. Now downloading on Itunes and sharing MP3 files has become the wave of the future. Do you think this technology is a revolution and advancement in music or is it a downfall

    asked by harry
  13. Chem

    A compound that dissolves in water to form an aqueous solution that is an excellent conductor of electricity is always present in the solution as -covalent molecules -acid molecule -base molecule -salt molecules -ions

    asked by Taylor
  14. Math102

    If x varies directly as y and y varies inversely as the square of z. How is x varies with z?

    asked by Robert
  15. Science

    A graph shows distance on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis. If the speed is steadily increasing, what will the line representing speed look like on the graph?

    asked by mary
  16. math

    in a class of 40 students, 80% are business majors. of the 24 students who passed the midterm exam, 75% are business majors. What percertange of students in the class who are not business majors passed the examination

    asked by edwin
  17. Biology

    Please check my answer: Which of the following statement is not true? 1). Mitosis produces new nuclei with exactly the same chromosomal endowment as the parent nucleus. 2). Mitosis may occur without cytokinesis 3). Mitosis and cytokinesis are required for

    asked by Gulzaman
  18. science

    Concentrated sulfuric acid (18.4 molar H2SO4) has a density of 1.84 grams per milliliter. After dilution with water to 5.20 molar, the solution has a density of 1.38 grams per milliliter and can be used as an electrolyte in lead storage batteries for

    asked by raksha
  19. history

    Ok please help me.. President Jackson complained that the bank of the u.s. ...

    asked by Zoey
  20. English grammar

    I need batteries and connecting lines to use Sony camcorder for a long time. I also need to charge extra batteries. ===================================== Are the sentences above correct? Do you use connect lines? Do I have to use connecting cords? When we

    asked by John
  21. business

    what are the banefits of variance analysis? please could somebody help me out!?

    asked by sam
  22. Rational Inequities

    Can you please check my answers? Solve the rational inequality and graph the solution set on a real number line. Express the solution set in interval notation. x-2/x+1 or equal to 0 my answer: (3,8] 2/x-2

    asked by Joss
  23. Algebra

    please check my answers. thanxs! Solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a number line. Express the solution set in interval notation. x^2 - 6x + 5 > 0 -I got (-ininity,1) u (5, infinity) x^2 - 3x - 18 < 0 -I got (-infinity,-3) u (6,

    asked by Liz
  24. maths

    Simply by expanding any brackets and collecting like terms 5x - 2 - 2x + 3 is this 5x - 2x = 3x 2 + 3 = 5 therefore 3x - 5 if wrong please explain Thanks....

    asked by leo
  25. Volcanoes

    Need some help on answering questions... 1. Arrange corn syrup, water, and vegetable oil in order of low to high visocisity. 2. Why do silica-poor magmas produce broad volcanoes with gentle slopes?

    asked by Wenmar

    A spherically symmetric object with radius of .7m and mass of 1.6kg rolls without slipping accross a horizontal surface with velocity of 1.7m/s. It then rolls up an invline with an angle of 28degrees and comes to rest a distance d of 2.3m up the incline,

    asked by Alie
  27. Intergers

    The product of two consective positive even intergers is 440. Would they be 20 and 22?

    asked by Jessica
  28. English writing

    1. Don't get stuck on yourself. * What is the meaning of 'stuck on'? 2. He applied/wore a heavy makeup. * Which word should I use, apply or wore? 3. Speak in full clear sentence. * Is this one OK? Don't we have to add 'a' before'full'? 4. Don't spin in

    asked by John
  29. Math

    My teacher forgot to tell me how to exactly solve any problem like this, she ran out of time probably. ã5/16 It says simplify the expression, could someone please show me how to do that?

    asked by Geno
  30. math

    how do you solve for 2/3 * ? = 20

    asked by jonathan
  31. spanish PLEASE HELP

    Replace the direct object with a direct object pronoun. Question: Van a estudiar el espanol esta noche? My answer: Nosotros yo los entiendo Points taken off for putting in word nosotros - I do not understand why.

    asked by bella
  32. Health

    What is the definition for Saturated Fats, and Unsaturated Fats?

    asked by Jason
  33. social studies

    what is due process as defined by the constitution

    asked by kathryn
  34. Chem

    Which of the following compounds is insouluble in water? - (NH4)2CO3 - AgBr - CuSO4 - KI - LiNO3

    asked by Taylor
  35. Chem

    Which of the following is weak electrolyte in solution -H2S -H2SO4 -HI - HNO3 - HCI

    asked by Taylor
  36. physical science

    can sugar dissloved in water conduct electricity? what about potassium hydroxide?

    asked by Cow
  37. Calculus

    Tried this problem severeal ways. Get a different answer every time, but it is in the same ballpark. Any help would be much appreciated. How many zeros are at the end of the product of the first fifty positive integers?

    asked by Matt
  38. math

    If someone borrowed $30,000 over 4 years The interest is 4.5% variable compounded monthly How much is owing at the end of the 3rd year???

    asked by raksha
  39. Chemistry

    which is a strong electrolyte KCl or HCH3OOH

    asked by Taylor
  40. Business

    If a pre-employment test (such as personality tests/aptitude test etc)is reliable can it can still be discriminatory? I know that tests should be reliable and valid as well as a test should not be discriminatory...but I feel that the answer is true because

    asked by Jen
  41. science

    A friend tells you that a refrigerator door, beneath its layer of white-painted plastic, is made of aluminum. How could you check to see if this is true (without any scraping)?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. ETH 125

    has anyone done any assignment like this.... „FƒnPrepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of race as it relates to your community. In your paper, write your first-person account of how human

    asked by dawn
  43. Business

    I have one more question that is t/f A human resource inventory contains the organizational history of an individual and indicates how that individual might be used in the organization in the future? I think this is true because within the human resource

    asked by Jen
  44. english

    i need help analyzing this poem by robert frost. what is the theme? emotions? and is the meaning that man is trying to control nature or fix it? THE AIM WAS SONG Before man came to blow it right The wind once blew itself untaught, And did its loudest day

    asked by beckii
  45. writing

    im writing an essay about the analysis of the origins of the american revelution. what would be a good thesis?

    asked by julie
  46. math

    the sum of two numbers is 28. their difference is 2. what are the numbers?

    asked by mecca
  47. Algebra 2 -math


    asked by Gary
  48. Reading

    I need certain prices from the 1940's, I need the price of a penknife, an ax, flint & steel and a tinderbox for a reading report. I have been on several different sites to find archival information, but I cannot find anything. My parents said not to

    asked by Rebecca


    asked by MYSTERY
  50. Algebra

    Jim is installing ceramic tile behind his kitchen sink. Each tile is a square with side length 4 1/4 inches. For each tile, he allows an additional 1/8 inch per side for the grout between tiles. How many tiles should he buy if the space measures 2.1 square

    asked by moo
  51. geometry&trigonometry

    given that 180¡ã¡ÜA¡Ü 270¡ãand tan A=3/7, what is the exact value of cos A? can someone please help ???i need to know how to solve it ! thanks!

    asked by Pauline
  52. Geometry&trigonometry

    consider the polar graph §æ =(2/3)¦Ð. (¦Ð=pie) find the value of N such that r=N§æ, where 0¡Ü §æ ¡ÜN¦Ð has a)no solution b)one solution c)two solution i think i have figured the first question out.since it's no solution then N must be N

    asked by Pauline
  53. African Amer. Study

    Help me find websites for these Questions. What were the Goree contributions? What were the Senegambians contributions? What was the African Cuisine? What was the Gumbo? What were the Bozo contributions? What were the Cooter contributions? What were the

    asked by Mack
  54. English grammar

    1. Write about John, Terry, etc. 2. Write about John, Terry, and so on. 3. Write about John, Terry, and so forth. ====================================== Are they all grammatical?

    asked by John
  55. Reading

    I need certain prices from the 1940's, I need the price of a penknife, an ax, flint & steel and a tinderbox for a reading report. I have been on several different sites to find archival information, but I cannot find anything. My parents said not to

    asked by Rebecca
  56. Algebra

    Find three consecutive integers such that the first, decreased by one-half, equals the second decreased by 15.

    asked by Polyfunk
  57. Math Repost for Mecca

    Math - mecca, Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 9:20pm Lauren has collected 150 nickels and dimes. She has 70 more nickels than dimes. How many nickels and how many dimes

    asked by Ms. Sue
  58. geography

    how does the CTWM provide opportunities for water sports? please could someone help me out

    asked by sam
  59. chemistry

    Why does sodium acetate (anhydrous)release heat when dissolved in water?and why does sodium acetate (trihydrate)absorb heat when dissolved in water?

    asked by linda
  60. Physics

    Two identical gliders on an air track are held together by a piece of string, compressing a spring between the gliders. While they are moving to the right at a common speed of 0.52 m/s, someone holds a match under the string and burns it, letting the

    asked by Dante
  61. Physics

    What velocity does the other glider have?

    asked by Dante
  62. computrs

    a? device is a device that initiates an instruction to transmit data,instructions,or information.

    asked by oscar
  63. anatomy

    do pigs walk on their metatarsals or metacarpals?

    asked by sara
  64. algebra-what catastrophe makes a kitten happy?

    what catastrophe makes a kitten happy? OPTION : LET, CHAIN, THE , HAVE, CAT, CRY, ONE,OUT, OVER , LITTLE, DOG, SPILT, NEW, OUTSIDE, MILK, OLD.

    asked by Gary
  65. science

    Which of Newton’s laws says that a net force acting on an object causes the object to accelerate in the direction of the force?

    asked by jorge

    A 20N crate starting at rest slides down a rough 5.0m ramp, inclined at 25 degress with the horizontal. 20j of energy is lost due to friction. what will be the speed of the crate at the bottom of the incline? i need some help these one i don't know where

    asked by magic 8 ball
  67. algebra-i post the words that i need to fit toget

    What catastrophes makes ur kitten happy? I need to fit all this words together: LET, CHAIN, THE , HAVE, CAT, CRY, ONE,OUT, OVER , LITTLE, DOG, SPILT, NEW, OUTSIDE, MILK, OLD.

    asked by Gary
  68. Chemistry

    Hi; I have a question here and I know what the answer is supposed to be, and I also know that I know how to do it but I can't for the life of me remember how...any help would be apprecaited. Thanks alot. You are supplied with a soultion of mordant yellow

    asked by Sarah
  69. Chemistry

    True or false? All enzymes are specific to a single substrate chemical. That is, an enzyme will catalyze reactions of one molecule only.

    asked by Robert
  70. Advanced Algebra

    Divide using long division or synthetic division. (21x^3 - 7)/(3x - 1) This is what I have so far, but I am having a hard time with what to do next. 3x-1/ 7(3x^3-1)

    asked by Jule
  71. Trig

    Solve the following interval 0

    asked by Kay
  72. CHEM-HELP!!!!

    help? how do i calculate the heat of formation of a solid? i only know how to find the heat of formation of a liquid. here's what i have so far. delta t= 16.8 degrees c mass= 33.136 g cp = 4.184 j/g degrees c m cp delta t = -2329J (process is exothermic)

    asked by Jake
  73. accounting

    BULLSEYE RANGES Dec, 31, 2005 Account Title Unadjusted Adjustments Adjusted Trial Trial Balance Balance Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Cash 13000.00 13000.00 Accounts Receivable 0 17,100 17,100.00 Supplies 5500.00 2700.00 2800.00 Equipment 130000.00 12500.00

    asked by shelly
  74. Factoring by Grouping

    Is this right? x^5+4x^3+7x^2+28 x^3(x^2+4)+7(x^2+4) x^2+4)(x^3+7)

    asked by TJ
  75. chemistry

    Tungsten has been used to make light bulb filaments since 1908. The melting point of tungsten is 3422 °C and the heat of fusion is 35 kJ/mole. Calculate the entropy change associated with the melting of one mole of tungsten.

    asked by dan
  76. Chemistry

    What improvements could i make to this lab? so far i only have that the graduated cylinder should be changed to a buret for a more accurate measurement. Procedure: Part 1 Begin by measuring the mass of the empty calorimeter and record the value. Next, add

    asked by Kate
  77. social studies

    what are some things that i can put in at lease 4 pharagraphs?

    asked by ariana
  78. POETRY

    Discuss what functions of poetic writing the author of this poem is using? What is the poem expressing? Who is the speaker? Auditor? What is the rhyme scheme? Meter? Homage to my hips These hips are big hips they need space to move around in. They don't

    asked by question didn't post?
  79. English

    Does anyone recall the mythical beasts that were described on the map in Ondaatje's Running in The Family, the chapter entitled Tabula Asiae? I left my book in my locker ;/

    asked by Jake
  80. Chemistry

    I have a test on the general concepts of thermochemistry tomorrow. how should i study for it since its not based on problem solving, just concepts?

    asked by Nick
  81. Humanity/religion

    I am having a hard time defining these terms in my own words. I don't even know where to start 1. Theistic 2. monotheistic 3. dogma 4. transcendent 5. kensho 6. orthodox 7. heretic 8. routinization of charisma

    asked by Dehlia Silva
  82. criminology

    Can someone provide a program or public policy in North Carolina that prevents public order crimes?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. history

    how are drought desertification and overpopulation related to darfur?

    asked by NP

    There's a bar with length of 6.49m and mass of 5.45kg leaning against a frictionless wall. It makes an angle of 66.08 deg with the ground. A block with mass of 44.98 kg hangs from bar at distance d up from point of contact between bar and floor. The

    asked by Alie
  85. Research Paper

    Does anyone know the year women where allowed to join the army?

    asked by Danielle
  86. ETH 125

    ethnicity means what again?

    asked by dawn
  87. Geometry Help

    The length of a rectangle is 2 cm more that 5 times it's width. If the area of the rectangle is 84 cm^2 find the dimensions of the rectangle to the nearest thousandth. This is what I it rihgt? 5x^2+5x+2-84 5x^2+5x-82=0 -5+-the square root of

    asked by Jessica
  88. math

    find the rate of change in the number of voters between 141 and 351

    asked by Anonymous
  89. mental math


    asked by mayra
  90. physics

    A ball of mass .3 kg is dropped from a height of 10m. Its momentum when it strikes the ground is? I know p=mv how would I find velocity for this problem? Thanks in advance for your help.

    asked by Tammy
  91. Entropy

    Tungsten has been used to make light bulb filaments since 1908. The melting point of tungsten is 3422C and the heat of fusion is 35 kJ/mole. Calculate the entropy change associated with the melting of one mole of tungsten.

    asked by Matt
  92. physics

    When a cannon fires a cannonball, the cannon will recoil backward because the a) energy of the cannonball and the cannon is conserved b) momentum of the cannonball and cannon is conserved c)energy of the cannon is greater than the energy of the cannonball

    asked by Tammy
  93. please everyone post opinions. everyone is welcome

    is it wise to plan your life for next twenty years now? i'm asking opinions from people for my project so i will appreciate if you please participate. To start off, this is my answer: i think it is wise because have broad plans in goals in life will give

    asked by julie
  94. Physics-Ohms Law

    Will you check my answers please? A volt is a unit of current and an amprere is a unit of current. It is common to call electric potential difference- voltage A current of 1 ampere is a flow of charge at the rate of 1 coulomb per second. When a charge of

    asked by Jennifer
  95. physics

    A car of mass 1500kg moves to the right along a level straight road at a speed of 25 mph. It collides directly with a stopped motorcycle of mass 150kg. What is the total momentum after the collision? p_initial = p_final m_1*v_1i +m_2*v_2i = m_1*v_1f +

    asked by Tammy
  96. History

    What exactly is "The Vietnam Syndrome" ? Thakns

    asked by Rikki
  97. Algebra

    How do you simplify the following and please show all work. (-3x(-4 exponent)y(3 exponent) ______________________________ (2x(5 exponet) y(-2 exponent) then the whole equation is in ()with a -2 exponent

    asked by Brandy
  98. human services

    How is social insurance used to fund public programs? What are the benefits and drawbacks of government funding?

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Maths ..equation

    Is this right please .... 3( y - 4 ) - 2 ( 5 - 6y ) = 3 x y = 3y, 3 x - 4 = - 12 -2 x 5 = -10, - 2 x -6y = - 12y Therefore, 2y -12 -10 -12y If I am wrong can you advise where I am going wrong .Thanks !!!

    asked by leo

    whats the difference to an informative email vs a positive email?

    asked by amber
  101. GRAMMAR

    Do I use a semicolon correctly in this sentence? "This caused David to become a spectator rather than a sufferer; covering his misery with mercy and sadness with compassion (3.2.4)."

    asked by J
  102. science

    cone bearing seed trees that are producing naked seeds

    asked by jasmyn
  103. physics

    A 1 kg mass moving to the right at a speed of 10m/s collides head-on in a perfectly inelastic collision with a stationary 2kg mass. How much KE is lost during the collision? First I found V_f to be 3.3m/s then I found KE_i=1/2m_1v_1i^2 +1/2 m2V_2i^2

    asked by Tammy
  104. science

    When you use a graph to solve a problem about how far a car traveled during a specified time during which it was accelerating, how many area caculations do you have to make? What is/are the shapes/shapes ou are calculating?

    asked by mary
  105. American History. Dealing with events of Germany!

    Hi, i have no idea what to do. The teacher was very blunt. I have to devise a timeline and report of events between 1914 and 1941 that were actions of italy, germany and japen. But my other two partners have the other two countries, and i need my events

    asked by Sally
  106. physics

    A 5kg object moves to the right with a speed of 2m/s. It collides in a perfectly elastic collision with a 2 kg object moving to the left at 5m/s.What is the total kinetic energy after the collision? In elastic collisions KE is conserved so KE_i =KE_f

    asked by Tammy
  107. Science project

    I need to find an object that will sink to the bottom of a glass of water, then rise to the surface within 30 seconds. I can't find that object!!

    asked by Paige
  108. world history

    give and example and a sentence of thr word chivalry

    asked by carina
  109. Reading

    Hi My theacher is telling me to do an egg drop project with 16 plastic straws with tape it's due tommorow an I need to finish very quickly PlEASE HELP ME!

    asked by Ali
  110. social studies

    What is a government order forbidding trade with other countries called?

    asked by Jillian
  111. science

    what spacifc web site can we look on to do the theory orf evolution on darwin??? (:

    asked by elise
  112. Science

    What is the distance from the center of a circle to its edge? a force that opposes motion is?

    asked by Hannah
  113. Grammar

    What is the direct object, indirect object, predicate nomnitive or predicate adjective in the following 2 senteces? 1.It is a book about his experiences near Walden Pond in Massachussetts. 2. The book is full of inspiring quotations about his search for

    asked by Kristin
  114. math/unit rate

    write 11 pages in 2h.

    asked by john
  115. math

    Hello. I'd like to find free videos for math on the Internet? By using Youtube can I search math videos for elementary school students? Would you let me know a good way to use free videos about various subjects on-line. Thank you.

    asked by John
  116. Cultural Diversity

    Would someone please check these two questins and my answers? 1.An example of ___________can be found in the gradual immersion of early Irish immigrants and their descendants across decades as they become part of and contributed to the middle class

    asked by Rose
  117. math

    how to do factor completely

    asked by justin
  118. English Expressions

    I'd like to know some expressions which a child use when he or she is at the bathroom or goes to the bathroom. For example, Nature calls me...etc. Would you let me know some more expressions? Such expressions wouldn't seem to be graceful.

    asked by John
  119. cultural diversity

    Is (C) ethnicity the best answer for this question? Label shifts,such as African-American versus colored, Asian versus Oriental, and Latino versus Hispanic, relate to: A. ethnology B. ethnocentrism C. ethnicity D. ethnography

    asked by Rose


    asked by ANTHONY
  121. Economics

    Considering militry Keynesianism and the politics that are involved in military base closures, discuss the efficiency of the decision making process (not the end result) that is used when Congress considers closing military bases. Be sure to include basic

    asked by <<<HELP>>>


    asked by ANTHONY
  123. math

    the name and birth place of a famous person born in 1893 and why?

    asked by rachel
  124. Managerial Finance

    How would you compare "theoretical price or (Po) to Stock Quote or (P)? Any help would be appreciated.

    asked by Jo
  125. EDITING

    Conrad Beach and its forest site it is a good example of an area that has undergone primary succession. The first step of the process of the primary ecological successions that have occurred at Conrad Beach is that mostly grass and some herbs and mosses

    asked by Kyle
  126. Honors English II

    what is a sentence for each of the following words? agility eminent arbitrate benign guile obstinate frugal *each sentence must be at least 8 words!

    asked by Lyndsey
  127. Bio

    of the following, the best conclusion concerning the difference between the S phases for beta and gamma is that: a. gamma contains more DNA than beta b. beta and gamma contains the same amout of DNA c. beta contains more RNA than gamma d. gamma contains 48

    asked by Awalmeer
  128. Chem

    torr to atm do you have to convert this or is torr just another name for atm and if so what is the conversion

    asked by Taylor
  129. english

    what does moral censure mean such as when used in the sentence plea bargaining conflicts with moral censure

    asked by kathryn
  130. science

    does sugar dissolved in water conduct electricity? what about potassium hydroxide?

    asked by flowerpower