Questions Asked on
October 23, 2007

  1. Chemistry

    Magnesium metal reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce hydrogen gas H2 Mg + 2HCl ----> MgCl + H2 Calculate the volume (in liters) of hydrogen produced at 33 degrees C and 665 mmHg from 0.0840 mol Mg and excess HCl P= .875 atm V= ? n= .0840 mol R= 0.0821

    asked by Lauren
  2. Chemistry

    A 2.50 L flask was used to collect a 5.65 g sample of propane gas, C3H8. After the sample was collected, the gas pressure was found to be 741 mmHg. What was the temperature of the propane in the flask. P= 741 mmHg(1 atm/760 mmHg)= .975 atm V= 2.50 L n=

    asked by Lauren
  3. Chemistry

    In an experiment, you fill a heavy walled 5.00 L flask with methane gas, CH4. If the flask contains 7.13g of methane at 19 degrees C, what is the gas pressure. Use the ideal gas law. Can some one help me get started on this problem please

    asked by Lauren
  4. Physics

    A 1.0-kg ball on the end of a string is whirled at a constant speed of 2.0 m/s in a horizontal circle of radius 1.5 m. What is the work done by the centripetal force during one revolution? I did: F=m(v^2)/r F=1(2^2)/1.5=2.7 J The answer that was provided

    asked by Marisol
  5. Chemistry

    Chloroform CHCl3, is a volatile liquid solvent. Caculate the density of cholroform vapor at 98 degrees C and 797 mmHg. Give the answer in grams per liter. How do I start this out

    asked by Lauren
  6. physics

    Starting from rest, a 5.0 kg block slides 2.5 m down a rough 30.0 degrees incline in 2.0s. Determine (a) the work done by the force of gravity. (b) the mechanical energy lost due to friction, and (c) the work done by the normal force between block and

    asked by Anonymous
  7. spanish

    Spanish 1B - I am an honor student but with spanish for me I can memorize for the tests but I am not really undestanding it. I am great in science and math - and i got an A barely in spanish but it gets harder. The hardest part for me is that every other

    asked by sam
  8. Chemistry

    Nitric Acid is produced from nitric oxide, NO which in turn is prepared from ammonia by the ostwald process. 4NH3 + 5O2 -----> 4NO + 6H2O What volume of oxygen at 35 degrees C and 2.15 atm is neeeded to produce 50.0 g of nitric oxide T= 273+35 = 308 K P =

    asked by Lauren
  9. Precalculus with trigonometry

    I REALLY NEED HELP WITH THIS Della Casee is riding a racing bike at a speed of 50.4 km/h. the wheels have a diameter of 70 cm. Find the angular velocity of the wheel in radians per second.

    asked by Cheyenne Sharp
  10. Chemistry

    According to your calculations a reaction should yield 5.67 g of oxygen O2. What do you expect the volume to be at 23 degrees C and 0.985 atm? I got the all the amounts 5.67 g 23 degrees C = 296 K .985 atm And use the ideal gas law Can you help me out by

    asked by Lauren
  11. Algerbra

    At a large nursery, a border for a rectangular garden is being built. Designers want the border's length to be 5 ft greater than its width. A maximum of 180 ft of fencing is available for the border. Write and solve an inequality that describes possible

    asked by dillon
  12. math

    hello, i have some question about rational functions. 1) are there any sites that are good in teaching graphing rational functions? 2) for the domain of the rational function it is what the denominator cannot equal to rite? for example the denominator of

    asked by julie
  13. Chemistry

    Calculate the total pressure (in atm) of a mixture of 0.0300 mol of helium, He and 0.0200 mol of oxygen O2 in a 4.00 L flask at 20 degrees C. Assume the ideal gas behavior. Can someone help me start this out... Please

    asked by Lauren
  14. math

    Write an inequality that represents each situation. graph the solution. Help appreaciated Thanks. 4x + 6 ¡Ý 34.

    asked by dillon
  15. Chemistry

    Fill a balloon with helium gas to a volume of 2.68 L at 23 celsius and 789mmHg. What would the volume of helium if the pressure changes to 632 mmHg but the temperature is unchanged. This is how I solved it V2 = V1 X P1/P2 2.68L X 789/632 = ANSWER V2 =.3.35

    asked by LT
  16. algebra

    write an inequality. graph it. the freezer temperature is to be kept between 15 farenhight and 25 farenheight, inclusive. thanks

    asked by dillon
  17. Physics

    A projectile is launched with 200kg m/s of momentum and 1000 J of kinetic energy. What is the mass of the projectile. The answer is said to be 20 kg but I can't get it. I tried this but it didn't work: p=mv=200 m=200/v I plugged that into this equation:

    asked by Marisol
  18. econ-HELP!

    CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP// 1. In the Country of Wiknam, the velocity of money is constant. Real GDP grows by 5 percent per year, the money stock grows by 14 percent per year, and the nominal interest rate is 11 percent. What is the real interest rate? 2. The

    asked by greg
  19. ECON

    CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP// 1. In the Country of Wiknam, the velocity of money is constant. Real GDP grows by 5 percent per year, the money stock grows by 14 percent per year, and the nominal interest rate is 11 percent. What is the real interest rate? 2. The

    asked by greg
  20. algebra

    write an inequality. graph the solution. a hamster weighs less than 10 ounces. thanks

    asked by dillon
  21. maths

    A clothing firm determines that in order to sell x suits, the price per suit must be p = 150 - 0.5x. It also determines that the total cost of producing x suits is given by C(x) = 4000 + 0.25x^2. a. Find the total revenue R(x). b. Find the total profit

    asked by shila
  22. math

    If an object is fired upward from the top of a tower at a velocity of 80 feet per second, the tower is 200 ft high, the formula is h(t)=-16t^2+80t+200, t is time h is height, how long after it is fired does the object reach the max height? It is like a

    asked by shila
  23. chemistry

    What is the molarity of the Cl- ion in the solution of a sample containing 0.187g Cl- dissolved in 50.0 ml water?

    asked by mel
  24. Chemistry

    Zinc is often used to calibrate calorimeters because it undergoes a very sharp phase transition from the solid to the liquid at 419.5°C. Calculate the enthalpy change when 5 g of zinc metal is heated from 100°C to the point where the entire sample is

    asked by jake
  25. Logs-check my anwers

    Write the equation in its equivalent exponential form. log5 x = 2 I got 5x = 2 logb 256 = 4 i got b4 = 256 log10 sqrt of 10 i got

    asked by Jayme
  26. social studies

    what are he mummy shaped figures that worked in the afterlife's fields for the mummy?

    asked by caleb
  27. math

    Marla begins walking at 3 mi/h toward the library. Her friend meets her at the halfway point and drives her the rest of the way to the library. The distance to the library is 4 miles. How many hours did Marla walk? First, I set up an equation, 3(h+.5)=4h.

    asked by robert
  28. Calculus Help?

    I have no idea where to start? A survey of one thousand people found that 70% of the people have a CD player, 85% have a telephone, and 45.2% have a computer. At least how many people have all three objects?

    asked by Matt
  29. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution of ammonium nitrate NH4NO2 decomposeds when heated to give off nitrogen. This reaction may be used to prepare pure nitrogen. How many grams of ammonium nitrite must have reacted if 3.75dm^3 of nitrogen gas was collected over water at 26

    asked by Lauren
  30. physics

    A 10 kg crate is pulled up a rough incline with an initial speed of 1.5 m/s. The pulling force is 100 N parallel to the incline, which makes an angle of 20 degrees with the horizontal. If the coefficient of kinetic friction is .40 and the crate is pulled a

    asked by Anonymous
  31. spanish

    Question: cual de estos pantalones te gustan mas? Los verdes o los de cuadros? Answer: Me gusta el verde mas pantalones Question: Que chaqueta te gusta mas? Esta chaqueta gris o esa chaqueta parda? Answer: Me gusta el gris mas chaqueta are these correct

    asked by sam
  32. Chemistry

    Calculate the enthalpy change when 100. g of ice at 0.0 °C is heated to liquid water at 50.0°C. (The heat of fusion for water is 333 J/g.) 1)54.2 kJ 2)33.3 kJ 3)54,220 kJ 4)20.9 kJ

    asked by Robert
  33. social studies

    what is the material that portrait masks for the mummies were made of?

    asked by caleb
  34. Chemistry

    Consider a system of three molecules A, B, and C. Suppose that three units of energy can be distributed over the three atoms. Each atom can have no energy, one unit of energy, two units of energy, or all three units of energy. Assume that each of the ten

    asked by Richard
  35. fallacies

    what type of sentence is this, In one of her columns, Abigail Van Buren printed the letter of “I’d rather be a widow.” The letter writer, a divorcée, complained about widows who said they had a hard time coping. Far better, she wrote, to be a widow

    asked by miracle
  36. Science

    4 plants that can be used to make shelter.

    asked by Ashmita
  37. Word Problems-Math

    Please help with my word problems? Solve the problem. The rabbit population in a forest area grows at the rate of 6% monthly. If there are 260 rabbits in April, find how many rabbits (rounded to the nearest whole number) should be expected by next April.

    asked by Stacey
  38. Geography

    where can i find a coloured world map of the landforms

    asked by Cyleste
  39. chemistry

    Calculate the enthalpy change when 50. g of ice at -30.0 °C is heated to completely melt to liquid water at 0.0°C. (The heat of fusion for water is 333 J/g.)

    asked by Robert
  40. MATH

    Rate Problem: Mr. Stewart rode a distance of 12miles out into the country on a bicycle and returned on foot. His rate on the bicycle was 4 times his rate on foot. He spent 5 hours on the entire trip. Find the rate of walking and on the bicycle.

    asked by Michi
  41. Chemistry

    Magnesium burns in air to produce magnesium oxide MgO and magnesium nitride Mg3N2. Magnesium nitride reacts with water to give ammonia. What volume of ammonia gas at 24 degrees C and 753 mmHg will be produced from 4.56 g of magnesium nitride. P= 753 mmHg

    asked by Lauren
  42. English grammar

    1. He gave us a piece of paper. 2. He gave each of us a piece of paper. 3. He gave us the paper. Does #1 mean #2? What about #3? Is #3 correct?

    asked by John
  43. my topic. students, please post ur opinion too.

    hi i need help coming up with topics for my argumentative essay. we can't write about topics such as abortion and gay rights and marriages like that. my teacher said to pick local issues in our town to write about. but there are no topics in my town to

    asked by julie
  44. Please check my Algebra

    Determine the maximum possible number of turning points for the graph of the function. f(x) = 8x^3 - 3x^2 + -8x - 22 -I got 2 f(x) = x^7 + 3x^8 -I got 7 g(x) = - x + 2 I got 0 How do I graph f(x) = 4x - x^3 - x^5?

    asked by Em

    A @0N crate starting at rest slides down a rough 5.0m ramp, inclined at 25 degress with the horizontal. 20j of energy is lost due to friction. what will be the speed of the crate at the bottom of the incline? i need some help these one i don't know where

    asked by magic 8 ball

    I AM DOING A FALLIACIE ASSIGMENT WHAT TYPE OF SENTENCE IS THIS. Letter to the editor: “Andrea Keene’s selective morality is once again showing through in her July 15 letter. This time she expresses her abhorrence of abortion. But how we see only what

    asked by TRINA
  47. math

    Fred begins walking toward John house at 3 mi/h. John leaves his house at the same time and walks toward Fred's house on the same path at a rate of 2 mi/h. How long will it be before they meet if the distance between the houses is 4 miles? First, I set up

    asked by robert
  48. Geography

    what advantages does the Cool Temperate Western Maritime (CTWM) Climate have on farming... please could someone help me out

    asked by mike
  49. Chemistry

    A driving bell is a container open at the bottom. As the bell descends, the water level inside changes so that the pressure inside equals the pressure outside. Intially the volume of air is 8.58m^3 at 1.020 atm and 20 degrees C. What is the volume at 1.584

    asked by Lauren
  50. chemistry

    how do u set up the lewis structure for H30+? i know the available electrons is 3 but it has a +1 so it makes ir 2??

    asked by madison
  51. Physics 11

    A 1.2x10^4-kg truck is travelling south at 22m/s. What net force is required to bring the truck to a stop at 330 m? What is the cause of this net force?

    asked by Elita
  52. spanish

    My mom said I could get a private spanish tutor do you do this? it is very easy to understand what you are esaying - I am in all honors classes and have one for advanced math.

    asked by sam
  53. Chemistry

    What is the conversion for kPa to atm What is the conversion for dm^3 to L

    asked by Lauren
  54. Cultural Diversity

    Can you help with this question? Child-rearing practices in which children are expected to sleep alone, toddlers are epected to self-feed, and preschoolers are encouraged to compete and/or do their best are likely to be contrary to beliefs and practices

    asked by Rose
  55. cultural diversity

    Would (C)contractual commitment with the families or (D)cross-cultural competence be the best answer for this question? Ms. Harris's new class includes two Native American children,about whose families and tribe she gathers more information. Her use of

    asked by Rose
  56. Logs-Algebra

    How do you graph the following logs? f(x)=log5 (x-2) f(x)=log5 x-2 f(x)= log5 x f(x)=log5 (x+2)

    asked by Jayme
  57. Science: Earthquakes

    In Science, we have to make pamphlet about Earthquakes by answering questions from a textbook. One question is. "What are the ffects associated with earthquakes?" I do not understand this question. Could I get some help what they are asking? Or give me

    asked by Wenmar
  58. bio

    why are triglyceride not considered to be polymers? please could someone help me! thank you!

    asked by sam
  59. Algebra II

    1. solve this system using matrices: 3.7x-2.3+4.2z=8 2.6+4.6y-3.9z=10 8x+2z=20 2. Write this system as a matrix equation: -2x+y=8 7x-3y=10

    asked by JaneLee
  60. math

    i need help quick i have no clue how to do these problems and its hw! this is an example of the hw -w-5+5(5w+9) if w =1

    asked by Arely
  61. Algebra-Polynomails

    Please explain to me orgin of symmetry, y-axis semmetry, or if its neither. 1. Determine whether the graph of the polynomial has y-axis symmetry, origin symmetry, or neither. f(x) = 4x^2 - x^3 -this is how I did it: f(x)=(-4x^2)-x^3,I got this was orgin

    asked by Sam
  62. algebra

    solve each inequality. Graph the solution. 4 < 3x - 5 ¡Ü 7 5 - x ¡Ý 9 or 3x - 4 > 8

    asked by dillon
  63. Algebra II

    Two sides of a triangle are equal in length. The length of the third side is three meters less that the sum of the lengthsof the other two sides.Find the length of the longest side of the triangle if its perimeter is 29 meters. Please help. Thanks.

    asked by Lucy
  64. math

    if your doing a circle graph in math and you have percents that are 18 16 or something that doesnt end with a 5 or 1 what degrees would it be??

    asked by anonymous person
  65. math

    Beth has 5base ten blocks. She has at least one of each type of block. The value of her blocks is greater than 140. What blocks could she have

    asked by gabriela
  66. Chemistry

    hello sir, My name is Tengku Ismadi from University Technology of Malaysia, and i'm studying in Mechanical Eng. I have several questions regarding essential oils. This is some literature study for one of my subject. Due to your expertise, I hope you can

    asked by ismadi
  67. proofread

    Can someone please proofread this before i email it to school metro's director Mr. Thomas LeMera Hey LeMera, my name is Bryan Martin and I’m email you to require more information on your school. I am a senior in high school in temple hills MD. I'm

    asked by Bryan
  68. Algebra

    Can you please check my answers? Solve the rational inequality and graph the solution set on a real number line. Express the solution set in interval notation. x-2/x+1 or equal to 0 my answer: (3,8] 2/x-2

    asked by Joss
  69. Psychology

    Drive theories disagree with incentive theories of motivation with regard to how they answer the following question: a. Are all motivations equally strong or do some take priority over others? b. Are the motivations of humands fundamentally similar to or

    asked by Melissa
  70. insulin-food intake

    Through which mechanism does insulin affect food intake? a. it enables the intestines to digest certain types of protein that they would not otherwise be able to digest b. it increases the percentage of each meal that is stored as fats c. it increases the

    asked by Melissa
  71. Microeconomics

    What 's the difference between Compensated Variation (CV) and Equivalent Variation (EV) ?

    asked by Tri
  72. Algebra 2

    I need help with this problem because I do not have a graphing calculator. Explain how you would solve this equation using your graphing calculator in five steps then give the solution. 2x- 3y=8 5x+ 4y= 11

    asked by Christian
  73. Math

    How would I figure this problem out? "To rotate a figure 150 degrees you could reflect the figure over two lines. What would the acute angle between the two lines have to be?"

    asked by Ashley
  74. Psychology

    Choose 5 activities you do daily and indicate whether the activity uses your sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system. 3 of my daily activities are reading, walking, and writing. I need help thinking of 2 more. Also- How do I determine if the activity

    asked by Gabby
  75. Science

    What are the 5 steps of the scientific methood???

    asked by Emiiiiillllaaayyy
  76. Writing equation of a polynomial function

    Can you help me with the following questions, I don't understand. thanks! Write the equation of a polynomial function with the given characteristics. Use a leading coefficient of 1 or -1 and make the degree of the function as small as possible. #1. Crosses

    asked by Lisa
  77. chemistry

    describe the structure of ionic compounds

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Long/synthetic divison

    Divide using long division or synthetic division. (21x^3 - 7)/(3x - 1) This is what I have so far, but I am having a hard time with what to do next. 3x-1/ 7(3x^3-1)

    asked by Jule


    asked by taylor
  80. math

    What is 59 Farenheit in degree celcius?

    asked by jennifer
  81. English grammar

    I can buy the sony camcord if I pay the money in monthly installments. ======================================= Is the sentence above correct? Would you let me know some other expressions?

    asked by John
  82. Inequality

    please check my answers. thanxs! Solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a number line. Express the solution set in interval notation. x^2 - 6x + 5 > 0 -I got (-ininity,1) u (5, infinity) x^2 - 3x - 18 < 0 -I got (-infinity,-3) u (6,

    asked by Liz
  83. English writing

    Hello, would you let me know where I can find the abbreviated words for writing rapidly? For example, b/c = because

    asked by John
  84. Math

    A U.S. company sells products to a Dutch company and will receive payment of €550,000 in three months. At the time of sale, the spot rate of the euro was $1.25, and the 90-day forward rate was $1.21. At the time of sale, the U.S. company negotiated a

    asked by Kd
  85. Maths

    if sqrt(y)=arctan(x), show that (1+x^2)dy/dx((1+x^2)dy/dx)=2

    asked by NGOFAKA
  86. spanish

    Now I am checking i like the red shirt more than the blue tengo gusto de la camisa roja mas que la azul is this correct

    asked by sam
  87. Art

    I want to use a large number of small items to construct one big item. The big item must have a relationship with the small items such as making a bowl or spoon out of cheeios. Please give me some ideas. Thanks

    asked by Ray
  88. Cultural Diversity

    Which scenario best depicts a collectivistic culture? A. A non-mainstream culture's atitude is, "Every man for himself." B. A particular cultural group promotes doing business within their extended family and fellow countrymen. C. A mixed Asian community

    asked by Rose
  89. Job application

    I'm filling out an job application and need help on this question. Why would you like to work for Potbelly Sandwhich Works? what is the best way I can answear this question to considered for the job. There's also a question asking What do you like about

    asked by Bryan
  90. Calculus

    g(x)=[(4x-7)(x+11)] Find g'(x) I thought that you use the product rule but I have the answer and I am not getting the same thing. The answer is g'(x)=3/2[4x^2+37x-77]^1/2 * (8x+37) I keep getting just 8x+37 when I do the product rule. What am I missing?

    asked by Help
  91. English- poetry

    What is the definition of volta? How does the volta change the mood of a poem?

    asked by Audrey
  92. English

    Trying to help with 6th grade homework. All I know is the assignment is to write mirror adjective words? Not sure what this means, any suggestions?

    asked by Dan
  93. math

    when you make a circle graph how do you find the percent? like there are 33 people and only 4 likes cats 5 likes dogs 6 likes snakes 7 likes birds and 12 likes rats ... how would you find all the percents next is how do you find the degrees to make the

    asked by trenton
  94. biochemistry: Protein Synthesis

    1. Assume that a particular microorganism has 50 distinct t-rna molecules, and that it has 100 copies of each type of t-rna. Further assume that average number of nucleotides in each t-rna is 80. What is the energy cost, expressed as number of phosphoric

    asked by mae
  95. math

    write an inequality that represnts this sentence, graph the solution. A hamster weighs less than 10 ounces. thanks

    asked by dillon
  96. english..i really need help!

    which sentence is correct? The book is mostly competition: may the best man win. The book is mostly competition; may the best man win. The book is mostly competition, may the best man win.

    asked by christy
  97. To Tammy

    See the answer to the problem you posted about 10E and 11E. I unintentionally put the 10 and 11 as subscripts in my answer to your question last night instead of superscripts as above. The answer I gave you is correct but I should have used superscripts

    asked by DrBob222
  98. Algebra

    f(x) = -4(x+2)(x - 5)^3 - 2, multiplicity 1, touches the x-axis and turns around; 5, multiplicity 3, touches x-axis and turns around I left (x+2) out of the equation. Can you explain to me these type of problems, I only understand a little bit of it.

    asked by Tyra
  99. spanish

    how do you know when to use La or UNA can you give me a clear distinction between the two.

    asked by sam
  100. Math : Probability and Standard Deviation

    This is a word problem. "We know that for certain workers the mean wage is $5/hr with a standard deviation of $.50. We need to find out if a worker is chosen at random what is the probability that the workers' wage is between $4.50 and $5.50? Assume a

    asked by Tiffany Johnson
  101. math

    what does "roster" mean?

    asked by robin
  102. Science fair

    I'm desperately looking for sites that have sample science fair projects in the engineering field. If somehow you could find it in your hearts to help me answer me. Please!

    asked by Loui
  103. Business

    Is affirmative Action essentially the same thing as equal employment opportunity? I know they are the same as far as promotion and employment but differ in the actual concept. So I am confused if they are essentially the same. I want to say yes to this

    asked by Jen
  104. Amestoy EL

    algebra how to work this problem 3.21 x n = 32.1 and estimate product 3.6 x 9

    asked by Ke'andre
  105. world history

    the medes were allies of the assyrians. true/flase the assyrians created bidges to cross deep water. true/flase

    asked by ebenezer
  106. Math

    Can you help me with this problem? At the beginning of January, Lisa had some money in her savings account. Each month she was able to deposit enough from her allowance to double the amount currently in the account. However, she had a loan to pay off,

    asked by Linda
  107. English composition

    1. Pears are in season. 2. Pears are out of season. 3. Persimmons are in fashion. 4. Persimmons are out of fashion. ====================================== Are the expressions all grammatical? Can we use 'fashion' instead of 'seaon'?

    asked by John
  108. biology


    asked by Kelsey
  109. cultural diversity

    I posted this a couple of nights ago- and thought I would repost to let you know what my text states. 1. Hispanic,French,and Italian families commonly engage in hugging,patting,and behaviors of affectionate familiarity. These physical contacts characterize

    asked by Rose
  110. English

    I need some recommendations for a challenging book for an voracious reader who can read advanced books and understand them. Somewhere of a reading level of 8th,9th or 10th.

    asked by Anonymous
  111. English grammar

    1. I like dried seaweed. 2. I like dry laver. Are both have the same meaning?

    asked by John
  112. Social Studies

    4 Levels of Government

    asked by Michael
  113. English grammar

    e.g. I gave her six a thousand won bills. Is this one correct? In Korea we use 'won' One dolla is about 1,000 won.

    asked by John
  114. math

    At 10:00 AM, a car leaves a house at a rate of 60 mi/h.At the same time, another car leaves the smae house at a rate of 50 mi/h in the opposite direction. At what time will the cars be 330 miles apart? I tried to make a equation, 50h+60h=330. I divided 330

    asked by robert
  115. Economics

    How do you find planned investment from the GDP, and determining the equilibrium GDP of an economy?

    asked by John
  116. Sciece

    How do scientist on earth communicate with a space probe?

    asked by Kaylea
  117. ECON!

    I was given what the GDP is, then found consumption, savings, MPC, MPS and the planned investment but not sure how to go find the equilibrium GDP!

    asked by John
  118. Overjustification Effect

    A fifth grader has just learned how to do some simple programming on her dad's computer. Now, her class at school is learning programming and she gets gold stars for doing well. If the overjustification effect occurs, what is likely to happen this summer

    asked by Melissa
  119. literature

    the wicked witch and the big head wolf are examples of

    asked by stacy
  120. algebra 2

    6y-2(y-4) ________ 3 I keep gettin 4 but my teacher keeps telling me it is wrong. please help me

    asked by nora
  121. english

    which sentence is correct? The book is mostly competition: may the best man win. The book is mostly competition; may the best man win. The book is mostly competition, may the best man win.

    asked by christy
  122. science

    why ch3coona + h2o release heat?

    asked by linda
  123. days of the week

    i'm choosing classes for my college and i know M is monday T is tuesday W is wednesday F is friday But what is TR and R. Is TR thursday

    asked by julie
  124. Overweight/Normal-weight

    Compared to overweight people, normal-weight people are ___ likely to engage in eating binges, and ___ likely to experience emotional problems. a. less...more b. less...less c. more...less d. about equally...about equally i chose answer B. because if they

    asked by Melissa
  125. cultural diversity

    Is a mostly white American middle class an example of a microculture, a subculture, a macroculture, or a collectivist culture? Is it an example of a macroculture?

    asked by Rose
  126. Science

    Does anyone know where Johannas Keppler did most of his work? (like what area) Any help would be great!

    asked by Tamy
  127. Story-Making

    For Health, we have to do a report on AIDS/HIV, we can do anything we want as long as it explains what AIDS/HIV is. I wanted to do a fictional story about it. What type of storyline should I do and where can I find info for AIDS/HIV.

    asked by Wenmar
  128. Algebra II

    Solve the inequality:3{m-4}>6. The {} equals the inequality signs since I couldn't draw a line on the computer. Thanks.

    asked by Lucy
  129. spanish

    I need to translate Suggest to your friend a gift she/he should buy David. ( USE PODER) Usted ???? HELP PLEASE

    asked by sam
  130. Science

    Can you tell me some information about girder, suspension and arch bridges?

    asked by Theresa
  131. vocab

    How can you use the word 'eminence' in a sentence? I know how to use the word eminent as an adjective but not the noun form.

    asked by lilly
  132. American Lit

    I am learnin about the salem witch trials and i don't really get this question. How do historians interpret these events? can someone help??

    asked by Gaby
  133. math

    first is how do you find the degrees in a circle graph and the percent if its 12 over 50

    asked by anonymous
  134. Algebra

    Factor, then evaluate 17*9-17*8

    asked by Bobby
  135. chemisrty

    what is sulfur and what are the uses please make it simple as possible:D

    asked by joe
  136. English grammar

    1. I clicked on the stop button. 2. I clicked the stop button. Which one is correct? Are both OK? Which one is commonly used?

    asked by John
  137. Social Studies

    What are the three branches of the government?

    asked by Becca
  138. math

    okay degrees again using the circle graph how would you find the degrees if it was 8 17 and 31 percent??

    asked by anonymous person
  139. social studies

    when was the constition writen

    asked by Becca
  140. calculus

    how do you find the derivative of (X^2(2+x^1/2))/x^4. I'm confused because of the exponents rules. please show me the steps in simplifying the exponents then taking the derivative.

    asked by jennifer
  141. algebra

    -4(b+2)-(b-5)=-(7b+3-b)+3(b+4) find for b

    asked by Jill
  142. algebra

    -4(p+2)+8=2(p-1)-9p+20 find for p

    asked by Jill
  143. social studies

    What is a map locator on a map of the United states

    asked by Miranda
  144. Science

    I want to know why the rain is cold.

    asked by Scott
  145. math

    can you help me i need to know how to find the percent when its 17 over 50 and after that i need to know how to find the degrees for a circle graph with 17 over 50

    asked by trenton
  146. spanish

    Question: ask your friend wha tyou should give hector answer Mi amigos, que debo dar Hector. Question Suggest to a friend a gift he/she should buy hector. ( use poder) answer: Usted debe poder comparle a Hector un libro Is the a correct before Hector??

    asked by sam
  147. spanish

    Question: algo menos de moda que pantlaones de cuadros Answer: Unas faldas armarillo moda que los que pantalones de cuadros This one really confused me - and it is my last one. Do you accept 8th grade students for private tutoring in spanish thanks.

    asked by sam
  148. Math

    2nd grade number patterns Number Series I am having problems with these 2 3 2 6 4 9 6 12 8 (what should be next?) 3 6 9 12 9 6 3 6 (what should be next?)

    asked by Bianca
  149. Calculus

    Pls help solve this problem if sqrt(y)=(arctan)tan-1(x), show that (1+x^2)dy/dx((1+x^2)dy/dx)=2

    asked by NGOFAKA

    The energy theory of Lorenz and drive theory agree in assuming that motivation is based on a. factors inside the organism b. changes in stimuli in the outside world c. frustrations during early childhood d. sensation-seeking I chose answer A because we try

    asked by Melissa
  151. math

    15 - 24 / 4 x 2 Following order of operations, how do you get 3 as the value?

    asked by maggie
  152. math

    how do i go about solving the follwoing problem: using the digits 1 to 9, arrange the numbers in three groups so that the sum is the same in each group. Is there more than one way to do this?

    asked by Gray
  153. math

    begin with an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. fold it 9accordion style to represent eighths and shad 5 of the 8 equal parts. Then fold and shade the paper to represent 1/3 of the 5/8. What is the multiplication problem being modeled? What is the solution?

    asked by stephanie
  154. Math

    3 Questions 1. Explain what "any multiple of 9 returns to 9" means. The ancient Chinese found the number 9 magical because of this. 2. The dry cleaners raised the price of a sports coat from $ 4 to $5. The same percent increase was applied to cleaning a

    asked by Anonymous
  155. Math

    How do you combine 6 1's so that their sum is 123?

    asked by Sky
  156. spanish

    Hi can i get the chart for the symbols - my private school in calabassas is closed b/c of topanga being closed. I hope you are ok from the fires. I have almost finished i have 2 more questions on the packet

    asked by sam
  157. spanish

    Question: Que traje de bano te gusta mas. El morado o el anaranjado? Es que me gustan los dos. I am suppose to answer a freind I am shopping with what I think honestly? I am trying to sya I like only the yellow bathing suit. Answer: Me gustan solomente

    asked by sam
  158. GNT

    given that 180¡ã¡ÜA¡Ü 270¡ãand tan A=3/7, what is the exact value of cos A? i can't get my head around this...can someone please help?? thanks!

    asked by Pauline
  159. spanish

    my sister has a mac - I haev a PC but I can use hers for the chart - thanks

    asked by sam
  160. math

    At 10:00 AM, a car leaves a house at a rate of 60 mi/h.At the same time, another car leaves the smae house at a rate of 50 mi/h in the opposite direction. At what time will the cars be 330 miles apart? I tried to make a equation, 50h+60h=330. I divided 330

    asked by robert
  161. Government

    How and why do liberal and conservative views differ regarding the welfare state?

    asked by Wendy
  162. spanish

    Last one: Question: Oye, cual? de estas camisas prefieres? A mi me gusta la armilla, y ademas, mira, me queda perfectamnete. I do not prefer ( like) either the yellow shirt or the admeas?? one. Answer: No me gusta camisas la armilla or ademas.

    asked by sam
  163. spanish

    Found one I missed. question: Ask your friend wha tgift she/he is planning on giving her cousin Answer: Mis amigos que regalo son usted planear dar a su primo is this correct thank you for all of your help.

    asked by sam
  164. algebra

    solve the following simultaneous equation algebraically,for a and b 8a+5b=23 12a+3b=12

    asked by walter
  165. maths

    rearrange the following equation to find x in terms of y and t y(y-x)=3t(3t+x)

    asked by walter
  166. science

    What r the 3 statements that define all living things in the terms of cells for the crossword puzzle I got from Ms. Mclain at Dessert Valley?

    asked by jelly
  167. maths

    solve the following equation for x (x+1/x) + (6/2x-3)=0

    asked by walter
  168. Maths

    if sqrt(y)=(arctan)tan-1(x), show that (1+x^2)dy/dx((1+x^2)dy/dx)=2

    asked by NGOFAKA
  169. Misc

    Whether you believe that I am primarily responsible for these being primary, or if you believe that I create the complexity to the highest form of Sovereignty, I AM important! I AM notorious in ‘true’ Shakespeare literature, Some say it is I who

    asked by Billy
  170. Biology

    what ecological changes would occur before a primary succession site is capable of sustaining a white spruce forest?? i understand what primary succession is...

    asked by Kyle
  171. science

    A tomborg is most like what animal?

    asked by Daniel
  172. spanish

    I am going ot buy my cousin a cd voy a comprar mi primero un cd is my translation correct

    asked by sam
  173. chemistry

    how many moles of Cl- ion in the solution containing 0.187g Cl- dissolved in 50.0 ml water.

    asked by mel
  174. Psychology

    advantages & disadvantags of diagnosis

    asked by Lori Schlossberg
  175. geography

    Give one mineral for each physical property. Physical properties: (1)It must occur naturally. (2)It must be inorganic. (3)It must be a solid. (4)It must possess an orderly internal structure: that is, its atoms must be arranged in a definite pattern. (5)It

    asked by Kan
  176. science

    Hello, need help finding this answer to this question. What is the hydrolic cycle and how does it work?

    asked by Beth
  177. critical thinking

    How can a person distinguish between the prejudicial and nonprejudicial use of rhetorical devices?

    asked by Anonymous
  178. math!! help

    how would percent if there were 33 people and only 7 picked games??

    asked by MYSTERY!!
  179. Functions

    Determine the maximum possible number of turning points for the graph of the !@#$%^&ntion. g(x)=-1/5x + 2 I got 0 How do I graph f(x)=x^5-4x^3-12x

    asked by Em
  180. Science

    I am having a hard time defining environmental sustainability,

    asked by Dehlia Silva
  181. Geography

    what oportunities arise for pastral farming due to the CTWM... please could someone give me any real life cases of this!? thank you

    asked by ray
  182. spanish

    can you please explain when you would use una vs la. I am getting confused as to which to use and in what context. Thanks

    asked by sam
  183. Chemistry

    How do I figure out what element is it describibg if I am given the temperature the pressure and the g/L.

    asked by Ana
  184. Chemistry

    If two molecules have the same temperature does it affect their average velocity depending on how heavy the molecules are or not?

    asked by Ana