Questions Asked on
October 13, 2007

  1. math

    A road perpendicular to a highway leads to a farmhouse located 8 mile away.An automobile travels past the farmhouse at a speed of 80 mph. How fast is the distance between the automobile and the farmhouse increasing when the automobile is 7 miles past the

    asked by lo
  2. physics:(

    The weight of a book on an inclined plane can be resolved into two vector components, one along the plane, the other perpendicular to it. At what incline angle are the components equal? I was kind of thinking 45 degress?????? At what incline angle is the

    asked by Hailey Marcus
  3. science

    Trees are renewable resources, aren't they? Because when people cut them down, you can just plant new ones. However, is the wilderness renewable? If not, how can this be? I am reading A Sand County Almanac and Leopold says that wilderness is a resource

    asked by Fred
  4. Calculus

    Estimate delta(x) using the Linear Approximation and use a calculator to compute both the error and the percentage error. f(x)=cosx a=(pi/4) delta(x)=.06 delta(x)= ______ i got this part and it's -.04242 The error in Linear Approximation is: and The error

    asked by Anonymous
  5. maths indices

    Simplify: (2x+3)^3/2 + (2x+3)^-1/2 / 2x+3 Can anyone explain how to work it out please? Thanks

    asked by Claire
  6. Physical science

    If you do 600 Joules of work hoisting a 20 Kg bale of hay, to what height did you lift it?

    asked by Sarah
  7. Physical science

    An elevator motor did 300,000 Joules of work lifting a freight elevator(mass=500.0kg). If this story is 5.0 m and the elevator started on the ground floor, what is the highest level it could reach?

    asked by Sarah
  8. Physics

    Hi can someone advise whether my methodology is right on this with a potential energy of 589 kJ per tonne, 100 tonnes of water per second are delivered to a turbine. Assuming all the potential energy of this water is used to drive the turbine how much

    asked by Mark
  9. American History

    Elastic Clause: To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof. Why is

    asked by ajo
  10. english

    ummm okay well we had to pick a song that was a ballad.And now we have to make a presentation on why it's a ballad and watever. The song that I pick is " runaway love by ludacris" Is that a ballad?

    asked by chanel
  11. u.s. government

    what are the disavantages and the advantages of the articles of confederation?

    asked by cassandra
  12. Quadratic Functions

    Please explain to me how to do the following problems, I don't understand them. Thanks! Find the x-intercepts (if any) for the graph of the quadratic function. 1.f(x) = (x + 2)2 - 4 Find the y-intercept for the graph of the quadratic function. 5.y + 9 = (x

    asked by Carmen
  13. Algebra- Maximum and minimum.

    I don't understand how to find the maximum and minimum. Determine whether the given quadratic function has a minimum value or maximum value. Then find the coordinates of the minimum or maximum point. 15.f(x) = -x2 + 2x - 4 20.f(x) = 2x2 - 4x 19.f(x) = x2 -

    asked by Niki
  14. microeconomics

    hi i was wondering if anyone could help me out with this qn: what is the reason why firms ofter charge a lower price at higher output levels?

    asked by toots
  15. business studies

    I was wondering could anyone help me with question 6 an page 302 of the Business Studies for households and enterprises Junior Certificate by Matt Hynes

    asked by Charlie
  16. math help

    Vivian needs 11 1/2 yards of rope for one project and 2 9/16 yards of rope for a second project. What is the total amount of rope needed

    asked by zeke
  17. Physics

    Hi Can someone check and advise on this potential energy of 2 tonne of water held 120m above a flood plain by a dam. potential energy = 2032 kg (2 Tonne) x 9.81 ms x 120m pe = 2392070.4 Joules Convert to kilojoules 2392070.4 / 1000 pe = 2392 kJ (To four

    asked by Mark
  18. Physics/Moons Orbit

    The Moon describes an elliptical path around the Earth and a complete orbit is 29d 12h 44m 3s Approximately! At its closest during this orbit it is termed Perigee and at its farthest Apogee. However there must be 2 other points opposite Perigee & Apogee

    asked by Mike
  19. grammar/sentence structure

    would someone please check over my paragraphs for any grammatical errors, and more importantly, correct sentence structure? I was told I was bad at both... thank you so much in advance! The case of scientific fraud I would like to discuss extensively is

    asked by melinda

    John Darsee has been one of many scientists and researchers involved with the scandal of scientific misconduct, where he deliberately falsified data and published his results to scientific journals. First, I will discuss the case of John Darsee, as well,

    asked by melinda
  21. ap chem

    How do you set this problem up? A laser emits at a wavelength 987 nm. all of its output energy is absorbed in a detector that measures a total energy of .52 joules over a period of 52 seconds. how many photons per second are being emitted by the laser?

    asked by lily
  22. essay edit

    sorry to do this to you, gurublue, but i had to break it up into different pieces...this is the last one, i swear!! The scientific misconduct case of John Darsee is wrong and immoral, based on the moral theory of rule utilitarianism. I will argue why this

    asked by melinda
  23. Math

    How good are you with probablity

    asked by Ronda
  24. American History

    Why does it take more states to ratify an amendment than to propose one?

    asked by ajo
  25. history

    A political scientist aruges that we have made all the constitutional changes necessary to expand sufferage. What do we need to do now is to foster the civic norm that increse citizen participation. Do you agree of disagree with that argument and WHY???

    asked by <<<UGH>>>
  26. Physics

    Driving in your car with a constant speed of v=13.0 m/s, you encounter a bump in the road that has a circular cross section. If the radius of curvature of the bump is r=33.2 m, calculate the force the car sear exerts on a 72.7 kg person as the car passes

    asked by Jack
  27. science

    Please can someone help me with this question? By official definition, true wilderness is a roadless area with roads only built to its edges. Name some specific wilderness areas that fit this definition. Thanks!

    asked by Fred
  28. chemistry

    What makes certain inks permanent and others washable? And why does "permanent" ink still dissolve in water.

    asked by elizabeth
  29. grammar

    A. Identifying Subjects and Predicates If the simple subject is in parentheses, write SS on the line. If the simple predicate is in parentheses, write SP. Write CS if the words in parentheses are the complete subject and CP if they are the complete

    asked by anonymous
  30. brain teaser

    what does this mean? i i 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    asked by Sara
  31. Physics

    The distance between earth and the moon can be determined from the time it takes for a laser beam to travel from earth to a reflector on the moon and back. If the round-trip time can be measured to an accuracy of 0.19 of a nanosecond (1 ns = 10-9 s), what

    asked by Mary
  32. Adpot- a- Animal

    Does anyone know of a site with a cheap, trustworthy, adopt an animal program??? I know Defenders of Wildlife($25 per animal w/ stuffed animal) and WWF($50 per animal if you want the stuffed animal, thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  33. chemistry

    what make permanent markers permanent and washable markers washable and why does that change with alcohol?

    asked by elizabeth
  34. science

    what are the 3 basic morphological arrangements of a sensory receptor cell?

    asked by lisa
  35. Physics

    Consider a heavy rope with mass per unit length 2.10 kg/m; a length L=18.00 m of the rope is hanging vertically from a support, as shown. If the support and rope are placed in an elevator accerlerating downward with a=0.800 m/s^2, what is the tension in

    asked by Jack
  36. American History repost for Amy

    American History - Amy, Saturday, October 13, 2007 at 7:43pm Emancipation and reconstruction

    asked by Ms. Sue
  37. science(chem)

    [b]1.[/b]Is TLC a qualitative or quantitative analysis? Is there any way that it can be both? Explain. ~I say it can be both since it can be used to go and determine what exactly is in a sample of mixed compounds which would be qualitative analysis. It can

    asked by ~christina~
  38. science (chem)

    consider a sample that is a mixture of biphenyl, benzoic acid, and benzyl alchohol. The sample is spotted on a TLC plate and developed in a methylene chloride cyclohexane mixture. Predict the relative Rf values for the three components in the sample. For

    asked by ~christina~
  39. pre- calculus

    how do you find the root(s) of the equation x^2+3x-4=0

    asked by Anonymous
  40. U.S. government repost for Aisha

    u.s. government - aisha, Saturday, October 13, 2007 at 9:27pm who is the founder of our goverment.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  41. American History

    why are the presidential cabinet and political parties called part of the unwritten constitution?

    asked by ajo
  42. Physics Problems

    Will check my work and help me with the last two problems please? A 4 kg ball has a momentum of 12 kg m/s. What is the ball's speed? -(12 kg/m/s) / 4kg=3m/s A ball is moving at 4 m/s and has a momentum of 48 kg m/s. What is the ball's mass? -(48kg/m/s) /

    asked by Soly
  43. science

    What makes certain inks permanent and others washable? And why does "permanent" ink still dissolve in alcohol?

    asked by elizabeth
  44. AP Physics

    Could you please explain to me these problems, I don't understand them. Do 100 J of work in 50 s and your power output is? A bow is drawn so that it has 40 J of potential energy. When fired, the arrow will ideally have a kinetic energy of ? A diver who

    asked by Manny
  45. Physics

    At one time, television sets used "rabbit-ears" antennas. Such an antenna consists of a pair of metal rods. The length of each rod can be adjusted to be one-sixth of a wavelength of an electromagnetic wave whose frequency is 65.0 MHz. How long is each rod?

    asked by Mary
  46. physics

    Please help with these problems. Thanks! Suppose the circumference of a bicycle wheel is 2 meters. If it rotates at 1 revolution per second when you are riding the bicycle, then your speed will be? Suppose you're on a Ferris wheel at a carnival, seated 10

    asked by Jules
  47. History

    Was Venice, Italy always flooded by water? Was it made on-top of the ocean, or was it made, and later flooded?

    asked by Zoe
  48. science-physics/math

    What is the largest possible displacement resulting from two displacements with magnitudes 3 m and 10 m? do you have to use a^2+b^2=c^2 What is the smallest possible resultant?

    asked by Tom

    i need a 10 letter word for "all the members of a species that live in the same space

    asked by Bailey
  50. science

    i need a 9 letter word for "structures that have no use

    asked by Bailey
  51. science

    does ab anthropoid still exist today????? [type of ape thing]

    asked by Bailey
  52. Criminal Justice

    Can a police officer bring up the matter of a multi-state drug traffiking case to the federal court system?

    asked by Gina
  53. Essential Mathematics 1

    in a track meet four athletes scored 1 1/2, 8 3/4, 5 1/8 and 1 1/4 points for their team. what is the total number points they scored?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Essential Mathematics 1

    which is heavier 9 5/8 or 9 3/4 pounds?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Mathematics

    a costume designer brought 2 1/2 yards of black silk, 3 yeards 6 inches of white silk, and 6 1/3 yeards of blue silk. how many yeards of silk did she buy?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Algebra

    Can you please help me with the following problems? Find the coordinates of the vertex for the parabola defined by the given quadratic function. 1.f(x) = (x - 4)2 - 4 Find the axis of symmetry of the parabola defined by the given quadratic function. 3.f(x)

    asked by Soly
  57. algebra II

    Can you please help me with the these problems. 8.Write an equation in standard form of the parabola that has the same shape as the graph of f(x) = 11x^2, but which has its vertex at (2, 9). 10. Use the vertex and intercepts to sketch the graph of the

    asked by Ashley