Questions Asked on
October 11, 2007

  1. Physics

    The drawing shows two surfaces that have the same area. A uniform magnetic field B fills the space occupied by these surfaces and is oriented parallel to the yz plane as shown. If = 17°, find the ratio xz/ xy of the magnetic fluxes that pass through the

    asked by Mary
  2. physics

    while moving out of her dorm room bridget carries a 12kg box to her car, holding in both arms. how much force must be exertrd by each of her arms to supprt the box b) how will this force change if bridget holds the box with only one arm.?

    asked by confuseedd and do not like physics
  3. physics

    luke skywalker must swing princess leia across a large chasm in order to escape the storm troopers. IF luke and leia's combined mass is 145 kg calculate the tension in the rope just before luke and leia start their swing when the pair makes an angle of

    asked by confuseedd and do not like physics
  4. Biology

    Zucchini cores placed in sucrose solutions at 27oC resulted in the following percent changes after 24 hours: % change in mass [Sucrose] 20 distilled water 10 0.2 M -3 0.4 M -17 0.6 M -25 0.8 M -30 1.0 M Graph the results and find the molar concentration of

    asked by Harry
  5. Chemistry

    A silver bar has mass of 368g. What is the volume, in cm^3, of the bar? the density of silver is 19.5 g/cm^3.?

    asked by Matthew
  6. Algebra 1

    The upward velocity of the water in the stream of a particular fountain is given by the formula v = -32t + 28, where t is the number of secondds after the water leaves the fountain. While going upward, the water slows down until, at the top of the stream,

    asked by Craig
  7. Chemistry

    The diamenter of a carbon atom is 77 pm. Express this measurement in um?

    asked by Matthew
  8. Psychology

    I am doing a psychology report where I have to determine if children of older parents are more adjusted and socially skilled. the problem is we are not supposed to actually do research we are supposed to make our findings up based our hypothesis. I made

    asked by Ashlynn
  9. math

    what temperature is 7 degrees colder than 3 degrees? thank you for your help!

    asked by lily
  10. math test

    Hi! I have a math test coming up tomorrow, and I need to prepare. but,i don't know how I should. . . any help would be great. she told us to: Be prepared to identify and explain functions, linear functions and proportional functions. Be prepared to use the

    asked by Keon
  11. Math

    Use the clues to figure out the six-digit decimal number. 1. It is greater than 3,000 and less than 3,200 2. All the digits are different 3. The digit in the undredths place isa multiple of 5. 4. The product of 5 and th digit in the ones place is 0. 5. The

    asked by Emily
  12. Calc-Based Physics

    Three Displacement Vectors of a Croquet Ball are shown, where A is 20.0 units at 90 degrees, B is 40.0 units at 45.0 degrees, and C is 30.0 at 315 degrees. Find: a) The resultant in unit-vector notation. AND b) The magnitude and direction of the resultant

    asked by Ryomasa
  13. Spanish/History for Laura & Carry

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I've seen this question so many times lately, that I hope everything is on the following link:

    asked by SraJMcGin
  14. chemistry

    what is the direction and how do you find it for the dipole moment in scl2? to the 2 or the cl?

    asked by patty
  15. chemistry

    why would h2s have a smaller bond angle (93.38) than scl2 (97.90)?

    asked by sarah
  16. Calc-Based Physics

    Two people are pulling a mule. One is pulling at 120 N* at 60 degrees, and the other is pulling at 80 N* at 105 degrees. Find: a) The single force that is equivalent to the forces shown. AND b) The force that a third person would have to exert on the mule

    asked by Ryomasa
  17. finance

    compute the present value of a $100 cash flow for the following combinations of discount rates and times. a. r=8 percent. t= 10 years b. r=8 percent. t= 20 years c. r=4 percent. t= 10 years d. r=4 percent. t= 20 years

    asked by rere
  18. Physic please help!

    I got the correct answer for part (a) but I am unsure of how to tackle part (b). Please help!!! Interactive LearningWare 22.2 at wiley/college/cutnell reviews the fundamental approach in problems such as this. A constant magnetic field passes through a

    asked by Mary
  19. accounting

    Classify the following adjusting entries as involving prepaid expenses(PE), unearned revenues)UR), accrued expenses(AE), or accrued revenues(AR). a. ____ to record revenue earned that was previouslu received as cash advance. b.___ to record annual

    asked by shelly
  20. calculus

    newtons law of gravitation says that the magnitude F of the force exerted by a body of mass m on a bod of mass M is F=GmM/r^2 where G is the gravitational constant and r is the distance between the bodies. a)find dF/dr and explain its meaning. What does te

    asked by cassie
  21. English

    By The Waters of Babylon-- this short story is supposed to represent New York, right? What's the sweet food in jars? Is everything symbolic or more literal? (This isn't a homework question, I'm just confused on the story.)

    asked by [namrot]
  22. english

    my teacher gave me this homework... write a story about a student or you who lived in george washington day? i don't get this can somebody give me an example? thank you

    asked by andreea
  23. acounting

    A company earned earned $39,000 in revenues and received $33,000 cash from these customers. The company incurred expenses of $22,500 but had not paid $2,250 of them at years end. Harden also prepaid $3750 cash for expenses that would be incurred the next

    asked by shelly
  24. 5th SS

    how did general washington trick general cornwallis

    asked by 5th grade
  25. algebra 1

    The sum of two integers is greater than 12. One integer is ten less than twice the other. What are the least values of the integer? how would you set up this problem???

    asked by nicole
  26. com215

    Plan for an interview for a job you would like to have. Consider how you might manage the résumé, job-application letter, follow-up letter, and interview. Create a table that lays out a day-by-day plan to use as a job aid for your employment search that

    asked by deb
  27. english

    sentence7:nevertheless,as a nation we are being more and more concerned with housing that does far more than support physical survival. if you rewrote sentence 7 beginning with housing that does far more than support physical survival the next words would

    asked by jenny
  28. scale factors

    If i have a scale factor to enlarge a picture at 11/3, how would i get the scale to get from the big picture to the small picture?

    asked by BAD
  29. Math

    The average radius r in meters of a planet's path around the sun is given by the formula r=[(3.35 x 10^18)t^2]^1/3, where t is the time in seconds that it takes the planet to go around the sun. a. Rewrite the equation using the root symbol. b. Neptune

    asked by Mandy
  30. Chemistry

    Galactose and Fructose are called isomers of glucose. Why?

    asked by Jessica
  31. civics

    what are the advantages of a nondemocratic government?

    asked by jenni
  32. English 4

    I need a summary of the story the "Ilead". I'm having trouble understanding the story.

    asked by Mack
  33. Algebra problem - set up done - quick guidance

    The ratio of men to women at a certain company is 3 to 5. How many employees does the company have if there are 36 male employees? Should I set the problem up this way: 3/5=36/x x=60 male employees?

    asked by Nik H.
  34. social studies

    what is a smaller community within a community called?

    asked by Penny
  35. Spanish/History, more for Laura & Carry

    Here is additional information on Citzendium that I hope will help you: 1. 2. 3. (criticism of racial mixing; I couldn't get there but I hope you can:)

    asked by SraJMcGin
  36. Science (chemistry)

    When you burn a mixture of iron and sulphur, iron sulpide is made. What is the gas given off? ^Please help me!!!

    asked by person
  37. english

    the beauty of nature is indicated in line a)10-eyes that love you,arms that hold b)212-holy thoughts that star the night c)16-count many a year of strife well lost d)3-blue waves whitened on a cliff e_6-holding wonder like a cup

    asked by yaz
  38. english

    What Fallacies type is this? In one of her columns, Abigail Van Buren printed the letter of "I'd rather be a window." The letter writer, a divorcee, complained about widows who aid they had a hard time coping. Far better, she wrote,to be a window than to

    asked by kim
  39. accounting

    The Ritz Manor is a popular seaside resort. A double room costs $220 for one night. In order to reserve a room, guests must pay one night’s stay in advance. On each floor of the hotel, Vendalite Company operates vending machines with energy bars, juices,

    asked by shelly
  40. chemistry

    what is produced when methane is burned ?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Science

    if lava starts flowing from a volcano into an ocean, how many states of matter happen and what are they

    asked by Cyleste
  42. civics

    what are some important details about the Mayflower compact?

    asked by merlonda
  43. Science

    What is a ten letter word for.. trees that show how organisms are related

    asked by Bailey
  44. Word Processing

    I'm a GranMa in my 60's trying to learn Word/Windows. I started with the 2nd course and have had only this one problem in 3 weeks so that is good. I don't think the answer to my problem is in the book for THIS course. I can't figure out how to use the

    asked by GranMa Cee
  45. Math

    One number is 6 times another. The greater number is 1680. What is the lesser number?

    asked by Chris
  46. human services

    The question I need to answer is Describe a social policy that may affect your future position as a human services worker. My understanding of social policy A course of action the government has put forth to quide the people a different direction. "Welfare

    asked by RAY
  47. Pre-algebra

    How would you solve this equation 5cm/min.=--meters/week

    asked by Carrie
  48. African American History

    The Middle Passage What did the Explorer Bartholomeau Dias discover? Why was the mortality rate so high?

    asked by Mack
  49. science

    are these correct as to physical and chemical 1. Heat pan. [P] 2. Melt butter. [P] 3. Crack desired number of eggs into a mixing bowl. [P] 4 Add milk to eggs. [P] 5 Add salt and pepper. [P] 6 Beat eggs, milk and seasonings. [P] 7 Add egg mixture to heated

    asked by claire
  50. Physics repost

    I know I have posted this question before but I have tried everything under the sun to no avail. Please help a clueless student!!!! A piece of copper wire is formed into a single circular loop of radius 13 cm. A magnetic field is oriented parallel to the

    asked by Mary
  51. current affairs

    currently what percentage of Native Americans live on reservations?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. biology

    what is the hollow ball of cells formed during cleavage?

    asked by jack
  53. Biology

    I am doing a chart on function and structure and i am stumped by this question Modified cell products must arrive to specific docking sites—where they are necessary— What structure tells the vacuole to dock where it needs to? - Would this be the

    asked by Bongo
  54. history

    Hello, what other revolutions are there in US history besides industrial rev and american revolution

    asked by ames
  55. chemistry

    what is the trend in bond length for o-h (.96A), s-h (1.341A) and n-h (1.005A). Explain the trend- do the calculated bond distances match the expected trend?

    asked by kate
  56. science

    humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air at a given time.if the air at 75 degrees holding the maximum amount of moisture that it can,and the temperture suddenly drops to 60degrees,what is likely to be the result? a)precipitation will be released in

    asked by yaz
  57. english

    in other words,essentially alll american families are upgrading thier housing goals and expectations.and the dominant housing remaining the single family house. the most effective combination of the sentences would include which of the following groups of

    asked by jenny
  58. english

    it also effects the way in which one family relates to another,to the neighborhood, and to the community. which corrrection should be made to this sentence? a)change also to neverthless b)chage the spelling of nieghborhood to neighborhood. c)insert a comma

    asked by jenny
  59. Calculus - need help!

    Use the definition of the derivative to find f'(x) 1. f(x) 2x^2 + x - 1 Before the final step, my 'result' looked weird and I think I did something wrong in my arithmetic...someone correct me? Here's my work... BEGINNING STEP: lim [2(x + deltaX)^2 - (x +

    asked by NaNa
  60. Math

    John invests $100,000 in a newly issued 3 year bond. The bond is issued at par on 1 Jan 2007.The coupon rate is 4%. Interest is paid on each 30 Jun and 31 Dec. On 1 Jan 2008, John finds that the stock market provides better return. Therefore, John sells

    asked by Elain
  61. Literature

    My question says: How is naturalism used in "The Red Badge of Courage" and come up with three quotes. First of all, can someone explain what naturalism really is?

    asked by Laura
  62. Biology

    What is an isolecithal egg

    asked by jack
  63. accounting

    in the blank space beside each adjustin entry, enter the letter of the explanation A through F that most closely describes the entry. A. to record this periods depreciation expense B. to record accrued salaries expense. C. to record this period's use of a

    asked by shelly

    Bacterial samples were taken from several surfaces in a daycare and incubated in petri dishes. After that the number of bateria colonies were counted, with the following results 412, 437, 425, 476, 451, 483. 1) construct a 95% confidence interval for the

    asked by Keirson
  65. stats

    is there a good, relevant sites where i can get stats extra help?

    asked by Keirson
  66. reading

    families do not want,expect,or require dwelligs that is identical. a)change is to are b)no correction is necessary

    asked by jenny
  67. Pre Calculus/Trig

    find the area of a circle inscribed in triangle ABC where a=9, b=13, and the measure of angle C=38 degrees

    asked by Nick
  68. Bio

    What is the relationship between the size of mammals and their surface area:volume ratio? please could someone help me!!

    asked by sam
  69. maths

    A Fund Manager is going to invest $10,000,000. He is interested in CL3 Ltd and values CL3 Ltd using the dividend discount model (DDM). He gathers the following information: • CL3’s earnings are expected to grow 17% per year over the next three years

    asked by Wong
  70. History

    what were the 3 foreign policies during the cold war?

    asked by Halie
  71. Math

    If i have a scale factor to enlarge a picture at 11/3, how would i get the scale to get from the big picture to the small picture?

    asked by Brittany
  72. algebra

    1y+11-2y+6 I'm not asking for the answer, just don't know what to do first.

    asked by bridgette
  73. Science

    is heat added or removed in the following 1)grapes turn into raisins 2)frost forms ona cars windshield at night 3)moistuure forms ont he outside of a glass filled with a cold drink

    asked by Cyleste
  74. Science

    I am doing a crossword puzzle and it says the process by which new species are is a 10 letter word..

    asked by Bailey
  75. History

    Could someone give be a breif explanation of Canada's 100 days. Everywhere I go there is a long essay thing, could you sum it up for me in a paragraph so I can understand it please.

    asked by Reilly
  76. english

    families with limited means are more interested in securing clean,safe,and resonably comfortable housing than to finding quaters that are especially psychlogically. a)change find to finding b)change the spelling to especially to especialy c)no correction

    asked by jenny
  77. Algebra 2

    Where do the following lines meet on a coordinate system? e.g. (x,y) x+3y=4 2x-y+8

    asked by Alan
  78. science

    what is the easiest way to convert metric questions?

    asked by Brielle
  79. criminology

    How might cultural, socioeconomic, or political factors lead someone to become a terrorist or a criminal?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. chemistry

    Say you made three different mass measurements of a sugar cube. You know the mass is 1.0g. how would you know whether or not the measurements were accurate? Precise?

    asked by Alyssa
  81. pigskin geography

    what team will cross the okefenokee swamp on their way to the game

    asked by Anonymous
  82. biology

    insulin is formed by which type of monomer? please could somebody help me! thank you!

    asked by sam
  83. reading

    What is your opinion about cameras in the classrooms that will allow your parents and yourself to view it on the internet? list three reasons and explain now i don't know what to put

    asked by KAren
  84. math

    solve for variables 20/y=15/10=x/8

    asked by b
  85. Prealgebra

    How do you do these probelms? 1. 7p+11=-31 2. 12-7y=-2 3. 2z-4-z=4 4. 10-5h+2=32 5. 7k-8k=1 6. 10-d=19 7. 9x+5-4x=-20 8. 3-4t+11=2 9. 5b+6-6b+2=19

    asked by Jillian
  86. Editing

    I have an ISU project due tomorrow. Could someone please edit this article on Vimy Ridge for me. Please and thanks. The Battle of Vimy Ridge commenced at dawn on April 9, 1917, when all four divisions of the Canadian Corps attacked Vimy Ridge above the

    asked by Gina
  87. maths

    On 1 Jan 2007, Peter celebrates his 30 year old birthday. As a birth commitment, Peter joins a 15 year-contribution Annuity Plan. The annual contribution will be fixed at $28,800 for 15 years. The first annual premium is payable on 31 Dec 2007. Peter

    asked by Ming
  88. Help please!!

    I am currently inrolled in a biology class, I pay attentionin class, I take all the notes possible, I study for the test at least 4-5 days in advance. I am putting 110% of my effort into this class. I am an A student but I am getting d's on the tests. I

    asked by Alan
  89. Finance

    can you help with a finance problem that is due tonight at midnight

    asked by charlotte
  90. home economics


    asked by melissa
  91. ICT - The Internet

    What is the name of the program we use to 'browse' the Internet?

    asked by Katie
  92. Algebra

    I'm having a problem solving the following example. The teacher wants it in this format. 1st the Verbal Model, 2nd the Labels 3rd Algebraic Model 4th- Solve and finally 5th part: Answer Question. Example: You are working on a scouting badge. You need 60

    asked by Nic
  93. radical equation - no solution right?

    radical sign (w + 5) = 2 In all my problems there are a letter variable on the end example: radical sign (-u + 30) = u I then square both sides, drop the radical sign then (u+6)(u-5)=0 then check to see if they are both true I guess my question is this is

    asked by Nik H.
  94. u.s. government

    what kind of problems do you think each state making its own laws would create?

    asked by cassandra
  95. Mythology

    Has anyone heard of Colon? (Not the innard, the mythological character or place, or something to do with mythology)

    asked by Shelby
  96. chemistry

    convert 0.75 kilograms to milligrams

    asked by konnie
  97. S.S

    why did the victory by the british at guilfird courthouse in north carolina seem more like a defeat to them

    asked by 5th grade
  98. Geography

    Which NFL football team could cruise to their game by sailing on three mojor rivers of the united states? The games are on Sunday, Oct 14, 2007, and the paper is due tomarro, and I need help!

    asked by Caitlin
  99. english

    grasde 10 need help writing a screen play

    asked by wanda
  100. aP EURO

    I need to know the the Reformation might be related to some of the intellectual and cultural developents of the renassiacne. I need 4 example please. Thank you

    asked by bill
  101. Ethics

    where can i get a big list and descirptions of scientists who were involved with scientific fraud? i tried google without much success...

    asked by julia
  102. Algebra 2

    solve the system of equation by graphing ( find out where they meet. x+3y=4 2x-y=8

    asked by Big Al
  103. Technology

    What Is a vegetable begininng with "I"?

    asked by Anonymous