Questions Asked on
September 27, 2007

  1. History

    Who was the first country to provide aid to the Americans? I think it was France. Am I correct?

    asked by Carah
  2. venn diagrams

    200 students 80 in science 70 in geography 60 in art 35 in geography and science 33 have geography and art 31 have science and art 15 have geo. sci and art How many of the 200 students have none of these courses

    asked by katie
  3. History

    What were some great cultural and technological achievements during 15th century Europe.

    asked by Thai
  4. History

    What was their life/roles/rights for women in the 15th century.

    asked by Thai
  5. Micro Econ

    Some texts define a "luxury good" as a good for which the income elasticity of demand is greater than 1. Suppose that a consumer purchases only two goods. Can both goods be luxury goods? Explain

    asked by Polina
  6. Biology

    Describe how a sample of whole chloroplasts could be obtained from leaf tissue please could someone point me in the right direction

    asked by Sam
  7. Calculus

    I'm doing statistics homework and am stuck on a problem using integration. The problem gives a distribution where for x>1, f(x) = k x^-6. I am then asked to "Determine the value of k for which f(x) is a legitimate pdf. " To be a legitimate pdf, the

    asked by Paul
  8. science

    this is regarding food chains.will the impact of removing all the organisms in a trophic level be different for different trophic levels?can the organisms of any trophic level be removed without causing any damage to the ecosystem?

    asked by beena
  9. chemistry

    A 2.760 g sample of carbon was burned, yielding 10.120g of carbon dioxide. How many grams of oxygen was taken up by the reaction? What ofrmula would I use to solve this problem?

    asked by pat
  10. Spanish SO confused

    Hi thanks for the help? Which are the correct indirect pronouns for the following: me te le nos les 1. El camarero va a traer ____ la cuenta a mi papa 2. A mi hermana Elena _____ encanta el flan 3. a mi ____ gustan las papitas 4. A ti ___ gusta el jamon

    asked by liz
  11. SPANISH one more ??

    in the following sentence I am to cirle the indirect object pronouns and draw an arrow to the direct object they stand for. A mi me gusta ir de compras. Es muy divertido comprar regalos para mi famililia y mis amigos. MY ANSWSER is this correct. ** cirled

    asked by liz


    asked by pat
  13. spanish help PLEASE

    I answered le le me te * most confused with # 2 b/c it then the sentence read le la 1. El camarero va a traer ____ la cuenta a mi papa 2. A mi hermana Elena _____ encanta el flan 3. a mi ____ gustan las papitas 4. A ti ___ gusta el jamon

    asked by liz


    asked by pat
  15. math

    1.2x+3=9x 2.w is t area of a rectangle w a width of 12f & l of 10f ? 3.w is t perimeter of a triangle which sides measure 6? 8,and 10 in? 4.average of 132,140,145 & 128. 5.radius of a circle with a dimeter of 8in. 6.$1,500.00 + 5% sales tax =

    asked by spencer
  16. math

    1.if 7y=2x=5,then x= ?

    asked by spencer
  17. criminal justice

    What is a diversion program? What are some located in North Carolina?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Spanish for Liz & LJ Cutie

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you post the title and publisher/author of your textbooks, often those publishes have Websites online to help students. My guess is "Level II" or Spanish II if object pronouns are causing you

    asked by SraJMcGin
  19. math

    Write this as a problem. Add 5 to the sum of x and 21 times 7 and the result is 21.

    asked by Millah
  20. grammar - showed versus shown

    Which is the following sentences is grammatically correct? "She had shown me so much about love." "She had showed me so much about love." Thanks, Leo (webmaster)

    asked by Leo
  21. math

    Create one statement in English representing an algebraic equation.

    asked by Millah
  22. History

    1. What motivated Bismarck to enact reforms in Germany? 2. What kind of reforms were inacted in Germany and Britian? My answers: 1. Bismarck wanted Germany to be more united and when nationalism spread through Germany it helped Germany become a leading

    asked by Chrissy
  23. Math

    Eleven times the sum of a number and eight equals 440. Is this correct?

    asked by Millah
  24. spanish

    hi thanks can you please send me the chart on direct and indirect pronouns

    asked by liz
  25. Maths

    Could somebody help me with this Maths squence 2N + 2, 3N - 1 , 10N + 6

    asked by Robert
  26. Ethics

    Why are racial imbalances in our economy difficult to overcome?

    asked by David
  27. Art history

    briefly compare stone/ bronze age including two objects ...(technique,function) ... thank you very much.... I need it by next week :P ...only one a4 is enough she said

    asked by Alex-Z
  28. Maths

    The Full question is Write down the first five terms for these rules a) 2n + 2 b) 3n - 1 c) 10n + 6

    asked by Robert
  29. Social Studies

    Why did the French want to establish forts along the Atlantic coast of the new world?

    asked by Christian
  30. equations

    whats 6y+9y if y=5

    asked by diamond
  31. math

    does anyone have any good idea on how to learn subtacting decimals. where there is alot of borrowing involved?

    asked by sissy
  32. Multicultural Education

    In any given multicultural classroom, what are the concerns in terms of social justice for all students?

    asked by Lisa
  33. science

    I know that tactile localization is the ability to determine which portion of the skin has been touched. The question asks, does the ability to localize the stimulus improve the more trials that are performed? I answered yes, but I don't know how to

    asked by Anonymous
  34. egypt

    can any one please tell me info about egypt like about cario...... because i need tomake a leaflet about egypt please help me.....

    asked by alexandra
  35. English

    what are the properties of protagonist

    asked by jeff
  36. English 2

    what is an indirect object and a objective complements.

    asked by Daniel Hernandez
  37. Algebra 1

    4n-2+7n=20 can you please tell me step by step how to do this

    asked by Judy
  38. Maths

    bobpursley have I got the answer right to this sequence question 3n - 1 answer 2,5,8,11,14,

    asked by Robert
  39. finance-fisher separeation theorem

    As using diagram to illustrate Fisher's separation theroem,there is a production possibilities curve to display the investment and consumption at time1 and 2.My question is if i assumed a point on the PPC,(150 200),Is that means 150 ,200 resouces that

    asked by whhgn
  40. social studies

    Why did many early Virginia cities develope along the Fall Line?

    asked by dean
  41. english

    How many weeks in a year?

    asked by MiMi
  42. science

    what advantages has potentiometric titration over indicator titrations

    asked by ben
  43. math

    math question>>estimate answer to: 98+46 tell the strategy you use

    asked by meah
  44. Social Studies

    What was the system of economy for the Plateau, Northeast Woodland and Southeast Woodland Indians? Thank you

    asked by Scott
  45. Social Studies

    What kind of contribution to society did the Plateau (California Inter-Mountain), Northeast Woodland and Southeast Woodland Indians make to history? Thank you!

    asked by Scott
  46. social studies

    where can i find a link 2 help me identify the high, middle, and low latitudes, and the artic and antartic circle???

    asked by britney
  47. spelling and vocabulary

    How do you pick and answer what is the "basic" word in a sentence? As in "The bus had a flat tire".?:?

    asked by Tena
  48. Social Studies

    What specific items were used by the Plateau, Northeast Woodland and Southeast Woodland Indians to barter with? My book doesn't give that information to me. I was told by my teacher to look online, but I have searched everywhere, and can't find the answer.

    asked by Scott
  49. Social Studies

    Were there specific historic contributions that were unique to each of the follindian Native American Indian tribes? Plateau, Northeast Woodland and Southeast Woodland Indians My textbook doesn't give that information to me. I was told by my teacher to

    asked by Scott
  50. Writing

    What is introduction and how to write it?

    asked by Philip
  51. Science

    What features of ancient aquatic organisms made it possible for them to leave the sea and colonize the dry land about 400 million years ago ?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. spelling

    i don't know the anwser to will you blank tomatose this sumeer my word are stayed meat daily breathe meanwhile belevies tonight increased brief tray

    asked by Ashlee
  53. chem

    what is the spdf electron configuration for s? i got [NE]3s23sp4 as an answer is this correct?

    asked by tay
  54. French

    I have a question on Qui est-ce? or Qu'est-ce que c'est? I have to choose which one to use. I know qui est-ce is who but can it also mean who's is it? Qui est-ce/Qu'est-ce que c'est? -Une lettre de Jon Qui est-ce/Qu'est-ce que c'est? -Le portefeuille d'Amy

    asked by Miche
  55. Algebra

    I need help with this Can you anyone please help? Thanks :) 5(r+3)+7r

    asked by Sonic
  56. chem

    also what does it mean when they say write the abbreviated notation (based on noble gas) for s? how do i begin to do this

    asked by tay
  57. 3rd grade math

    My daughter brought home this question: How does knowing 28=30-2 help you find 13+28? Any ideas?

    asked by Alia
  58. Ethics

    What are some solutions the the economic challenges of Aferican Americans?

    asked by David
  59. Twelfth Grade Physics

    A ball is kicked toward Ryan with an initial velocity of 21.0 m.s at an angle of 41 degrees above the horizontal. At that instant, Ryan is 51.0m from the kicker. In what direction, and with what constant velocity, should Ryan run in order to catch the ball

    asked by Cooper
  60. 8th Grade Science

    My niece has this question on her homework. "Describe two advantages of the SI system over the system of measurement that is still commonly used in the United States." Does anyone have any thoughts?

    asked by Amanda
  61. 8th Grade Science

    Here is another one: "The interval between two events is the ______________."

    asked by Amanda
  62. Biology help please!

    Okay for this i have to pick a hypothesis and prediction, and then write a paper, which one should i pick??? Observation: Have you ever noticed if you place a plant near a window, that after a while, the plant grows or leans toward the window? Question:

    asked by Michelle
  63. Philosiphy-Socrates

    was socrates and elist? I don't think he was but i need to double check.

    asked by Rizzle
  64. English

    synonym for cope six letters 5th letter is g

    asked by Cheyenne
  65. 3rd grade Math

    Write afact family with the sum of 17. Explain how you picked the addends.

    asked by jo
  66. social studies

    How severe was punishment during the slave trade

    asked by necia
  67. biology

    I need to know how calicum is made and is it a combined element? I can't find info anywhere.Please help! Thank you!

    asked by kayla
  68. Physics.

    I posted at around 7:44 please help me, everytime I post, no one ever helps me, or it is too late...I only ever want physics please, lend a helping brain! :) (Im not trying to come off mean, Im just frustrated beyond belief)

    asked by Cooper
  69. Math

    Determine the nature of the roots of this question (1/4)x^2+x+1=0

    asked by Lauren
  70. Algebra repost for Suzia

    Algebra - Suzia, Thursday, September 27, 2007 at 7:52pm Please explain these problems 5-x-x=-1 a/2+1/5=17 3.5=12x-5x a-4a=2a+1-5a

    asked by Ms. Sue
  71. 11th grade algebra

    Determine the nature of the roots of this question (1/4)x^2+x+1=0

    asked by Lauren
  72. Us history

    I need help. Can you answer this question? Why did President Lincoln,a Republican, choose Andrew Johnson,a Democrat,as his vice president in 1846?

    asked by beano
  73. MAth

    1.Simplify 3x 3 ___ divided by ____ 4 4 2.Describe the Fibonacci Sequence.

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Other

    Do you know of a site to create free family crests online

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Physics

    Due to friction with the air, an airplane has acquired a net charge of 1.70 10-5 C. The plane moves with a speed of 3.15 102 m/s at an angle with respect to the earth's magnetic field, the magnitude of which is 5.00 10-5 T. The magnetic force on the

    asked by Mary
  76. Geometry

    In a regular polygon (equal sides and angles), you use (n-2)180 to find out what the interior angle sum is (n=number of sides in polygon) and you divide by that number by whatever n is to find out the measure of an individual angle, right? Well, there is

    asked by Emily
  77. math

    3rd grade The jacksons have pet dogs named Beau and Max. Beau is 2 years older than Max. The sum of thier ages are 16 years. How old is Beau? How old is Max?

    asked by savannnah
  78. geology

    what is the name for the gap between mountain ranges?

    asked by brandy
  79. Literature

    I need to come up with a metaphor for chapter 15 in "The Red Badge of Courage" In this chapter: Crane reveals in this chapter a person who rationalizes his behavior totally, a personality with delusions of grandeur—but with no basis for these

    asked by Kylie
  80. literacy

    what is the call number of the oldest copy of ellison's shadow and act

    asked by Anonymous
  81. math

    solve equation: 2/3x + 1/2 = 3/5x - 5/6

    asked by jeannie
  82. chem

    how do you draw the lewis structure for PBr3?

    asked by madison
  83. Math

    Alex scored 13 points in the basketball game. This was 1 fifth of the total points the team scored. Write and solve an equation to determine the total points t the team scored. What is the equation?

    asked by Mathilde
  84. Math

    solve equation: 2/3x + 1/2 = 3/5x - 5/6 explaine how you get 20

    asked by jeannie
  85. intermediate algebra

    A business executive bought 40 stamps for $13.68. The purchase included 37 cents stamps and 23 cents stamps. How many of each type of stamp were bought?

    asked by Denise
  86. Chemistry

    I'm having a bit of trouble translating what I see when I perform the experiment into actual chemical reactions. In one experiment, Magnesium is placed in Hydrochloric acid, and a burning splint is extinguished. So I think that it is producing Magnesium

    asked by Prasa
  87. intermediate algebra

    A total of 26 bills are in a cash box. Some of the bills are one-dollar bills, and the rest are five-dollar bills. The total amount of cash in the box is $50. Find the number of each type of bill in the cash box.

    asked by Denise
  88. intl business

    How would I find out how many people own dogs in Canada? I have an idea for my business marketing report but need to check the facts first.

    asked by Janna
  89. chemistry

    identify the three states of matter and include the structual and property changes

    asked by alana
  90. Algebra

    how would i factor (x - 1/x)^2 - 77/12(x - 1/x) + 10 = 0

    asked by Michelle
  91. psychology

    could anyone give me the meaning of accommodation and dark adaptation?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Literature

    I did already ask a question similar to this, but I still need some more ideas. I can't think of anything (such as a story) that has to do with this topic "People only find strength through the weakness of others" Anything like a children's story to one

    asked by Kylie
  93. Math!! Please help

    how can I solve the equation t=13 x 1 fifth? what would the total be?

    asked by Mathilde
  94. religion

    What events and figures have shaped the development of Islam in the United States?

    asked by Becca
  95. Physics

    A magnetic field has a magnitude of 1.2 10-3 T, and an electric field has a magnitude of 5.9 103 N/C. Both fields point in the same direction. A positive 1.8 µC charge moves at a speed of 2.9 106 m/s in a direction that is perpendicular to both fields.

    asked by Mary
  96. science(chem)

    Concerning TLC plates... 1. why should't I allow the solvent to reach the top of the plate? (I assume it's the same as using paper like I did in gen chem but I'm not sure I know why it shouldn't be allowed to reach the top... what would happen?) 2. why

    asked by ~christina~
  97. History

    Describe the measures workers during the second industrial revolution took to improve conditions. Also describe technological innovations that improved urban life. My answer: Workers attempted to unionize in hopes of better pay and work conditions. My

    asked by Chrissy
  98. Advanced Math

    Def: An interger "m" divides an integer "n" if there is an integer "q" such that n=mq. ?Suppose a, b, and c are integers such that a divides b and b divides c. Prove that a divides c.

    asked by Stephanie
  99. MATH, help please

    how would y multiply 4 4/7 x 7 3/4? how do u multiply fractions witha whole #?

    asked by Mathilde
  100. physics

    HELP! ok here it goes... Compute the resultant and the equilibrant of the following system of coplanar concurrent forces: 100lbs, 30degrees; 141.41lb, 45degrees; 100lb, 240degrees.

    asked by TC123
  101. Mathematics 1

    a store owner had 225 suits. at the end of a sale he had sold 4/5 of them. how many suits were left

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Physics

    A piece of copper wire has a resistance per unit length of 5.95 10-3 /m. The wire is wound into a thin, flat coil of many turns that has a radius of 0.200 m. The ends of the wire are connected to a 12.0 V battery. Find the magnetic field strength at the

    asked by Mary
  103. Math, pleae help... just want to see if i got it

    -2(-6 + 4 x 3-3) would that be negative -30?

    asked by Mathilde
  104. Chemistry- Stoichiometry

    "Why must a chemical reaction be balanced before it can be used in stoichiometry?" I mean, I get it, that the equation will be off if it doesn't start out balanced, but, why? How do I phrase that?

    asked by Shelby
  105. 4th grade question

    How do I draw a picture to show how my government system is organized?

    asked by Nina
  106. percalculus

    i need like a copy of the ch 2 review for my book

    asked by josh
  107. accelerated math

    4 4/7 x 7 3/4 what will that equal to? how do you multiply that?

    asked by Mathilde
  108. English Honors 11th

    Major themes of Beowulf? Is this considered a classic epic poem?

    asked by jane