Questions Asked on
September 26, 2007

  1. physics

    A student stands at the edge of a cliff and throws a stone horizontally over the edge with a speed of 18m/s. The cliff is 50m above a flat horizontal beach, as shown in Figure 3.20. How long after being released does the stone strike the beach below the

    asked by Anonymous
  2. science

    in a baseball-hitting contest at the office picnic, five men participated named: Biff, Carl, Fred, Marty, and Tom. Their last names in alphabetical order are Jenkins, Keech, McNabb, Miller, and Winslow. The distance that each man hit the ball in feet are:

    asked by angie
  3. physics

    How long does it take an automobile traveling in the left lane at 60.0 km/h to overtake (become even with) another car that is traveling in the right lane at 40.0 km/h when the cars’ front bumpers are initially 100 m apart?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. physics

    Tom the cat is chasing Jerry the mouse across a table surface 1.5 m off the floor. Jerry steps out of the way at the last second, and Tom slides off the edge of the table at a speed of 5.0 m/s. Where will Tom strike the floor, and what velocity components

    asked by Anonymous

    you need to move a 500 kg crate of gazelle food from the garage along the 42 meter hall to the kitchen. If you apply a force of 1000 N at a 37 degree angle to the horizontal. How long will it take to move to the kitchen?(coefficient of static friction=.15,

    asked by HELP!!!
  6. Chemistry

    I'm trying to find the dry gas pressure of H2 in mmHg. The barometric pressure is 765.3 mmHg, the vp of H20 is 23.76 mmHg and the gas collected was 25.6 mL. this is what i did. 765.3 mmHg - 23.76 mmHg - (25.6 Ml/13.6 mmHg) = 739.66 = 740 mmHg 93 sig figs).

    asked by Clay
  7. Physics

    A jumper in the long-jump goes into the jump with a speed of 10m/s at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. Use g=10m/s. a) how long in the air is the jumper before returning to the Earth? b) How far does the jumper jump? for a) I got .001s as the

    asked by Tammy
  8. Trig

    use a graphing utility to solve each equation, rounded to 2 decimal places 1. x^2 - 2sin2x = 3x 2. x^2 = x + 3cos2x

    asked by KC
  9. Math

    1. A rectangular field with an area of 5000m^2 is enclosed by 300m of fencing. Find the dimensions of the field: A. 100m x 50m B. 75m by 75m C. 150m x 150m D. no solution Please explain answer. Thanks!

    asked by ND
  10. Business Studies

    HI I'd like someone to check explain me the following questions related to the text and how to find them out The following text : The ARC company produces and sells cosmetics for women and girls. The company is owned by a brother and sitser who originally

    asked by SA
  11. math

    Yvonne drove 11/2 hours to get to the airport. She arrived at 12.10A.M What time did she leave for the airport? Should she have lunch at the airport? why?

    asked by jack
  12. science

    I can travel where there are no molecules, but never through a brick. I can travel through space, but never around a corner. What am I?

    asked by brianna
  13. Physics

    A long, straight wire carries a current of 48 A. The magnetic field produced by this current at a certain point is 6.5 10-5 T. How far is the point from the wire?

    asked by Mary
  14. economics

    Provide at least three real-world examples to illustrate the circular flow model of a market economy.

    asked by anonymous
  15. math-Algebra

    A positive real number is 1 more than its reciprocal. Find the number: A. [1-sqrt(5)]/2 B. 2 C. [1+sqrt(5)]/2 D. No solution

    asked by Anonymous
  16. calculus

    find the exact value of the expression 1.logbase8(2) 2.logbase10(1.25)+logbase10(80) how do you start out ? i forgot all about logarithym.s please help with step my steps

    asked by thu
  17. Science

    What would be some good pictures of qualitative observations? Quantitative? thanks in advance

    asked by Mom
  18. language arts

    directions: decide which form of the verb given in parenthases is needed write the correct form on the line identify the form you used by writing present,past,or past participle. sentance one: have you (speak)to anyone about your vacation plans? if you can

    asked by stephanie please help me
  19. Biology

    Has anyone done this experiment before? I need help with the final results. What would happen when I place 2 mL of hydrogen peroxide into 5 test tube, add manganese dioxide powder to the first one, then add sand to the second one, liver to the third one,

    asked by Josh
  20. ap chem

    Under constant-volume conditions the heat of combustion of glucose is 15.57 kJ/g. A 2.500g sample of glucose is burned in a bomb calorimeter. The temperature of the calorimeter increses from 20.55 C to 23.25 C. What is the total heat capacity of the

    asked by lily
  21. Managerial Economics

    (1) The National Debt consists of what factors? (2) How does the National Debt relate to federal budget deficits? (3) Relate the deficit to trade imbalances.

    asked by Prashant
  22. Business Studies

    HI I'd like someone to check explain me the following questions related to the text and how to find them out The following text : The ARC company produces and sells cosmetics for women and girls. The company is owned by a brother and sitser who originally

    asked by Bromine

    ANSWER THIS SURVEY ASAP: 1. A compound entry in the general journal is made to close expense accounts. True False 2. The entry to transfer net income to the owner's capital account would include a debit to the owner's capital account. True False 3.

    asked by Accounting Buff
  24. College Summit

    Where can I find examples of good personal statement letters. Which can help me write mines

    asked by Bryan
  25. math

    40 + 800 +9 =

    asked by Lynn
  26. Math- Circles

    Suppose you have a perpendicular bisector of a chord passing through the center of a circle. The perpendicular from the center of the circle bisects the chord giving the chord two equal sides.Are the two sides guaranteed to be perpendicular?? Any help

    asked by Robynn
  27. Algebra 1

    Lopez spent 1/3 of his vacation money for travel and 2/5 for lodging. He spent $1100 for travel and lodging. What is the total amount of money spent? Directions: Write an equation to model the situation -------------------------- >< I am so sad. Plz help.

    asked by Lorexi
  28. math

    how would you regroup 4 tens to find the difference between 341 and 228

    asked by joe
  29. math

    -2x + 4(2x - 9)

    asked by grant
  30. math

    Can someone please show us how to show 1500 x 2.1? I can not for the life of me show my daughter how to come up with the correct answer she is just not getting what I am showing her.

    asked by Ree
  31. Social Studies

    What does Independent Invention mean?

    asked by Stephanie
  32. physics

    a car traveling at 7.0 m/s accelerates uniformly at 2.5 m/s TO REACH A SPEED OF 12.0 M/S HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THIS ACCELERATION TO OCCUR?

    asked by DAISY
  33. division

    What is the quotient in division

    asked by Westen
  34. economics...please help!

    if a demand curve given is q=5/p.. and no variables for q or p are given, then the elasticity would just be q/p right? (because one would not be able to calculate it without knowing the values) or am i wrong? Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Math-Alg

    2. Find the equation of the line which perpendicular to the line -2x + 3y = 32 and passes through the point (-4,-8).

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Math-Alg

    Simplify [(1-3y)/y]/(9/y^2)-1

    asked by Anonymous
  37. math

    Simplify sqrt(-8)times sqrt(-12)

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Science repost (rocks) for Richard

    science - richard, Wednesday, September 26, 2007 at 8:58pm how are organic and clastic rocks the same

    asked by Ms. Sue
  39. math

    Simplify sqrt(-8)times sqrt(-12)) A. 4 times sqrt(6) B. -4i times sqrt (6) C. 4i times sqrt(6) D. -4 times sqrt (6)

    asked by Anonymous
  40. French for "Miche"

    Salut! Voici le vocabulaire. If these work, I won't type them over! In the order you mentioned: 1. (basic expressions) 2. (numbers) 3.

    asked by SraJMcGin
  41. math-algebra

    Solve: log 5 (8r-7) = log 5 (r^2 + 5):

    asked by Anonymous
  42. math-Alg

    5. Solve: log 5 (8r-7) = log 5 (r^2 + 5): A. r = 2 or r = 6 B. r = -2 or r = 6 C. r = -2 or r = -6 D. r = 3 or r = 4

    asked by Anonymous
  43. spanish

    how do you write the times like how long a class is(the class starts at 1:30 the class ends at 2:14)

    asked by LJ cutie
  44. math

    Simplify: (8-6i)/ 3i: A. 6 B. (6 + 8i)/ -3 C. (6 + 8i)/ 3 D. 2 + 8i

    asked by Anonymous
  45. math-algebra

    7. A bag contains 5 red marbles, 6 green marbles, and 9 blue marbles. Suppose 3 marbles are chosen without replacement. What is the probability of choosing a red, a blue, and a red in that order?: A. 9/320 B. 5/152 C. 1/1280 D. 1/38

    asked by Anonymous
  46. math-algebra

    7. A bag contains 5 red marbles, 6 green marbles, and 9 blue marbles. Suppose 3 marbles are chosen without replacement. What is the probability of choosing a red, a blue, and a red in that order?: A. 9/320 B. 5/152 C. 1/1280 D. 1/38 Please explain answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. math-alg

    8. In how many ways can 12 books be displayed on a shelf if 15 books are available?: * A. 455 B. 479001600 C 2.17945728 x 1011 2730

    asked by Anonymous
  48. math-alg

    8. In how many ways can 12 books be displayed on a shelf if 15 books are available?: * A. 455 B. 479001600 C. 2.17945728 x 1011 D. 2730

    asked by Anonymous
  49. math-algebra

    9. What is the vertex of the parabola y = x^2 + 4x + 1?: A. (2, -3) B. (-2, 3) C. (2, 3) D. (-2, -3)

    asked by Anonymous
  50. math-algebra

    10. What are the equations of the asymptotes for the hyperbola?: A. y = ±5/3x B. y = ±3/5x C. y = ±9/25x D. y = ±5/4x

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math-algebra

    10. What are the equations of the asymptotes for the hyperbola?: (x^2/9)-(y^2/25)=1 A. y = ±5/3x B. y = ±3/5x C. y = ±9/25x D. y = ±5/4x

    asked by Anonymous
  52. algeb collage

    solve the inequality,express using interval notation x3-5x2-14x>0

    asked by vince
  53. English

    I need a peer reviewed journal source and a magazine article source on bureacracy model relating to Criminal Justice..thank you

    asked by Amanda
  54. math-alg

    11. What are the horizontal and vertical asymptotes for the rational function y = 4x /(x-1)?: x = 0, y = 0 x = 1, y = 4 x = 4, y = 1 x = 1, y = 0

    asked by Anonymous
  55. chemistry

    the mass of an individual atom of fluorine is 19 amu. how many atoms would weigh a total of 1.7455x10-3g of this element if the mass of 1 amu is 1.6650x10-24

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Physics

    In a lightning bolt, 16 C of charge flows in a time of 1.5 10-3 s. Assuming that the lightning bolt can be represented as a long, straight line of current, what is the magnitude of the magnetic field at a distance of 24 m from the bolt?

    asked by Mary
  57. math

    x^3-6x^2>0 anser in interval notation

    asked by vince
  58. economics

    Why is economic equity difficult to achieve in a free market economy?

    asked by anonymous
  59. math

    x^3-6x^2>0 anser in interval notation

    asked by vince
  60. math

    x^3-6x^2>0 answer in interval notation

    asked by vince
  61. math-algebra

    Simplify: [(4x^3y)(4^2xy)^-1]/(4xy^2) A. x /16y^2 B. 16x/y^2 C. x^2/16y D. y/16x^2

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Reading

    slipped is to fell as: dozed is to napped, read is to wrote, drank is to ate, or jumped is to rose?

    asked by Chris
  63. Modern World Studies

    1. What motivated Bismarck to enact reforms in Germany? 2. What kind of reforms were inacted in Germany and Britian? My answers: 1. Bismarck wanted Germany to be more united and when nationalism spread through Germany it helped Germany become a leading

    asked by Chrissy
  64. math-algebra

    14. The last term of an arithmetic sequence is 207, the common difference is 3, and the number of terms is 14. What is the first term of the sequence?: A. 165 B. 171 C. 249 D. 168 Please explain. thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  65. math-algebra

    15. Solve the following system of equations. x + y – z = -1 x + y + z = 3 3x – 2y – z = -4: A. (-1, 3, 3) B. (0, 1, 2) C. (1, 0, 2) D. (3, -1, 2)

    asked by Anonymous
  66. math

    What is addition property using the equation? (3+1) + 6 = 3 + (1+6)

    asked by dust
  67. Science

    Can you help me explain the problem created by the over popolation of white-tailed deer? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! Thank You!

    asked by Happy face!!
  68. English

    Could someone let me know if I am on the right track? I need to find the predicate nouns. If there is none I need to write none. 1.The ancestors of the lnuit people were Asians. PN-Asians 2.They had probably crossed the Bering Sea in umiaks. PN-Bering Sea

    asked by Samantha
  69. algebra 3-4

    im in a cal class but were reviewing algebra stuff now. and i have 1 more questions. it says. express the given quantity as a single loragithms 2ln4-ln2 so is it 2ln(2) please tell me if im getting the right answers and if im not then please show me how to

    asked by thu
  70. math

    a straight line passing through the origin with slope m cuts the circle x^2+y^2-4x-2y-4=0 at A(a,b) and B(b,c). A. Find a quadratic equation whose roots are a and c ans: (1+m^2)x^2-(2m+4)x-4=0 B. if P is the mid-point of AB, find the coordinates of P in

    asked by wong
  71. Geography

    What is urban exclusion? I think it is the spatial restrictions imposed on certain societal groups as a result of urban expansion/development by the better off people. Am I close?

    asked by Vic
  72. arts

    how to look for help in vb

    asked by rai
  73. Distillation Lab Calculations

    I had to do a fractional distillation while my lab partner did a simple distillation. I had 2 unknown compounds which could have been any of the following: heptane, cyclohexane, toulene, octane, Well I think I went and boiled the solution a little too

    asked by ~christina~
  74. com 215

    Compare and contrast characteristics of nonverbal and verbal communication for audiences in relaxed situations (family members and friends) and audiences in tense situations (supervisors and instructors). List at least three items for each category.

    asked by calico
  75. Maths - Sets Notation

    Hello I'm too confused in this A proper set is said to be the elements that are not all included in a set A subset however is said to be the elements that are all included of set Am I right and if not Can someone make it clearer !!!!

    asked by SA
  76. science

    Doing review and can't find answer in notes: sun is approximately 4.5 billion years old what is it's classification?

    asked by jessicaB
  77. science

    what is the formula for calculating density?

    asked by jessicaB
  78. math

    I am a prime number between 40 and 50. If you add one to me, the sum of the prime factors of that composite number is 11. What number am I?

    asked by veronique
  79. HHS-Public Policy Development

    Can you provide a site with information on how human services agencies create their goals and objectives?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Math

    What is not a compatible number to 76 A: 80 B: 75 C: 70 D: 60

    asked by Terrance
  81. French for "Miche"

    Bonjour encore une fois! (Hello again.) You have mentioned nothing about vocabulary. Would you like some expressions, etc.? I can't wait until you learn the animals because I have some terrific sites for that. You used to be able to "hear" the sounds for

    asked by SraJMcGin
  82. chem

    what mass of hematite (fe^2O^3)is required to react with excess carbon and produce 2.845g of iron, if the % yield is 75.369 formula is 2fe^2O^3+3C=4Fe+3CO2

    asked by Anonymous
  83. spanish HELP HELP

    Indirect verbs me te le nos os los Hi I am trying to see if I did these right? We are asked to fill in the blank with the indirect object pronoun. It seems like each of these is le ( in the blank ) help so confused!!!! 1. Hoy mi madre ____ va a pedir al

    asked by liz
  84. criminal justice

    list the actors in the court house of your local comunity. houston,tx

    asked by john
  85. math

    The number feared by Pythagoreans, since it lies halfway between the only two integers that can be both the perimeter and the area of the same rectangle?

    asked by Matt
  86. math

    The different wallpaper groups?

    asked by Matt
  87. athletic

    The number of stages, including the prologue, in the 2005 Tour de France?

    asked by Matt
  88. math

    The largest integer that is not a sum of distinct powers?

    asked by Matt
  89. mathematics

    The number of frieze patterns?

    asked by Matt
  90. mathematics

    The base for the hexadecimal system?

    asked by Matt
  91. mathematics

    The value of a score (as in "four score and seven years ago").

    asked by Matt
  92. mathematics

    One of two numbers that can be both the area and perimeter of a triangle whose side lengths are a Pythagorean triple?

    asked by Matt
  93. calenders

    The number of months in the Julian calender?

    asked by Matt
  94. chem

    Hi the following comes from my first homework assignment in AP Chemistry. I am totally lost on this question and don't know where to start. Thanks a lot in advance!!!!! A 0.1247 g sample of ascorbic acid, Vitamin C, was burned in a carbon-hydrogen

    asked by manny
  95. math

    Mrs. Luna weighs 125 pounds. Mrs. Ropa weighs 150 pounds. How much to they eavh weigh on the moon?

    asked by Danielle
  96. Chain Rule

    Any help would be much appreciated with the steps involved in each problem given. Thank you. 1) Find derivative if y =cot x + sin x 2) Find derivative if y = (3x+5)^8 3) Find derivative if y = x csc x 4) Find derivative if y = x ã3x + 1 (3x + 1 is under

    asked by Matt
  97. biology

    What are the four macromolecules?

    asked by jordan
  98. biology

    what are the monomers of lipids?

    asked by payton
  99. biology

    how are amino acids put together and what does this make?

    asked by payton
  100. social studies

    what are some historical key leaders of the philippines?

    asked by none
  101. english

    what is cultural blindness

    asked by andrea
  102. Algebra 1

    The attendance at a baseball game was 400 people. Student tickets cost $2 and adult tickets cost $3. ( Man those are some cheap tickets.) Total ticket sales were $1050. How many tickets of each type were sold? DIRECTIONS- Write an equation to model this

    asked by Lorexi
  103. social studies

    How do you learn about people who lived long ago?

    asked by andrew
  104. Math

    I was given the following magic square and was to fill in the blanks. I know that all the rows and center diagonals are to add up to 111 and no number is used more than once (1-36). I just can't figure it out. I can get all but 2 columns and one diagonal.

    asked by Logan
  105. Physics

    A projectile is shot horizontally at 30m/s from the roof of a building 100m tall. Use g=10m/s^2. Choose + vertical direction to be pwards. a) determine the time necessary fot the projectile to reach the ground below b) determine the horizontal distance

    asked by Tammy
  106. Wife of Bath's

    1. Characterize the Wife of Bath's " philosophy" of marriage. Is this philosophy logical from her point of view? How? 2. What elements of the Wife of Bath's tale characterize it as a romance? I don't understand what #1. is asking me so I have no idea how

    asked by Audrey
  107. Physics

    a ball thrown horizontally from a point 40m above the ground,strikes the ground after traveling a distance of 9m. with what speed was it thrown? use g=10m/s^2 first i need to find the time so I used y=y_0 +v_0t +1/2at^2 -40=-1/2(10)t^2 t=8s then x=x_o+vt

    asked by Tammy
  108. Physics

    When a football in a field goal attemp reaches its max height how does its speed compare to its inital speed? a)it's zero b) it is less than its inital speed c)it is equal to its inital speed d)it is greater than its inital speed since at the max height

    asked by Tammy
  109. Physics

    A projectile is launched from ground level with an inital velocity of 50 m/s at an angel of 60 degreess aove the horizontal. Use g=10m/s. What is the max height reached by the projectile? I used change in y=voyt +1/2at^2 =50(2.4) + 1/2(=10) (2.5)^2

    asked by Tammy
  110. Math-Statistics

    The population of six inhabited continents in 2000 was 6,279,000,000 and in 1950 it was 2,556,000,000. What is the % increase excluding Asia which pop. in 2000 was 4,028,000,000 and in 1950 pop. in Asia was 4,028,000,000?

    asked by Mel
  111. Math-Statistics

    Compare population per square mile in Asia to population per square mile in North America. Asia is 17,400 square miles with a population of 4,028,000,000 and North America is 9,400 square miles with a population of 305,000,000?

    asked by Mel
  112. Repost for Ramiro Moreno

    math 103 - ramiro Moreno , Wednesday, September 26, 2007 at 7:16am hey man I don't know how to do this problem please I need help 1 pt) Given the function , what is its vertex? (____,________) List its -intercept(s) as a comma separated list. If there are

    asked by Writeacher
  113. ENGLISH

    I need to find a magazine article on bureaucracy models (relating to criminal justice) thank you

    asked by Amanda
  114. Science

    What is El Nino?

    asked by Autumn
  115. molecular biology

    How did O'Donnell show that the sliding clamp complex actually slides along dsDNA providing processivity to DNA Pol III? I think he took dna, a primer, and one radioactive dNTPs, added Pol III that was isolated, ran a gel, and the conclusion was that it

    asked by mae
  116. Psychology

    Why is it that children of older parents( over 40) are better adjusted, have closer ties with their parents, and are more social when they enter school than children of young parents( under 40)? Using theis question perform the scientific method and write

    asked by Christian
  117. Card Trick

    I know this isnt a school question but I want to know. My friend did this card trick. She shuffled the cards, showed me the bottom one and told me that was my card. Then she showed me a card from the bottom and said is this your card it wasn't then she did

    asked by Jessie
  118. Human Resources

    What experience do you have (or have heard about) where poor job analysis impacted employees?

    asked by Lisa
  119. History

    Explain the Mandate of Heaven. thank you! :)

    asked by Maggie
  120. algebra

    There is a slow leak in your bike tire. The average rate of change of air in your tire is -2 pounds per square inch per day. The amount of air in your tire is now 70 pounds per sqsquare inch. Find the amount of air that will be in your tire in 5 days

    asked by John
  121. History

    How did the feudal system help Zhou leaders control their empires? thank you :)

    asked by Maggie
  122. Biology

    Are lysosome the digestive center of a animal or plant

    asked by Anthony
  123. Andrew

    What is a plastid

    asked by Anthony
  124. Math

    her's my word problem: george is twelve years older than Jeannie. The sum of their ages in 5 years is 50. How odl is jeannie now?

    asked by Julia
  125. Biology

    Are viruses made of cells? Do they do homeostasis?

    asked by erbie
  126. History/Health/Language

    What was used to help diagnose people before the X-Ray was invented/discovered?

    asked by WhyDoYouCare
  127. English

    How can you use mutual in a good sentence?

    asked by Michelle
  128. Physics

    what is the use of knowing the center mass of an object when making a calculation?

    asked by Soly
  129. Algebra

    I need help with this problem: Use the five properties of exponents to simplify each of the expressions. (y^5)^3(y^3)^2/(y^4)^4

    asked by jennifer
  130. science (biology)

    Suppose that you are starting a long-term study of a population of annual, flowering plants isolated on a small island. Reading some recent papers has convinced you that global warming will probably cause long-term changes in the amount of rain the island

    asked by moo
  131. chemistry

    i nned to know the reason for crystal formation in magnesium sulphate salt.

    asked by mejo
  132. science

    What is the difference between height and elevation?

    asked by Matt
  133. Reading

    paw is to cat as trombone is to instrument, hoof is to gallop, clock is to time, or stem is to daisy?

    asked by Chris
  134. physics

    Find the the force the person must exert on the 14.5 kg lawn mower to accelerate it from rest to 1.5m/s in 2.5 seconds?

    asked by eddie
  135. PHYSICS


    asked by DAISY
  136. English

    Can you check if these are metaphorical definitions. 1. Friendship is a electric magnet. 2. Cooperation is a huge smile. 3. Determination is proudly hitting a home run. 4. Happiness is going sailing in a new boat.

    asked by Sonic
  137. ALGEBRA


    asked by DAWN
  138. French for "Miche"

    Clothing = les vêtements If it doesn't post, don't worry! I'll just type it over. LES VETEMENTS à carreaux, carré - checkered à col roulé - turtleneck à pinces - creased, pleated (pants) à plis, plissée - pleated (skirt), creased à rayures, rayé

    asked by SraJMcGin
  139. science

    what is the formula and answer for the following question... The density of Sprite is o.45g and the density of Pepsi is 2.4g. Both have a volume of 4 cm(cubed) What is the mass of both sodas?

    asked by help me!