Questions Asked on
September 25, 2007

  1. Physics Problem

    A 60 kg skydiver moving at terminal speed falls 50m in 1 s. What power is the skydiver expending on the air? This what I got so far: powerloss=weight * velocity powerloss=60kg *50m powerloss=3000 (but I don't know the units)

    asked by Jenni
  2. Chemistry

    I have a reaction here: 2Na3PO4.12H2O + 3BaCl.2H2O --> Ba3(PO4)2 + 6NaCl + 30H2O and a question: 0.349g of BaCl2.2H2O and 0.624g of Na3PO4.12H2O are dissolved in 500mL of water to form a solution - how many grams of the excess reactant remain after the

    asked by Lacey
  3. matttth!

    what would be the additive inverse of 3x + 7

    asked by help me!
  4. Early child ed. /literacy question

    I posted this question yesterday- and some felt that minimal parental education may have the greatest negative influence on child literacy. Whowever, one person seemed to think that low socioeconomic status has the greatest negative influence on child

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Physics (When will Kathy overtake Stan if )

    Kathy has a sports car that can accelerate at the rate of 4.90m/s^2. She races with Stan. Both cars start from rest but experienced Stan leaves starting line 1.00s before her. Stan moves with a constant aceleration of 3.90m/s^2 and Kathy maintains an

    asked by ~christina~
  6. ENGLISH - The Sun Also Rises

    Hello, I was wondering if there was any DIRECT quotes from the novel that provides proof that the character, Brett, changed throughout the novel. Please provide the chapters so that I can locate it! And an analysis of the quote(s) or explanations would be

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Physics

    A plane flying horizontally at a speed of 50m/s and at an elevation of 160m drops a package. two seconds later it drops a second package. How far apart will the two packages land on the ground? a)100m b)162m c)177m d)283m i think the answer is a) I got

    asked by Tammy
  8. Trig

    Solve the equation on the interval 0 less than or equal 0 < 2pi. 1. sec 30/2 = -2 2. cos(20 - pi/2) = -1 3. tan(0/2 + pi/3) = 1

    asked by KC
  9. accounting

    Accounts often need to be adjusted because

    asked by dee
  10. Trigonometry

    use a calculator to solve on the interval 0 less than or equal to 0 < 2pi. 1. sin0 = 0.4 2. cos0 = 0.6

    asked by Kay
  11. Geometry

    If two angles are congruent, must their supplements be congruent? Thank you, anyone, in advance. c[=

    asked by Rachel
  12. Vocabulary

    Is street a place or a thing?

    asked by Debbie
  13. Physics

    A robot probe drops a camera off the rim of a 239 m high cliff on Mars, where the free-fall acceleration is -3.7 m/s^2. a) Find the velocity with which the camera hits the ground. b) Find the time required for it to hit the ground. Ok so I'm not even sure

    asked by Lindsay
  14. Physics

    A 2.0kg siverware drawer become stuck, so the owner graually pulls with more and more force. When the applied force reaches 8.0N the drawer suddenly opens, throwing the utensils to the floor. Find the Coefficient fo static friction between the drawer and

    asked by Eddie
  15. Math

    Find all values of x in the interval [0, 2 pi] that satisfy 2 cos x-1 = 0. cos x = 1/2 x = 60 How do I find the other value of x?

    asked by Raj
  16. English

    You know for the story "The Prosepector's Trail" by Cathy Jewison. Im supposed to be Norman and write a letter to Jennifer 1 year after Jennifer left Norman. Would Norman want Jennifer back or would he want to have a divorce with her and leave her? Please

    asked by Nick
  17. finance

    Should We Purchase That New Copier? Campus Print Shop is thinking of purchasing a new, modern copier that automatically collates pages. The machine would cost $22,000 cash. A service contract on the machine, considered a must because of its complexity,

    asked by joe

    What do I capitalize? Which is correct in this sentence: California Gold Rush or California gold rush? Please support with the grammatical rule. The decline of whaling in America began with the California gold rush in 1849.

    asked by Cathy
  19. math

    Hello, and thank you in advance for your help! I'm writing on behalf of my daughter in 6th grade, who was crying last night about a project that's due tomorrow (Wednesday). For Math, she's supposed to choose her favorite number (16) and create a "project"

    asked by Deb
  20. Business Studies

    Hello I have a paragraph and do not understand what some phrases mean (( Sales are falling due to new competition in the market with exiting new products. So " the company " must cut production costs to survive.)) Whar does mean that it has to cut its

    asked by QA
  21. maths

    Im confused can any1 help me on this question ?? or try and put me on the right track? (a) A circle has radius 2cm (in that circle there is an triangle AOB) and the chord AB has length 3cm. AO is 2cm and BO is 2cm. O is the centre of the circle. (b)

    asked by hi
  22. history

    do all civilizations have laws?

    asked by rachel
  23. english

    how can use- in are- or I want know if is correct use both together

    asked by miguel
  24. computers

    meaning of input

    asked by angy
  25. Calculus

    The point P(4,2) lies on the curve y=x^1/2 If Q is the point (x,x^1/2) use your calculator to find the slope of the secant line PQ for the following values of X: 1)3.5 2)3.9 3)3.99 4)3.999 5)4.5 6)4.1 7)4.01 8)4.001 i plugged these points into the intial

    asked by Judy
  26. chemistry

    if the levels of liquids are mercury, sugar, corn syrup and water and a sugar cube is dropped in where would it land? what would happen to the sugar cube over time?

    asked by Amy
  27. vocabulary 4th grade

    How can I make 2 sentences using both meanings of the word trap. I already know how to use it like in trapping an animal. But I can't think of a way to use it meaning something else.

    asked by hunter
  28. Sciece (chemistry)

    Sodium Chloride NaCl can be made by the reaction of sodium with chlorine. Balanced equation: 2Na(s)+Cl2(g)=2NaCl(s) Calculate the maximum mass of sodium chloride which could be obtained from 92g of soium?

    asked by Ben
  29. math

    There are 7 children who are 5ft long,their total length is 3ft longer than a full grown python. How long can the python be?

    asked by Birungi
  30. human services.

    what impacs do the american values have on health and human services workers and the delivrey of services?

    asked by jean
  31. geography

    i need toi know whats the difference between the eu and being british for my homework

    asked by beckie
  32. Math

    my daughter is working on a math problem called factor capture have any idea as to the rules for understanding it

    asked by Kelly
  33. Ap Chemistry

    Posted by Jake on Sunday, September 23, 2007 at 1:08pm. My objective is to find the molar volume of a gas. Is this the correct balanced equation for magnesium ribbon reacting with hydrochloric acid to form hydrogen gas? 2Mg (s) + 2HCL (l) ----> H2 (g) +

    asked by Jake
  34. physics

    In deep sapce( no gravity), the bolt( arrow) of a crossbow accelerates at 189 m/s2 and attains a speed of 127 m/s when it leaves the bow. For how long is it accelerated? Answer in units of sec. PLEASE HELP! SO LOST!

    asked by Ty
  35. Science repost for help

    Sciece (chemistry) - help, Tuesday, September 25, 2007 at 4:32pm what is the particle theory

    asked by Ms. Sue
  36. Math

    One model train travels around a loop every 5 minutes. The other travels on anothe loop every 4 minutes. If they begin at the same point at the same time, how much time will pass before they meet at that point again?

    asked by Danessa
  37. Algebra 1

    SOLVE FOR y. x+5y=15 can you please show me how do this

    asked by CANDY
  38. math

    solve the equation. 8-w/10=3/5

    asked by shakyra
  39. career aw

    Can someone plz get a website all about photography for me I really need it for a project that is due tomorrow that my teacher assigned but i need a little bit more about what their daily tasks are?!?!?!?!?!?!? I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!! PLZ SOMEONE!!! THANXS

    asked by Stacy
  40. chemistry

    my younger sister has a homework assignment to find out and draw the hazard symbols found on the following.... vinegar milk of magnesia toothpaste pickled onions orange juice washing powder soap lemonade .....we've looked around the house but nothing seems

    asked by aimee
  41. math

    20800000cm= km

    asked by rebecca
  42. Physics

    A projectile is shot horizontally at 30m/s from the roof of a building 100m tall. Use g=10m/s^2. Choose + vertical direction to be pwards. a) determine the time necessary fot the projectile to reach the ground below b) determine the horizontal distance

    asked by Tammy
  43. math

    21200cm= m

    asked by rebecca
  44. career aw

    Sry to bother ppl again but i need to know about processing photos if someone could help me find a site i'd really appreciate it thanxs

    asked by Stacy
  45. homeland security

    2-3pgs You just received intelligence that and international terrorist group has selected a major target in a major U.S. city. The terrorist are known for their hatred of capitalism and Western culture, and their intent is to wage a voilent canpaign

    asked by nelson
  46. world history

    where on earth is a place that is uninhabited by humans... in other words... where can a civilization not exist???

    asked by precious
  47. Physics please clarify

    Posted by Mary on Monday, September 24, 2007 at 10:11pm. A cube is located with one corner at the origin of an x, y, z, coordinate system. One of the cube's faces lies in the x, y plane, another in the y, z plane, and another in the x, z plane. In other

    asked by Mary
  48. Social Study

    What sea is between New Zealand and Australia? Thanks

    asked by Alex
  49. Visual Art.

    What is Craft?

    asked by Roseana.
  50. Algebra 1

    Solve the system by substitution. 3x+3y=0 y=-3x-8

    asked by C.C
  51. Algebra 1

    Write the equation of the line that passes through point(-6,14)with a slope of -3. show the work

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Math

    I cant figure out this problem. A pool is rectangular in shape, with a half-circle at one end. The length is 80 feet; the width is 30 feet; depth is 4ft the half-circle is appended to one of the thirty-foot sides, so that end is curved. Find the surface

    asked by Amy
  53. Algebra 1

    Find the slope and the y-intercept. y=-3x+3

    asked by lucy
  54. english

    nouns as objects

    asked by thomas
  55. english

    i have do do a persuasive essay on a book that i think should be in the high school curriculum but i cant think of one to do plz help im desperate

    asked by anonymous
  56. texas studies

    where can i find pictures of the texas regions?

    asked by carmen
  57. Chemistry

    What do i do when i have a question that ask to compare the size and density of an atom with its nucleus.

    asked by Charles
  58. Algebra

    Find the domain of y=2x-4

    asked by Tiffany

    im writing a paper on whether the critisism that the constitution is right that it is not valid in today's society. please help!

    asked by INEEDHELP!!!
  60. math

    how do you figure out what prime and composite numbers are

    asked by sydnee
  61. Writing

    I have to write a narrative paper about an experience i have had with my pc or online that is a result of poor communication. any help would be appreciated. thanks

    asked by Ben
  62. Records Management

    Whats the Key unit to Chicago Technical Institute?

    asked by Earon
  63. physics

    What equation do you use to find the coefficient of kenetic friction

    asked by Anonymous
  64. English

    I need a peer reviewed journal source and a magazine article source on bureacracy model of Criminal Justice..thank you also what is the difference in an internet source and a web page?

    asked by Amanda
  65. Pharmacology

    This is super confusing, I'm sorry! The homework: You have to administer simultaneously two drugs which are each 90% protein bound when administered separately. Please use the law of mass action to calculate how do you have to change the administered doses

    asked by Jade
  66. Early child ed.

    Will you please look at this question and look at what I've posted that my text states, to be sure my answer is correct. I want to be sure I understoood my text correctly. It has been recommended that limited-English speaking children attend preschools: A.

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Physics

    A projectile is shot horizontally at 30m/s from the roof of a building 100m tall. Use g=10m/s^2. Choose + vertical direction to be pwards. a) determine the time necessary fot the projectile to reach the ground below b) determine the horizontal distance

    asked by Tammy
  68. physical eduaction

    in which country were the ancient olympics held?

    asked by shonteey
  69. Public finance

    Please help me understand the problem provided below and suggest a solution. I thank you for your time and cooperation. Consider a public goods problem in which each person has the same income M and preferences as given by Uj=ln(g1+...+gN)+3ln(Cj) Assume

    asked by Anna
  70. Physics

    A jumper in the long-jump goes into the jump with a speed of 10m/s at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. Use g=10m/s. a) how long in the air is the jumper before returning to the Earth? b) How far does the jumper jump? for a) I got .001s as the

    asked by Tammy
  71. Physics

    When a football in a field goal attemp reaches its max height how does its speed compare to its inital speed? a)it's zero b) it is less than its inital speed c)it is equal to its inital speed d)it is greater than its inital speed since at the max height

    asked by Tammy
  72. math

    What is additive inverse?

    asked by help me!
  73. English

    What is the question and answer flow for an exclmatory sentence?

    asked by Mathilde
  74. Early Child Ed.

    Will you check to see if I have chosen the most appropriate choice to this question? Which would be the best way to welcome a child into the classroom in the morning when his mother drops him off? A. "Good morning,Joshua. We have new crayons to use later

    asked by Anonymous
  75. PLEASE HELP! this is for tomorrow!!! English hw

    My hw says this: what is the question and answer flow for an exclamatory sentence? also... article adjective can be called?

    asked by Mathilde
  76. Please help?!

    what is the difference between commen or propper?

    asked by Mathilde

    What should the united states foreign policy with Osama Bin Laden look like? I don't understand what this means and what the answer is...plz help

    asked by Johan
  78. Physics

    I am doing this exercise for physics class where I have to place a penny on a ruler and balance it. And I don't understand what is the use of knowing the center mass of an object when making a calculation?

    asked by Soly
  79. Physical Science

    "Can energy be created/destroyed

    asked by Nneka
  80. Hum 130

    How modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous peoples?

    asked by Kim
  81. thesis

    I have to write a thesis for iy personal essay. i am choosing the time when i came to america when i was in second grade leaving my home country. My teacher just told us to come with the thesis first, but i can't put mine into words. can you please help

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Philosophy

    Describe the two problems that plagued the philosophers in the middle ages: 1. the problem of universals and 2. faith vs. reason

    asked by Jennifer
  83. Physical Science

    This is the question in my homework: In orbiting the Earth, what kind of motion is it, uniformly velocity, uniformly accelerated or non-uniformly accelerated motion? I have searched for almost an hour on the internet in any variety of those terms I could

    asked by Beth
  84. question**english

    what does an adj. modify? also, how do you know when a sentence is inverted?

    asked by Mathilde
  85. Physics Homework

    I have a few questions that I don't understand and would like to get checked, please? 5.If energy is conserved and momentum is conserved, would they both have to be conserved simultaneously in some interaction? My answer: No because each engergy and

    asked by Jenni
  86. math

    Suppose the lionel trains vistor's center gives a discount coupon to every tenth vistor.Everytwelfth vistors gets a free bumper sticker. which will be the first vistor to receive both?

    asked by kejuan
  87. u.s. government

    i need to find criticism that the constitution does not fit the country anymore in today's society and should be revised.

    asked by INEEDHELP!!!
  88. English

    what can an article adjective be called?

    asked by Mathilde
  89. MATH

    Lenny,mark,andliza are going to jog along 3 different trails in the park. To complete one circuit , lenny takes 6 min., Mark takes 12 min., and liza takes 9 min. if they start at the same place and the same time, how long will it be before they are

    asked by kejuan
  90. U.S>

    In the "Marbury Vs. Madison" case, did Marbury actually get the position? Did they just deny it because his request was unconstitutional or did they make an exception?

    asked by Samantha
  91. psychology

    How do insensitive remarks illustrate some of the social, emotional, and cognitive roots of prejudice?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. english

    review essay Selective Marketing on Ivy League School’s Undergraduate Websites Every year between the months of October and March, thousands of students narrow down their top picks of schools from over 4000 Colleges and Universities located in the United

    asked by sarah
  93. Physics

    The potential at location A is 370 V. A positively charged particle is released there from rest and arrives at location B with a speed vB. The potential at location C is 790 V, and when released from rest from this spot, the particle arrives at B with

    asked by Mary
  94. earth science

    hi im supposed to create a children’s story about Roger the Rock. Roger is a rock that has been a part of the rock cycle for millions of years. Your job is to tell Roger’s story. What volcanoe he came from and where he lived. You must describe how

    asked by alex
  95. Math/Metric system

    I need to know how to make conversions and compare within the metric system of measurement. Such as 0.75L. is equal to how many mL. I have to do problems like that with length, weight, andvolumn.

    asked by David
  96. physics

    when is a velocity is zero and acceleration nonzero?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. english essay

    please, someone proofread my essay, and help me correct the grammar error i cant spot them. thank you. The war that shouldn't have go on What does a war hero receive when he return home from war? Is it a welcome home hug, a medal of honor, or perhaps a

    asked by star
  98. general math

    I have 20 puzzle tables (1,2,3,…,20) that contain of 10 rows (1,2,3,…,10) each. There are numbers 1,2,3,4,… in each of every tables, which has a unique position to every rows. I am just wondering if you can help me how to find the relations between

    asked by Steven
  99. davidson high

    a consultant traveled 7 hours to attend a meeting. The return trip took only 6 hours because the speed was 10 miles per hour faster. What was the consultant's speed each way?

    asked by lisa
  100. Algebra 1

    Solve 6(x+9)+4x=5x-6 can you work it out.

    asked by Candy
  101. math

    how would you change 0.3 into a fraction

    asked by Pat
  102. Please help in english

    I need an answer to what article adjective can be called? and also what's an adverb that comes right before the verb?

    asked by Mathilde
  103. math

    What is a finite, infinite and an empty number?

    asked by Pat
  104. Spanish translation

    El maistra es una aficionado el beisbol.

    asked by Anonymous
  105. English, Need Help. Thanks in advance.

    What does this mean? And look at my points to see if I'm on the right track or not (this is from Hamlet). "Identify and explain how Act 3 Scene i develops Ophelia's character." Points: Innocent, Pushover, Emotional

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Algebra question

    If the ratio of a to b is equal to the ratio of b to a, what can you say about the two numbers a and b? Are they the same or different? What are some some examples of this?

    asked by Shawn H.
  107. ration equation mind jumbler

    What is an example of a rational equation where the solution makes the denominator equal to zero and are extraneous solutions?

    asked by Suzy Q
  108. Math

    is 35 pie an irrational number?

    asked by Pat
  109. English

    I need to find the direct object in the sentences. 1. The Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. DO-dynamite 2.This invention made nobel a very wealthy man. DO-man 3. The chemist established the Nobel Prizes with his money. DO-money 4. These

    asked by Sarah
  110. VB

    To paint a graphic image into a picturebox control, you would use the function _______ i cant find the answer anywhere, but im thinking paint

    asked by Tiffani
  111. art history

    I need to find an article on Gothic art and spirituality...any suggestions?

    asked by Janna
  112. Health/Language

    How was cancer treated before chemotherapy?

    asked by Clöe
  113. Math

    How would you write 0 as a fraction?

    asked by Brittney
  114. VB

    Before you can use a file in your program you must _____ it. i was thinking encrypt, but i just cant figure it out

    asked by Tiffani
  115. finance

    Sunshine Corporation is considering several long-term investments. Management wants to accept the two best projects, given the following data: Project A B C D E Present value of net cash inflows . . . . . . . . $24,000 $44,000 $15,000 $30,000 $50,000

    asked by neil
  116. finance

    Nucore Company is thinking of purchasing a new candy-wrapping machine at a cost of $370,000. The machine should save the company approximately $70,000 in operating costs per year over its estimated useful life of 10 years. The salvage value at the end of

    asked by neil
  117. French for "Miche"

    Ça va aujourd'hui? This morning I was wondering if you sing at all in class. We did a lot of that and my students knew that they didn't have to be good, just loud, to drown me out! If we couldn't hear them, they got to do a "solo" so you can be sure

    asked by SraJMcGin
  118. Managerial Economics/Math

    This is an MBA-level Managerial Economics course. I am working on a homework assignment and have a couple problems that I don't really know how to get started. Here is the first: Altmann, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer of edible econimics texts. The firm has

    asked by klynn
  119. Math

    Please help me with the below questions. Write a rational approximation, to the nearest thousandth, for each number: 1) Square root 14 2) Square root 1.4 3) Pie 4) Pie -3

    asked by Brittney
  120. Managerial Economics/Math

    This is an MBA-level Managerial Economics course. I am working on a homework assignment and have a couple problems that I don't really know how to get started. Here is another: Assume that a drug manufacturer sells a major drug in Europe and the U.S.

    asked by klynn
  121. Science

    At what latitude (on Earth) is the elevation of the South Celestial Pole greatest?

    asked by Raj
  122. Math

    Write Each rational number in the form a/b where a and b are integers and b is not equal to 0. 1) 5 1/3 2) 73 3) -0.21

    asked by Pat
  123. physics

    I need a plan to solve this problem and I'm stuck. Please help. A basketball laeaves a player's hands at a height of 2.10m above the floor. The basket is 2.60m above the floor. The player shoots the ball at a 38.5 degree angle. If the shot is made from a

    asked by Mack
  124. home econmics

    what is found in cellulose?????????? please answer as soon as possible cause i need it kk xxx

    asked by sarah
  125. home ecinomics

    what is a carbohydrate

    asked by chloe
  126. english

    i need a motto for my English class but i cant think of one plz help!

    asked by anonymous
  127. chemistry

    2NaIO3+5NaHSO3reacts and give 3NaHSO4+2Na2SO4+H2O+I2. If you wish to prepare 1.00kg of I2, what mass of NaIO3 is required? what mass of NaHSO3?

    asked by mohsin
  128. economics

    name ten countries using different techniques in industries

    asked by harry
  129. womens studies

    I need help with this question and trying to find the answer. Question is How does gender ranking reinforce sexism? Thanks

    asked by cameron
  130. pre calculus

    how do you tell if a function is even or odd?

    asked by Mike
  131. history

    i need as much information on laws that you can give me PLEASE

    asked by rachel
  132. Chemistry

    OMG i'm soo screw for chem.. >_ Mn^2+ + CO2 K2S3O6 + KClO + KOH --> K2SO4 + KCL + H2O

    asked by saLIna
  133. Algebra II

    HELP! How do I set this problem up? Im confuzzled... Tom mows lawns and whitewashes fences during his summer vacation. He is paid $12 for each lawn mowed and $17 for each fence painted. Last month Tom did 105 jobs and made a total of $1410. How many of

    asked by Sammy
  134. Grammar -- subject-verb agreement

    "Susannah Wheatley, wife of slaveholder John wheatley, took great interest in Phillis's education, and it was (she/her) who taught Phillis how to read and write English." We're to choose the appropriate verb for the subject (Susannah Wheatley), but I'm

    asked by Jack
  135. Physical Science

    Is it possible to keep adding C and H atoms to make longer and longer chains to an infinite number?

    asked by CMS
  136. Science

    Like I need to make a skit and part of that skit is someone dieing of blood loss. How does someone react right before they die?

    asked by Anonymous
  137. chemistry

    homer notices that his shower is covered in a strange green slime. His friend Barney tells him that cocnut juice will get rid of the green slime. Homer decides to check this out by spraying half the shower w/ coconut juice. he sprays the other half of the

    asked by Anonymous