Questions Asked on
September 21, 2007

  1. Early Child Ed.

    I asked this question yesterday. I still need help with it. Hannah's mother said, "Hannah is such a pencil-and-paper kid." It is likely that Hannah: A. will be an artist B. will learn to write,forming her letters perfectly. C. will be a good reader D. does

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Calculus!

    What is the velocity of an object dropped from a height of 350 m when it hits the ground?

    asked by ali
  3. Physics

    A charge of -3.00 µC is fixed at the center of a compass. Two additional charges are fixed on the circle of the compass (radius = 0.130 m). The charges on the circle are -4.00 µC at the position due north and +5.00 µC at the position due east. What is

    asked by Mary
  4. Chemistry

    For the following reaction, 0.506 moles of ammonia are mixed with 0.458 moles of oxygen gas. ammonia (g) + oxygen (g) nitrogen monoxide (g) + water (g) What is the FORMULA for the limiting reagent? What is the maximum amount of nitrogen monoxide that can

    asked by Jamal
  5. Chemistry

    According to the following reaction, how many moles of hydrogen iodide will be formed upon the complete reaction of 30.0 grams of hydrogen gas with excess iodine? hydrogen (g) + iodine (s) hydrogen iodide (g) moles hydrogen iodide

    asked by Jamal
  6. math

    How many quarter circles equal a whole circle?

    asked by Rascal
  7. Chemistry

    How do I solve this problem? According to the following reaction, how many grams of mercury(II) oxide are needed to form 22.4 grams of oxygen gas? mercury(II) oxide (s) mercury (l) + oxygen (g)grams mercury(II) oxide

    asked by Jamal

    Is it possible to obtain pure (200-proof) ethanol using fractional distillation from a fermentation mixture that contains equal amounts of water and ethanol? Explain your answer. I know that some water will still remain i would just like to know why some

    asked by Delli
  9. Science

    Atom building game board has 17 protons, 18 neutrons, and 18 electrons. *What is the atom that's represented on the game board. *What is the total charge on this atom? *What is the mass # of this atom? *What do you call an atom that different #'s of

    asked by Sonic
  10. philosophy

    what does this quote mean? "everyman, wherever he goes, is encompassed by a cloud of comforting convictions, which move with him like flies on a summer day" by Bertrand Russel. can somebody help me with this. thx

    asked by jc
  11. physics

    does the voltage output increase when a generator is made to spin faster? Defend your answer

    asked by Judy
  12. Physics

    Suppose that a car traveling to the West (-x direction) begins to slow down as it approaches a traffic light. make a statement concerning its acceleration. a) the car is decelerating and its acceleration is positive b)the car is decelerating and its

    asked by Tammy
  13. math... sorry.. 1 more question

    sorry but i have 1 more question... the sum of two numbers is 30. If three times the greater number is subtracted by 2 times the lesser number, the result is 30. What is the product of the two numbers?... SORRY! ^^" thank you.

    asked by Ellen Kho
  14. math

    Mr. Caldwell buys 3 times as many basketballs as soccer ball, and 3 les that 4 times as many footballs as soccer balls. If he buys 37 balls all together, how many of each does he get? This is a word problem that my teacher assigned, but I don't

    asked by Ellen Kho
  15. gerund phrases

    The question is: The fact that the girls danced in the woods outrages Parris. I have to change "the fact that the girls danced in the woods" to a gerund phrase and I can't think of anything that sounds right. Thank You!

    asked by Kelsey
  16. Physics

    A car starts from rest and accelerates at 5m/s^2 for 4s, then maintains that velocity for 3 seconds and then decelerates to a rate of 2m/s^2 for 3 seconds. How far does the car travel? I would have to add the total distance throughout the trip. And to find

    asked by Tammy
  17. Physics

    A rod made from insulating material carries a net charge, while a copper sphere is neutral. The rod and the sphere do not touch. (a) Is it possible for the rod and the sphere to attract one another? (b) Is it possible for the rod and the sphere to repel

    asked by Mary
  18. Psychology

    In 200 words write an account of a day in th life of a psychologist. Include info about salary, duties, and responsibilities. Can someone please help me with this? It's tough!

    asked by Christian
  19. Physics

    "from zero to sixty in 8 seconds" is a description of: a) average speed b) instantaneous speed c)average acceleration d) instantaneous acceleration I know for sure that a) and c) aren't the right answers since average is over a long time period or the

    asked by Tammy
  20. French for Mischa

    One more try! PLURAL OF NOUNS Most French nouns, like most English nouns, form their plural by adding s to the singular: SINGULAR PLURAL le garçon, the boy les garçons, the boys lfélève, the pupil les élèves, the pupils la feuille, the leaf les

    asked by SraJMcGin
  21. microeconomics

    Suppose a person has a utility function U=YX. What is the minimum level of income required to get a utility of 20? Your answer should be a function of, among other things, Px and Py.

    asked by jon
  22. Cultural diversity

    current issue between Native Americans and the federal government

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math...AGAIN!

    How would I use the numbers 30 and 60 to write a fraction equal to one half?

    asked by Rascal
  24. science

    Im having trouble finding on how trade and trasportation in china has led to populatin growth websites plase?

    asked by Maggie R.
  25. Physics

    I need to plot a projectile motion graph...I am numbers don't work at all. The equations I have are the one for the dx component and the dy component. I did the dx values with this equation dx=(vcostheta)(time) the dy should be this:

    asked by physics sucks but PLEASE help
  26. Abstract Algebra

    If 2^n>n^2 and n>5, then 2^n+1>(n+1)^2 Proof: Assuming that 2^n>n^2 then I can say that 2*2^2>2*n^2 = 2^n+1>2n^2 If I can show that 2n^2>(n+1)^2 then I will be done by transitivity. So 2n^2>(n+1)^2? then 2n^2>n^2+2n+1? then n^2>2n+1, hence n^2-2n-1>0, and

    asked by Dina
  27. physics

    why are the lengths of days in spring and autumn the same? if the sun does not set, why is it so cold?

    asked by charlie
  28. Science

    An electron travels 1.86m in 4.43e-8s. How fast does it travel?

    asked by Justin
  29. English

    What's the difference between the following sentences: "he looks happy." "he looks like he's happy." "he seems happy."

    asked by K
  30. History - Trade

    How did trade strengthen the relationship between the colonies and britain? How did it influence it?

    asked by Rebecca
  31. bio science

    Any ideas for a simple scientific study? Question, observation, hypothesis, testing, results and conclusion. Needs to be fairly simple and able to be tested an ample amount. Just looking for some ideas right now. If i can incorporate stream health, that

    asked by greg
  32. algebra

    Hi! i don't get this problem... I was wondering if you could help. The problem is: x-y=9 3x+(y+4)=51 What is S and what is L?

    asked by Jason
  33. science

    could osmeone help me find websites and information on why indias population has grown due to technology advances in india

    asked by Maggie R.
  34. Math

    In a little town in West Michigan lives a math professor, who hears one day that the barber has three children. So, on the next visit to the barber, the professor casually inquires, "I have heard you have three children, is that right?" "Yes!" says the

    asked by Tyler
  35. spanish

    Por and para both mean for. How do you know when to use which one? Here are some examples of sentences I have written in which I use either por or para. Am I doing it right? Necesitas dolares de los Estados Unidos para ir de compras. Los perros calientes

    asked by Mia
  36. math helpp please!!!

    2Y-1 p-1 ----- - ---- 2y+5 p+3

    asked by Amy
  37. english

    I am having trouble working out figuring out the stressed and unstressed syllabus of this poem. Can someone help me...I am going to put parenthesis to the one that are stresss syllabus the ones i think. My mistr(ess)' eyes are nothing (like) the sun; Coral

    asked by Student A
  38. economics

    there are just certain things that i do not understand about the questions...(i did read A LOT last night and i did not find anything that really answered my questions)...To be more specific... suppose a competitive market consists of identical firms with

    asked by michele
  39. slope of a graph (physics/math)

    what would the maximum slope possible for a v vs t graph of acar released from rest on an air track elevated at one end? ~I know the track would be elevated to be straight up since it would have the most angle...but what would the slope value be? would it

    asked by ~christina~
  40. Pre- Calculus

    In this problem we are supposed to find all real solutions. It is x(1-x)=6 and I know that the first step you use distributive and get x-x^2=6 but where do you go from here.

    asked by Sarah
  41. Business Studies

    Hello I'm doing a project about a business and it has to include everything like : the competetion between it and another company The added value the profit etc. My business is about " Disney " Can someone give me any useful sources or websites that you

    asked by QA
  42. anatomy and physiology

    what is the minimum number of dna bases for a gene that begins as a polypeptide of 86 amino acids?

    asked by Alisha
  43. own, not from syllabus

    Blue light seems to be emitted by T .V. in a dark room if anybody watches it from outside the room. thanks

    asked by Rebecca
  44. Physics

    On a postition versus time graph to find the acceleration you would simply find the area under the graph right? and how would you figure out whether acceleration is increasing, decreasing, constant of unknown from a graph? My guess is that the accereration

    asked by Tammy
  45. history?

    I need todraw a propaganda poster about john stuart mill in the industrial revolution in britain aroun the 1800s, does anyone have any ideas on what to put on the poster?

    asked by Maggie R.
  46. Math

    How much money is 1/2 of a dollor plus 5/10 of a dollor?

    asked by Rascal
  47. science..medicine

    does anyone know a website that will show how medicine has improved in china resulting in lower death rate

    asked by Maggie R.
  48. biology

    What will happen when you mix saliva, water, gelatin? Then, mix starch, water, iodine?

    asked by Josh
  49. Elem. Ed.----- I Need Help!!!

    Can you help with this question? 1. Charts do not: A. offer an opportunity for shared experiences. B. allow the print to stand out. C. capture the children's attention. D. teach children to read at a very early age. I know charts (A) offer opportunities

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Business

    Where can I find info on doing business in south america. I have to write a paper on what coutry is best to do business in Cuba, Brazil, or Uraguay

    asked by Amanda
  51. economics

    Suppose two competing airlines that service passengers only between Bozeman, Montana, and New Haven, Connecticut would like to merge. These two airlines have the best chance of securing a merger if they argue that their market is for: a. airline travel

    asked by J Hayes
  52. English

    I have to write a paper on something that is Criminal Justice related and I can't think of what would be a good subject to write about pertaining to that..and i was wondering if someone could help me come up with some ideas.

    asked by Amanda
  53. Math Riddle

    In a little town in West Michigan lives a math professor, who hears one day that the barber has three children. So, on the next visit to the barber, the professor casually inquires, "I have heard you have three children, is that right?" "Yes!" says the

    asked by Tyler