Questions Asked on
September 18, 2007


    Yield to call Six years ago, the Singleton Company issued 20-year bonds with a 14 percent annual coupon rate at their $1,000 par value. The bonds had a 9 percent call premium, with 5 years of call protection. Today, Singleton called the bonds. Compute the

    asked by Mel
  2. psychology

    what would the dependent and independent variable and control and experimental group be in this problem: John is intrigued by the relationship between frustration and aggression. He proposes to study whether socioeconomic status is a factor in how drivers

    asked by Lydia

    Current yield and yield to maturity A bond has a $1,000 par value, 10 years to maturity, a 7 percent annual coupon, and sells for $985. a. What is its current yield? b. What is its yield to maturity (YTM)? c. Assume that the yield to maturity remains

    asked by Mel
  4. Chemistry

    A solution is made by mixing 12.0 g of NaOH and 75.0 ml of 0.200 M HNO3 a) write a balanced equation for the reaction that occurs between the solutes. b) Caclulate the concentration of each ion remaining in solution. c) Is the resultant solution acidic or

    asked by Sara

    A solution is made by mixing 12.0 g of NaOH and 75.0 ml of 0.200 M HNO3 a) write a balanced equation for the reaction that occurs between the solutes. b) Caclulate the concentration of each ion remaining in solution. c) Is the resultant solution acidic or

    asked by Sara
  6. lit

    Discuss the significance of guilt in Gilgamesh, the Old Testament, The Odyssey, and Oedipus the King. You may define "guilt" as "remorse for one's actions" (feeling guilty) and/or "the state of having committed a crime or transgression" (being guilty).

    asked by me

    Bond valuation Callaghan Motors’ bonds have 10 years remaining to maturity. Interest is paid annually; they have a $1,000 par value; the coupon interest rate is 8 percent; and the yield to maturity is 9 percent. What is the bond’s current market price?

    asked by Mel

    Bond valuation Nungesser Corporation’s outstanding bonds have a $1,000 par value, a 9 percent semiannual coupon, 8 years to maturity, and an 8.5 percent YTM. What is the bond’s price?

    asked by Mel
  9. Accelerated Math

    A committee is to consist of three members. If there are six men and four women available to serve on the committee, how many different committees can be formed?

    asked by Ann
  10. Chem

    When crude caffeine is isolated from tea, why does it often have a green tinge?

    asked by manny
  11. Geometry

    Tell whether each statement is true or false. Then write the converse and tell whether it is true or false. 28. P is the midpoint of segment GH implies that GH = 2PG I have this so far. p (hypothesis): P is the midpoint of segment GH, q (conclusion): GH =

    asked by Bob
  12. Literature

    So for example for this poem: Harlem by Langstone Hughes: What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore-- and then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over-- like a syrupy sweet? Maybe

    asked by Student A
  13. chemistry

    if a sample of cough syrup has the mass of 50.0g and a density of 0.950 what is the volume

    asked by Amy
  14. chemistry

    . If 20.0 mL of a 0.10 M HCl solution is mixed with 10.0 mL of a 0.25 M HCl solution, what is the final concentration of HCl after the two solutions are mixed?

    asked by sarah
  15. Math .. one more

    About how many hundreds? 1,894 + 1,470 Would the answer be about 350? Again, thank you!

    asked by Mom
  16. Finance

    A firm wants to maintain a growth rate of 7% without incurring any additional equity financing. The firm maintains a constant debt-equity ratio of .6 a total asset turnover ratio of .75, and a profit margin of 6%. What must the dividend payout ratio be?

    asked by Kristi
  17. Physics

    A cup of coffee is sitting in an airplane flying at constant speed and altitude. Mu between cup and table is .36. The plane accelerates, maintaining constant altitude. What is the maximum acceleration that the plan can have without the cup sliding

    asked by Anonymous
  18. World History

    Assuming power as Shan-Raza Shah Pahlavi-Persia ( True or False )

    asked by Cody
  19. Business (management)

    I need help creating the constraints. Quick-Screen is a clothing manufacturing company that specializes in producing commemorative shirts immediately following major sporting events such as the World Series, Super Bowl, and Final Four. The company has been

    asked by Yousef
  20. science

    what evidence supports the big bang theory?

    asked by xiomara
  21. chemistry

    Calculate the number of hydrogen atoms in 20.0 g of CH3OH

    asked by sarah
  22. World History

    The member of the Big Four that never joined the League of Nations was a- the United States b- Great Britain c- Italy d- France

    asked by Cody
  23. World History

    The urban lowe class, former rural workers, women, unions, and the Catholic church have emerged new political forces in Latin America. describing the effect each of these groups had on Latin America's political system.

    asked by Cody
  24. algebra

    an executive invests $35000, some at 9% and some at 7% annual interest. If he receives an annual return of $2910, how much is invested at each rate

    asked by kelli
  25. Physics

    One cubic meter of granite has a mass of 2.70E3 kg, and one cubic meter of gold has a mass of 1.93E4 kg. Find the radius of a granite sphere whose mass is the same as that of a gold sphere of radius 1.07 cm. Any help is appreciated!!

    asked by Jade
  26. Business Studies

    I'm having a problem with choosing the business that i would tak about for my project that i'm doing in my business studies It can be a big company / famous business or anything that is related to a business that is known on popular Can someone give me

    asked by Qatari boy
  27. science

    If the earth's axis was tilted at 30 degrees instead of 23 1/2 degrees, how would that effect the seasons, or lengths of days, winds, etc. Or, would it have any effect at all?

    asked by Tracy
  28. Physics URGENT!!!

    two charges attract each other with a force of 2.5 N. What will be the force if the distance between them is reduced to one-ninth its orginal value?

    asked by Will
  29. Math

    Checking my son's homework and want to see if he figured this out correctly .. i am too old to be revisiting this math ... Here is the question ... The perimeter of a rectangle patio is six times the length of the shorter side. If the shorter side is 8

    asked by Mom
  30. Math

    1)Give 2 examples in which negative numbers can be used in describing a measurement or an event. 2)Write each rational number in the form, A/b, where a and b are integers and b is not equal to 0. example A: 0.7 ________ Sorry don't get the above

    asked by Anonymous
  31. life science

    what are the independant and dependant variable definitions?

    asked by evan
  32. Biology

    hello my teacher today during our Biology lesson said : Diffusion occurs more easily in smaller organisms because they have a bigger surface area than theie volume from inside But us humans , we have more problems id diffusing because we have a smalller

    asked by British boy
  33. Micro econ

    1: Suppose John had a utility function of U=X^2/3Y^1/3 . Derive Johns demand function from his utility function showing all the necessary steps. i know that the MUx=MUy and first i derive the equation to 2/3X^-1/3 1/3Y^-2/3 then im stuck i need help with

    asked by Brett
  34. World History

    place the events in calendar order from first to last 1) Nazi-Sovie Pact 2) Attack on Pearl Harbor 3) Annexation of Austria 4) Dropping of atomic bomb in Hiroshima 5) Surrender of France list is order that the event happened

    asked by Cody
  35. vocabulary

    ten words with different meanings... ten words with different related words... ten blended words...

    asked by klar maesen
  36. calc so confused

    Point (5,3) lies on curve y=sqrt(x+4). If Q is the point (x,sqrt(x+4)), use your calculator to find the slope of the secant line PQ for the following values of x. a)x=4.5 I just want help on this one. What do I do? I don't even understand the question.

    asked by apoorva
  37. Physics HELP PLEASE

    two spherical objects are separated by a distance of 9x10^-3 m. The objects are initially electrically neutral and are very small compared to the distance between them. Each object acquires the same negative charge due to the addition of electrons. As a

    asked by Will
  38. Verb tenses

    The question I need help with says "rewrite the following sentences, correcting errors in sequence of verb tenses" and the problem I have is : "Dr. King discussed the three ways in which people dealt with oppression in the past." I don't see anything wrong

    asked by Kelsey
  39. World History

    Westernization-Mustafa Kemal-Turkey True or False

    asked by Cody
  40. World History

    Good Neighbor policy 0 Franklin Franklin Roosevelt - United States (True or False )

    asked by Cody
  41. science

    what kind of reaction is the formation of sodium chloride

    asked by mike
  42. world history

    Division of labor is a system of manufacturing and of granting economic rights and privileges to a given geographic area. True False

    asked by Cody
  43. Algebra 2

    my math teacher gives me questions i cant answer. he doesnt explain them and ive never seen this stuff in my life, what should i do

    asked by Johny Appleseed
  44. English as a second language

    Can someone help me to paraphrase this sentence. Title of the article is "Becoming a Writer" by Russell Baker Sentence: "I hated the assignments to turn out "compositions," and went at them like heavy labor, luckluster paragraphs that were agonies for

    asked by Colla
  45. French

    I know that for a male to say that he is french, we use francais, and for a female, we use francaise. But when a female says that she speaks french, do we use francaise as in Je parle francaise? And when a female says that she likes French music, do we use

    asked by Mischa
  46. Ms. Sue-- """this is for you""--------I need help!

    MsSue, I know you have already helped me with this question--please read what my text states and then help me to understand. Luis is being introduced to the finger play "Friends at Play." It is very likely that Luis will: A) do the finger movements first.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. home ec

    what sre fats that are usually solid at room temperature

    asked by jo
  48. s

    what is not a synthesis reaction 2H20 --2h2 +02 is this not a syn reaction

    asked by mike
  49. Maths

    What is 725 divided by 32

    asked by Gary White
  50. world history

    A welfare state is a nation in which the government undertakes primary responsibility for the social well-being of its citizens. True False

    asked by Cody
  51. world history

    Payment for war damages is called reparations. True False

    asked by Cody
  52. Economics

    Ive been stuck on this forever now if someone could please walk me through it i was appreciate it: 1: Suppose John had a utility function of U=X^2/3Y^1/3 . Derive Johns demand function from his utility function showing all the necessary steps. i know that

    asked by Brett
  53. Science

    Does the strength of the bond have anything to do with the time it takes to melt a substance? Explain.

    asked by Kayla
  54. College Algebra

    Simplify 5^(-1/2) * 5x^(5/2) / (5x)^(3/2)

    asked by Courtney
  55. World History

    One of the effects of the Great Depression was a- rising wages and prices b- falling wages and prices c- rapid fluctuations in business activity d- constant growth in agricultural production

    asked by Cody
  56. World History

    African anticolonial movement-Lazaro Cardenas-Mexico (True or False )

    asked by Cody
  57. World History

    Nationalizing oil industry-Rafael Trujillo-Dominican Republic Trur or False

    asked by Cody
  58. World History

    Good Neighbor policy-Franklin Roosevelt-United States ( True or False )

    asked by Cody

    1) How does an ionic band different 2)What are some example of elements? name the eletrical charged of a proton, neutron and eletron?

    asked by ANDRESSA
  60. Social Studies repost for bob

    social studues - bob, Tuesday, September 18, 2007 at 4:30pm make 10 ways that students can stay positive when things get tough

    asked by Ms. Sue
  61. world history

    Corporatist state is a system in which a country's major economic activities, such as agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, and commerce are formed into syndicates that resemble corporations. True False

    asked by Cody
  62. Algebra 1

    A cylinder has a radius of 5 in. If the volme of the cylinder is 250p in.3, what is the height of the cylinder? [Hint: The volume of a cylinder is given by V = pr2h.]

    asked by Brenna
  63. help please step by step math

    The binomial x-3 divides exactly the polynomial x^3-2x^2+cx-12 and c is a whole number then c is what?

    asked by bee
  64. African Amer. Study

    I need web sites about the Gddess At-Em, the God Faro, the Goddess Ament, and the God Maui.

    asked by Mack
  65. Math(Algebra 1)

    What are the basic properties of algebra. How do you justify steps?

    asked by Siri
  66. Marketing

    I have to conduct a questionnaire for a pet food delivery service. I need help in coming up with more questions. So far, I got: Do you own a dog or cat? Do you have more than one pet? How often do you buy your pet food? What brand of pet food do you buy?

    asked by Mike
  67. Algebra 2

    1. Give 3 points that lie on the line 4x-y=6. 2. Give 3 points that lie on the line 3x+2y=6. 3. Give 3 points that lie on the line y= -4. Can someone please help because I have no clue how to do these problems

    asked by Christian
  68. psychology

    How would a psychologist who subscribes to the school of Behaviorism explain the problem of violence? What are the weaknesses and strengths of Behaviorism?

    asked by Ashlynn
  69. please!

    ok i REALLY am stumped. please help! it is a sequence problem here is the problem.... 120,60,30 __, __, __. if you could give me the rule for this problem and the next 3 numbers that would be so great!!!!!!

    asked by Rebekka
  70. World History

    Guomindan- Sun Yixian - China True or False

    asked by Cody
  71. Literature

    My question is how do poets utilize leterary devices and conventions to develop themes in their poetry? Can someone explain this to me if you have a few minutes I greatly appreciated it thanks.

    asked by Student A
  72. Algebra 1

    A cylinder has a radius of 5 in. If the volme of the cylinder is 250p in.3, what is the height of the cylinder? [Hint: The volume of a cylinder is given by V = pr2h.]

    asked by help me please(c.c)
  73. BiolOgly... asexual.repro.

    can u tell me the genetic consequences of asexual reproduction, self and cross fertilization?? i've been searching online for some time and i haven't gotten ne results

    asked by AllyKat
  74. Chemistry

    compute volume and/ or weights of reagents to make the following solution. Desired concentration: 22 ug/mL bovine serum albumin Desired quantity: 100 mL Given: 95% bovine serum albumin I'm not sure how to do this so any help would be great. Thanks!

    asked by Alan
  75. World History

    Military dictatorship-Jomo Kenyatta-Kenya ( True or False )

    asked by Cody
  76. social studies

    how many children have emotional and phisical realationships and end up going to extremes.

    asked by Reanna
  77. calculus

    t(min)x-value:36,38,40,42,44 heartbeats-y value: 2530, 2661, 2806,2948,3080 Graph these points(Each point goes with another so (36,2530), (38,2661)... The monitor estimates this value by calculating the slope of a secant line. Use the data to estimate the

    asked by apoorva
  78. CoLLeGE ADmission ESSaY

    WhaT IS a PerSonaL moRaL OR SOme ExamPLEs?

    asked by HELP ME PLEaSE
  79. Math

    how do you solve this problem??? Write each rational number in the form a/b where a and b are both integers and b is not equal to zero... Ex: -2.3 would it be -2 3/10???

    asked by Anonymous
  80. help helphelp help math

    The binomial x-3 divides exactly the polynomial x^3-2x^2+cx-12 and c is a whole number then c is what?

    asked by bee
  81. Social Studies

    What are the physical features of the earth's surface called?

    asked by Michael
  82. World History

    For questions 21- 30 you are given three items: a place, a person, and a thing. Choose True if all these are associated with one another, choose False if they are not: 21. Long March-Mao ZeDong-China True or False

    asked by Cody
  83. Earth Science

    Can someone point me in the direction of information relating to: "Which earth spere is most affected by pollution?" I am leaning to atmosphere - due to global warming, but I would like to do more research. Thanks for the help.

    asked by Mary
  84. Elem. Ed.

    Would you help with this question? Mrs. Jenkins was planning a child enactment of The Gingerbread Boy. She should: A.) read the book to the class, ask for volunteers, reread the story, and encourage audience skills. B.) read the book to the class, select

    asked by Anonymous

    why atoms made up or charged particles have eletrical charged of zero?

    asked by ANDRESSA
  86. Math

    I can't find the LCM of 30 and 48. Help please!!

    asked by Heather
  87. technical design/maps/geography

    The scale of a map is 9mm represent 1km on real ground. I found the area of the map and it is 19990mm2. How am I going to use the scale to find the area of the real ground? Thanks a lot!

    asked by Claire
  88. Moral Help

    This is pretty irrelevant to subjects, but I've had a problem (no, not a math problem) that I could use some good advice on. Today I received a detention for messing around with a friend during a computer apps class. It's easy as hell, so I find it easy to

    asked by John
  89. quanatative analysis

    How do I compute the earlt start column on a gnattc hart. The first three columns are Activety, Predeccesors, and then duration - next Early start Thanks

    asked by sheila
  90. College Summit

    I need to know the Job responsibilities, working conditions, earnings, desirable skills, and opportunites for advacement. For a Real Esate Agent, Auto detailer, and Graphic Designer

    asked by Bryan
  91. Math 6

    What is (√5 + 4)(√5 - 2)?

    asked by Kailee
  92. windows server 2003

    **This question I don't understand**When you configure volume shadow copy, which of the following parameters cannot be configured?

    asked by roland
  93. earth science

    What does -morph stand for in science terms?

    asked by Ann
  94. educational technology

    uses of intructional aids... when to use an appropriate instructional aids...

    asked by klar maesen
  95. Chemistry

    If given: A 1.4470g sample of an oxide of gold was reduced with ethane to 1.2900g of gold metal. What is the simple formula of the original gold oxide?

    asked by Cat
  96. World History

    Zionism-Theodore Herzi-Palestine True or False

    asked by Cody
  97. Management Systems

    Why is the waterfall model valuable in the management of information technology projects?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. biology

    During mitosis, when does cleavage form? Does it form near the end of telophase or near the beginning?

    asked by Anonymous
  99. MATH

    d^2+8 8-d ------ - ------ d^3-d d^3-d

    asked by Amy
  100. world history

    The Open Door Policy stressed American cooperation and nonintervention in Latin American affairs. True False

    asked by Cody
  101. world history

    One reason the Irish wanted homerule was the great number of high yield potato crops that occurred in the mid-1800s. True False

    asked by Cody
  102. world history

    Contraband is war materials supplied by a neutral nation to a belligerent nation. True False

    asked by Cody
  103. Math

    My son is in third grade. He is suppose to make a place value chart for homework. He can't explain to me what he needs to do. He said at the bottom has to be ones tens hundreds thousands and then he needs to cut squares out. Any ideas?

    asked by Kelly
  104. Algebra

    I need help remembering this. What way is the y-axis and the x axis on a graph. I think its x going up and down and then y going left to right. Please help Thank you

    asked by titi
  105. nutrition

    from a physiological point of view how do eating disorders change your life health problems. I know they have low self esteem and want to be thin like they don't feel their pretty enough but what else?

    asked by jean
  106. Can someone help me think of one word for....

    What's one good word that all sums up to seeing an advertisement triggers your emotions, like when you see something, cute like a dog, you go "awe" and you feel like buying the dog...or when you look at a food commercial, you think it's tasty and you feel

    asked by Anonymous
  107. social studues

    what are the advantages and disadnavtages of using a globe to show earth surface

    asked by charles
  108. math

    d^2+8 - 8-d ____________ d^3-d d^3-d i have the answer 1 over d-1 but i don't no how to show the work

    asked by Amy
  109. Glenview

    if you have 2 sets of 2 numbers in one math problem how do you get themode for that problem.

    asked by Brady
  110. world history

    Surrealism is the theory that plant and animal life developed from common ancestors over millions of years. True False

    asked by Cody
  111. world history

    Violence against innocent people to accomplish the political ends of a group or government is called chaos. True False

    asked by Cody
  112. Chem

    I posted this yesterday, I was wondering if anyone could still help me... When doing an acid-base extraction, there are certain rules when chosing the solvent that is to be used in extraction.. one being that it should have a low boiling point. I

    asked by Jenny
  113. math

    6 negative 3 as the exponent times 6 negative 2 as the exponent

    asked by miesha
  114. Language

    What is the simple subject in this sentence? His sister Jane encouraged him to explore.

    asked by andy
  115. Math

    Which is larger - 4.8 or 4.801?

    asked by BJ
  116. homework

    why is a giants hand only 11 inches long?

    asked by Anonymous
  117. science

    what happens to the iron and sulphur when they form iron sulfide

    asked by mike
  118. science

    What are the four chemical building blocks of cells?

    asked by Jack
  119. Environmental Science

    In completing this discussion question, you may want to list the pros and cons of allowing more mineral exploration and mining on public lands in the United States. Consider these factors in reaching your decision regarding exploration and mining on these

    asked by Michael
  120. science

    how much does water weigh?

    asked by kristen
  121. Chemistry

    I need to come up with an idea of an experiment using only baking soda, sodium chloride,a test tube, soapy water, a scale to measure the mass, and a stop watch..... any ideas...of the procedures to use..? help would be nice thank you soo much!!! =p

    asked by Alice
  122. world history

    A dissident is a person dissatisfied with the government. True False

    asked by Cody
  123. English

    Does anybody know where on the internet I could find some short Robin Hood stories? I need something like that to read so I can write a speech or play scene.

    asked by zyzyzzy
  124. Elem. Ed.

    Which requires a child's coordination with speech and movement? A. puppet play and storytelling B. finger plays and flannel boards C. flannel boards and storytelling D. finger plays and puppet play I am thinking (A) puppet play and storytelling, but not

    asked by Anonymous
  125. Algebra

    is r=4 a solution of the equation 8+r^2=16

    asked by Dee-Dee
  126. Math

    This doesn't make sense. My problem says "on a certain planet, i^2=-1" Then it told me to find the value of 1^4. How can I do that?

    asked by Sadie
  127. Math 6

    What is the square root of 18 times "x" cubed?

    asked by Kailee
  128. Algerba I

    a trapezuim has no sides parallel. Its area is given by the following expression 1/2(ah1 + bh2) Note: the 1 and 2 are small and almost under but beside the h A. Evaluate the expression for a = 5 ft 4 in., b = 2 ft 8 in., h1 = 4 ft 4 in., h2 = 6ft 4 in B.

    asked by Jordan
  129. social studies

    how many cities are in oceania

    asked by julie
  130. geometry

    how do you find the coordinatesof the midpoint????

    asked by kassandra*