Questions Asked on
September 10, 2007

  1. Statistics

    Standard Normanl Drill: A. Find the number z such that the proportion of observations that are less than z in a standard Normal distribution is 0.8. B. Find the number z such that 35% of all observations from a standard Normal distribution are greater than

    asked by Devon
  2. physics

    while driving his sports car at 20.0 m/s down a four-lane highway, eddie comes up behind a slow-moving dump truck and decides to pass it in the left lane. If eddie can accelerate at 5.00 m/s2) (squared) how long will it take for him to reach a speed of

    asked by confusedd!
  3. math, economics, game theory

    Two people have 10 dollars to divide between themselves. they use the following procedure. each person names a number of dollars (nonnegative integer), at most equal to 10. IF the sum of the amounts that the people name exceeds 10 and the amounts named are

    asked by eric
  4. Physics

    A dragster accelerates from rest for a distance of 450m at 14 m/s^2. A parachute is then used to slow it down to a stop if the parachute gives the dragster an acceleration of -7m/s^2 how far has the dragster traveled before stopping?

    asked by Tri
  5. Literature

    Would example 4 be the best answer for this question? When children ask for a book to be read,it is probably NOT because: 1. it is developmentally appropriate 2. they feel a sense of knowledge 3. they enjoyed the book 4. they are seeking to avoid

    asked by Anonymous
  6. physics

    A jumbo jet taxiing down the runway receives word that it must return to the gate to pick up an important passenger who was late to his connecting flight. The jet is traveling at 45.0 m/s when the pilot resieves the messae. What is the acceleration of the

    asked by confusedd!
  7. Physics

    A bus travels 280 km south along a straight path with an average velocity of 88 km/hr to the south. The bus stops for 24 min, then it travels 210 km south with an average of 75 km/hr to the south. A. How long does the total trip last? B. What is the

    asked by Lindsay
  8. this isn't actually for school! just interesting.

    On September 8, I posed the question "Do you believe what you believe in is really real?" This was NOT a homework question. I was just curious as to what everyone's different answers were. If anyone else wants to answer, that would be great. This is just

    asked by Food4thought...
  9. physics

    a point charge q=5.0 micro coulombs is placed at each corner of an equilateral triangle with sides .26 m in length. a. what is the magnitude of the electric field at the midpoint of any of the three sides of the triangle?

    asked by natash
  10. economics- opportunity cost

    how does opportunity cost vary? why does opportunity cost vary? for why i put: Opportunity cost is different for every individual. It varies depending on the choice you make. i'm not sure about "how" it varies though.

    asked by Anonymous
  11. science

    suppose you have 100grams of radioactive plutonium-239 with a half-life of 24,000 years. how many grams of plutonium-239 will remain after: A)12,000 years B)24,000 years C)96,000 years how do i do this??????

    asked by matt
  12. physics

    I neeeeeeeeeed helppp pronto, Measurements show that a honeybee in active flight can acquire an electrostatic charge as great as 93.0 pC a. how many electrons must be transferred to produce this charge? b.suppose 2 bees, each with a charge of 93.0pC, are

    asked by natash
  13. science

    Myoglovin, a protein that stores oxygen, has a mass of 2.98 x 10-4____ Would it be milligram, gram or kilogram?

    asked by beano
  14. English

    Can someone explain the correct way to use quotes in an essay? I wat to specifically use a quote as my first line in my intro (I have never done that before but my teacher wants an interesting beginning) but how would I do that correctly? Could someone

    asked by Samantha
  15. economics

    What is an opportunity cost for eating pizza?

    asked by anonymous
  16. Calculus

    Find an equation of the plane orthogonal to the line: (x,y,z) = (5,-6,-1) + t(3,10,-3) which passes through the point (-6,-1,5). so i got so far: x=5+3t y=-6+10t z=-1-3t Should be in form ax+by+cz+d=d Not sure where to go from there...

    asked by Vectors and Planes
  17. referencing sources for chem

    I'm not sure how to reference the source if I used the Merck Index. It's the 14th edition and it has the editors and publisher but I'm not sure write the format. The Merck Index An Encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals

    asked by ~christina~
  18. physics

    what is the magnitude of the electric field produced by a charge of magnitude 6.00 micro coulombs at a distance of a. 1.00m b. 2.00m

    asked by natash
  19. US. History

    Create a political pamphlet from a colonists point of view protesting an act of parliament or commenting on a political action.For example the stamp act,navigation act,townshend act, or the intolerable act. This pamphlet is going to be distributed to the

    asked by amanda
  20. grammar

    They were talking, though I couldn't hear what they were saying because they were on the far side of the gallery. They stopped in front of a case and I could see their faces quite clearly. They stood there looking at each other, not talking any more, and I

    asked by anonymous
  21. math

    The Rossi family wants to install new tiles on the floor on their kitchen. The tiles they plan to use are 3 in x 3 in squares. The floor space to be covered is shown in the diagram below with measurements given in feet. How many square tiles will the Rossi

    asked by Robert
  22. Math

    A magic square is a square of numbers with each row, column, and diagonal of the square adding up to the same sum, called the magic sum. Arrange the numbers, -1,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,and 7 into a magic square. How does the average of these numbers compare with the

    asked by Michelle
  23. english

    what is the noun in the sentence, As he turned to go, he spat speculatively.

    asked by anonymous
  24. Science(chem [Solubility])

    This pertains to the Merck Index. I would have to say that the exact solubility is not very clear like for ex. Sodium Sulfate solubility listed is: Sol in ~3.6 parts water -I don't know what to make of this information since If I have to fill up a chart

    asked by ~christina~
  25. english

    in the play the tragedy of macbeth by william shakespear, what do the witches predict for macbeth and banquo?

    asked by options
  26. chemistry

    Determine the molarity of 30% (w/w) KOH of specific gravity 1.29. Thanks for any help.

    asked by Alan
  27. world civ.

    which contribution do you think had the greatest impact on the modern world?

    asked by jasmin
  28. Calculus

    I've been trying to figure this out but I can't seem to find the correct answer... DIRECTIONS: Find the points of intersection of the groups of the equations, and check your results analytically. QUESTION 1: 2x - 3y = 13 5x + 3y = 1 QUESTION 2: x^2 + y^2 =

    asked by C
  29. Physics

    Please Help!!!! Find the current in the 10.0 ohm resistor in the drawing (V1 = 21.0 V and R1 = 27.0 ohms). The drawing is in the shape of a rectangle that has one straight line down the center. On the left top line is R1; on the right top line is 5.0 ohm;

    asked by Jim
  30. Algebra

    Would this be correct? 6p-18/9p divided by 3p-9/p^2+29 6p-18/9p * 9^2+29 6(p-3)/9p * p(p+2)/3(p-3) 2p(p+2)/9

    asked by Stacy
  31. Math

    I'm not smarter than a 5th grader! ok. Assignment was to write "Fourty Thousanths". Would 0.040 really be right? That seems like four hundredths to me. I USED to know math Trying to help my son.

    asked by Ken
  32. geography

    Can you see Calais France from the cliffs of Dover?

    asked by Greg
  33. Word Problem

    Can someone help me figure out the equation? I am not good at figuring this out. Investing her bonus. Donna invested her $33,000 bonus and received a total of $970 in interest after 1 year. If part of the money returned 4% & the remainder 2.25%, how much

    asked by Shana
  34. physics

    virginia threw a frisbee for a distance of 138.56m to capture the womans recrod. If the frisbee was thrown horizontally with a speed of 13.0 m/s, how long did the frisbee remain aloft?

    asked by jovana
  35. Physics

    Please help!!!!! What resistance must be placed in parallel with a 152 ohm resistor to make the equivalent resistance 111 ohm?

    asked by Jim
  36. science

    A person owns a 146.8 acre farm which received a total of 1.64 inches of rain. How many liters of rain would that be? An acre is 43560 square feet; there are 2.54 cm in one 1 inch.

    asked by mustafa
  37. math

    rylanda has a rectangular flower have a perimeter of 32 is 6 feet long is it?

    asked by kay
  38. Resume Help

    I created my resume, however my profile paragraph seems a little too wordy any ideas or thoughts on how I can change/improve it? PROFILE: Seeking an intern or entry position in Project Management where I can develop and excel while giving my best to an

    asked by Maxine
  39. College Algebra

    Could you please help me with this problem? We are to graph each compound inequality. x ¡Ý -2y and x - 3y < 6

    asked by Shana
  40. Math

    Set Q is defined as odd integers from 1 to 2000. How many ordered pairs (a,b) are there in set Q whereby a

    asked by Kristen
  41. also need noun help

    He smiled agreeably to himself as he thought of those biscuits, each cut open and sopped in bacon grease, and each enclosing a generous slice of fried bacon. (I have biscuits, bacon grease and bacon as nouns is this right and are there more in this

    asked by Peggy
  42. english

    He pressed his hand against the protruding bundle under his jacket. Would the word bundle be a noun, or protruding(possible gerund?)

    asked by mickey
  43. science

    What effect would a change in pH have on the effectiveness on catalase? But first of all, what is the ideal pH range for catalase activity?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Math

    A magic square is a square of numbers with each row, column, and diagonal of the square adding up to the same sum, called the magic sum. Arrange the numbers, -1,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,and 7 into a magic square. How does the average of these numbers compare with the

    asked by Michelle
  45. calculus

    f(x)=2x^2-x g(x)=3x+2 f*g= g*f= f*f= g*g=

    asked by sherri
  46. Science

    Can someone please answer this for me, thanks: Can an object be moving and still be in equilibrium? Explain.

    asked by JYD
  47. American history

    what are the differences between World War II militia and the regular troops

    asked by Robin
  48. english

    What are the nouns in this sentence? And again, in the air, before it could fall to the snow, the spittle crackled.

    asked by anonymous
  49. this isn't homwork...just for fun.

    Just wondering... Do YOU, personally, believe what YOU, personally, believe is really real? and... What is truth/reality?

    asked by Food4thought...
  50. science

    what is a physiology

    asked by gillian
  51. Ms. Sue, answer me please!

    This is NOT for homework. Just a question I want to ask random people. :) Just wondering... Do YOU, personally, believe what YOU, personally, believe is really real? and... What is truth/reality?

    asked by Food4thought...
  52. Math

    18x^2-25x-10 divided by 9x+1 It's long division of polynomials

    asked by Kym
  53. last one i promise....physics

    A startled armadill leaps upward rising .536 m in the first .197 s. What is its initial speed as it leaves the ground? What is its speed at the height f .536m? How much higher does it go?

    asked by Kristen
  54. MATH


    asked by CONFUSED MOM
  55. Children's Lit.

    I asked this question today, and made a mistake in my question. I should have said"reread instead of "read" When children ask for a book to be reread,it is probably NOT because: 1. it is developmentally appropriate 2. they feel a sense of knowledge 3. they

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Geometry

    Please Help! How do I work this? The Volume of the box is represented by (x^2+5x+6)(x+5). Find the polynomial that represents the area of the bottom of the box.

    asked by Tim
  57. Algebra II

    A tight end can run 100 yds in 10 sec. A defensive end for the opposing team can run 100 yds in 8 sec. If the tight end is at his own 20 yd line and the defensive end is at his own 15 yd line, at what yard line will they meet?

    asked by Clyve
  58. need some help

    what would the nouns be in this sentence?Undoubtedly it was colder than fifty below--how much colder he did not know?

    asked by mickey
  59. precalculus

    The symbol [x] means the greatest integer not greater than x. If f(x)=[2x]-3x, find the value for f(x-1). Thanks.

    asked by Lynus
  60. social studies

    what type of land form is long island?

    asked by blesson george
  61. Geography

    It has been said that Eastern Europe is a political region more than a physical region. Would you agree or disagree with this statement? Please explain.

    asked by shelly
  62. English

    What are the synonyms and antonyms for the word resourcefulness? Thank you.

    asked by Plshelp
  63. Science

    I need help with designing a lab about enzymes. I want to change the amount of enxyme inhibitors as the independent variable, but I don't know what enzyme I could use or what inhibitor I could use. What are some common, easy-to-use enzymes with inhibitors?

    asked by Rebekkah

    What are the nouns in these sentences? It was also the only way to keep the biscuits from freezing.He smiled agreeably to himself as he thought of those biscuits, each cut open and sopperd in bacon grease, and each inclosing a generous slice of fried

    asked by beano
  65. MATH


    asked by Amy

    Need help. what are the nouns in this sentence? In, fact he carried nothing but the lunch wrapped in the hankerchief.

    asked by MEKAL
  67. English

    is supper a noun?

    asked by beano
  68. science

    describe two factors that determine the phenotype of a trait

    asked by gina
  69. Geography for CARIBE

    Posted by CARIBE on Monday, September 10, 2007 at 4:17pm in response to MATHHHHHH. how many people are african in the world

    asked by Ms. Sue
  70. math

    what is reaoprddrie

    asked by lali
  71. Geometry

    Please Help! How do I work this? The Volume of the box is represented by (x^2+5+6)(x+5). Find the polynomial that represents the area of the bottom of the box.

    asked by Tim
  72. math

    the sumof the quotient of p and 14,and the puotient of q and 3 wat is the expression

    asked by jose
  73. english/poetry/literature

    What are some good connotations for "tree" or websites that lists connotations for "tree"?

    asked by anonymous
  74. Biology

    Different isotopes of the same element have different numbers of what ????

    asked by Logan
  75. I am soooo lost in physics

    a ball of moist clay falls t the gournd from a height of 12m . It is in contact with the ground for 20.5 ms before coming to rest. What is the average acceleration of the clay during the time it is in contact with the ground?

    asked by Kristen
  76. science

    How many Mm2 would there be in 43.65 dm2 Mm stands for Mega meters and dm stands for decimeters

    asked by mustafa
  77. Class Room Management

    What's a good plan between home, school and students would look like. in fifth grade, sow can you be sure your plan provides frequent updates. Who should be inculded in the paln. how can you inculde a postive feed back as well as issues that are needed to

    asked by LATUNJA JONES
  78. Thanks

    I would just like to sat thanks to drwls for helping me a bunch with the physics questions...AP physics is pretty hard..thanks again, whoever you are.. I am sure i will be back plenty of times!

    asked by Kristen
  79. math

    i just completely blanked on how to solve one of these questions: eighteen students went to the museum, but only one third saw the prehistoric exhibit. how many students saw the exhibit? i know that in this case, u could just divide 18 by 3, but what if i

    asked by anonymous
  80. science reading scales

    how to you find the samllest division when reading a scale

    asked by tiff
  81. Math/spanish

    how do you translate the number 501,289 into the spanish written form? (five hundred one thousand two hundred eighty nine)in spanish?

    asked by Meredith
  82. Math

    how do we make dot arrays?

    asked by Sam
  83. chem( "parts water")

    I guess nobody will help me with what "part water" means?? If you want clarifying on that is it for example say 1g compound and 1g water would be 1part compound and 1 part water? I'll take a site or ANYTHING that can help me with this on what this means...

    asked by ~christina~
  84. Class Room Management

    Im trying to write an impressions of what a good communciation plan between home, school and student would look like from any grade level. what should be inculde in this plan. Howw could i invovle parents in this plan. How should my coummuncation paln

    asked by LATUNJA JONES
  85. math

    I am havnig a problem understanding the rules of long division with decimals can you explain

    asked by erica

    hello...we have been reading THE SEVEN PER_CENT SOLUTION in my an essay question we have to compare and contrastg the characters and professional methods of sherlock holmes and Sigmund Freud...tnx in advance!!

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Algebra 2

    Give the x and y intercepts of the graph of 3x-2y=12.

    asked by Christian
  88. Science: Biology

    Some people blamed the decrease of otter numbers on mink. give three reasons why this seemed possible. Explain your answers. I could only think of one answer, which was about food competition- please help!! thanks

    asked by Jessica
  89. science

    the diostance between two points

    asked by jjr
  90. Calculus

    Find the point at which the line +t intersects the plane 4x-y-z=73. What process do i take to solve this problem?

    asked by Michael
  91. world civilization class

    list three contributions of greece to democracy?

    asked by jasmin
  92. English

    Could you help me with some antonyms for attainment? Thank you.

    asked by Plshelp
  93. english

    In episode seven of "Beowulf" how does the battles setting add to the epic significance?

    asked by english student
  94. Science

    How can I triple the volume of water?

    asked by Stormie
  95. MATH

    find the domain of the function f(x)=2x

    asked by Regina

    what are the nouns in this sentence? A foot of snow had fallen since the last sled had passed over, and he was glad he was without a sled, travelling light.

    asked by CB
  97. Science

    Compare and contrast an independent variable and a dependent variable.

    asked by Haley
  98. english

    what are the nouns in this sentence? There was a sharp, explosive crackle that startled him.

    asked by anonymous
  99. math

    What do you call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2/ row arrays

    asked by Lucas
  100. Algebra

    Could you please check some of my Algebra problems please? Write the standard form of the equation of the circle with the given center and radius. 1. (-7,4);8 I got (x+7)^2 + (y-4)^2=64 2. (-7,10); square root of 17 I got (x+7)^2 + (y-10)^2=17 3. (0,0); 2

    asked by Soly
  101. calculus

    f(x)=x+1/x g(x)=x+1/x+2 f of g? g of f? f of f? g of g?

    asked by sam
  102. mathematics

    how can you do the lcm to somethimg like 12000 without having to do all of that mathematics just to make it quicker?

    asked by alana


    asked by DEB
  104. math

    write the expression the produc of 5 and m,minus the quotient of t and 7

    asked by jose
  105. math

    9n+1 write an phrase

    asked by jose
  106. Repost: English for Adam

    english - adam, Monday, September 10, 2007 at 5:26pm what is an antonymes I assume Adam is asking "What is an antonym?"

    asked by Ms. Sue
  107. Algebra 2

    What point does the line y-3=2(x+7) pass through? Name the point that can be read from the equation.

    asked by Christian
  108. Sociology

    Can anyone give me examples of the definitions: social construction of reality, self-fulfilling prophecy, and incorrigible proposition?

    asked by Chris
  109. geology

    How do the masses of the planets compare to that of the sun? Do i just divide the masses of the planet's by the mass of the sun? I'm so confused!

    asked by Amanda
  110. geology

    How do the masses of the planets compare to that of the sun? Do i just divide the masses of the planet's by the mass of the sun? I'm so confused!

    asked by Amanda
  111. chemistry

    In experiment concerning potentiometric determination of puriy and Ka of KHP, we obtained an experimental pKa of 5.04 and when compared with the theoretical pKa of 5.51, we obtained a % relative error of 192%. Could this error mean that a cerain impurity

    asked by smiley
  112. math

    my 10 yr old son brought home work about stem and leaf plots. i have no idea what it is or how to sove the problem. the problem asked is what is the least number of dogs at a dog show and i don't know how to read the graph

    asked by confused mom
  113. science

    The acceleration of a substance is 19.615 m/s2. What is the acceleration in cm/cs2?

    asked by mustafa
  114. ECON


    asked by Anonymous
  115. history

    what are some factors that promoted industrial growth in the US??? And what kind of graphic organizer should I use to show this???

    asked by katie
  116. history....i forgot to say...

    I forgot to say that the factors have to be things from after the Civil post-war factors that promoted industrial growth in the US. thanks.

    asked by katie
  117. Geography

    What is the only state to boarder Arkansas to the south that the 40 degree parallel runs through?

    asked by Ryan
  118. Math

    Please help me solve this problem. (-7)e-3

    asked by Merritt
  119. I NEED HELP

    What nouns are in this sentence? He knew that at fifty below spittle crackled on the snow, but this spittle had cracked in the air

    asked by anonymous
  120. math

    Please help. Name all values of x that are not in the domain of the given function. f(x)=x-10/(sqrt x^2-16)

    asked by Lydia
  121. Science

    Where can I find info on molecules; i.e., where they come from, their function, what they do for our body...

    asked by Abby
  122. Algebra

    3/3b-6 + 3/4b+8 would the answer be 17b-2/12(b-2)(b+2)

    asked by Anonymous
  123. ss

    what are important ideas about law and government

    asked by chad
  124. chemistry

    What are some examples of a suspension?

    asked by a.harris
  125. ss

    what are important ideas about law and government of rome i got builing streets

    asked by chad
  126. Algebra

    Graph the absolute value inequalities. I just can not get this. Please help! x + 2y ¡Ý 6

    asked by Shana
  127. History

    What major event occurred in Europe in 1453?

    asked by Amanda
  128. Ms. Sue, quick question...

    do you know if "Count Iblis" is a real "Count", as in, you know, like descendents of English monarchy or something? i saw him on here, and wondered if you knew him or anything. thank you. :)

    asked by Food4thought...
  129. English

    I need a first person, plural, masculine ,noun

    asked by Anonymous
  130. Algebra

    Would this be correct? 6p-18/9p divided by 3p-9/p^2+29 6p-18/9p * 9^2+29 6(p-3)/9p * p(p+2)/3(p-3) 2p(p+2)/9

    asked by Stacy
  131. english

    is true a noun? if so is it an abstract noun?

    asked by jason
  132. geography

    how many miles , in north to south , are the temperate zones?

    asked by Anonymous
  133. PRE-CAL


    asked by JIM