Questions Asked on
August 26, 2007

  1. physics

    a dog runs back and forth between its two owners, who are walking toward one another. the dog starts running when the owners are 10 m apart. if the dog runs with a speed of 3 m/s and the owners each walk with a speed of 1.3 m/s how far has the dog traveled

    asked by manny
  2. Physics 221

    An object starts from rest at the origin and moves along the x axis with a constant acceleration of 4m/s^2. Its average velocity as it goes from x=2m to x=8m is: A. 1m/s B. 2m/s C. 3m/s D. 5m/s E. 6m/s An object is released from rest and falls a distance H

    asked by Joshua
  3. Chemistry

    Hi, I'm really having trouble this this chemistry problem. I have the answers; however I don't have extensive knowledge about titrations and I'm struggling with working it out. If anyone could suggest how to work this out (or even where to start) that

    asked by Stein
  4. Stage

    The following is a diagram of a stage: UP STAGE STAGE RIGHT STAGE LEFT DOWN STAGE (AUDIENCE) Now, if in a book based on a play it says that there are two bedroom doors: DOOR#1 "at right" and DOOR #2 "at left", which side of the stage (stage right or stage

    asked by Anonymous
  5. algebra

    1)Find the 20th term of the arithmetic sequence in which a1=3 and d=7 a.143 b.136 c.140 d.133 an=a1+(n-1)d a20=3+(20-1)7 a20=3+(19)7 a20=3+133 answer=b 2)Write an equation for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence -3,3,9,15...

    asked by Marissa
  6. Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group Member

    Subordinate Groups: Native Americans, African Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Arab Americans, Filipino Americans, Korean Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Asian Indians, Hawaiians, Irish Americans, Polish Americans, Norwegian Americans,

    asked by STEPH
  7. Science

    I have some equations that I would like checked. Thanxs! 1. An automobile starts from rest and accelerates at 3m/s2 for 4 seconds. How fast is it going after acceleration? 3m/s^2 / 4 = .75 m/s 2. If an automobile travels at 30 km/hr. for 2 hours, how far

    asked by Emma
  8. algebra

    I'm pretty sure these are right but I just want to check. 1)Find the 20th term of the arithmetic sequence in which a1=3 and d=7 a.143 b.136 c.140 d.133 answer=b 2)Write an equation for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence -3,3,9,15...

    asked by Marissa
  9. math

    the______is the running total of the data that has been recorded.

    asked by ashley
  10. kindda URGENT-social studies/world civilizations

    i have about one more page to write in this report about the egyptian god of death, osiris, and i've gone on about how he was born, who was involved, not much to his life, but got a good part of his death covered...i have one more page and i am at loss for

    asked by anonymous
  11. Physics 221

    1. throughout a time interval, while the speed of a particle increases as it moves along the x axis, its velocity and acceleration might be: A. positive and negative, respectively B. negative and positive, respectively C. negativa and negative,

    asked by Joshua
  12. statistics

    ****Does the correlation .34 between extra curricular activities and academic achievement represent a true relationship? The null hypothesis is there is no relationship betwee extra-curricular activities and academic achievement. 1. HO:=0.00 H1:> 0.00 2.

    asked by whitt
  13. math?

    ann sleeps 8 hrs per night. Write an expression for the number of hrs ann sleeps in n nights

    asked by mmme
  14. Nonverbal and Verbal Communication

    compare and contrast characteristics of nonverbal and verbal communication for audiences in relaxed situations (family members and friends) and audiences in tense situations (supervisors and instructors). List at least three items for each category.

    asked by Stephanie Ciliberto
  15. record ways you would organize information for inf

    Although all business communication shares some common characteristics, differences do exist among informative, positive, negative, and persuasive messages. For example, in order to elicit the most favorable response, it is important to determine how to

    asked by Shimika allicock
  16. algebra

    1)Find a1 in a geometric series for which Sn=300,r=-3,and n=4 a.15 b.15/2 c.-15 d.1/15 answer=a 2)Find the sum of the infinite geometric series n=1 at the bottom of the sigma notation 20(-1/4)n-1 on the right side a.25 b.80/3 c.16 d.does not exist answer=c

    asked by Marissa
  17. math

    the_________is the difference between the greatest and least numbers in a set of data.

    asked by ashley
  18. English

    I mean, what is "independence" all about? Is it concluded in freedom? Respect? Loyalty? And why is it connected to that?

    asked by Nazharia
  19. Physics

    Car A is traveling at 84 km/h while Car B is traveling at 58 km/h. What is the relative velocity of Car A to Car B if they both are traveling in the same direction? What is the relative velocity of Car A to Car B if they are headed towards each other?

    asked by Jayd
  20. algebra

    1)Find the sixth term of the geometric sequence for which a1=5 and r=3 a.1215 b.3645 c.9375 d.23 answer=a 2)Write an equation for the nth term of the geometric sequence -12,4,-4/3,...

    asked by Marissa
  21. american history

    I have to research some industries. I need to know what industries were in new york, cincinatti, chicago, st louis and buffalo between the years of 1877 and 1905. Then i need to tell why those industries were located where they were in that part of the

    asked by brindy
  22. math

    what is 999999999999999999 times 9999?

    asked by JD
  23. History

    What was the relationship between church and state during the 16th Protestent Reformation?

    asked by Bert
  24. english

    Posted by Anonymous on Friday, August 24, 2007 at 9:42pm. download mp3 free instrumental remix I don't understand this question in A Raisin in the Sun, Act III, Scene I: Q: Beneatha is particularly bitter, but Ruth defends Walter. What does Ruth say?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. pysics

    What is derivation? How does derivation differe from an experiment or theory?

    asked by Janie
  26. maths

    the police officer also gathered data on the speedsx, in kilometers per hour (km/h) of some cars as they drove down the hill towards her car. the speed limit is 50 km/h. Analysis of the results showed that the speeds of cars were normally distributed with

    asked by kate
  27. world civ

    does anyone know of a great website where i can get good, detailed information on ancient egyptian religion, esp. the god Osiris? have to write a long report and want to have enough info....thanks!

    asked by bee
  28. URGENT- need help about stage diagrams

    When I do my diagram of the stage, should I do it based on the audience's right and left or the actors' right and left?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. ino literacy

    what is the call number of the oldest copy of Ellison's Shadow And Act

    asked by ernie
  30. Economics

    In considering the supply curves for gold and cauliflowers, explain the significance of the cost/bulk ratio of the two products, the durability/perishability factor, and the issue of respective storage costs.

    asked by Anonymous
  31. calculus

    Find f'(x): f(x)=3(2x^25x+1) I am not sure if the 5x is multiplied to the 2x^2 (I got f'(x)=90x^2) or there is a typo.

    asked by Anonymous

    Can ANYONE please help me by going to either the very bottom of this page or the top of the next and click on "English-URGENT-HELP NEEDED!"? I really need some help on that one and I'm afraid no one will find it and I'll have to keep posting it over and

    asked by Anonymous
  33. english

    Posted by Anonymous on Friday, August 24, 2007 at 10:00pm. download mp3 free instrumental remix For the book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, I have to answer this question: Q- 1. SETTING: give the time, place, and lenghth of the story. A- time: from

    asked by Anonymous
  34. question

    What time of the year is barley bucked, horseshoes played, and there are migrant workers? (this was in the 1930s) I am looking for the TIME OF YEAR, like the season. I was thinking fall.

    asked by Anonymous
  35. FIN

    After 12 months of making extra payments, what will be the loan balance? After 12 months of making the regular payment and investing the $50, what will be the loan balance? Under the regular payment and investing option, excluding the tax due on the

    asked by HELP
  36. English

    For an English assignment, I have to put five items in a bag. One of the items must relate to my responsibilities as a citizen. How can I have any responsibilities as a citizen if I am still considered a kid? Could it mean like volunteering or something?

    asked by Madison
  37. Physics

    From my homework, I have to to find the area of circle. One of my tasks is to trace a cylinder end down and then on graph paper trace the end of each. I did already that, but now I am having troulb converting the number of squares to square centimeters.

    asked by Soly
  38. Area of a circle

    Whats the formula to find the area of a circle?

    asked by Jess
  39. Math- Calculus

    Find an equation of the line that is tangent to the graph of f and parallel to the given line Function: f(x) = x^3 Line 3x-y+1 = 0 ._.; I know the derivative of the function is 3x^2 and I do have the answer in the back of my book just need the way to get

    asked by Hanna
  40. math

    How do i find cos[arctan(3/5)] ?

    asked by paige
  41. maths

    cars driven on the road must have a current warrant of fitness and be registered. A recent newspaper article contained the following statement : 80% of cars on the road in new zealand have a currengt warrant of fitness and 90% are currently registed." In

    asked by kate
  42. English

    What does "Independence Day" really mean?

    asked by Nazharia
  43. chemistry

    what is (1.2*10^2)*(8.9*10^2)

    asked by jasmyn
  44. english

    In the sentence: Supreme Court judges see many cases. Should judges be Capitalized?

    asked by Nikki
  45. reading

    hi... i need help fast.... what is the theme in maniac magee??? please help me :(

    asked by ashley
  46. stocks

    Hi, I would like to invest in stocks or have a diversified portofolio , but i don't know where to start. Am a beginner so i just want something for beginner. Thanks

    asked by lollicupy
  47. Science

    What are the applications of diffraction of light?

    asked by Nazharia
  48. miles to meters

    how do you convert 2250 miles to meters?

    asked by megan
  49. theater arts

    whats comes in a career circle

    asked by amber
  50. Science

    What is plant food production?

    asked by George