Questions Asked on
August 23, 2007

  1. chemistry

    A student measures the mass of a book as 12,321g. What is the book's mass in kg?

    asked by Rachael
  2. time management

    As I spend more and more time working, I spend less time with family and friends. However, my career and financial success are important to me. How do I balance the time I spend making money versus time I spend with people? What are some critical questions

    asked by Leo

    I am refreshing on bonding and structure before starting an organic chem class. I am a bit rusty on hybrid orbitals in bonding. Take Methane, CH4, I understand each carbon has an sp3 orbital that overlaps an s orbital on the H to form its 4 bonds. In a

    asked by AMY
  4. Geometry

    I did not get this question at all, if someone could help, I would appreciate it! It says: Reword Theorem 1-3 as two statements, one describing existence and the other describing uniqueness. Theorem 1-3 says: If two lines intersect, then exactly one plane

    asked by Emily
  5. algebra 2

    square root of 7 squared + in the world do i do that if its not a perfect square?

    asked by gaby
  6. Chemistry

    Suppose a piece of lead with a mass of 14.9 g at a temperature of 92.5 C is dropped into an insulated container of water. The mass of water is 165 g and its temperature before adding the lead is 20.0 C. What is the final temperature? I know that I have to

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Math

    Ok I have this problem and wanted to know itf its right. If its not please let me know what I did wrong... -8X-12+29x-39+62-3=15x+2 -8x+29x=-37x -12-39+62-3=14 -37x+14=15x+2 -22x+2 22/2 x=1/11??

    asked by Tiffany
  8. Algebra1

    3x/4 - 2x/5 + x/2

    asked by unknown
  9. Algebra1

    if x-3y=8 and y=2x+1, then x= ???

    asked by unknown
  10. chem

    Hello, I need help solving this problem on intermolecular dispersion forces. Can you explain how I go about finding the answer? Which member of the following has the stronger intermolecular dispersion forces? a. CO CO2 neither of these b. CH3CH2CH2CH2Br

    asked by manny
  11. reading log

    what is the theme of John Grisham's "the rainmaker"???

    asked by klar maesen
  12. Chemistry

    I have a problem that has been driving me crazy trying to solve, and I was wondering if someone could help. The problem is this: "Given the reaction: CuSO4 + 4 NH3 ----> Cu(NH3)4SO4, if 10 grams of CuSO4 reacts with 30 grams of NH3, what is the theoretical

    asked by Josh
  13. Art ... Light

    Hello, Flourescent lighting has a high color temperature... Correct? Thank You

    asked by Mandi
  14. Writing

    Im doing an essay and Im going to write the name of a school. what do i put around it, quotation marks or capitalize it or underline the name?

    asked by Rae
  15. Literature

    I am writing report on the novel The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells. I am supposed to write when the story takes place. I have searched through the book and the internet and can't find any hints as to what time frame the young scientist lived in. Please help!

    asked by Jenna
  16. Geometry question

    In isosceles ABC, B is the vertex. The measure of angle B can be represented as (8x+2). The measure of angle A can be represented as (9x-2). Find the measure of all three angles of the triangle. Be sure to name the angle with it’s measurement (ex: angle

    asked by Jim
  17. math

    two 22.5 degree cast iron bend are offset by 3 feet 5 inches, so the diagonal that joins them must have one hub. you need to measure a 10 foot length of 3 inch pipe and cut it for the diagonal. if you measure from the extreme end of the hub, at what

    asked by manny
  18. math

    in the addition problems below each leter represents the same digit in both problems. Replace each letter with a different digi, 1-9, so that both addition problems are true.(there are two possible answers.) A B C A D G +D E F +B E H ------ ------ G H I C

    asked by kenzie
  19. social studies

    how would you a,s atest aboutusing a map?define the words cardinal direections intermediate directions relative location scale map symbol locator

    asked by lakeisha
  20. Math

    can someone please explain to me how to do place values ant the powers of ten

    asked by Jeremy
  21. history

    how did human history begin?

    asked by lolita
  22. Math

    I need help with solving this equation and the steps on how to do it? 5X-9-19+22X-38X=-17+17X-9+12

    asked by Tiffany
  23. social studies

    What is the latitude and longitude of Greenwich, England?

    asked by Asia
  24. algebra/math

    i know this is probably a really simple answer and i'm gonna want to hit my head on a wall after i get it, hopefully, but how would i find a unit rate and then simplify it, if possible? like, 3 pages/5 hours? like the directions just say to write as a rate

    asked by bridget
  25. history

    south west asia

    asked by josiah
  26. math

    insert grouping symbols into 2*3^3+4 to get it to equal 4374

    asked by becca
  27. algebra 2

    could someone please help me with this... Solve for F: C=5/9(F-32)

    asked by logan
  28. algebra 2

    in absolute value i kno that a negative number then turns to positive...but wat if theres a subtraction sign is that included too? Example: (PARENTHESIS ARE THE ABSOLUTE VALUE SIGNS) (2-1) dont be too complicated plz and thank u!!!

    asked by gaby
  29. Romantic Era

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some links about the developements in science during the Romantic Era?

    asked by Kasey
  30. algebra 3

    how do i solve square root of 72x to the 3rd power?????

    asked by david
  31. word problem

    a boy gives his classmates an equal number of candy bars. he tell s his friends that if five fewer kids show up next time, they will get two more candies each. instead, four more kids show up so they get one less candy a piece instead. how many candies

    asked by Lisa
  32. math

    insert grouping symbols into 2x3^3+4 to get it to equal 4374 and 279,936.... i don't even think its possible!

    asked by becca
  33. International Business

    WHy is acceleration or delay of payments more useful to an IC than smaller, separate companies?

    asked by patti
  34. math

    use grouping symbols to make 2x3^3+4 equal 279936

    asked by becca
  35. Algebra. 1

    For a snow sculpture content, snow is packed into a cube-shaped box with an edge of 8 feet. The box is frozen and removed, leaving a cube of snow. One cubic foot of snow weighs about 30 pounds. You can estimate the weight ( in pounds) of the cube using the

    asked by Michael
  36. Critical Thinking

    How can someone distinguish between the prejudicial and nonprejudicial use of rhetorical devices?

    asked by Monique
  37. Math

    How about this equation just simple form?? 28-56-137+19-69+82+16-99

    asked by Dayana
  38. Chemistry

    I have a problem that has been driving me crazy trying to solve, and I was wondering if someone could help. The problem is this: "Given the reaction: CuSO4 + 4 NH3 ----> Cu(NH3)4SO4, if 10 grams of CuSO4 reacts with 30 grams of NH3, what is the theoretical

    asked by Josh
  39. grammar

    in the sentence Jack told me. Is me the direct object or the indirect object? I am confused b/c I could say Jack told the secret to me. TIA!

    asked by Beth
  40. IT

    In this assignment, you are going to be gathering information about the future students of NSU at one of our open houses. Since there will be plenty of student candidates with interests on different programs, I would like you to create a database using

    asked by Tiffany
  41. algebra 2

    i need help simplifyng this expression 72a^2*b^3/-24a^2*b^5

    asked by abdi
  42. Math

    Is there any difference between an equation with one variable and one equation with two variables?

    asked by Rindi
  43. social studies

    Where can I find a map that shows crops grown in Louisiana?

    asked by Christian
  44. Algebra II

    I don't exactly understand what needs to be done in this problem. Could someone please explain what I am supposed to be doing a bit clearer than the book? Four jobs need to be done, and four workers are available. The chart shows how long each worker takes

    asked by Codie
  45. Algebra1

    i think i have to simplify.... but the question just says: (2y-3)^2 a.4y^2+9 b.4y^2-6y+9 c.4y^2-12y+9 d.4y^2+12y+9 i got A but i wanna make sure....

    asked by unknown
  46. Algebra1

    i think i have to simplify.... but the question just says: (2y-3)^2 possible answers: a.4y^2+9 b.4y^2-6y+9 c.4y^2-12y+9 d.4y^2+12y+9

    asked by unknown
  47. history

    an ancient greek astonomer and mathematician named_________

    asked by glenn
  48. Social Studies

    What is the key to understanding other societies?

    asked by Anna
  49. Algebra1

    which of these are equivalent? I. x>-3 II. X-4

    asked by unknown
  50. please check

    Please check focusing on the grammar area specified in the left column. The Sentence following the grammar area is the sentence in question. 1.Dangling Modidiers - If your baby does not like cold apple juice, it should be heated. My Answer: If your baby

    asked by marie
  51. Environmental Science

    What does DNA stand for, and what does it do?

    asked by Patricia
  52. Algebra

    5x-6=4x+2 Can someone help me how to solve this problem please?

    asked by Jesus
  53. algebra

    I'm pretty sure these are right but I just want to check. 1)Find the 20th term of the arithmetic sequence in which a1=3 and d=7 a.143 b.136 c.140 d.133 answer=b 2)Write an equation for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence -3,3,9,15...

    asked by Marissa
  54. Algebra1


    asked by unknown
  55. spanish

    im not mexican so i don't have a spanish accent. so when im take spanish i don't say it how your suppose to. i say it like english. please help!

    asked by ashley
  56. algebra


    asked by unknown
  57. Chemistry labs in highschool

    I was curious to know whether it was standardized practice to have labs for chemistry classes in highschool. I personally have never had labs for chemistry in highschool. In my state we have the Regents. You may or may not have heard of this test, but the

    asked by ~christina~
  58. algebra


    asked by unknown
  59. algebra

    1)Find the sixth term of the geometric sequence for which a1=5 and r=3 a.1215 b.3645 c.9375 d.23 answer=a 2)Write an equation for the nth term of the geometric sequence -12,4,-4/3,...

    asked by Marissa
  60. algebra

    1)Find a1 in a geometric series for which Sn=300,r=-3,and n=4 a.15 b.15/2 c.-15 d.1/15 answer=a 2)Find the sum of the infinite geometric series n=1 at the bottom of the sigma notation 20(-1/4)n-1 on the right side a.25 b.80/3 c.16 d.does not exist answer=c

    asked by Marissa
  61. Maths

    A police officer gathered data on the speeds, in kilometres per hour (km/h), of some cars as they drove down hill towards her car. The speed limit is 50 km/h. Analysis of the results showed that the speeds of the cars were normally distributed with a mean

    asked by kate
  62. Business

    What are groups of occupations arranged by sector of the economy? I'm doing a cross-word thing, so it starts with "C".

    asked by Danni
  63. Geography

    I have an assignment to do comparing Thailand and Australia economically. I don't understand how the GDP, inflation, unemployment and currency rate are linked. For example if inflation is high, what is the expected GDP (low or high). Can someone please

    asked by Nat
  64. Critical Thinking

    How can a person distinguish between the prejudicial and nonprejudicial use of rhetorical devices?

    asked by Sandra
  65. math

    I am getting difficulties by doin this homework.plzzzz can u hel pme;Solve this simultaneous equation;1/3(x+2)-1/4(y-1)=1,5X=4Y(B)SOLVE TO 2 DECIMAL PLACES'x-15/x=12. The second number am not sure of my calcalations;The point (x,y)is transformed by the

    asked by nellyna
  66. Art... complements

    Hello, My answer for the following question is #4, is that correct? Thank You When your brain automatically seeks the complements of highly saturated colors, this visual phenomenon is called #1 Simultaneous contrast #2 contrasting complementary color #3

    asked by Mandi
  67. math/algebra

    I have a question of how do I determine the variables when graphing linear equation? For an example graph x+2y=4, how do you come up with the variables as (0,2) (2,1) and (4,0)? The example in my book does not tell me how they came up with this. I know how

    asked by ms jay
  68. English

    Is this too much of a mouthfull? “Mr. Nuttel, you may wonder why we keep that window open on such a cold October day,” she said, motioning toward a large, French window that opened on to a green, pristinely manicured lawn.

    asked by Shelby
  69. science

    ionisation enegy is higher than second ionisation energy which is heigher than furst ionisation energy.explain

    asked by parth
  70. English

    How do I list quotations? I want to say this: She came down with a host of apologies, among which were, "I'm so sorry for keeping you." "Mr. Nuttel, may I offer you some tea?" And, finally, "I hope Vera has made you feel welcome." Should I separate each

    asked by Shelby
  71. ETH

    What are the most significant similarities between the Chinese American and Japanese American [cultural] experiences? What are the differences?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. math

    plz help me to do this am not sure of my answer;th point (x,y)is transformed by the matrix(5 -1) (2 1) to (19 9).find the value of x and y. as answer i got4 and 1.

    asked by nellyna
  73. Math

    Please help me How to draw the graph.

    asked by subash
  74. Algebra I

    Find the slope of any line parallel to the line through points (19,1) and (10,2). I have come up with the slope of that line which should be 1/-9, but beyond that I'm lost.

    asked by Katie
  75. Algebra I

    Find the slope of any line parallel to the line through points (19,1) and (10,2). I have come up with the slope of that line which should be 1/-9, but beyond that I'm lost.

    asked by Katie
  76. algebra

    1)Use Pascal's triangle to expand (w-x)^5 2)Use the binomial theorem to find the third term in the expression of (n-2p)^6 3)Which is NOT a counterexample to the formula 1^2+3^2+5^2+...+(2n-1)^2=n(2n+1)/3 A.n=3 B.n=2 C.n=1 D.n=4 is it C thanks:)

    asked by Marissa
  77. very simple - my face is red!

    What is cheaper: $40.80 for 250 itmes? OR: $18 for 100 items? Thank you veyr much!

    asked by Aderosa
  78. algerbra 1

    Define a variable and write an algebraic expression for each phrase. the diffrence of 8 and a number the product of 2 and a number

    asked by dillon