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August 20, 2007

  1. Algebra

    Hi! My name is Jason... today I have 2 problems for you both having to deal with Algebra. My questions are ::: Question 1 :: Direction: Find the degree of the polynomial. Problem: - 1 + 8 x ^ 4 - x ^ 2 (negative 1 plus 8x squared minus x squared) Question

    asked by Jason
  2. chem

    Are these correct? Rank the following species in order of increasing acidity. Explain your reasons of ordering them as you do. NH3 ,H2SO4, CH3OH, CH3COOH CH3COOH > H2SO4> CH3OH >NH3 Rank the following species in order of increasing basicity. Explain your

    asked by manny

    Without his glasses, Isaac can see objects clearly only if they are less than 4.2 m from his eyes. What focal length glasses worn 2.2 cm from his eyes will allow Isaac to see distant objects clearly? Our book says to convert the cm to m and subtract the

    asked by msj
  4. physics

    how many excess electrons must be placed on each of two small metal spheres placed 3.00 cm apart in a vacuum if the force of repulsion betwen the spheres is to be 0.000000008 N? how do i solve this problem??=( help please.thx. Use Coulomb's Law: F = k

    asked by Jarin
  5. math

    how can you make varnish disappear Does this website answer your question? (Broken Link Removed) multiply "varnish" by -1, then add (after all you posted this as a math question)

    asked by Anonymous
  6. algebra

    1)Write an equation for an ellipse if the endpoints of the major axis are at(1,6)and (1,-6)and the endpoints of the minor axis are at (5,0)and (-3,0) answer= (x-1)^2/36+y^2/16=1 2)Which is the equation of an ellipse with center (-4,2)and a horizontal major

    asked by Marissa
  7. algebra

    1)What is the 4x^2=y^2+8y+32 answer= either hyperbola or parabola 2)The graph of which equation is a circle? answer= 5x^2+10x+5y=9 3)Solve the system of equations by graphing x^2+y^2=16 and y= -x+4 answer= (4,0),(0,-4) 4)Find the exact solutions of each

    asked by Marissa
  8. math

    explain how to write 20 miles divided by 4 hours as a unit rate If that's distance traveled per unit of time it would be 20miles per 4 hrs but since it's usually compared per hour... 20/4= 5 miles so every hour you travel 5 miles and thus... 5miles per

    asked by michael
  9. A fun one-math

    i am a four -digit number with no two digits the same. my ones digit is twice my thousands digit and one less than my tens digit. my hundreds digit is the difference between my tens digit and my thousands digit. my thousands digit is an odd number less

    asked by manny
  10. lanuage arts

    What is a coplex, compound, and compound-complex. Sorry it was complex, compound, and compound-complex. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Try the following site:

    asked by Jas
  11. algebra

    1)What is the distance between the museum and sailing club.I cant post the graph or anything but I have my numbers right its 53 but I used the distance formula so its either 53 units or the square root of 53 units. 2)Write the equation of the parabola y=

    asked by Marissa
  12. math problem/break even point

    Hondas rent for $25 per day and $.24 (24 cents) per mile. Toyotas rent for $31 per day and $.19 (19 cents) per mile. Write a cost equation for each rental car The distance from Monterey, Ca to San Francisco, Ca is about 110 miles. Which car would be the

    asked by Michelle W.
  13. Writing

    How should I start an essay about myself? One of the most effective ways I've taught and used to write anything autobiographical is to think of a time when you did something really meaningful: ~ made a major decision about your future ~ endured a painful

    asked by Tae
  14. Algebra

    Find the values of the polynomial for the given values of the variable. -x2-5x-6 x=-3 x=-2 I got 0 for the first one and 0 for the second. Am I figuring them wrong? (and that is an x squared, not 2x) -(-3)^2 -5(-3)-6 -(9)+15-6=0 Thanks! you are right in

    asked by Serra
  15. mojo

    A hydrogen atom is in its elevnth excited state, n = 12. Using the Bohr model of hydrogen, find the linear momentum. You want to solve for the electron velocity and multiply that by the electrn mass. There are many ways to do this. One would be to get the

    asked by physics
  16. physics

    White light strikes a grating with 1300 lines/cm at normal incidence. How many complete visible spectra will be formed on either side of the central maximum? (Take the range of visible wavelengths to be 400 - 700 nm.) I used the equation d sintheta = m

    asked by jay
  17. Art... color...range

    Hello, In the following question my opinion is #2 would be the correct answer, is this correct? Thank You The range of dark and light blue in the sky refers to the what of this color? #1 Value #2 Color Temperature Explanation of color value:

    asked by Mandi
  18. math

    I know It's probably an easy question but I don't know remember how to do it. Show the work to determine if the relation is even, odd, or neither. a ) f(x) = 2x^2 - 7 b) f(x) = -4x^3 - 2x c) f(x) = 4x^2 - 4x + 4 If f(-x) = f(x), for any x, the function is

    asked by manny
  19. money

    how is $90 909.0909 read? Ninety-thousand, nine hundred nine dollars is the beginning.

    asked by Jimmy Peterson
  20. math word problems

    (24 cents) per mile. Toyotas rent for $31 per day and $.19 (19 cents) per mile. Write a cost equation for each rental car. Would the equation be in the form of y = mx + b y = .24x + 25 y = .19x + 31 The second one looks ok to me. All of the information

    asked by Michelle W.
  21. Logic

    What is so fraglie that when you say its name you break it?

    asked by Jay
  22. need guidance on an algebra problem

    20 x+3(y-1)=11 2(x-y)+8y = 28 multiply out 20 x+3y-3=11 - Is this correct? 2x+14y = 28 Using the addition method, would you multiply the first problem by 2 and the second by 20? No. In the second multiply out, you should have gotten 2x -1y+8y=28 or

    asked by Nikki
  23. mathFormula

    Formula for calculating cubic feet. length(in feet) x width(in feet) x height(in feet) = volume in cubic feet. Thank you DrBob That's for a cube or four sided regular figures. For a cylinder, it's pi*(radius2)*height and there are other formulas for other

    asked by Richard
  24. language arts

    An example of a simple sentence? This is an example of a simple sentence. The sentence above has a subject (This) and one verb (is).

    asked by Jas
  25. international business

    provide a brief over view of the a company and why the country you selected may be a potential market Dear Grisel, I think that your assignment is to research about it and it is for your own opinions only.

    asked by grisel
  26. accounting

    This year , Kirby company sold 35,000 units of production at $16 per unit. Maunfactoring and selling the product required $120,000 of mixed manufacturing costs and $180,000 of fixed selling and administrative expenses. This years variable costs and

    asked by Damara
  27. Philosophy

    If Plato had to write a letter to Aristotle about his philisophical viewpoints concerning his philosophies, what do you think he would write about? I need some help with one of my papers. Need ideas, opinions anything. I am having a writers block. Check

    asked by Cheri
  28. History

    During the 16th century protestent reformation, what was the relationship between the church and state? Let us know what you conclude, and someone here will be able to critique your thinking. =)

    asked by Bert

    Can you please give me images about how to make a timeline? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The following site has samples of timelines: Thank you SO much!It really helped me! i

    asked by Lily
  30. Algebra :P... again

    Hi! Sorry.. but 1 more question? Direction: Find the domain of the function. Problem: y = - 1 0 / 1 1 - x [A] All real numbers except x= -11 [B] All real numbers except x= 0 [C] All real numbers except x= 10 [D] All real numbers except x= 11 Also.... if

    asked by Jason
  31. english

    I need to fix this sentence: After the settlers came our countrys landscape changed mountains wer bare and many streams went dry Please help I'm not good w/ punctuation You have two separate sentences here. They should either have a period or a semi-colon

    asked by Nikki
  32. history

    why did Rosevelt write this: "do what you can with what you have where you are". Thank-you President Theodore Roosevelt said this to remind people that they don't need to wait to accomplish their goals. Start now with what you have available to begin to do

    asked by isa
  33. math

    how do you convert kg to g A kilogram (kg) is 1,000 grams (g). To convert kg to g, divide the kg by 1,000. Example: 5,000 kg = 5 g.

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Algebra

    Ann sells apples and Beth sells oranges. Today, half the number of apples than Ann sold was fifteen less than thrice as much the number of oranges that Beth sold. Can someone explain to me what this means and how to do it pretty please? I really need help

    asked by Joel
  35. Solving Formulas

    Solve the formula for the specified variable. I don't understand the following: s=2*pi*r*h + 2*pi*r^2 for h -the options for this one are: a. h=(s)/(2*pi*r)-1 b. h=2*pi(s-r) c. h=(s-2*pi*r^2)/2*pi*r d.h=s-r A=P(1+nr) for r -the options for this one are: a.

    asked by Samantha
  36. math

    What is estimation by clustering?

    asked by cyndi
  37. Eth 125

    What differentiates that act of simply grouping people from the act of sterotyping? How can sterotyping effect group relations? When you group people, you say "These people are Italian." When you stereotype, you make statements such as "Italians are loud."

    asked by linda wiggins
  38. Infant and Toddler

    What are some ways infants develop their language skills? Include some specific ideas for age appropriate toys,books,experiences. Angie and/or Jessica, Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to

    asked by Angie
  39. veterans elem school

    put the number the ones position put 739 in the tens position You haven't asked a question. Please clarify how you'd like us to help you.

    asked by barbara napoleon
  40. algebra

    1/3x > 2 and 1/4x > 2 both are less than one so how do i graph this on the number line? I'm confused. I will assume you meant (1/3)x>2 and not 1/(3x)>2 With that assumption, you would get x>6 AND x>8 x>6 is a line to the right of 6, excluding the 6 x>8 is

    asked by Shawn - tricky question
  41. Math

    I need help with the following problem: Directions: Express each answer in simplest form in terms of the given variable. Problem: An angle has measure Xº. Find the average of the measures of a complement and a supplement of the angle.

    asked by David
  42. early childhood

    How can you help parents deal with issues of attachment. Are you asking this as a friend, a teacher, a grandparent, a therapist, or ?? Please clarify your question and give us your ideas. We'll be glad to comment on them.

    asked by Jessica
  43. Early childhood

    If you were working with an infant who was having difficulty with stranger anxiety, what are some things you might do. Angie and/or Jessica, Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you

    asked by Jessica
  44. Arts/social science

    What is the relevance of academic study of the Bible today,especially in African context? Define Ethics and show how it relates to Epistemology. Here are previous answers to these very same questions:

    asked by Simon
  45. debate

    1. In your experience, is Christmas “taboo” in public schools? How is Christmas treated at your school? Do you think your school has gone too far to be politically correct during the holidays? 2. Do you think there really is a “war on Christmas?”

    asked by Min
  46. Algebra1b

    Need help with problem -4x=8 Please show me how to work problem Well divide over the -4 so you can find x -4x=8 x= -2

    asked by Tim Helms
  47. pre - cal

    12-5y^2 what's the question?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. early childhood

    how can friends and teachers help parents deal with issues of attachment? This site has some helpful suggestions. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by jessica