Questions Asked on
August 17, 2007

  1. art/science

    here is a hypothetical question I am an art teacher and craft writer. I need to know if fabric that has been rusted (by choice), or stained from coming in contact with rust, will continue to rust and destroy the fabric. If yes, is it possible to neutralize

    asked by manny
  2. ap biology

    Molecules that result from this bond do not dissociate in water because its atoms are not charged and, therefore, not attracted to the negative or positive ends of the water molecule. H-bond ionic bond nonpolar covalent bond polar covalent bond I am

    asked by HEY
  3. chemistry

    Experiment: Gravimetric Determination of Phosphorus in Fertilizer Samples 1. Can NH4Cl be used as a substitute to precipitate the phosphorus in the sample? Why or why not? - I think, NH4Cl can be used although I'm not quite sure if Cl- ions have some

    asked by Smiley
  4. Chemistry

    Why is sulfur dioxide (SO2) a better reducing agent than carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen dioxide (NO2)? I really don't know how to answer your question. It's much like asking why the sky is blue, etc. You can look up the reduction potentials of SO2 vs CO2

    asked by Vic
  5. Social Studies

    Last question from my study guide that I am having problems with. The Scientific Revolution; A. Implied rapid changes involving large numbers of people B. Did not involve more than a few hundred human beings C. Progressed steadily from one correct thought

    asked by Keith
  6. Geography-Time Zones

    If you live in Atlanta and your grandparents live in Seattle. What is the latest Atlanta time you would expect to hear from them if they go to bed at 10 pm? Atlanta, Georgia, is in the Eastern Time Zone, while Seattle, Washington, is in the Pacific Time

    asked by deanna
  7. Business Law

    Petition In March 1988, Daniel E. Beren, John M. Elliot, and Edward, F. Mannino formed Walnut Street Four, a general partnership, to purchase and renovate an office building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They borrowed more than $200,000 from Hamilton Bank

    asked by Maxine
  8. algebra

    1)A.f(x)= x^2+4 B.f(x)= x^2-4x^2+4x-16 C.f(x)= x^2+4x^2+4x+16 D.f(x)= x^2-4x^2-4x+16 2)A.+-1,+-2,+-3,+-6 B.0,+-1,+-2,+-3,+-6,+-1/3,+-2/3 C.+-1,+-2,+-3,+-6,+-1/3,+-2/3 D.+-1,+-3,+-1/6,+-1/3,+-1/2,+-3/2 4)I don't know what they mean either but this is all it

    asked by Marissa
  9. homework help!!!

    Can you explain in more detail WHY ....if you live in Atlanta and your grandparents live in Seattle and they go to bed at 10 pm.. 7pm Atlanta time would be the latest they would call.... I think that's wrong. Since the sun rises in the east, the east

    asked by deanna
  10. Literature

    what does it mean: literary journal The term "literary journal" can mean two things, I think. 1. A magazine or journal that is published and focuses only on literary works, current and past.

    asked by student
  11. chemistry

    Can anyone fill me in about metal-organic frameworks and their functions?

    asked by akaash
  12. Social Studies

    If there is collision between the president and Congress, can Congress restrain the president in foreign policy making? It's very difficult, but sometimes Congress can influence the president on foreign policy. This website goes into a lot of details about

    asked by Melissa
  13. Science

    What is the difference between organic and inorganic compounds? Carbon. Organic compounds are all carbon compounds, except CO2.

    asked by KK
  14. SAT

    Where can I go online to take a free practice SAT test? since i cannot write out the website i will describe it to by using words. world wide web (period) testprepreview (period)com (forward slash) sat (underscore)practice (period)htm You can also find all

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Literary

    what does this mean the definition: Word: "anapest" definition: three syllables with third stressed: a metrical foot of three syllables with the stress on the third syllable, or of two short syllables followed by a long syllable. The word "unconcerned" and

    asked by student
  16. mass media

    who determines what will be printed and how access to information limited with mass production of books? Publishers determine what they will publish. Their decisions are usually made on the basis of what will earn them a profit. In other words, publishers

    asked by student
  17. Social Studies

    I am doing well with my History class, but am struggling with a few end of chapter study questions. Please assist. What Philosophies of the enlightenment did monarchs adopt in Europe? A. They sought to use education to rationalize their political and

    asked by Keith
  18. History / Social Studies

    Independence in Spnish and Portuguese speaking Latin America accompanied: A. The maintenance of many colonial traditions B. Widespread social change C. The abolition of slavery D. The adoption of democratic principles. B is best.

    asked by Ken
  19. algebra

    1)Use synthetic subsitution to find f(-3)for f(x)=x^4-4x^3+2x^2-4x+6 answer= -15 2)One factor of x^3+2x^2-11x-12 is x+4. find the remaining factors answer= x-1;x-3 3)Which describes the number and type of roots of the equation x^3+121x=0 answer= 1 real

    asked by Marissa
  20. other (trivia)

    thank you but i just need to know if california was the highest for 2007 because i can't download adobe player for pdf files, i would like to thank you however for all your help. I just need to know the current us state with the most automobiles

    asked by Shivangi
  21. Math

    How would I do: sqrt32a^8b + sqrt50a^16b Are the exponents 8b and 16b or 8 and 16? I'll assume they are 8a and 16a sqrt 32 = sqrt (16*2) = 4 sqrt 2 sqrt 50 = sqrt (25*2) = 5 sqrt 2 sqrt32 a^(3b) + sqrt50a^(2b) = sqrt2*a^(8b)[4 + 5(a^8b)] There are many

    asked by Sarah
  22. mass media

    what is the control of information from prebook manuscripts to the formation of early publishing houses to the evolution of todays'conglomerates ? who has had and who has not had access to printed information? Check this site for a brief outline of

    asked by student
  23. Social Studies

    On the eve of the French Revolution, the French Monarchy's greatest problem was: A. Losing a war with Great Britain B. The inability to handle finances and collect suffecient taxes. C. A conflict with the Pope. D. The discontent of the rural poor. I have

    asked by Keith
  24. Business

    I was just wondering if someone could help me find some information on how an agency creates goals and objectives. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all you will need to determine what kind of agency it is (insurance, etc.) Here

    asked by Jess
  25. other (trivia)

    can someone plz tell me in which U.S. state are the most automobiles registered? I found this although it isn't for this year. (Broken Link Removed) In 1993, California had over 17 million registered automobiles, about double the number of the next highest

    asked by shivangi
  26. science

    How can someone's blood literally boil when they go into a plane at too high an altitude? They said it was called the bends on tv. I've heard of the bends but only when people go diving and then they have to go into this chamber. The bends in water is

    asked by ~christina~
  27. HHS-human service administrator

    Explain the risks or benefits that the practice would face by attempting to capitalize on the opportunity. I'm not really sure what this part of my assignment means. I am writing a paper for my health and human services class about an orthopedic surgery

    asked by KC
  28. Project

    Hi! I seriously need help. The Cockington Green Garden search on google has not turned up ANY useful stuff on safety and rules at Cockington green gardens. I have looked on their site and still nothing. Please help me as this assignment is due on thursday.

    asked by Stella
  29. mass media

    what is the organization of the publishing industry? I don't know if such a question can be definitively answered, but here are plenty of websites with some information on various facets of the industry. You should be able to draw conclusions and come up

    asked by student
  30. International Business

    I need a Mission statment for wal-mart Check these sites for both a short and a longer mission statements.,5,Slide 5

    asked by Bobbo