Questions Asked on
August 15, 2007

  1. science

    how turtle uses other things living or nonliving Turtles use living things, such as leaves for shelter. They eat insects and leaves. Turtles use nonliving things such as mud and water to drink.

    asked by steve
  2. Algebra

    6x²y³ + 9x²y³ 15x²y³ ------------- = ---------- 3x²y² 3x²y² = (15/3) (x²/x²) (y³/y²) = 5y Just want it to know if is correct, but don't y³ + y³ = 2y³? I'm confused now. Can someone please help? yes, the answer is 5y and yes, y³ + y³ =

    asked by Joel
  3. math

    describe the pattern then find the missing numbers _, _,27,38, 49, 60 I see a difference of 11 between the numbers in the pattern. What do you think the first two numbers are? the numbers are 5 and 16 Right! Good job! :-)

    asked by cheyenne
  4. history

    Offer evidence to prove that the Congo Free State violated Articles I,V,and VI of the Berlin Act of 1885. Check this answer.

    asked by charlie
  5. history

    what are two river valleys located in india In ancient India, the two major river valleys were the Indus and the Ganges. Today, however, the Indus River is almost entirely in Pakistan. thank you i could not find

    asked by alicia
  6. line

    what is a compimentary line in math? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are studying Geometry:

    asked by Bob
  7. Human Resource Management

    "Create a diagram in PowerPoint® or Word mapping job opportunities starting from, or advancing to, the position focused on in your final project." For the diagram, I chose the tree diagram template in PowerPoint. My position is "Web Design." I have been

    asked by Confused
  8. history

    what is a line of rulers that passes power from father to son It could be a hereditary monarchy or a dynasty. It can also be primogeniture if the power and lands pass to the oldest son. Please not #2 below which is taken from an online dictioary. Main

    asked by alicia
  9. Math

    A video store sells a certain video for $32, which is 60 percent more than it costs the store to purchase this video. During an inventory sale, employees are invited to purchase remaining videos at 25 percent off the store's cost. If an employee purchases

    asked by Mack
  10. physics

    There is a sign hanging off of a building. The sign itself is hung at the far end of a rod. The rod is held up by both a pivot on the building's wall, and a vertical cable attached 1 m away from the building to the rod. The cable and the rod make a right

    asked by Anastasia Beaverhausen
  11. math

    how do you convert weeks into minutes? my question is, convert 8 weeks into minutes Convert weeks to days, days to hours, hours to minutes. 8 weeks * 7 days/week * 24 hrs/day * 60 minutes/hr = ? Let's break it down. A week has 7 days. A day has 24 hours.

    asked by Sarahbeth
  12. Algebra

    Solve 2+ the square root of 4-x=x what is your question? ok lets start by arranging everything so its easier to solve.. u want to put the square root(4-x)on one side of the equation and the 2 on the other side... square root(4-x) = x - 2; get rid

    asked by Joy
  13. Math

    How would I solve the quadratic equation: 2x^2 + 6x = 0 I would factor out 2x to give 2(x+3)=0 2x^2 = -6x; 2x = -6; x = -3. hopefully thts the answer!

    asked by Sarah
  14. Social studies?

    Please ignore my previous post. I prematurely hit the enter key. I've been watching this board all day, waiting for someone to answer my physics question (no one has yet. sigh.) I just have to say Ms. Sue is my hero. She consistently answers almost every

    asked by Anastasia Beaverhausen
  15. science

    1)effects of impurities on the boiling point of an organic compound. 2) purposes why melting points are determined. 3)suppose i am taking a melting point and the compound disappears, what must i do? Have you put any thought into these or do you expect us

    asked by bugalo
  16. Algebra / Scientific Notation

    if you have 19.2 x 10 ^ 20 over 4.8 x 10 ^ 9 Would you first subtract 4.8 from 19.2 then subtract 10 ^ 9 from 10 ^20 Leaving an answer of 14.4 x 10^11???? you are using the word "over", which implies division. Why would you even consider subraction (19.2 x

    asked by Russell
  17. English

    I have a question as to how to separate my own opinion from what I have reasearched. I seems that I have a actually blend this all together into a "harmonious" mix so to speak. I would like to learn how to separate this from personal opinion. The thing is

    asked by ~christina~
  18. english

    write each pronoun and identify its antecedent if it has one. what is the best way to get good seats for a concert? Check this dictionary definition to find the pronoun.

    asked by courtney
  19. accounting

    Your client is preparing financial statements to show the bank. You know that he has incurred a computer repair expense during the month, but you see no such expense on the books. When you question the client, he tells you that he has not received the

    asked by desparate
  20. Algebra II

    Can you please explain what formula I need to do to solve the following problem: If 3 laps = 5/8 mile, how many laps needs to be completed to run 3 miles? Don't look for "formulas" to do these kind of questions, use ratios, one of the most powerful tools

    asked by Sami

    Your client is preparing financial statements to show the bank. You know that he has incurred a computer repair expense during the month, but you see no such expense on the books. When you question the client, he tells you that he has not received the

    asked by HELP ME PLEASE
  22. Math

    Can 2xy - y - 1 be factored out? How? about all you can do is take the common y out of the first two terms; that in itself is not much help. dont know if this is rite or not..but just a guess.. assuming 2xy - y - 1 = 0 2xy - y = 1 y(2x-1)= 1 fingers

    asked by Sarah
  23. University of Botswana

    Define Ethics and show how it relates to Metaphysics and Epistemology. Check these sites. Why are we here on Earth? What is our Purpose?

    asked by Simon
  24. history

    What caused the British government to take action with regard to the atrocities committed in the Congo by King Leopold's colonial managers in 1904? charlie, maggie, dali, or whoever, Skip the first

    asked by charlie
  25. physics

    I am a bit of an overachiever, and I've developed a habit of reviewing subjects during the summer before I take them in the new year. I was just looking through the posts on this site for review, when a certain physics question caught my attention. It was

    asked by Emily
  26. art-colors

    what are all the different colors that mix to make other colors? like how when you mix red and yellow you get orange...what are all the other colors? well green + blue= brown yellow + blue= green red + blue = purple is that all? Yes, from what I've seen on

    asked by amanda
  27. University of Botswana

    What is the relevance of the academic study of the Bible today,especially in African context. One of the controversies concerns the actual location of the kingdom of Sheba; some scholars say it was in Ethiopia (Africa) and others claim it was in Yemen

    asked by Simon

    whats a complimentery line? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are studying Geometry:

    asked by Sarahbeth
  29. english

    whats another word for private? Scroll down and look for synonyms. =)

    asked by charlie
  30. Algebra

    simplify the cube root of -54x^6y^4 Crt(-54) = -3Crt(2)....(Crt means cube) root Crt(x^6) = x^2 Crt(y^4) = yCrt(y) Now can you put it all together?

    asked by Joy
  31. history

    Check this site. what is the belief in many gods thank you so much. you really are a great help thanks!!!!! i am trying very hard, but i just don't know these answers. Is it possible these answers are in your

    asked by Ms. Sue
  32. Geography

    Hey there! I need some cool Australian Search engines. Could anyone post some? Thanks! I went to Google and searched for Australia search engine. This is the first site.

    asked by Maya
  33. history

    How did King Leopold violate V of the Berlin Act of 1885? It appears that these questions are based on your assigned reading. Please post your answer from your reading and we'll be glad to comment on it.

    asked by Maggie
  34. Algebra

    8(a-b)2+14(a-b)-15 Is 8(a-b)2 supposed to mean 8(a-b)^2? If so, what you have written can be factored into [2(a-b)+ 5][4(a-b)-3] = (2a -2b +5)(4a -4b -3)

    asked by T
  35. history

    what is a major religion in India Check this site. that helped a lot thanks

    asked by faith
  36. literature

    What literature would be considered to be part of the United States CURRENT literary canon. You asked this question yesterday and I'll give you the same answer: There is not one magic list. It doesn't exist.

    asked by student
  37. Art... Light

    Hello, If you wanted to take a photo of an object in the summer and it is essential that the lighting of the photograph be "cool" The best time would be- 7:00AM 3:00PM Is 7:00 am correct Yes.

    asked by Mandi
  38. Art

    Hello, If you want to balance complementary colors so they'll appear static and harmonious it's important to use the proper proportions of each color. Is that correct? Thank You Yes it is important but If you use the proper proportion of complementary

    asked by Mandi
  39. Geography

    Look I am totally paranoid I have been on every site on earth and I still havent found answers to any of these questions on Cockington Green Gardens Australia: Safety,rules and interesting facts. Please help! Check these sites.

    asked by Maya
  40. math

    find selling price when price=Rs 990 and discount=10%. After a 10% discount you still have to pay 90% of the original 990 so 990(.9) = ? please answer this Are you telling me you don't know how to take 90% of 990? (I even showed you the

    asked by priya
  41. math

    six employees of a small company were asked the distance they traveled to work, to the nearest tenth of a mile. find the range of the distances: 2.7,5.9,1.7,4.7,6.9,3.5 This site demonstrates how to find the range of a group of numbers.

    asked by Kacye
  42. Pre Cal

    2+square root of 4-x=x rewrite it as √(4-x) = x-2 now square both sides 4-x = x^2 - 4x + 4 x(x-3)=0 so x = 0 or x = 3 BUT when we square an equation, all answers must be verified in the original equation Which answer works and which doesn't?

    asked by Joy
  43. algebra2

    y= 1/3x + 3/2 what is your question?

    asked by drew
  44. history

    asked by Writeacher